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    We want a Blockchain expert who is good at deploying sol contracts with very good hand on React/Node for some development and customization to existing platform. Scope of project includes 1- Deployment 2- very basic Marketplace Development for user to Buy/sell/exchange ERC20 tokens 3- Walletless functionality where user dont have their wallets or dont want to use them plz come with good offers, right candidates to work on long-term Thanks Write: EXPERT at beginning of bid

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    ...trades based on the detection of the addition of liquidity, as well as sell at specified sell points. It's crucial that the bot is designed to run on Windows CMD and has custom RPC/Settings in ENV. Key Requirements: - Develop a Solana trading bot using Rust - Integrate the bot with the Raydium API to monitor the Wsol/New Token pair - Purchase tokens immediately upon detecting the addition of liquidity - Implement a mechanism to sell the purchased tokens at user-specified sell points - Ensure the bot can be run on Windows CMD and that it has custom RPC/Settings in ENV Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Rust programming language - Experience in developing trading bots - Familiarity with Solana blockchain and Raydium API - Ability to implement custom RPC/Sett...

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    JWT Token Validation on AWS API Gateway 6 päivää left
    VARMENNETTU experienced AWS and .NET 8 expert to carry out an essential task on our existing project deployed on AWS. We have web API calls going through the AWS API Gateway, and having a JWT token set up on those API calls, the project would involve ensuring the correct validation of these tokens. Key tasks would include: - Setting up validation rules specifically for token signatures on the AWS API Gateway. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong comprehending of AWS API Gateway - In-depth knowledge of JWT tokens in terms of generation and validation - Proficiency in .NET 8 Even though the deadline for completing the project was not specified, we appreciate a swift response and detailed bid. We're looking forward to working on this pivotal aspect of our project with...

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    Urgent React Native Bug Fix 6 päivää left

    I have a high-priority issue that needs immediate attention from a skilled React Native developer. The task involves fixing two key bugs with the app. - The first issue is related to the handling of access tokens. Currently, there is a problem with decoding the expiry of the JWT access tokens, which is causing disruptions in the app's functionality it needs to get the details of expiry and user ID from tokens . I need this bug to be resolved promptly to ensure smooth operation. - The second issue pertains to the photo submission process. The app is not looping through all the photos in the context and submitting them as intended. To address this, I need a solution that will process the photos sequentially, one after the other. This is crucial for the app's...

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    Do some changes on our existing TOKEN 5 päivää left

    We have pre sales crypto project on Binance Blockchain ( source code is available ) and now we are moving to next step , so we need to have changes as mentioned below : 1- no more pre sales needed for our token , so transfer tokens from presales wallet to main wallet. 2-now there is an issue that no one can transfer/send our token to other wallets ( just owner wallet can transfer to other wallets ) , it should be solved , so all users able to transfer our token between their wallets. 3-if possible : *add our token’s logo in TRUST WALLET ( without back our token ). *able anyone to buy our token through TRUST WALLET () 4- create a page to able anyone to buy through our website with other crypto currencies . Our pre sales links :

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    Keepa Web Proxy Script Development 5 päivää left

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a Keepa Proxy Script in PHP and NodeJS. The script should have the following functionalities: - Creation of Web Sockets proxy script - Creation of Keepa web proxy script - Keepa account will work on my domain as logged-in and its token will be hosted on my server, script will not leak any tokens otherwise users will steal token. To understand this project what I want is to run account on as web proxy if you still not able to understand please ask question. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in NodeJS - Familiarity with the Keepa - Experience in working with proxies and handling API requests - Keepa uses sockets so you must be expert in working with web sockets The completion of the

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    We are seeking a talented developer to create a Solana trading bot with a user-friendly web interface. The bot's main purpose is to increase the trade volume of a specific token within a 24-hour period by executing buy orders at specified intervals and automatically selling the bought tokens immediately after the buy operation is completed. The bot should feature a web interface hosted on localhost, enabling users to input initial data such as wallet private keys and token information via a form. Default initial data should be pre-filled from a JSON file. The bot should be able to connect to multiple wallets using their private keys to conduct transactions. All significant bot operations will be logged into a text file and displayed at the bottom of the web interface for monito...

