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    Etsimme AWS asiantuntijaa, jolla on kokemusta AWS palveluiden ylläpidosta ja kehityksestä. Jos sinulla on kokemusta AWS:n palveluista kuten EC2-instanssit, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, AWS X-Ray, voit olla etsimämme asiantuntija.

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    Xibo CMS - developer / consultant for custom Widget needed We are looking for a freelancer with experience in the Xibo CMS platform configuration and Widget/Module development, for a Digital Signage product. In order to complete this assignment you would be need to be familiar with the following technologies: * PHP, JavaScript, CSS, * Amazon Web Services (existing CodeBuild & CodeDeploy and EC2 environment) * Linux (Ubuntu) * C++ basics (Not absolutely necessary, but might come handy) * Docker In addition of allowing you to use modern development tools, you have the opportunity to witness Digital Signage business from up close. DS is a natural evolution of traditional advertising business, which enables delivery of digital content exactly where the target demographics are....

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    I need help with comparing aws prices - AWS EC2 to EC + RDS configuration and other ways to calcuate and reduce billing prices. must be able to connect via anydesk to have a chat about it

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    Hello, I need help with spinning up AWS VPC, AWS Client VPC in a region. There is no need to write Terraform code for this since these already exist in one region and have been created using modules and passing inputs to files. . Specifically I need someone to analyze the dependencies and successfully spin these up in the new region. The code already exists. Need to make changes to the modules without affecting existing resources. Deliverables Successful spinning of resources in new region. Please reach out only if you have experience with these services and are proficient with Terragrunt/Terraform

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    AWS General Purpose Instances Setup 5 päivää left

    I need a skilled freelancer who can assist me with setting up my Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. This involves configuring General Purpose EC2 Instances. Furthermore, I require full setup, including ensuring optimum security and access permissions. So, if you're an expert in cloud services and comfortable with AWS systems, then you're the right fit for this job. Key tasks: - Configure General Purpose EC2 Instances - Full setup including security and access permissions Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AWS services, specifically EC2 instances - Experience in setting up security and access permissions - Proven track record in handling AWS General Purpose Instances - Strong understanding of cloud services, security and privacy measures

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    Python/ML Expert to Optimize API Speed 5 päivää left

    I am currently seeking a professional with a strong background in Python and Machine Learning to help debug an issue with our API response time. The specific issue is related to REST API response which is currently running in the 2-digit millisecond range. I am running FastAPI + Uvicorn server setup on EC2 instance. I am using 4 Uvicorn workers and 4 celery workers on 8vCPU Ec2 instance. I am performing very simple task. I get data on post API, schedule background task using celery and return response immediately. For this simple task if I send 40 concurrent request at sec, I get p99 as 600 ms which is very high. It should be within two digit. Can you help me debug this issue ? Key Project Details & Requirements: - Debugging: You'll need experience in debugging m...

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    My project will leverage AWS' EC2, S3, and Lambda services to build a robust DevOps architecture for a web application. The main goal is to create an environment that supports continuous integration and deployment, ensuring smooth, rapid, and reliable updates to the application. I'm seeking an experienced AWS DevOps engineer who has: - Proficiency with AWS services, especially EC2, S3, and Lambda - Demonstrated success in setting up continuous integration and deployment environments - Expertise in web application development and management.

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    I'm looking for a skilled AWS developer with a keen understanding of EC2 and Amazon ECS. Your primary task will be aiding my team in creating containers in our EC2 instances, utilizing Amazon ECS as our preferred containerization technology. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience with AWS EC2 and Amazon ECS. - Ability to work well in a team. - An understanding of best practices around creating and managing containers. - Proven track record of troubleshooting EC2 instances. Help the team to Create containers in EC2 Containers should spin off automatically as new users log in to the application Able to bind the port with user credentials dynamically

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    checking server load 7 päivää left

    check high server load on Amazon EC2 server.

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    Expanding our business operations, we urgently need a tech wizard with experience in both AWS EC2 network administration and Odoo to help us integrate the two. Key Responsibilities: - establish seamless communication between Odoo pos and our local network printer. This project aims to utilize the power of AWS EC2 to enhance our Odoo’s functionalities, hence promoting an overall improvement in performance. If this aligns with your skills, we are excited to hear from you!

