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    I need a doodle artist to design a logo and cover art for my website

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    Video 1: Doodle/Whiteboard > 3 minutes Video 2: Doodle/Whiteboard > 3 minutes Video 3: Cartoon Video > 3 minutes All three videos are required to be delivered by 26th November

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    I need a caricature of a golden doodle (photo uploaded) with a chef had (tall, not floppy) holding a cloche. Photo uploaded. No tongue sticking out, no moustache, no collar (as in photo uploaded). Will be used for social media, logos, promotional material, etc. Can I please get pricing? Thanks!

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    We Are All Elemental is an educational platform. I am looking for someone who can create videos in doodle. Content and voice over is ready. There are many ,short videos, almost 65 of them. I want the ones I have created converted into doodle with my voice over. Here is a url to give you an idea, Length of each video ranges from approximately 5 minutes to 11 minutes

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    ...oto%5D=1&clickref=1101lwhUbh5j&mv=affiliate&mv2=Freepik&as_camptype=&as_channel=affiliate&as_source=partnerize&as_campaign=Freepik&as_content=api&as_audience=idp&sdid=6WTV6YJ5 When manufacturing the cups, it must be possible to print the layout using as little ink as possible. Therefore, color should not

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    Doodle artist Loppunut left

    I require several short Doodle/ white board animation videos to be created.

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    2-3 min doodle video as a summary for a presentation, presentation will be on the virtues of Masjid Al Aqsa from an Islamic perspective.

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    i would like an NFT collection, with a size of 4444, i would like a 3D NFT collection in the style of cartoon realism or doodle art thank you

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    Hi as discussed could you please provide a script for the 1 minute video (doodle style)

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    We need a few digital illustrations in doodle style, combining the theme if Indian Railway stations with characters sketches in the style of art form of Mario Miranda (doodles)

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    Wall Artist Loppunut left

    I want to create a wall painting with doodle art on it. Dimensions of the wall are 13×9 ft. Contact me for this proposal to know more briefly.

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    Major charity event at chelsea pier for st Francis food pantries and shelters shelters on 11/9 need a few characterist To doodle guests for a fee to be split with the charity. If interested call Howard at 516-761-2287

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    I will the full script for the video voiceover and would like someone to create an animated or doodle video to go with the script. The video is focussed on the pool industry, selling pool care to home owners. As such, the video will need to include a home swimming pool, a person cleaning the pool, people enjoying the pool etc. I will provide the full script to the successful freelancer. The script is 60-70 seconds and will require both a VoiceOver (in Australian, female voice) and the supporting video - provided in a HD 16:9 video file format. There will be several more of these once the first one has been completed. All rights and ownership, including IP, will transfer in full to me.

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    "I would like someone able to create me a short doodle video (the common ones) with a character who enters the door of a company as a new employee and inside there are many busy people who are doing various things and the characters tries to ask them questions like " sorry, do you know where my account is?" , "sorry, can you help me with some information?" etc and nobody has time for him, so he feels hopeless, then a lady appears and she is friendly, says hi and introduces herself as...." more details will be shared about the scenario to whom will be interested Thanks!

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    doing a before and after cartoon animated doodle for a mobile payment application that i am building for small merchants. 1. How a street vendor does business before using my mobile application 2. Same merchant doing business after he is using my mobile application. So two animations. alot of the animation from first video can be reused for the second one.

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    This is professional deck on customer success .

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    This is professional deck on customer success .

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    Seeking a small doodle drawing animation clip to be created

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    Hi, I need a professional who can deliver high-quality whiteboard doodle videos for educational purposes. The designer can make videos with voiceovers or I can provide voiceovers which can be mixed with the video. The script will be provided by me.

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    For commercial use in an artisanal Ice cream store

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    For commercial use in an artisanal Ice cream store

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    I am an interior designer , I have an on going site in which I need two dragonflies drawn on the wall of kids bedroom

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    I am decorate an office and want art doodles representing our brand on the walls

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    I am decorate an office and want art doodles representing our brand on the walls

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    Draw a person. THIS CONTEST IS THE DRAWING OF A PERSON (attached) MUST INCLUDE THE PERSON FROM THE IMAGE (attached) I need a doodle that will fit nicely into a pattern (included below). This means the thickness of the doodle and the style must match so that it isn't easily spotted. I have included the image of the person to hide in the pattern. It must be the person I have included (this image) like I have done in the example. Doodle drawing of a person only. This contest will end early if a high enough quality entry comes in. Thank you.