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    ...include: -**Fully Functional Frontened working with smart contract functions - **Smart Contracts Development**: Your primary role will be to develop smart contracts on the Ethereum testnet for a project funding platform - **Token Creation & Transfer**: The smart contract should enable users to create and transfer tokens on the basis if project details and target amount. - **Marketplace Creation**: The smart contract should also facilitate the creation of a marketplace for the tokens . The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven experience in blockchain technology, specifically in Ethereum testnet (Sepolia) - A solid understanding of smart contracts and token standards - Previous experience in developing platforms for project funding (token funding)and m...

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    This is a long term project that requires previous experience with rust programming language (similar to C / C++) for Solana programs (Block chain based smart contract). The program is a type of AMM that can receive tokens as liquidity and allow user to swap tokens with the program directly. No frontend is needed. Specific details will be provided to relevant applicants. Please make sure you are familiar with and in your reply please tell me if you are familiar with the rust/ Solana development framework.

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    16 tarjoukset Spring MVC and JWT tokens. This project calls for a professional who can implement a JWT token system with a refresh token mechanism. Key Project Requirements: - **JWT Token Implementation**: Your primary task will be to set up a powerful JWT token system that can handle both authentication and authorization. - **Token Refresh Mechanism**: This token system should also include a refresh mechanism to ensure the security of our platform. - **Secure Communication**: Establish secure communication between the client and server to ensure data integrity. Additional Features to Implement: - **Role-Based Access Control**: I am looking to set up an access control system with different levels of access depending on user roles. - **Token Expiration and Revocation**: Tokens sh...

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    Solidity Developer for "Dino Eggs" NFT 4 päivää left

    ...marketplaces for trading and auctioning dinosaur eggs and dinosaurs. - Conduct thorough testing of all smart contracts to ensure functionality, reliability, and security. - Document all smart contract functionalities and structures to ensure clarity and maintainability. Qualifications: - Proven experience in developing and deploying smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, especially with ERC-721 tokens. - Strong understanding of blockchain technology, particularly Ethereum, smart contracts, and NFTs. - Experience with Solidity and familiarity with development tools such as Truffle or Hardhat. - Ability to write clean, well-documented, and efficient code. - Knowledge of smart contract security practices and common vulnerabilities in blockchain development. - Strong ...

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    Smart Contract Rental System Development 4 päivää left

    ...staking and rewards. Key features of this project include: - Token Staking and Rewards: The smart contract must facilitate staking of tokens and manage reward distributions, ensuring a seamless experience for users. - Rental, Selling, and Buying Functionality: The system should enable users to engage in a range of transactions, from renting out to purchasing products, all within the scope of the smart contract. - Limitations on Buying: The smart contract should enforce restrictions on buying, creating a controlled environment for transactions. - Token Launching and Distribution: A critical aspect of this project is the creation and distribution of tokens, which is integral for the project's success. The deliverables for this project include the development of the s...

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    We are looking for NFT Smart Contract Developer Project Objective: Develop a smart contract for creating and managing unique NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Key Requirements: NFT Creation: Implement a function to create new NFTs with unique identifiers, metadata, and associated attributes. Provide the ability to specify the owner of the NFT upon its creation. Ownership Transfer: Implement a function to transfer ownership of an NFT from one Ethereum address to another. Ensure mechanisms to protect against unauthorized transfers. Ownership Verification: Develop methods for verifying ownership of a specific NFT by a given Ethereum address. Provide public access to ownership data of NFTs. Metadata Handling: Ability to store metadata of NFTs, such as...

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    Multi-Purpose Token Development 3 päivää left

    I'm in need of an experienced token developer who can create a versatile set of tokens to cater to various needs. The project encompasses: - Crafting both utility tokens and security tokens to align with the diverse functions and requirements. - Developing stablecoins to ensure stability and reliability within the token ecosystem. The tokens are intended for: - Loyalty rewards: The tokens will serve as a form of incentive for loyal customers, encouraging repeat purchases and engagement. - Asset ownership: These tokens will represent ownership of real-world assets, providing a secure and transparent method for asset transfer and management. In terms of distribution, I'm looking for: - Initial Coin Offering (ICO): The developer should b...

