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    I'm in need of an experienced blockchain developer who can create a dapp and smart contract for a NFT project based on the Ethereum network. The focus of the project will be collectibles NFTs. I would also need a marketplace system integrated within the project to facilitate the selling of these NFTs. Required skills and experience: - Proficient in Ethereum blockchain development - Experience in NFT technology, particularly for Collectibles - Proven track record in creating dapps and smart contracts - Knowledge of creating NFT marketplace Your main tasks will include: - Developing a smart contract - Building a dapp - Implementing a NFT marketplace for collectibles Ideally, you have successfully completed similar projects in the past. Please provide samples or ...

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    Ethereum Based Cryptocurrency Development 6 päivää left

    As an ambitious project, I'm targeting a versatile and innovative developer experienced in Ethereum and cryptocurrency development. Key Objectives: - Design and implement cryptocurrency on Ethereum platform. - Assistance in strategic structuring, although a pre-defined structure isn't decided yet. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Ethereum Platform - Previous experience in cryptocurrency development - Understanding of Ethereum’s ERC standards (ERC-20 & ERC-721) - Open for innovation and can contribute constructively in defining the structure Please bid acknowledging your skills and experience relevant to this project. I appreciate forward-thinking and innovative approaches that correspond to project ambitions.

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    Ethereum DeFi Arbitrage Tool Development 6 päivää left

    ...seeking a skilled blockchain developer to craft a robust Ethereum-based DeFi arbitrage tool for me. This tool will focus on leveraging decentralized exchanges (DEXs) for maximum efficiency. The tool should offer an intermediate level user interface, boasting user-friendly features. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Ethereum blockchain technology - Experience in developing DeFi solutions, particularly in the area of DEXs - Prior projects developing arbitrage tools - Capability in building an intermediate level user interface Ideal Skills: - Blockchain technology - Ethereum - DeFi - DEXs - Arbitrage - User interface design Your role will be to bring my vision to life, ensuring the tool is efficient, user-friendly, and customised for the Ethereum blockchain....

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    Ethereum ERC-20 Token with Pre-Sale 6 päivää left

    I'm seeking an experienced blockchain developer to create an Ethereum based ERC-20 token, with unique features of a private pre-sale and a vesting period. Key Responsibilities: - Develop an Ethereum ERC-20 token from scratch. - Implement a private pre-sale phase for initial investors. - Set up a vesting period for token distribution to prevent immediate selling off. Ideal expertise and skills: - Extensive experience in Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 tokens. - Familiarity with smart contract security, specifically the implementation of a private pre-sale and vesting period. - Ability to create custom functionality beyond standard ERC-20 token framework. For this project, using typical smart contract security method like OpenZeppelin or Consensys Due Diligen...

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    Laravel Crypto Data Visualization 6 päivää left

    We currently require assistance with our Laravel application, designed to present cryptocurrency data visualization. The application is experiencing an issue where it's not showing market data and returning an invalid symbol error. Specific requirements: - Address and resolve the "invalid symbol" issue - Ensure accurate data representation for the three main cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) - Overall, ensure the Laravel application is successfully visualizing and presenting crypto market data Desired expertise: - Proficiency in Laravel application management - Experience with cryptocurrency market data - Skilled in fixing data representation issues - Strong understanding of data visualization techniques

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a TradingView Pine Script strategy for my cryptocurrency trading needs. Your primary focus will be on optimizing the strategy for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Key Requirements: - The strategy should maintain a Percent Profitable above 70%. - The Profit Factor should be greater than 10. - The maximum drawdown in Net profit should not exceed 5%. Ideal candidates will have: - A strong background in developing Pine Script strategies for TradingView. - Experience in trading and optimizing strategies for cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. - A proven track record of creating profitable trading strategies with the required performance metrics in mind. Please include relevant samples of your work in y...

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    Ethereum MEV Bot Developer 5 päivää left

    ... -Optimize bot performance for speed, reliability, and scalability to handle high transaction volumes. -Collaborate with the team to test, deploy, and maintain the MEV bot in production environments. -Stay updated with blockchain technologies, market trends, and regulatory developments to enhance the bot's effectiveness. Requirements: -Strong proficiency in blockchain development, including Ethereum, Solidity, and smart contract programming. -Proven experience in building MEV bots or similar trading automation tools with a track record of successful implementations. -In-depth knowledge of blockchain protocols, transaction sequencing, mempool analysis, and gas optimization strategies. -Familiarity with DeFi protocols, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), liquidity pools, and blo...