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    Trophy icon Argentina Doodle Pattern Loppunut left

    I need a pattern that includes various aspects of Northern Argentinian culture! The pattern should be line drawing doodle style. Please use the colour scheme provided. There are ideas for ITEMS below. Thank you.

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    Hello, I am looking to create two separate illustrated pages (6by9) for a bullet journal I am creating for the Moon. I would like it to be black/white and look like a hand-drawn doodle. One page will be for the New Moon and the other for the Full Moon. The text would read at the top “New Moon Intentions” on one page and then “Full Moon Release” on the other page. Each page will be need to be different but cohesive. I have attached an image for inspiration, but I want it to be more moon-like. -Emily

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    DOODLE VIDEO Loppunut left


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    Doodle sketching Loppunut left

    On a visiting card size, we need to sketch some specific objects colored or black & white.

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    Trophy icon doodle "VERY SIMPLE logo request" Loppunut left

    Good morning. doodle "VERY SIMPLE logo request" I would like a black and white logo of the word "doodle" with a slightly playful/witty/funny font. And the 2 "O'" should represent 2 eyes and under a mouth. final file in various formats. THANK YOU

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    I am looking for video makers for book summaries with a doodle in various Indian languages

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    looking for a guy who can do illustration and doodle work

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    10 tarjoukset

    I have a video on mind that has 4 scenes. So i need doodle artist to recreate those scenes with our facial features

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    story board Loppunut left

    on the given topic you have to design a story board through doodle or drawing.

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    Build me a logo Loppunut left

    I want a cortoonish logo. Something like a doodle thats attractive with just the face. Like the photo i am attaching.

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    25 tarjoukset

    Create an explainer video based on 2 minute audio file. It could be doodle style or any other style you prefer. Please send me sample links of explainer videos you've created before.

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    Resturant design with doodle art

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    15 sec animation vedio or doodle vedio for advertisement

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    I am looking for a dozen or so doodle cartoons that depict infantry military training pics. I have a series of specific poses and whatnot that I need to be done.

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    35 tarjoukset
    Kraken buddies Loppunut left

    Looking for an artist to create an NFT collection with one base character and around 50 traits. A cute kraken 'buddy' in doodle style or similar hand drawn style. In a pfp bust perspective. Bright colors, clean and simple lines. It needs to have character and personality, not just be an octopus. Gone through a few artists that don't understand that NFTs need to be relatable to buyers. I've attached some examples, but it doesn't need to look exactly like this.

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    i need a doodle promo for an app something like this

    €43 (Avg Bid)
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    12 tarjoukset

    We need a character DOODLE STYLE TREE A tree Doodle Style which then has to be personalized with glasses, hats, and clothes to become an NFT collection for the project () ✔️ Doodle Style Tree ✔️ The drawing must be in .png format ✔️ Must be multiple with multiple variations to create multiple NFTs (see examples) ✔️ The original drawing is not copied. (NO GOOGLE COPIED) ✔️ If you attach some variables to the basic character design like sunglasses, hat, earrings, mouth and eye expressions, different backgrounds. *** The contest winner will be advertised on the website () *** The works will be published on Opensea at the One Million Trees Collection ()

    €11 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Doodle logo Loppunut left

    homework company who mostly does prefabriqe and tiny homes... 'homework' text and a house doodle could be used or something that shows 'fun and elegant home building service with responsibility and professionalism... If you got brilliant idea that we find original and fell in love with the idea but not so good design, we will award it anyway! P.S.: The name is 'homework' but the style is doodle.

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    Doodle Video Loppunut left

    Want a doodle video created for a project

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    16 tarjoukset
    Logo Design Loppunut left

    This is a nonprofit organisation looking for a modern logo, attached are examples of what they have in mind. They want modern font with an image of a rhino or elephant (doodle look) Logo must be modern.

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    Logo Design -- 4 Loppunut left

    This is a nonprofit organisation looking for a modern logo, attached are examples of what they have in mind. They want modern font with an image of a rhino or elephant (doodle look) Logo must be modern.

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    Australian Turf Club is putting together a 60-sec video 6-part series telling a story from famous jockeys about historic moments in racing history. Interview style incorporates animated drawing to tell their story rather than racing vision or images. Style we want here:

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