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    Ethereum ERC20 Multisend Smart Contract 3 päivää left

    I'm looking for a developer with in-depth experience in creating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Key Requirements: - Develop a multisend smart contract that supports ERC20 tokens. The contract should allow for the distribution of ERC20 tokens to multiple recipients in a single transaction. - Implement pause functionality as a security feature. This is crucial to protect the contract from any potential vulnerabilities or attacks. - We would like to be able to interact with the contract if possible (on etherscan) Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Solidity, the programming language used for Ethereum smart contracts. - Prior experience in developing multisend contracts and incorporating pause functionality. - Knowledge of best practices for...

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    Blockchain Smart Contract Developer 2 päivää left

    I am in need of a skilled blockchain developer who specializes in Ethereum to create a smart contract for asset management. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a smart contract on the Ethereum and other platforms - Design the contract to facilitate asset management Create tokens Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Ethereum & Blockchain platform - Experienced in creating smart contracts - Strong understanding of ERC-20 token standard - Prior experience in asset management on blockchain - Familiarity with secure and efficient coding practices Please provide relevant samples of your previous work.

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    We have a website where the homepage currently loads slowly due to multiple API calls. Despite implementing asynchronous API calls, the page load time is still not meeting our target. We are looking for a skilled developer to optimize the homepage to load within 1 second. where the homepage currently loads slowly due to multiple API calls. Despite implementing asynchronous API calls, the page load time is still not meeting our target. We are looking for a skilled developer to optimize the homepage to load within 1 second. we need some one who can : Optimized homepage that loads within 1 second. Cron job implementation for fetching and updating api data of tokens price/5%/24%//etc basically - i want to load data everything from DB only , rather than multiple api cal...

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    I'm in need of an experienced web3 developer who could integrate a wallet with my website on the Binance Smart Chain network. Key responsibilities: - Enable making transactions via the website, which includes: - Sending tokens - Receiving tokens - Approving transactions - Facilitate checking balances on the integrated wallet The ideal applicant should showcase a significant track record in web3 development, particularly in Binance Smart Chain integrations. Proficiency in working with wallets and facilitating seamless transactions is paramount for this project. A sound understanding of blockchain networks and their working will be immensely beneficial. Please only bid if you can make test directly on binance smart chain. we are going to use the Pi Network DeFi...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned professional to assist me with training a neural network model for natural language processing. Spe...includes: - Understanding the model and its functionalities and writing a Jupyter script for training with a custom data set. - Custom data integration: figuring out the format required by running the example training on text8 dataset and then adapting the in-house dataset for the purpose of training. -Finally, write a custom function which given the trained model enables a spellcheck on masked tokens of the text as in Ideal skills for this project include: - Proven experience in using NLP models and diffusion models. - Proficiency in data integration and model training. -Make the code and implementation accessible to more low-level downstream users.

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    ...implement a Telegram-based snipe bot. Its primary function will be to quickly execute buy orders for new tokens listed on Solana DEXs. I am flexible regarding the choice of DEXs the bot will operate on. Key Responsibilities: - Design and implement a robust, reliable snipe bot that can efficiently place buy orders on Solana DEXs. - The bot should be controlled via Telegram. - Develop a system within the bot to follow certain criteria for selecting the tokens to buy. Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in Solana blockchain, including creating and using bots. - Proficiency in integrating Telegram bots. - Capable of developing complex selection criteria algorithms for tokens. - Excellent understanding of decentralized exchange operations. I...

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    Comprehensive WEB3 Token&NFT Generator 1 päivä left

    I'm in need of a versatile web3 token and NFT generator tool that can be compatible with various blockchain platforms. The tool should allow me to create, manage, and distribute different types of tokens including utility tokens, security tokens, collectible tokens, and NFTs. I need the following features to be incorporated in the tool: - Customizable token name and symbol. - Ability to set token supply and decimals. - Integration with a range of blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, BASE, POLIGON, FANTOM, ARBITRUM, OPTIMISM, AVALANCHE AND SOLANA, RELATIVES TESTNETS). - Capability to create a liquidity pool. Ideally, you should have: - Advanced knowledge and experience with blockchain technology and token creation. - Proficiency in worki...