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    My project requires a proficient AWS specialist to optimize our current AWS Amplify and EC2 setup. We expect: - Improved Performance - Enhanced Scalability Our usage likely falls within the medium range with around 1,000-10,000 daily users. The application handles mostly transactional data, which necessitates an optimized setup for efficiency. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven expertise in AWS Amplify / EC2 management and optimization - Experience in handling and improving performance and scalability for medium traffic applications - Strong understanding of transactional data handling Your contribution will be instrumental in enhancing application efficiency, thus ensuring a seamless user experience. We're keen to work with someone who can hit the ground runn...

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    I need expert assistance to configure phpmails to work seamlessly with Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES). My website is hosted on instance EC2 AWS. The HTML site contains a form which, if filled in, must send an email through the phpmail function. However, this email must use the SES service. I also want to integrate Google's "I'm not a robot" verification. Ideal skills and experience include: - Proven experience with Amazon Web Services - Strong understanding of PHP - Proficiency in working with Amazon's Simple Email Service - Sound knowledge of mail configuration [I will consider the proposal that only contain the word "I read all"] Your main job would be: - Link phpmails with AWS SES - Test the configuration to ensure everything is w...

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    I'm seeking an AWS DevOps consultant with robust experience to deliver a prompt and reliable deployment for my Java application (Springboot/React). This role will see you navigating systems such as EC2, Amplify, RDS, and Route53. Key Responsibilities: - Accurate AWS/Amplify deployment of our Java Application - Troubleshoot and resolve any issues within the AWS environment Ideal Skills: - Proficient with AWS services like EC2, Amplify, RDS, Route53 - Solid experience in deploying Java Applications (Springboot/React) - Excellent problem-solving skills While applying, kindly highlight your experience in a similar domain. Quality checks and testing requirements will be discussed later. I look forward to your application!

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    AWS EC2 & S3 Setup 2 päivää left

    I'm seeking an experienced AWS practitioner to execute server setup on my AWS account. Key tasks will include: - Setting up EC2 instances optimized for use with the Linux operating system. - Provisioning S3 storage. Note that the specific contents to be stored in the S3 buckets is yet to be determined, so flexibility and knowledge about different S3 use-cases will be appreciated. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Strong understanding of AWS; specifically EC2 and S3 services. - Proficiency in operating a Linux-based server infrastructure on AWS. - Previous experience with flexible and comprehensive S3 setup. The successful freelancer must demonstrate ability to follow best practices for server setup and adhere to AWS security protocols.

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    python SageMaker training and deployment for simple given ML model : main challenge is autoscaling you have 7 days to do 1. I do not provide you my AWS account . you develop all on your AWS account 2. Teach me ML project end to end development on SageMaker AWS with autoscaling in production 3. Any python package installed by pip can be used for this ML project (not... FYI fast inference

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    Looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer with at least 2 years of experience to take charge of our infrastructure management. Responsibilities: - Ensure smooth operation of infrastructure - Continuous integration and deployment - Monitoring and troubleshooting Key Skills: - Proficiency in Bash, AWS cloud technologies (EC2, Load balancers, S3, DNS) - Understanding of Docker, microservices framework like AWS ECS or EKS - Knowledge of JSON, XML, YAML, JQ, and bash scripting - Experience with Jenkins, Ansible, and Kubernetes is a must The ideal candidate should have experience with a wide range of technologies and the ability to quickly decipher and adapt to emerging ones. Your main focus will be on designing, implementing, and maintaining deployment processes while ensuring top-no...

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    Proxy Server Expert Needed 1 päivä left

    Job Title: Freelance Proxy Server Specialist Project Description: We are seeking a skilled Freelance Proxy Server Specialist to assist us with the creation of a proxy pool consisting of 255 proxies. The ideal candidate will be responsible for setting up and configuring a pool of proxies on our AWS EC2 instance. This project requires expertise in proxy server configuration, networking, and AWS services. Responsibilities: Set up and configure a pool of 255 proxies on our AWS EC2 instance. Ensure the proxies are secure, reliable, and perform well. Implement rotation and load balancing mechanisms to distribute traffic evenly across the proxy pool. Provide documentation and instructions for managing and maintaining the proxy pool. Collaborate with our team to ensure the proxy ...

