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    ...developer to create a dynamic video streaming script which mirrors functionalities of existing sites like , , and streamable. Key Features: - Video streaming: It needs to facilitate uploading, storing videos, playback capabilities, and providing multiple video quality options. It must also support subtitles and use varied storage options like S3, Cloudflare R2, DigitalOcean, Wasabi, and Storj. - User Registration and Login: The script should allow users to register and login using their email or social media accounts, supported with two-factor authentication. - Payment Integration: The platform should be streamlined with effective payment systems for seamless transactions. Ideal candidates will have a proven track record in working with PHP, Laravel, and creating

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    I need a skilled python developer who can host a Flask/Selenium application on a Digital Ocean droplet. Key goals are: - Host a basic "Hello World" Flask/Selenium application in an Ubuntu server. It should consist of a single route when invoked it uses Selenium/ChromeDriver to open any website and grab the title of that page. Must use Selenium/ChromeDriver and Google Chrome to accomplish this. - The Flask app should be running in a daemon mode. - Traffic will be routed on HTTPS that will point to the Flask app. The webserver will be Nginx. - Proper version of Google Chrome and the ChromeDriver must be installed on the server. - Carefully document the steps so that I can follow them to deploy a real app. I followed the steps here to host the application.

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    ...designed to keep consumers hydrated and delighted. Key Elements: * Colors: Primarily blue, green, and red. However, all colors are invited in the mix. Be creative and bold. * Style: Primarily modern. Though our preference leans towards modern, we are open to playful or classic influences. Capture our brand's essence! * Symbols: Icons relating to our industry such as a beverage glass, a water droplet, and a cup are preferred. Nonetheless, if you can envision other relevant symbols, don't hesitate to use them. Ideal designers should have: * Extensive experience in logo design, ideally within the beverage industry. * An inventive knack for marrying color palettes and iconography. * A keen understanding of modern, playful and classic logo styles. Ready to...

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    ....; # rewrite ^ https://$http_host$request_uri? permanent; # Forced redirect from HTTP to HTTPS # server_tokens off; # Prevents the Nginx version from being displayed in the HTTP response header #} #server { # listen 443; # server_name ; # ssl on; # ssl_certificate /etc/letsencrypt/live/; # Path to your # ssl_certificate_key /etc/letsencrypt/live/; # Path to your server_tokens off; autoindex off; client_max_body_size 100M; location / { proxy_pass ; proxy_set_header Host $host; # proxy_set_header Host $http_host; proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;

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    LetsEncrypt-nGinx Setup Guide 2 päivää left

    ...documentation to assist with setting up LetsEncrypt as an SSL certificate provider for a server running nGinx as a proxy for multiple domain names, including wildcard domains, on Ubuntu 22.04. The initial setup begins with Ubuntu 22.04 and nGinx already installed, focusing on integrating LetsEncrypt for SSL certificate management. This guide should be detailed, encompassing both the installation and configuration processes, and designed to facilitate a smooth, automated renewal process for the certificates. Ideally, the documentation will enable a secure, efficient setup for managing SSL certificates across multiple sites hosted on the same server. **Key Requirements:** - **Installation Steps:** Step-by-step instructions on how to install LetsEncrypt certificates f...

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    React Website API Integration 21 tuntia left

    I currently have a we...our app that measures co2 levels it creates a session which a start and end time. The data from freestyle libre3 has data 24/7 with glucose levels every minute or two. So the data from the api that we save has to match the time of currently stored sessions. In other words the data we save to that session will be only the data that were during the time of the session. The website is in digitalocean in a droplet so you should have experience with uses droplets as that is how you will access the code and what not. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in API integration - Proficiency in React.js - Experience with Influxdb and Postgres - Proven track record in similar projects Please focus on your experience with these specific technologies in your applica...

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    ...LOGOS WILL BE ACCEPTED I HAVE MADE WHAT I AM AFTER CLEAR ENOUGH. I am seeking a talented designer to bring to life a modern logo for my water blasting company. The chosen colors should include shades of blue and green, indicative of water and the eco-friendly nature of our services. Our Business Name is Cairns High Pressure Cleaning Key elements to be incorporated in the design are: - A water droplet - Image of a pressure washing guns - Tropical in Nature - House The ideal designer for this task will have experience in creating modern logos that balance a sleek aesthetic with delivering a clear business message. A strong understanding of color theory and visual communication will be critical for this task. The final product should not only be visually pleasing, but also sup...