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    BEP20 Token Mass Transaction Tool 1 päivä left

    I'm currently in need of a proficient developer who can create an automated tool which can secure, efficiently execute, and dispatch BEP20 tokens to an extensive user base. Key Requirements: - Capable of dispersing BEP20 tokens to 15,000 users, each in isolated transactions. - Fitted with an automatic transaction feature. - Incorporates password-protected verification. The perfect candidate: - Proven experience creating similar tools. - In-depth knowledge of BEP20 token transactions. - Skill-set in automation and security measures. This high-volume transaction requirement necessitates a developer who can provide a robust, reliable solution. If you're a seasoned developer with the required skills for building this tool, please submit your bid.

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    ...options to visit, assist, and trade with each other in real-time. - A marketplace for exchanging goods and services using BABYCHICKEN tokens enhances player interaction and drives the in-game economy. 2. *Crypto Educational Platform:* - Earn, invest, and manage BABYCHICKEN tokens within the game to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in a fun setting. - A virtual wallet and transparent transaction ledger are incorporated to educate players on financial management and security. 3. *Sustainability Rewards System:* - Engage in eco-friendly farming practices like water conservation and organic cultivation to earn extra BABYCHICKEN tokens. - Environmental quests and green achievements encourage players to learn about and contribute to ec...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to integrate user authentication and authorization into my SpringBoot project, utilizing JSON Web Tokens (JWT). The project involves creating a mix of both protected and open RESTful APIs. The freelancer should be well-versed in the following: - SpringBoot Security - JWT usage and integration - Securing RESTful APIs - Distinguishing and implementing secure and open APIs for different user roles. The freelancer's success on this project will be measured by the effectiveness and robustness of the implemented security system. Previous experience with similar projects is desirable.

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    37 tarjoukset a dedicated section for donations. Any interested developer should also ensure that users are required to create an account before they can use the wallet. Your expertise in mobile and web application development, especially with experience developing crypto wallets or similar financial apps, will be highly valued. Familiarity with blockchain technology and a deep understanding of crypto tokens and coins is essential. An intuitive UI/UX design skill is a must-have since the wallet app should be user-friendly and easy to navigate....

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    Token Listing on Top Crypto Platforms 13 tuntia left

    I'm seeking an experienced professional who can list our Binance Smart Chain based token on Coinmarket Cap, Trustwallet, and Binance. Your success will largely be dependent on your ability to liaise with these platforms and navigate their listing process efficiently and effectively. - Prior Experience: It is crucial that you have previous experience in listing tokens on these specific platforms. Freelancers should highlight their past work in their application. - Knowledge: Understanding of the technical requirements and protocol of each platform is necessary. - Communication: Exceptional communication skills for networking and liaising are required. Your primary role will be coordinating the listing process, ensuring every requirement is met, and communicating effectively ...

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    Mobile MMORPG Dev Loppunut left

    Looking for experience MMORPG developer to customise a strategic game similar to Honor of Kings using open source / ready built game sourcecode, that integrated with NFT items and tokens. Pls reply the following 1. Are you an individual freelancer or agency? If agency, what's the team strength, skillset? 2. Pls show your works related to MMORPG game development. 3. What development language, technology, platform & blockchain you could work on? More details will be provided to shortlisted bidders.

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    55 tarjoukset

    Hi there. If You are not qualified you should forget about this Job offer. We Need a Serious Developer. Very Good English Speaking Able to ...available on binance and kucoin and Bitmart.. 1. Users can choose any amount of cryptocurrency they want to trade like | ETH | LTC and so on 2. users can be able to monitor their bot trades via telegram alerts 3. Bot can be downloadable once purchased through our website. 4. users can sell off their trade if they don’t want to wait for the trade position anymore. 5. users can trade multiple tokens at once 6. Users can Set a token Price watch with Alert integrated with telegram FUTURES TRADING Users can be able to Setup their own Strategy and give instructions to the bot. this is the main idea. so let me know w...