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    ec2 set up 3 päivää left

    as discussed

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    I have an EC2 instance, with RDS, but I have problems connecting to the web app on my own domain. So I need to check all the configurations so I can figure out what the problem is and be able to use my site again.

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    I'm in need of an experienced freelance developer to assist me with setting up an AWS EC2 instance for my React-based website. I have specific requirements which need expert attention: - **AWS EC2 Configuration**: - Set up an EC2 instance specifically for hosting a React website. - Ensure the instance runs on a Linux Operating System, as this is my preferred environment for its versatility and support. - **Access Requirements**: - I require SSH access to the instance for direct command-line interactions. This is crucial for my workflow and ongoing maintenance needs. **Skills and Experience Needed**: - **AWS Expertise**: Profound knowledge in AWS, especially EC2, and how to optimize it for a React application. - **Operating Systems**: Must be exper...

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    Our Ubuntu ec2 instance repeatedly runs out of diskspace. We need to : - To identify what is consuming disk space on our Ubuntu system - Identify Growing Files or Directories on our server since we are repeatedly running out of disk space - Setup an alert system that informs us in future before we run out of disk space Our developer requires remote assistance for the task at hand. I look forward to your response on how we may approach this and what you have done to resolve such scenarios in the past. Best wishes, Rahul

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    Ubuntu 22.04 Linux AWS EC-2 tech to set up bulletproof sftp and rsync connections between 2 instance in the same account. Will transfer 30g files, etc., back and forth. For permissions, must work on my workstation using ultraviewer, or equivalent.

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    ...the project will focus on the efficient utilization of EC2, S3, and RDS services. The main objectives of the project are to: - Improve scalability: The system should be designed to handle extension in the future without infringing on performance or contributing to excessive costs. - Cost optimization: Suggestions and implementation of the most effective ways to cut costs without compromising on performance are needed. - Data storage and retrieval: Given the amount of data is less than 100GB, designing and implementing an effective data storage and retrieval mechanism using S3 and RDS is pivotal. Ideal candidates for this project should possess extensive knowledge and practical experience working with AWS services, particularly EC2, S3, and RDS. A proven record in optim...

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    I have an ongoing issue where an EC2 instance isn't starting correctly and a bash script isn't executing as well using AWS Lambda. This issue is causing a lot of inefficiencies and I need a quick solution to fix these problems. Furthermore, there seem to be some access and permission issues that are likely contributing to this problem. Ideally, I am looking for someone experienced with AWS, EC2 instances, Lambda services, and bash scripting to troubleshoot and resolve these issues. Your tasks will include: - Looking into the instance startup problem and implementing fixes - Troubleshooting and correcting the issues with the bash script execution - Addressing any permissions or access related problems found during troubleshooting The goal of this project is to a...

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    I'm looking for a skilled DevOps engineer who can efficiently deploy a .Net core + React application to the AWS EC2 service. Key Responsibilities: - Set up and configure an AWS EC2 environment for production - Deploy and maintain .Net core + React applications. -Implement continous deployment using Github actions Ideal Candidates Should Be: - Experienced in deploying applications on AWS, particularly with EC2 - Familiar with setting up and managing a production environment on EC2

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    AWS DevOps Loppunut left

    I'm on the hunt for an AWS DevOps expert to elevate our current Django application deployment to the next level. My project involves deploying Django code and EC2 combined with AWS CodeDeploy for a streamlined process. I aim to fortify our deployment process, enhancing both performance and scalability while ensuring uninterrupted service. **Requirements:** - **Experience with AWS Services:** Proficiency in Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, and AWS CodeDeploy is crucial. You should be familiar with the intricacies of these services to navigate and optimize our deployment process efficiently. - **Django Deployment:** Demonstrated experience in deploying Django applications is a must. You should be comfortable working with Apache and Python environments, ensuring our applicatio...

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    AWS Expert Loppuu left

    ...cover the full spectrum of AWS Cloud consulting services, from assessments, strategy, and roadmap, to design, build, and migration – and from adoption, optimization, and management to data and analytics and security. ✨My Skills are following : · Deep understanding of cloud and cloud native principles and practices · Hands-on experience with cloud environments - AWS, GCP, Azure · AWS Services:EC2, EC2 container service, Lambda, Elastic beanstalk, S3, EFS, Storage gateway, Glacier, VPC, Direct connect, Transit Gateway, ELB, Auto Scaling, ACM, Cloud Front, Cloud Formation, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, SNS, SES, SQS, SWF, IAM, RDS, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Redshift, AWS Backup · Operating Systems: UNIX, Redhat LINUX, Windows · Networking & P...

