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    Kuvaa luova video Loppunut left

    Ota itsestäsi kuva tehtävänannon mukaisesti. On välttämätöntä puhua suomea.

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    People of all nationalities are wanted. they record a home video with the webcam. And say thank you very much for helping me learn Spanish, in your native language.

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    Video editointia Loppunut left

    Tarvitsemme apua yrityksemme videoiden editointiin.

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    ...kuin opettajien mielestä? Ajattelimme, että animoitu video voisi olla ratkaisu. Kohderyhmä: tutkinto-opiskelijat (keski-ikä n. 23-25v.), aikuisopiskelijat, 2. asteen opiskelijat, jotka suunnittelevat yhteishaussa hakeutuvansa ammattikorkeakouluun Käyttötapa: screeneillä käytävillä (eli videon pitää toimia myös ilman ääntä), kouluvierailujen yhteydessä kun tehdään hakumarkkinointia toisen asteen oppilaitoksissa (lukiot, ammattikoulut), kotisivut jne. Videon viestin ja visuaalisen toteutuksen pitäisi olla riittävän raffi, että se puree nuorisoon, mutta sen verran fiksu, että katsoja on kuitenkin (tuleva) korkeakouluopiskelija, mahdollisesti aikuisopiskelija. Vi...

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    Privat apps

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    Lyrics video olemassa olevalle äänitteelle 3:52 pituudelle. Lähetän sulle myös käsikirjoitus world:illa. ei kuvia. ei tehosteita ei mitään ylimääräistä. Vain ja ainoastaan tekstit näytölle. siinä kaikki Budget: $45

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    Morjesta mindwakerstudio! Biddaisitko tähän niin päästään hommiin! Deadline on 12.09.2014 Ja budjekti on $100

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    Minulla on jatkuvaa työtä, joka liittyy aikaisempaan projektiimme 'Video script copywriting'

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    3D Product Mockup Image Required 6 päivää left

    product mockup image required

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    Female voiceover for business video 6 päivää left

    A female voiceover is needed for a short business video - clearly spoken English. Voiceover only is required. Script has been prepared.

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    Need image editor 6 päivää left

    I need an image editor for a small project. I have an AI file I can provide and measurements that I need adjusted.

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    Require: 1. Use java language 2. Understand Chinese, because the backend uses Chinese 3. Requires a computer web version (WEB PC) + HTML5, 4. It must be developed by Yuanchuang, the code needs to be standardized, annotation cleaning, etc. 5. Must have UI designer 6. Strictly implement the development according to the task requirements 6. There is a reference function, 7. You must understand that if you have participated in a live broadcast project, it is like tiktok. 8. Must understand "China Tencent Cloud - Cloud Live" 9, flexible thinking, attitude certification. 10. Only teams or development companies are accepted, individual development is not accepted, the Indian team is preferred, this is the most important 11. Only accept freelancer to operate everything 12. Need to use s...

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    Even if you've never written a "social media video script" but you love to write blog posts, articles, or just write for fun... this job could be perfect for you! My team and I are hiring a writer for our celebrity news and gossip social media channels... We make videos about ALL different types of celebrity news and gossip... Hollywood... Reality TV... Country music... Hip-hop... Social media influencers… And we're RAPIDLY growing! My AMAZING team and I are hiring someone to write at least 4 social media video scripts per week. If you can do more than that, even better! These are FUN scripts that will sometimes be about evergreen celebrity gossip content and sometimes breaking news content. My team and I will be providing the video t...

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    Raspberry and esp32 6 päivää left

    We have few sensors connected to esp32 and we would like to show the values in hdmi monitor via esp32. You need to establish uart, I2c or any other (not mqtt) connection between esp32 and I2c and make them displays le. You don't need to worry about sensors, your project will be only to connect esp32 and raspberry and display via hdmi port

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    Se busca persona para proyecto de larga duración en creació...vídeo semiprofesional (adobe premiere) y guionización. Las tareas serán: - Diseñar ideas de contenidos de videos relacionados con Tecnología Educativa, elearning, cursos online, etc. - Editar vídeos enfocados a la retención y monetización en YouTube (la grabación la hará la cara visible del canal) - Editar piezas verticales de cada vídeo (para Shorts, Reels, Tiktok...). 3/4 videos cortos por video principal El precio a pagar por cada vídeo largo y sus verticales rondará los 5 - 6 euros. Si el canal comienza a motenizar y hay resultados, el pago por vídeo irá aumentando. Al mes sería en torno ...

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    It's a device that counts objects that passes by. Pressing the start button on the 4x4 keypad will start the counting of objects. Every time the interrupt is triggered(falling edge), the count should increase by one and be displayed on a 5-digit seven-segment display. The code is written by another Freelancer who is not available at the moment, and I need minor changes in the code. Point no. 1: I am using the Up and Down buttons of the 4x4 keypad to set the values by incrementing and decrementing by 1. But if I don't release the button quickly, the count is sometimes incremented 3 to 4 times. I want the code to be changed so that when the button press is detected, it will increment by only 1 value and wait for the pressed button to release. Point no. 2: The value which...