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    1. First code that reads token adresses from .txt or .csv file and reads if the token is found first time or it second if the first time then buys x amount of SOL or USDC (depends which one is better for you) then if the token adress was already found before then skip, search for other new token addreses in that .txt or .csv Then check current bought tokens price and if the price increased 100% sell out 50% of wallet total token holdings if the price increased 300% sell out 100% ot token, if the price from entry price went down to -90% take out 100% 2. Add function to that primary code before buying check if liquidity pool is locked and mintable then only enter if not skip and wait for new token adress Swap exchange does not matter I prefer Jupiter depends on the price and code comp...

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    ...sección en el backend de PrestaShop donde se pueda visualizar un listado de clientes registrados junto con sus respectivos tokens de pago. 3. Historial de transacciones: Registrar y mostrar en el backend de PrestaShop un historial de transacciones realizadas con el método de pago recurrente de Wompi, incluyendo tanto transacciones exitosas como rechazadas. 4. Próximos pagos: Mostrar un listado en el backend de PrestaShop de los pagos recurrentes programados para realizarse, con detalles como fechas y montos. 5. Ejecución de cobro masivo (cron): Implementar un cron job que ejecute el cobro masivo de las licencias recurrentes en las fechas programadas, utilizando los tokens de pago almacenados de forma segura. Notas: a) El módulo debe...

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    ...successful freelancer must possess deep knowledge of cryptocurrency and meme tokens, with preference given to those with experience developing tokens on the Solana platform. - I'd like consultation on the exact mechanics of the token burn and advice on how best to implement it for our target audience: the general public. - The freelancer should be available for some follow-up work potentially, as we may need further help with rolling it out to the wider community and incorporating the token into promotional activities. Skills and Experiences needed: - Extensive experience with blockchain technology. - Proven experience in creating tokens on Solana. - Strong understanding of tokenomics, especially for meme tokens. - Knowledgeable on token burn mechanism...

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    I've built a Django-based website and require an experienced React developer for the integration of specific functionalities. Here are the tasks to be accomplished: - Implement user authentication using JWT (JSON Web Tokens) - Manage routing with React Router - Employ React for template design In knowledge of JWT, React, and React Router is essential to bid on this project. Proficiency in Django, real-time updating, and the creation of interactive forms are a plus.

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    Need an app from where user can trade crypto trading on almost 500+ coins/tokens and Also can trade Stock market, forex market etc.

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    ...implementing a few key features in the contract. here is the design of the website Key Requirements: - Deploy a presale contract on the Polygon blockchain - Implementing a locking mechanism in the contract - Ensuring that tokens are sent only after the presale ends - Make sure only virtual balances are visible; actual tokens are not sent Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in blockchain development - Proficient in working with the Polygon blockchain - Prior experience with ICO presale contracts and wallet integration - Familiarity with MetaMask and WalletConnect - Attention to detail to ensure the proper implementation of the locking mechanism and token visibility

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    ... The screens can contain any relevant and professional sample content. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in React JS application development - Deep understanding of redux-thunk - Proficiency in implementing token-based login mechanisms Project Features: - Dashboard, About, and Contact screens - Basic implementation of redux-thunk in the application - A login mechanism based on tokens for each API request. Please note, although the questions concerning prioritized screens, application content and specific dashboard content were skipped, the freelancer who can demonstrate a clear and thoughtful approach to meeting these unstated needs will be highly regarded. Whether you place emphasis on past work, experience, or detailed project proposals, I encourage you to sho...

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    Looking for someone who can build a crypto explorer on sei network just like bscscan, etherscan or okx scan

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    25 tarjoukset

    I am building an AI Inference Hub where users can use any open-source model on a pay-as-you-go basis. The application is halfway done, however I cannot co...such as github, google, etc. - Prompt user to input billing info on register. Settings: - User page: - Design and create an intuitive page for users to edit their information - Tokens page: - Design a page for user to retrieve their API token - Billings page: - Create a backend using sveltekit to connect to the frontend. The billing page should include a list of invoices that have been charged to the user in a table. Users should be able to download the invoice and pay using midtrans SNAP. Billing system: - Create a Nodejs script that runs every 30 days and charges users according to the number of tokens they�...