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    ...proposals in their applications to strengthen their chances. Although I am yet to determine the specific cryptocurrencies that the hosting platform will support, I am open to supporting prominent ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It would be ideal if the candidate has a solid understanding and working knowledge of these cryptocurrencies. Ideal candidates should have: - Knowledge about different types of crypto hosting (cloud-based, dedicated server, shared hosting). - Ability to maintain confidentiality. - Understanding of prominent cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum). - Strong suggestions based on professional knowledge of crypto hosting. Please note, due to the nature of this project, specifics will be shared with the chosen freelancer. Look...

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    2 tarjoukset create a tool that can calculate the profit and loss (PnL) for any given Ethereum wallet address. The tool should be able to determine the total number of coins bought, as well as calculate the profit and loss from all transactions associated with the wallet. Key Features: Wallet Address Input: Users should be able to input any Ethereum wallet address. Transaction Analysis: The tool should analyze all transactions associated with the provided wallet address. Profit and Loss Calculation: Calculate the total number of coins bought and the profit and loss incurred from all transactions. User-Friendly Interface: The tool should have a user-friendly interface for ease of use. Skills Required: Proficiency in Ethereum blockchain technology. Experience in cryptocurren...

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    I'm in need of a proficient developer who has strong experience in Ethereum blockchain and web3 decentralized application (dapp) development. Your responsibilities will entail the following: - Frontend development - Backend development - Developing and testing solidity smart contracts You should be comfortable using Reactjs and Angular although I have no particular preference on the frontend framework. Understanding the intricacies of Ethereum as a blockchain platform is a must for this project. I'm looking for a talented developer who can bring my concept to life, and I'm excited to work with someone who shares my enthusiasm for blockchain technology.

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    Sopke Person 3 päivää left

    Hi, Would it be possible to get a custom offer for vid about blockchain for about 1000-1100 words, presenting our MEV Eigenfi bot, here is a link, where you can read about bot https:/...background. If you are ready to do the voiceover of the product from this industry please make a short demo to evaluate the future quality of the video, use green screen. The best clothing is something simple, a light-colored t-shirt for example, here is the text: “MEV involves the use of mempool and arbitrage strategies along with Frontunning. It works with popular decentralized platforms on Ethereum, like Uniswap, 1inch etc.” or use any other text what you want about blockchain coding or DeFi tecnhologies After a successful demo video, we will create an offer. Waiting for your response ...

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    UI + Ethereum DeFi Web3 Developer Needed 3 päivää left

    I am in search of a skilled web3 developer to assist in the ongoing development of a decentralized finance (DeFi) project on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is currently in progress, and the ideal candidate will have a solid understanding and experience in Ethereum, EVM, and Dex technologies. The original developer has gone on a trip, and we're seeking someone to continue the project. So, we want to prioritize completing the graphs and tables on our platform till he arrives. It's just the UI aspect, but it's linked to Web3, so we're looking for a Web3 developer. Key skills and experiences that are preferred for the job include: - Proficiency in Ethereum and Solidity - Experience in developing DeFi projects - Familiarity with EVM and Dex ...

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    I'm looking to develop a full stack NFT dApp on the Ethereum blockchain. The purpose of this dApp is to serve as a marketplace for trading unique digital assets. Key requirements and preferences: - The NFT dApp should be accessible to anyone, not restricted to specific users. - The project should include both the front-end and back-end development, as well as integration with the Ethereum blockchain for secure and efficient transactions. - Experience working with Ethereum blockchain and creating NFT platforms is essential. - A strong understanding of smart contract development, blockchain security, and user-friendly design is highly desired. Ideal Skills: - Ethereum Development - NFT Development - Full Stack Development - Smart Contract Development - B...

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    Custom Blockchain Development Specialist 2 päivää left

    As an individual beginning a new project, I'm seeking a skilled blockchain expert proficient in Solidity. Your role will encompass the development of a custom blockchain solution on the Ethereum platform. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Solidity programming - Comprehensive knowledge of how Ethereum works - Proven experience in custom blockchain development - Be able to offer expert blockchain consultation as needed - Previous experience with Ethereum is highly desirable By joining this project, you'll have the opportunity to work on an exciting new project while using latest technologies. Your expertise and advice will be invaluable in creating a secure and efficient system.