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    Hey there! We are looking for a talented, hard-working, and experienced Video editor to join our team. We are looking for MULTIPLE people experienced in Video Editing. Tasks contain: - YouTube video production - IG Reels - TikTok and YouTube Shorts - All in all content creation / social media content - Design skills are good to have We are looking for a long-term collaboration, on a Full-Time monthly basis. What projects you have worked on before? Please attach some links. For how long have you been video editing? Are you passionate about your work? Please do not apply if you do not have any experience. To qualify for this job say, I am the best Video editor, in all caps in the first line. Looking forward to working with you!

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    promotional video 6 päivää left

    I have some footage and need a promotional video made

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    I want you to create only the frontend side of this app. The UI would contain these features: - sidebar. - A page for having a table with list of employees. - A page for having a table which contains the list of sales of each employee. - Both tables should display max to 15 rows each time. Meaning, I want to user to be able to navigate to the next pages of the table by having buttons at the bottom of the table. - A page with a form to create a new employee: it will for information such as first_name, last_name, email, address and etc. - A page to create a new sale report.

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    Greeting! Looking for a Talented Scriptwriter for our Video Production agency Job requirements:- 1. Must have experience In the Documentary domain. 2. Must have worked with at least 3 YouTube channels. 3. Must be good at understanding the concept of the topic. Pricing:- I am willing to pay $12 per script, The orders will be In bulk. So that individuals can earn handsomely Attach your scripts used In YouTube videos, I would like to check Them out. Of course Just to check your writing skill and creative thinking, I will not Judge based on your success rate. (I will Ignore candidate If links are not attached) Currently, I am not entertaining Agencies or Teams, Therefore I am looking for individuals. Type" I am not an ordinary script writer" In the Beginning. Looking for...

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    NETHERLANDS LOCAL FREELANCERS ONLY !!! One day video shooting in a corporate office in Netherlands. The project involves taking 2-3 testimonials, facility shots, and employee b-roll shots. Testimonials to be shot in a 2-cam setup 1080p @ 25fps. Facility shots: Office walkthrough shots, panning shots, branding shots and employee B-roll clips to be shot at 1080p@100fps. No editing or no music required. Freelancer needs to only share the RAW clips online. Equipment required: Two cameras setup with accessories Gimbal Tripod 2 LED Lights Lapel mic setup Teleprompter

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    Design a simple christmas day lunch image for trybooking site that includes our logo

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    wordpress already existing plugin update for creating posts from ZIP files to post gallery with url slugs for every image from single post example urls: (main post overview) (1st image) (2nd image) ... ... I have a plugin that has to be updated a little bit... by the way: last-mod for sitemap should work, NOT creating timestamp like 1999-11-30 00:00

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    3D graphic video design 6 päivää left

    Hi, I need to develop a 3D rotating graphic design for my fashion Website. This is a first impression of the fashion website that comes out as a realistic video as the first page on the web.. The work is to do a realistic design for the first impression project for my brand. I'll give more details when I find the qualified person to work for the project.

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    I need a music video done for a song. The song can be heard at the following url I do not have much budget for it. I will be happy with about 10 beautiful copyright free graphics stitched together into a video with beautiful transitions. If you cannot make a video, it will be fine as long as I can get the 10 beautiful graphics. The graphics have to relevant to the lyrics of the song. I will also need a graphic card for the song to be posted on various song websites. I need one video without lyrics and another one with lyrics in Hindi (Roman Hindi - i.e. Hindi written in English)

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    I need a C# program that is able to get the mouse coordinates from a desktop video capture.

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    Implement API on my website with features 6 päivää left

    I want to use an existing API to compare images and display the results in a report. Programming for calling the API is now available at: cURL Javascript Python Ruby CSharp The challenge of this project concerns the results display report that needs to be customized, with professional design and a "save as PDF" feature.

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    Busco crear una redacciones o guion de 1800 palabras . En las que serian para un video en youtube . Redacción de 4 guiones . Sobre IQ. Después creación de video con ese guión .

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    We are an eccomerce brand called the Vision Cloud. We design, manufacture and sell vision board kits, affirmations and journeys. We looking for someone to make 5-7 short videos (less than 60 seconds) each week for YouTube Shorts, IG Reels and TikTok. The content will be around the law of attraction, manifestation, vision boards, affirmations, mindfulness, positivity, setting and hitting goals. We want to educate our audience in an entertaining way and come across as an expert in our field. We can help provide scripts but an interest and knowledge in this sector is desirable, ideally the successful candidate can write there own scrips too. This role involve videoing yourself on camera, fluent English speaking and proficient social media skills.

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    ...need a skilled 360 videographer and audiographer to record mostly 360 video lessons, small amount of flat video for trailer and mobile photography for social media. Production crew = 2x people. Budget broken down: - Pay = US$300/day per person (1x videographer, 1x audiographer) - Days required = 6 (4x days of production, 1x day of meetings/planning, 1x day of uploading footage) - Budget = US$3,600 ($300 x 2 x 6) + expenses like travel and food on location Equipment required: - 2x 5.7K/6K 360 cameras (need 2x so one can cool while other is shooting) - recommend Insta360 1-Inch Leica edition - Small gimbal camera like Osmo Pocket for flat video (moving shots of the city for trailer) - Cinematic camera for flat video (scenery shots for trailer) - Zo...