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    111 tarjoukset

    As a blockchain expert, I am looking for a seasoned developer with specific experience in developing on the Cosmos SDK. My goal is to create a new blockchain, incorporating smart contracts functionality and custom token creation. Ideal Skills: - Strong background in blockchain technology, particularly in the Cosmos SDK - Proficient in developing custom tokens and smart contracts - Proven experience in creating new blockchains - Familiarity with decentralised applications is a plus You need to have a good understanding of blockchain concepts, and have a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to handle similar projects. Please provide a brief overview of your previous experience with Cosmos SDK and new blockchain development in your bid.

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    21 tarjoukset

    Professional Sniper BOT using private Nodes DEXTradingBot integrates easily with the DEX platform on TON. Trade securely with unprecedented ease and tap into the liquidity of these decentralized ecosystems. Lightning Speed Swap Absolute compatibility with DEXs. Ensures maximum multi-threaded transaction speed SAML Lock Security data management method ensures security and reliability SAML Lock Private Transactions User transactions are executed privately, minimizing losses due to slippage SAML Lock Direct Referral System Referral other users to use BOT to receive passive commissions SAML Lock Flat UI Easy To Use Intuitive and simple interface even for new or advanced users SAML Lock Staking BOT tokens Stake TonTradingBot's stable tokens to earn passive ...

    €399 (Avg Bid)
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    50 tarjoukset

    [READ BEFORE BIDDING PLEASE] I’m looking for an expert in decentralized finance (DeFi) to build a swap&bridge platform on Ba...I’m looking for an expert in decentralized finance (DeFi) to build a swap&bridge platform on Base using OP stack Superchain. This project needs to be completed as soon as possible. Key Specifications: - Using latest version - The platform should feature token swapping and Bridge functionalities. - Responsive on pc browser and on phone - The system should allow users to seamlessly swap various tokens. - While I haven't identified specific token standards yet, your suggestions based on prior experience are welcomed. Desired Skills and Experience: - Experience building DeFi swap sites. - Understanding of OP Superchain. - Effective c...

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    Hi, I would like a telegram software, multi wallet that buys and sells tokens on radyum and orca, where I indicate the token contract. The bot must allow the generation of different wallets, and I must be able to indicate how many wallets it must generate and must carry out a sale or purchase transaction for each wallet generated. You need to check @onenigger For example: 1) I launch the software 2) I suggest generating 3 wallets 3) Generate public address and private key 4) I send solana to these wallets 5) I send the contract to purchase 6) I decide on ryadium or Orca 7) For each wallet he must purchase the purchased token using 90% of the amount of sol 8) when I decide to sell the token, he must sell the entire amount of the token

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    We are in search of an adept developer to create a sophisticated Telegram bot focused on monitoring SPL20 tokens on the Solana blockchain. The successful candidate will have a proven track record in Telegram bot development and a deep understanding of Solana's ecosystem. Key Features Required: Real-Time Price Updates: The bot must seamlessly provide real-time updates on the prices of selected SPL20 tokens on Raydium. Price Alerts: Implement a robust alert system that triggers notifications based on percentage changes in token prices. Token Selection: Offer flexibility by enabling easy modifications to the token watch-list, allowing for monitoring of multiple SPL20 tokens and adjustments as required. Ideal Skills and Experience: Telegram Bot Deve...

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    We would like to create a Dune Dashboard for a token project, with the follow...holders on each chain (as pie chart) -total 24h volume -24h volume on each chain (as pie chart) -total 24h token revenue (this is simply 1% of total volume on Ethereum) -total amount of donations made by project (all onchain) -total number of NFTs owned by DAO (they are all in a single address) -Price of X at the market cap of Y for three tokens (this will show what the price of the token would be if it had the current market cap of three different tokens) Looking for someone with solid skills in this area. Please share anything related you've done in the past and provide an estimate of how many hours this would take and when you could have this done by. May have more similar work in the ne...