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    Dune Analytics Dashboard Development 2 päivää left

    We would like to create a Dune Dashboard for a token project, with the following data, which is all onchain. Keep in mind that the token is on four different chains: Ethereum, Solana, BNB, and BASE): -price -total market cap -total number of token holders -line chart of total number of token holders over time -number of holders on each chain (as pie chart) -total 24h volume -24h volume on each chain (as pie chart) -total 24h token revenue (this is simply 1% of total volume on Ethereum) -total amount of donations made by project (all onchain) -total number of NFTs owned by DAO (they are all in a single address) -Price of X at the market cap of Y for three tokens (this will show what the price of the token would be if it had the current market cap of three different tokens) L...

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    Cryptocurrency 2 päivää left

    ...a robust and scalable cryptocurrency exchange platform from the ground up. The platform will feature an intuitive user interface, high-performance trading engine, and comprehensive security measures to ensure a seamless and secure trading experience for users. Multi-Asset Support: The exchange platform will support a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including popular assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as emerging altcoins and tokens. By offering multi-asset support, we aim to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of cryptocurrency traders. Advanced Trading Features: To enhance the trading experience and meet the needs of both novice and experienced traders, the platform will incorporate advanced trading features such as limit orders, market orders, st...

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    ...blockchain developer with strong experience in creating smart contracts on the Ethereum network, or what I refer to as the base network. The primary objective of this project is the automation of financial transactions. This smart contract should be proficient in not only automating these transactions but should also possess the ability to interact with other smart contracts for the seamless execution of transactions. Possessing a keen understanding of the technical aspects involved in swapping one type of token for another, and staking and unstaking tokens would be beneficial but it's not a requirement for this particular job. IDEAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: - Extensive experience in developing smart contracts on the Ethereum network - Proficient in Solidity program...

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    Ethereum DeFi Smart Contract Expert 2 päivää left

    I'm in need of a seasoned blockchain developer with in-depth Ethereum knowledge to build a smart contract for a decentralized finance platform. This Dapp will be entirely decentralized, free from any central authority influence, hence it’s a critical aspect of this project. Key Requirements: * Extensive experience in smart contract development on Ethereum * In-depth understanding of DeFi protocols * Skilled in building fully decentralized platforms The successful candidate will have an extensive understanding of decentralized systems, Ethereum blockchain, and DeFi platforms. Solid experience in smart contract development is a must. Your main task will be constructing a smart contract that underpins my DeFi platform, ensuring maximum security and efficien...

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    I'm looking for a Full Stack Developer experienced in blockchain technology and game development to create a web-based game utilizing Ethereum's blo...TrustWallet, Rainbow. Please check our current codebase. - Blockchain Technology: Implement blockchain technology to enhance user experience and security. - Node.JS: Utilize Node.JS for server-side scripting to ensure a smooth gameplay experience. - Wallet Integration: Integrate Ethereum wallet to facilitate in-game transactions, NFTs, and smart contracts. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of blockchain technology and experience in developing web-based games. Proficiency in Node.JS, Ethereum, and wallet integration is essential. Your role will be crucial in delivering a user-friendly, secure, an...

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    I'm seeking a blockchain expert with proficient knowledge and practical experience in Ethereum to build a Decentralized Application (DApp) with the aim of serving the voting industry. Key Responsibilities: - Develop, design and test the Ethereum DApp - Ensure the application is secure and user-friendly - Maintain and improve the application constantly - Deploy the DApp on Ethereum network Necessary Skills: - Extensive knowledge of Ethereum blockchain, as well as related tools and technologies - Experience in coding Smart Contracts - Proven experience in creating DApps, ideally in the voting or related sectors - Excellent problem-solving skills - Detail-oriented with strong analytical skills If you have a keen understanding of the challenges linked to ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced blockchain developer with expertise in Ethereum smart contract API development. Key API features: - Ability to scan various smart contract code - Honeypot detection - Malicious code detection Required skills: - Proficiency in Solidity and Python - Blockchain development experience, particularly with Ethereum - Demonstrated expertise in API integration - Familiarity with security issues specific to smart contracts If you're a detail-oriented blockchain expert with crowdfunding experience, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm looking for a developer who can create stable FLASH coins on Ethereum for my exchange platform. The stable coins should have the following key features: - Low transaction fees - High transaction speed - Programmable smart contracts - Show Ledger wallet balance - Able to transfer to 2 different wallets The desired stability mechanism for these coins should be collateralized. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong understanding of blockchain technology, particularly Ethereum - Experience in developing stable coins - Ability to implement low transaction fees and high transaction speeds - Proficiency in creating programmable smart contracts - Familiarity with the FLASH concept of collateralized stability mechanisms Please only apply if you ha...