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    Looking for a full time editor in Cebu. MUST be an incredible video editor!

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    $500/5 min video and 10-12 vidoes per month I need someone who can do the effect like Vlad and niki channel Plesse tell me if u are the editor of this video what would you do to improve ?

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    $500/5 min video and 10-12 vidoes per month I need someone who can do the effect like Vlad and niki channel Plesse tell me if u are the editor of this video what would you do to improve ?

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    Looking a simple image (JPG / JPEG) to convert into the Data Stitch Tajima (DST) embroidery format. Only one small image with single color.

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    I need urgent Image retouching work some images my budget low

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    We would like an animation created very similar to this We would like very similar graphics and transitions from one part to the other. The animation has to fit into our brand and cannot be template created videos. We require a professionally create animation. I have also attached one file which should be at the start and ...like an animation created very similar to this We would like very similar graphics and transitions from one part to the other. The animation has to fit into our brand and cannot be template created videos. We require a professionally create animation. I have also attached one file which should be at the start and end of the video with similar animation to the one shown in the video.

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    Read carefully!!! Before you send me a message with a proposal or an offer do a deep research on the information I offer. Proposals with look at my portfolio I do not open. From experience, I know that more than 75% of the proposals I receive later drop out or are not up to the task. Therefore, do a research on what I want first. See attachment for details

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    Video Tours si Fotografie de obiectiv 6 päivää left

    In anul 2023 trebuie sa realizam multe poze de inalta calitate pentru obiective turistice si culturale din Romania. Daca esti pasionat, daca ai portofoliu si un cv bine pus la punct, de oriunde din Romania poti sa aplici. Trimite-mi pentru inceput un cv europass si referinte la lucrarile tale, ghiduri, cataloage, orice care sa ne arate calitatea lucrarilor livrate. Multumesc

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    Hola! Soy de Chile, estoy buscando crear un video introducción sobre un torneo de padel que se desarrollara los días 2, 3 y 4 de diciembre del 2022. La idea es un video de no más de 10 segundos, que crees incertidumbre, expectativa, algo como un trailer de cine, simple pero que evoque emoción y expectativa. El club se llama @rincopadel Estoy buscando asociar el club a un nombre de fantasía "El Teatro de los Sueños" buscando referencias eso en una imagen de alguna forma artística. Tengo como inspiración este club @ Saludos.

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    Hey there, I am looking for a mobile responsive design for... I am looking for a mobile responsive design for this web page (it is only compatible for desktop), it is a single page you can view it here: The website is designed for dentists and should allow them to select the patient's teeth and fill a form for each one. After which the dentist can download a PDF by pressing "סיום" button on the bottom or "שיתוף" to display a link to share it. On the mobile version the function of the site is the same, but the UX of it should be easier for mobile users to use. You can change the component's how ever you see fit as long as the design looks good and the UX is simple. The design should be compatible for: 1. mobile 0 - 640px 2. tablet 640px - 1024px

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    Hello everyone I'm looking for good video editor in my budget please let me if anyone interested.

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    Video editing 6 päivää left

    I need 2-minute videos of real estate properties for my TikTok channel @invest_in_italy. The videos will basically be slideshows of photos with some text. I'll provide all the photos and the voice-over property description. This is an ongoing project, if I like your work I'll need it regularly.

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    Trophy icon web based video review app 19 päivää left

    ...on the filesystem that will receive video files from another source. The web app needs to be able to read those files and display them automatically (without screen refresh) in descending order by date as they come in. Initially, the filename should be what is listed in the list of videos. When selecting one of the videos from the list, the video will load and allow the user to playback at 2x 1.75x 1.5x 1x .75x .5x .25x, or forward/reverse frame by frame and an easy mechanism for scrubbing back and forth. There should be an option to for playing in full screen. The user must be able to add notes to each video that will be saved and displayed if the user pulls that video up again later in a different session. The user must be able to rename the ...

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    ...happy with the finished product. It creates a map of businesses across the US based on data we upload in a .CSV, but we need to be able to do more including: 1. Make it sortable by any one of a number of fields. Currently it's just searchable by three and not sortable by any. 2. Color coded pins to match those fields, and the ability to create, delete, or relable the pins. 3. The ability to display a radius around each pin based on data provided in the .csv. Some of these businesses only source their raw materials from producers within a certain range, and we want the map to reflect that range with a radius around the pin. 4. A key or control panel that will let the user check/uncheck various data fields and see the changes reflected in real time in the results on the map....

    €774 - €1549
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    €774 - €1549
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    Ajax remote data 6 päivää left

    I have code in JAVA SCRIPT in MVC and for search and display, the code comes with a template I bought. The code works fine on local data, I want to make it a remote search. **** The work will be done on my computer via remote control, only if it is possible for you contact me ***

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    Python image to text recognition 6 päivää left

    Project for Akash

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    29 tarjoukset
    roofind video 6 päivää left

    short video made with drone showing roofing construction

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