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    I'm looking for an expert in AWS and PowerShell scripting to help me enhance the management of my EC2 instances. My primary goal is to automate the starting and stopping of these instances to optimize cost and improve efficiency. Here’s what the project entails: - Developing PowerShell scripts to automatically start and stop EC2 instances based on predefined schedules or triggers. - Ensuring the scripts are easily customizable and scalable to accommodate future adjustments. - No requirement for logging or notification for the automated tasks, keeping the process streamlined and simple. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AWS services, specifically EC2. - Advanced knowledge of PowerShell scripting. - Experience in automation and scheduling tasks i...

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    ...trainee’s understanding post-session?** A. Multiple-choice quizzes B. Verbal Q&A only C. Group discussions D. All of the above 8. **What is the primary concern when dealing with serverless security?** A. Physical server security B. Network security C. Application dependency security D. User authentication 9. **Which AWS service is serverless?** A. Amazon EC2 B. Amazon S3 C. Amazon RDS D. All of the above 10. **How would you handle a situation where the trainees have varying levels of understanding about serverless technologies?** A. Proceed with the training at the same pace for everyone B. Divide the group based on their knowledge levels C. Tailor the training to those with the least understanding ...

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    I am seeking a highly talented and innovative full-stack mobile developer to update my existing mobile apps, addressing any issues and implementing new features. All the apps have already been developed, and we possess the source code, designs, and a list of bugs. ...update my existing mobile apps, addressing any issues and implementing new features. All the apps have already been developed, and we possess the source code, designs, and a list of bugs. The updates need to be applied to the React Native mobile app platform and the backend systems, including the admin panel. Required tech stack: React-Native CodeIgniter Angular MySQL Node Backend Admin Panel AWS EC2 AWS Amplify Stripe Socket Management Apple & Google Pay Chat & Messaging System Push Notification Dating Apps ...

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    I'm looking for a knowledgeable freelancer to setup an AWS environment for an Angular backend API development with a MySQL database. Key responsibilities: - Establishing an EC2 instance. - Setting up S3 for data storage. - Initiating RDS for MySQL interaction. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in AWS EC2, S3, and RDS. - Understanding of Angular, specifically relating to backend API development. - Comprehensive knowledge of MySQL databases.

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    i want to import 1.5G file to wordpress site on EC2 exported by AllinOne plugin but i changed settings and eventually EC2 accept 2G file on Uploding. Though , from my guessing 30seconds time out has happened and unable to complete. 80$ is my budget

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    ...developer to quickly and efficiently deploy a Python-based Github repository onto a Linux server in AWS. My project has a specific focus on simplicity and speed, requiring a professional capable of handling the nuances of server management and Python applications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Python with a solid understanding of its ecosystems. - Experience with AWS, particularly EC2 instances. - Knowledge of Linux server management. - Familiarity with version control (Git) and deployment practices. - Cuda Project Requirements: - Deploy a Python Github repository onto a Linux server in AWS. - Ensure all necessary dependencies are installed and configured. - Verify the deployed application runs smoothly and efficiently. - Complete the project within the shortest ...

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    11 tarjoukset aws y AWS Lambda. - sistema desarrollador en lenguaje de programación dart. - Hambiente de desarrollo aws elastic ec2. - Estructura de datos no relacional. El alcance del sistema es para un perfil de empresas que requieran autentificacion otp para autorizar procesos internos de sus usuarios. Responsabilidades: - Mantener y mejorar el sistema de autenticación OTP, incluyendo la aplicación móvil (Android/iOS) y la plataforma web. - Colaborar en el diseño e implementación de nuevas características utilizando Flutter y Dart. - Trabajar con tecnologías de autenticación como Jwt, Oauth, Cognito de AWS, y AWS Lambda. - Desarrollar en el entorno de desarrollo AWS Elastic EC2. - Gestionar y optimizar la estruc...