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    ...providing real-time visualizations and updates, including: * **Trade History:** Detailing completed trades and profit margins. * **Current Arbitrage Opportunities:** A live feed of potential arbitrage situations. * **Monitoring Dashboard:** Displaying price feeds from various DEXs. **Essential Skills:** * **Blockchain Development:** Proficiency in Solidity and smart contract development on the Ethereum network (or other relevant blockchains). * **Python:** Strong Python skills for market data aggregation, analysis, bot logic, gas fee estimation, and desktop UI development (e.g., with Tkinter, PyQt, or other GUI libraries). * **DEX APIs:** In-depth knowledge of integrating with decentralized exchange APIs. * **Aave Expertise:** Solid understanding of Aave flash loan mechanic...

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    ...developer to update my existing Bitcoin wallets with Trust Wallet on my React-based frontend. Additionally, I require integration with Ethereum. The primary functionalities needed are wallet creation and backup for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Key Responsibilities: - Update Bitcoin wallets with Trust Wallet on React frontend - Integrate Ethereum blockchain with the existing system - Implement functionalities for wallet creation and backup for both Bitcoin and Ethereum Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in React for frontend development - Previous experience with Bitcoin wallet updates and integration with Trust Wallet - Solid understanding of Ethereum blockchain and integration - Experience with developing wallet creation and backup func...

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    Create Meme Coin Website -- 2 20 tuntia left

    ...cryptocurrencies. Mission: Briefly outline the mission and the potential impact of the meme coin on the market or community. Unique Features: Describe any unique features or technological advancements of the meme coin. 3. How to Buy Step-by-Step Guide: Provide a detailed, step-by-step tutorial on how to buy the meme coin. This should include setting up a wallet, purchasing Ethereum (if necessary), and how to swap Ethereum for the meme coin on a DEX. Video Tutorial: Consider embedding a video tutorial for those who prefer visual instructions. 4. Roadmap Visual Timeline: Display a visually appealing timeline of the project's development phases, past accomplishments, and future milestones. Descriptions: Each milestone should have a short descr...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer with expertise in cryptocurrency press release distribution for an upcoming project. The press release will cover diverse cryptocurrencies, and the freelancer should be knowledgeable about the crypto market for effective dissemination. Key Requirements: - Understanding of the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other major cryptocurrencies. - Experience with distributing press releases to various audiences including Crypto enthusiasts, Investors, Journalists. - Proven record of successful press release distribution to Financial news websites, Crypto news websites, Traditional news outlets. Please include examples of your previous work in your bid. Proficiency in the crypto market is a critical requirement for this job.

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    9 tarjoukset

    ...proficiency in multiple programming languages (including Python, Java, JavaScript, Golang, C Programming, Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, C#, C++, Swift, Kotlin, Rust, Dart, Flutter, and Smart contract) to assist in building between 7-12 new and unique ideas that I'm sure will have millions of online downloads. **** DISCUSSION OF HOW THE OWNERSHIP WILL BE SPLIT WILL BE PRIMARY. ONE TIME/ONE-OFF PAYMENT OF 100 DOLLARS (80 POUNDS) WILL BE GIVEN TO THE CHOSEN CO-FOUNDER AS A WELCOMING/CO-FOUNDER PARTNERSHIP FEE**** Key Requirements: • Extensive technical and programming skills, with a focus on a variety of programming languages. • Familiarity and comfort working with Blockchain, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Smart contract technologies. • Capacity to develop an...

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    My project objective is to create a Telegram bot that informs me of relevant fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices. The bot should track the following: - Bitcoin - Ethereum - Ripple - Other major cryptocurrencies This bot must alert me when specifications I personally set are met. These will be relative to adjustments in digital currency values, changing as a certain percentage over a defined duration. Key Features: - The bot should be programmable, allowing me to adjust values and time periods when necessary. - Anticipate alerts triggered by set percentage in set time. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Extensive understanding of Bot technology and construction - Familiarity with cryptocurrency markets - Prior experience with Telegram bot development - Incre...