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    ...Account". This will go through the process that Plaid uses to authorize access to banking data. It should return authorization tokens... Then I need the authorization tokens to be stored in a text file in the same directory. I will re-route these into my database once I have the script. I also then need one single PHP function that can retrieve bank deposits for that linked account. I will adjust the script to pull in whatever deposits I need so for now it can just pull in any deposits. Those deposits can be outputs on the screen for ease of access. In Summary, I need... - Button to initiate the Plaid bank account linking process - Storage of those tokens in a text file (that I will switch to a database) - A call to pull in bank deposit details that ar...

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    ...from the ground up. The platform will feature an intuitive user interface, high-performance trading engine, and comprehensive security measures to ensure a seamless and secure trading experience for users. Multi-Asset Support: The exchange platform will support a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including popular assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as emerging altcoins and tokens. By offering multi-asset support, we aim to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of cryptocurrency traders. Advanced Trading Features: To enhance the trading experience and meet the needs of both novice and experienced traders, the platform will incorporate advanced trading features such as limit orders, market orders, stop-loss orders, and margin trading. These features will...

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    I'm see...of this project is the automation of financial transactions. This smart contract should be proficient in not only automating these transactions but should also possess the ability to interact with other smart contracts for the seamless execution of transactions. Possessing a keen understanding of the technical aspects involved in swapping one type of token for another, and staking and unstaking tokens would be beneficial but it's not a requirement for this particular job. IDEAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: - Extensive experience in developing smart contracts on the Ethereum network - Proficient in Solidity programming language - Ability to interact with other smart contracts - Knowledge of financial transactions automation - Understanding of blockchain technology and...

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    ...the LLM training. Once trained, the LLM shall be re-trained periodically (e.g. every 6 months) on updated set of data. In general, training could be repeated several times. The application shall implement a token consumption mechanism in order to implement a pay-per-use business model. When a user makes a request, he consumes a certain number of tokens proportional to the amount of computing resources consumed and the total amount of available tokens is updated. The LLM must be accessible through a web application (prototype) that communicates via API with the LLM engine that will be deployed in a remote server. The APIs of the LLM engine shall also be provided through standard Swagger interface. To complete the job, it is request to: - Provide detailed instructions (like ...

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    I need a skilled Rust developer to create a Telegram bot similar to FluxBot and SolTradingBot but with my specific functional requirements. Key Functionalities: - **Mass Sniping New Tokens:** The bot should be able to detect and rapidly acquire newly launched tokens on Solana and Raydium DEX. - **Auto Buy/Sell in 1 Block in 1-2 Seconds:** The bot should be capable of executing buy and sell orders automatically within 1-2 seconds. Programming Language: - **Rust:** The bot should be developed using Rust. User Interface Customization: - **Basic:** The user interface should be simple, with only essential features. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Rust programming. - Experience in developing Telegram bots. - Familiarity with Solana and Raydium DEX will be a...

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    I am urgently looking for an experienced Telegram bot developer to create a bot. we need a telegram bot that will pull market data on all tokens from alcor exchange. We need this quite quickly and will need a setup config section for other users to set up in there channel -as the admin i can add any token to it i want from Alcor exchange -The option to add it channels but admin controls to activate it for said channel -channel users able to use commands and add the tokens they want to display -pull data on command - user would type token from alcor and will pull live data

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    Try and Buy Application Description: The Try and Buy Platform is an web application that allows users to try products before making a purchase. It provides a platform for customers to browse, select, and order products. Features: User Registration and Authentication: Users can register for an account and log in securely using Az...An admin panel is available for administrators to manage product listings, process orders, handle returns and refunds, and monitor user activity. Responsive Design: The application should be responsive. Report: All KPI should be downloadable in doc and pdf format. Technology: Front-end: AngularJs Back-end: Rust, Use Gmail smtp for sending email Database: PostgreSQL Authentication: JSON Web Tokens (JWT) Payment Gateway: Use any payment gateway sandb...

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