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    I am looking for an AWS expert who can help optimize my intelligent chatbot application both in terms of high availability and cost. Currently, I am using EC2, though I believe an expert could suggest and implement additional or alternate services, for better results. Requirements: - Detailed understanding of AWS services, especially around application hosting and database management - Proficiency in Python, Node.js, and Angular. - Database best aws service to manage Mongo DB. - Proven experience in designing and managing high-availability architectures on AWS - Ability to optimize costs without compromising on application performance and reliability - Familiarity with customer service applications would be a plus The aim is to ensure smooth functioning of the application even dur...

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    I'm looking for a professional AWS, specifically who can help me in integrating my Lambda function with MongoDB in the EC2 instance located in the US East (N. Virginia) region. Key Task: • Connect my Lambda function to User-related data in MongoDB, having both reside in the same EC2 instance. Specific Job Requirements: • Proficiency in AWS Lambda and EC2. • Significant experience with MongoDB. • Understanding of how to securely manage and access user-related data. Knowledge and understanding of security practices surrounding data handling are very important for this task. Please, only those who are proficient with these technologies and operations should consider this project.

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    Experience: 8- 12...3. Experience in programming languages like Java , Python or scala 4. Hands on experience in restfull webservices in java springboot , graphql api development is a plus 5. Should have worked on sql (postgres) and nosql , dynamodb , canssandra and Mongo DB. caching with radis , memcache , elastic cache 6. Good Knowledge in messaging systems like Kafka / rabbitmq /sqs 7. experience in AWS stack - EC2, SQS, SNS, S3 , Lambda, step functions 8. Indepth knowledge of cloud native architecture , microservice architecture and related stacks ( service , registry, elk, splun) and container technologies ( docker , kubernetes ..) 9. Should have a strong quality focused approach to development . Experience in various unit testing, integration testing and end - to -end function...

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    ...would you employ to assess trainee’s understanding post-session? A. Multiple-choice quizzes B. Verbal Q&A only C. Group discussions D. All of the above 8. What is the primary concern when dealing with serverless security? A. Physical server security B. Network security C. Application dependency security D. User authentication 9. Which AWS service is serverless? A. Amazon EC2 B. Amazon S3 C. Amazon RDS D. All of the above 10. How would you handle a situation where the trainees have varying levels of understanding about serverless technologies? A. Proceed with the training at the same pace for everyone B. Divide the group based on their knowledge levels C. Tailor the training to those with the least understanding D. P...

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    ...integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for development and production environments. The primary focus of this project is to enhance efficiency and streamline operations using specific AWS services. Your expertise will help in architecting a robust solution that meets our automation goals. **Requirements:** - **AWS Services:** Your experience should include setting up and managing EC2 instances and S3 for storage. Understanding of RDS is a plus, although not required for this project. - **Automation Goal:** The main objective is to automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency. You should be familiar with automation tools and strategies that integrate well with AWS services. - **CI/CD Pipelines:** Implementation of CI/CD pipelines for development and production en...

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    I'm seeking an experienced AWS architect or developer to assist in tightening the permissions around our Amazon EC2 instances to bolster our security measures. Currently, all our IAM users have unrestricted access to EC2 services, which is something we aim to change. **Requirements:** - Review the current IAM policy settings. - Restrict EC2 access based on groups, ensuring only authorized groups can create or terminate instances. - Implement least privilege access principles to minimize potential attack vectors. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - In-depth knowledge of AWS IAM and EC2 services. - Proven track record of enhancing security measures within AWS environments. - Strong understanding of best practices regarding AWS service permissions and securit...

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    44 tarjoukset

    I'm looking for an AWS expert who can bring a depth of experience to the table. For applicants to capture my attention, their applications must include: - **Experience:** Detailed information on their experience with AWS services, specifically if they've worked with EC2, S3, Lambda, or other relevant services. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with AWS services (EC2, S3, Lambda) - Strong understanding of cloud architecture and security best practices - Experience in optimizing AWS resources for performance and cost - Ability to identify and implement scaling solutions for growing workloads This project doesn't have a singular focus on security improvements, scaling resources, or reducing costs alone. Instead, it requires a comprehensive approach to ...