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    I am in search of a seasoned blockchain developer with a deep understanding and substantial experience in working with the Ethereum platform. Role and responsibilities: - Primarily, you will work to develop a Utility Token in the Ethereum blockchain. - Comprehensive knowledge of Ethereum platform, blockchain technology and Utility Token development is crucial. Ideal Candidate: - An extensive background in Ethereum token development. - Proven experience in developing Utility Tokens on Ethereum. - Must have a robust understanding of blockchain principles and practices. This project is a great opportunity for someone with a passion for Ethereum and token development who enjoys the challenges and rewards of working with innovative technology.

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    I've successfully created an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, utilizing the OpenZeppelin Contracts Wizard and the Remix IDE for its development. The token is live, but I'm encountering issues with its representation on Specifically, I'm facing challenges with the ABI details and updating the token's image on Etherscan. It seems there's a mismatch or an incorrect setup that's preventing these elements from being correctly recognized or displayed. I'm looking for an Ethereum and Etherscan expert who can: Quickly diagnose the issue with the ABI and token image update on Etherscan. Provide a detailed solution and assistance in implementing the necessary adjustments to resolve these issues. Advise on best practices for token...

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    I am in need of a proficient developer who can provide crucial updates to my MultiChin DApp interface supporting Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain protocols. Key Responsibilities: - Layout alterations, color scheme changes, and font style modifications are required for a full UI/UX revamp. - Implement affiliate marketing system that gives the marketer a link with code. if someone for example buys 1000$ value of tokens with that link, the marketer gets 5% back to his wallet. which is 50$. and a page for the history of purchases for the marketer, we'll go in-depth later. - fixing the existing smart contract. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Robust understanding of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain protocols. - Expertise in smart contract development. - Strong experienc...

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    I'm seeking an expert to perform in-depth daily analysis on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. Key metrics to focus on include: - Price fluctuations - Trading volume - Technical indicators In this role, you'll set up regular oversight of these key markers and report important changes or trends. Those with experience in cryptocurrency market analysis and a keen understanding of these specific currencies would be a good fit; particularly if they have a strong background in reading and interpreting these specific metrics. Timeliness and accuracy are essential for this daily data analysis task. If you are a detail-oriented individual with excellent analytical skills, then this job is for you. You will be required to answer user queries on a discord channel

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    ...environment are essential. Additional details you should know: Seeking an expert React developer capable of infusing Ethereum into the development of a Web3 App. We insist on someone who possesses: - Proficiency in Ethereum and deep understanding of its interaction capabilities. - Expertise with React and open-source solutions. - Experience or understanding of blockchain data and contract deployment. - Ability to integrate both reading and executing transactions in app via Ethereum. Roles & Responsibilities: - Feature and functional design based on the specifics we’ve identified. - Leveraging Ethereum as a chosen open-source solution. - Ensuring high-level interaction with Ethereum for both reading and executing transactions. This cre...

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    I'm in need of an experienced crypto-expert well-versed in and Ethereum-based applications. The main tasks: - Set up an Ethereum wallet in - Integrate DApp with the wallet. The wallet should be able to: - Send and receive transactions - View transaction history - Ensure security and backup provisions Preferably, the right candidate will be skilled in smart contract development and familiar with common security practices in cryptocurrency transactions. Expertise in Ethereum and Metamask is crucial, as the wallet setup requires specific knowledge related to these platforms.

    €33 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    ...distribution on the Flare Network. The successful candidate should have an understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, familiarity with token distribution processes, and experience of designing modern and minimalist platforms. The platform should focus on: Token Sale Management: This includes coordinating the sale of tokens, managing the process efficiently and effectively, ensuring the security and integrity of transactions. Token Distribution Management: The platform should provide mechanisms to manage the distribution of tokens post-sale seamlessly. Integration with Flare Network: The chosen professional should have experience in integrating such a platform with the Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible network, specifically the Flare Network. Design-w...

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    37 tarjoukset

    I've successfully created an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, utilizing the OpenZeppelin Contracts Wizard and the Remix IDE for its development. The token is live, but I'm encountering issues with its representation on Specifically, I'm facing challenges with the ABI details and updating the token's image on Etherscan. It seems there's a mismatch or an incorrect setup that's preventing these elements from being correctly recognized or displayed. I'm looking for an Ethereum and Etherscan expert who can: Quickly diagnose the issue with the ABI and token image update on Etherscan. Provide a detailed solution and assistance in implementing the necessary adjustments to resolve these issues. Advise on best practices for token...

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    5 tarjoukset

    Description: We are seeking a skilled and reliable Ethereum developer to create a custom ERC-20 token for our project. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in blockchain technology, smart contract development, and Ethereum standards. Requirements: Proven experience in developing and deploying smart contracts on the Ethereum network. Expertise in Solidity programming language. Familiarity with ERC-20 token standards and best practices in token development. Ability to work closely with our team to understand our specific needs and implement them effectively. Strong communication skills and adherence to project deadlines. Project Scope: Design and development of a custom ERC-20 token. Deployment of the token smart contract on the Ethereum network....

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    20 tarjoukset

    I need a proficient developer well-grounded in blockchain technology and notably in Ethereum. My project majorly revolves around: - Smart contract development The tasks entail: - Creating, testing, and implementing Ethereum smart contracts For this job, the ideal candidate will: - Be an expert in blockchain technology with an emphasis on Ethereum. - Be proficient in Solona as the preferred programming language for the smart contract development. - Have a deep understanding and working experience in smart contract development and testing. - Be capable of integrating the smart contract into the existing system seamlessly and securely. Kindly share your previous works related to Ethereum smart contracts in your proposal. Expected freelancers should ensure they ...

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    18 tarjoukset

    We're seeking an expert in creating Ethereum-based smart contracts. Your role involves developing detailed, secure smart contracts for deployment on the Ethereum platform. Key responsibilities include: - Developing Ethereum smart contracts - Ensuring the security and efficiency of the smart contracts - Integration of smart contracts with our existing web application The ideal candidate has an in-depth understanding of Ethereum blockchain and Solidity, experience with code testing and a well-rounded knowledge of web development languages. Previous work experience in a similar role and a proactive problem-solving approach will be considered a plus. Please ensure to provide your past work samples along with your bid.

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    25 tarjoukset

    In the fast-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, Ethereum has emerged as a pioneering platform that promises to revolutionize the way we perceive and interact with the digital world. Launched in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum introduced the concept of smart contracts, enabling developers to build decentralized applications (DApps) and deploy them on its blockchain. With its innovative features and growing ecosystem, Ethereum has garnered significant attention from both the tech community and mainstream investors alik

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    I'm looking for a talented developer skilled in blockchain technology to create a web-based wallet, specifically for Ethereum. I aim to prioritize security and usability, hence the following features must be included: - Two-factor authentication: To ensure the utmost security, every transaction should require user confirmation through two-factor authentication. - Sending and receiving functionality: The wallet needs to be equipped to send and receive Ethereum seamlessly. The successful candidate should have prior experience in blockchain wallet development and a keen understanding of Ethereum. Proficiency in web-based coding languages is required, and previous work with two-factor authentication would be a boon. Knowledge in secure financial transaction handling...

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    I'm seeking a blockchain expert to develop a robust crypto contract for a coin operating on the Ethereum network and also for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The contractor needs to have substantial knowledge of Solidity and Ethereum Smart Contracts. Here's a breakdown of my specifications: - **Transaction Validation:** The system should be able to validate transactions by considering three factors: 1. Whitelisting specific addresses. 2. The ability to automatically calculate transaction fees. 3. Integration with external data sources for effective transaction monitoring and validation. - **Coin Minting and Burning:** Here, I require: 1. An adjustable coin supply system, although I'm open to discussion on other possible set-ups. - **NFT Tokenizati...

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    We have a Python website and we are planning to add a section to track cryptocurrency. By pasting the address of wallet, user can see : -number of coins -price of each coin -value of each blockchain separately -total value of the wallet -last 10 transactions Current blockchains: Bitcoin,XRP,Ethereum, BSc, Polygon, Avax, Arbitrum, Base - Real time price updates: The platform should provide fresh data on price movements as they happen. - Historical price data: I'd like to look back on the performance of my holdings over time. - Alerts on price changes: I'd want the system to notify me when significant changes in market price occur, so I can act promptly. -I don't want to use any “paid API “ in this project and the project must be written completely native...