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    Bonjour, Je souhaiterais créer un service de messagerie tels que Gmail ou Yahoo Mail. Il y a beaucoup de logiciels open source tels que source tels que Zimbra, Mail-in-a-Box, iRedMail... qui le permettent mais la plupart ne peuvent pas être mis à l'échelle verticalement (can't by vertical scalable). Je souhaiterai donc une solution open source (IMAP/SMTP over TLS + Anti-Spam + Anti-Virus + SPF + DKIM + greylisting/whitelisting/blacklisting...) avec une haute disponibilité et mise à l'échelle. Aucun souci pour utiliser AWS (EC2, Aurora…) ou notre propre infrastructure (louer des serveurs dédiés et les orchestrer -> kubernetes ?? docker ??...). Je vous laisse le choix. Merci de me fa...

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    8 tarjoukset

    ...setup consists exclusively of EC2 instances which are crucial for running my application. **Core Requirements:** - **Health Monitoring:** I want to implement HTTP/S health checks to monitor the status of my EC2 instances. This method should efficiently determine whether an instance is fit to handle requests or should be bypassed until it's back online. - **Re-routing Traffic:** In the event of an instance going offline or failing a health check, traffic should be seamlessly redirected to another healthy instance without any user impact. ** Additional Context** 1. We have an EC2 instance with an Nginx container (docker) 2. This container routes traffic to a third party hosting service for our homepage only. Other routes are forwarded to other containers o...

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    ...product and noticed a few bugs in a few APIs previously created, they are hosted on our AWS account. We need someone to come in, understand what the API does and help us fix the bugs and help us set the admin dashboard website live on our domain. Ideal candidates have previous experience in similar roles, proven Golang proficiency and comfortability setting up and managing databases on AWS, AWS EC2, must also have experience in Firebase. You should be able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines. Strong problem-solving skills and a keen attention to detail are important attributes. We will do a call with you to explain all the items....

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    I am in need of a proficient and experienced professional who excels in AWS services code deployment, specifically in EC2 and S3. The ideal candidate should have robust knowledge in Linux installation and CI/CD, along with a basic comprehension of cloud. This project does not disclose its purpose for business or personal use. The skill sets to successfully complete this project include the following: - Strong expertise in AWS services, particularly in deployment with EC2 and S3 - Proficient in Linux installation - Skilled in CI/CD - Basic understanding of cloud technologies Potential freelancers did not receive any specific guidance on what to include in their proposal for this project. However, providing details regarding their relevant experience, past work and a ...

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    ...and Node.js developer who specializes in server configurations and can assist me with a crucial aspect of my website's optimization. The primary goal is to implement a redirection from non-www to www URLs for my website, which has been developed using and is hosted on AWS EC2. This task is essential for SEO optimization purposes and needs to be addressed with the utmost urgency. **Key Requirements:** - Implement non-www to www redirection. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in AWS, especially EC2 service management. - Experienced with server configurations, particularly with Nginx. - Strong understanding and hands-on experience with Node.js and frameworks. - Knowledgeable in implementing HTTPS enforcement and caching mechanisms. - Ability to work under ...

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    Looking for someone to set up man-in-the-middle proxy in a EC2 instance on AWS

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    I need a proficient Java expert to assist in developing a modern, minimalist user interface for my project. The main task at hand includes: - Creating new functionality - Building an aesthetically-pleasing, minimalist User Interface Ideal skills and experience for this project would include: 1. React.js, Bootstrap must be used. 2. Practice bootstra...attached screenshot for reference 5. Continue working as an Individual: Regular commits to GitHub’s Classroom repository are expected. Server-Side Application with the following requirements: 1. Create a server using Node JS and Express JS 2. Implement an API that performs addition of two numbers Deployment: 1. Public folder in the server (Built on the client side) 2. A new ec2 instance on AWS 3. Deploy your application on th...

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    ...retrieve their PDF documents. Additionally, Amazon EC2 is required to ensure we have the computing power needed for real-time processing and conversions. - **Main Functionality:** The core feature of this web application is the ability to convert HTML documents to PDF format using Puppeteer. This requires a deep understanding of Puppeteer and how it can be efficiently utilized within a Node.js environment. - **User Authentication and Authorization:** Ensuring that users can securely access their accounts and only perform conversions on documents they have permissions for. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Node.js and experience building web applications with it. - Strong experience with AWS services, particularly Amazon S3 and EC2. - Expertise in implem...

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