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    I am looking for a skilled blockchain develo...skilled blockchain developer to assist in deploying an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Expertise in Ethereum and blockchain technology - Proficient in creating ERC-20 tokens - Understanding of token deployment and related processes The main goal of this project is to create a custom ERC-20 token for a specific project. I am looking for someone who can guide me through the process and ensure the token is deployed successfully. I am open to suggestions on additional functionalities that can be included in the token, so feel free to propose ideas. If you have experience in similar projects and can help me set up a token that is secure, reliable, and meets the ERC-20 and Ethereum sta...

    €531 (Avg Bid)
    €531 Keskimäär. tarjous
    42 tarjoukset

    This project involves developing a sleek, innovative DeFi app that highlights exceptional functionalities such as Flash Loans, arbitrage, smart contracts, and security features. All these will be presented in a profit-focused, modern, and user-friendly interface. Besides, the app should offer: - MetaMask Integration for a secure OAuth login. - Real-time DEX arbitration on leading platforms (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC)). - A dynamic Flash Loan display, showing the profit display and transaction history. - Security audits to guarantee user safety as they engage in complex DeFi trading activities. For this task, familiarity with DeFi, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency is paramount. A background in UI/UX design will also be beneficial du...

    €14601 (Avg Bid)
    €14601 Keskimäär. tarjous
    56 tarjoukset

    I'm seeking a seasoned blockchain expert with a strong focus on smart contracts development. Here, the key responsibilities and specifications of the job: - Developing a bespoke smart contract on the Ethereum platform. - The primary function of this contract will be token creation. - The ideal freelancer for this job will have ample experience with Ethereum's ecosystem, understanding how to leverage its features for thorough, secure smart contract development. Experience and skills in cryptocurrency development and blockchain security will be considered as additional assets but are not mandatory.

    €174 (Avg Bid)
    €174 Keskimäär. tarjous
    28 tarjoukset

    I'm looking for a skilled blockchain developer to create a meme token on the Ethereum network. The primary purpose of this token is to promote and share memes, while also incorporating a unique buy, sell, and transfer tax system. Required Functionality: - Creation of a meme token on the Ethereum network - Development of a smart contract that includes an automated liquidity pool - Implementation of a buy, sell, and transfer tax system Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Ethereum blockchain development - Experience in creating and deploying tokens on Ethereum - Strong understanding of smart contract development and tokenomics - Previous experience with meme tokens or similar projects - Ability to create automated liquidity pools in sm...

    €490 (Avg Bid)
    €490 Keskimäär. tarjous
    82 tarjoukset

    ...cryptocurrency developer to create a unique Ethereum token for the purpose of fundraising for a project. This is not a typical project as the functionality of the token will be unique and not based on any existing blockchain project. - What I need: - Creation of an Ethereum-based token (ERC20 or ERC721 based on your professional recommendation). - A unique functionality that differentiates this token from others on the market. Bring your creative ideas to the table as I don't have any references or models to follow. - The token should be primarily designed for fundraising purposes: secure, reliable and easy to distribute to contributors. Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience in cryptocurrency development, specifically with Ethereum (ERC20, ERC721)...

    €20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €20 / hr Keskimäär. tarjous
    79 tarjoukset

    I am in need of a blockchain expert, specifically skilled in the creation of smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. Your role will encompass: - Design and development of a Ethereum smart contract. - Ensure the contract's ability to interact seamlessly with a specific external API. The ideal candidate has profound knowledge and hands-on experience in blockchain technology, Ethereum smart contracts, coding, and API integration. Proven track record of developing and implementing smart contracts on the Ethereum platform is mandatory. Please share your relevant portfolio and proof of previous experience interacting with APIs when bidding.

    €204 (Avg Bid)
    €204 Keskimäär. tarjous
    5 tarjoukset

    ...efficiency and innovation within the team. Provide technical guidance and mentorship to junior developers, fostering their growth and development in blockchain technology. Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field. 2+ years of experience in smart contract development with proficiency in Solidity. Strong understanding of blockchain technology, including Ethereum and other major blockchain platforms. Hands-on experience with , , and Node.js for building decentralized applications and backend systems. Experience with development tools such as Hardhat and Foundry for testing and deployment of smart contracts. Solid understanding of cryptographic principles and security best practices in blockchain development. Strong communication and co...

    €3 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €3 / hr Keskimäär. tarjous
    8 tarjoukset

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