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    Currently, I'm facing a tough situation where my SSH connection to DigitalOcean console is compromised. While using my Linux OS, I might have mistakenly deleted some imperative SSH files which have resulted in the "SSH Connection Lost" error. Unfortunately, I don't possess any backup of those deleted SSH files. So, here's what I need - An expert in DigitalOcean, Linux and SSH connections who can: - Connect to my computer remotely to correct the SSH issue. - Show me how to solve such a problem if it arises in the future. (Keep this in mind- You'll need to connect to digitalOcean from MY computer) Ideal Skills Required: - Proficient knowledge in Linux OS. - Extensive experience with DigitalOcean and SSH connections. - Ability to ...

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    15 tarjoukset, keeping it simple yet impactful. - Color Preferences: Work with a neutral color palette, encompassing blacks, whites, and grays specifically. - Design Elements: A key requirement is the incorporation of water droplets as a visual element in both the logo and can design. - Logo: a sleek, minimalist design featuring a hydrogen molecule (H2) integrated into a water droplet, with subtle bubbles rising from the droplet to signify the fizzy, refreshing nature of hydrogen water. Matte colour background, blue or white Ideal Skills: - Graphic Design - Logo Design - Creativity & Detail Orientation - Experience with Minimalist Designs - Proficiency in Color Theory The ideal candidate should understand the subtlety of minimalist design and how to create engaging visu...

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    I'm looking for an Ansible/DebOps expert who can help automate the SSL certificate renewal process for 1-5 Debian servers. This task involves ensuring each server's Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is renewed smoothly every three months without manual intervention on my part. Additionally, I would like to set up an automated email notification system to alert me every time a renewal is successfully completed. It uses DebOps for the Ansible Playbooks. So you need to know it very well. !!!!!!! The work has to be done remotely using anydesk or another remote control software. !!!!!!! We have the complete Ansible playbook currently. However, we have tried various ways to renew Let's Encrypt SSL certificate automatically. But it does not work. After the renewal, some servi...

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional to replicate a local installation of Postgres, InfluxDB, and Firebase. I currently have it on a Droplet within DigitalOcean I need an exact replication of what is on there currently. Right now it is located at the old domain but want to point a new domain and have it work on the new replicated setup. I will give you access to digitalocean so you can take care of everything. Once setup I will point my domain on Godaddy to the proper DNS.

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    I'm urgently seeking a skilled developer who can rapidly deploy my project on Digital Ocean. This initiative is critical for my online presence, aiming to enhance my visibility and accessibility. **Key Requirements:** - **Deployment Expertise:** Proficiency in deploying applications, particularly on Digital Ocean. Understanding of server setup, configuration, and optimization for applications. - **Troubleshooting Skills:** Ability to quickly identify and resolve any deployment issues, ensuring a smooth and efficient launch. - **Project Timeline:** Immediate availability is crucial, as I need the project completed as soon as possible. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience with and its ecosystem. - Familiarity with Digital Ocean's hosting environment. - A track rec...

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    I am encountering a compatibility issue between PHP 5.6 and MySQL on my Ubuntu 23.10 x64 droplet on Digital Ocean. Here's what I need from you: * Assist me in resolving this issue in real-time while taking control of my screen * Have a deep understanding and working experience of PHP5.6 and MySQL. Familiarity with Ubuntu 23.10 x64 and Digital Ocean will be advantageous * You will be given full admin access to the online server during the process, so experience managing and troubleshooting server environments is crucial Please note that swift and efficient resolution is a high priority for me, and your prompt correspondence will be highly appreciated. Looking forward to working with a reliable and skilled server professional.

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    Trophy icon Vibrant Wellness Clinic Logo Loppunut left

    ...captivatingly represents our brand's essence. Our services are centered on improving wellness through hydration, vitamins, and minerals, offering a rejuvenating experience to our clients. EnLiven IV Hydration and Wellness ### Ideal Colors: - Primarily Blue and Grey, reflecting trust, balance, and neutrality while emphasizing our medical and hydration expertise. ### Key Visual Elements: - **Water Droplet:** Symbolizing our core service of hydration. - **Leaf:** Representing natural wellness and the vitamins and minerals we provide. - **Fluid Bag:** Directly referencing our IV hydration therapy services. ### Logo Vibes: - The logo should emit an **Energetic and Vibrant** feel, capturing the essence of revitalization and vigor that our services provide. ### Ideal Skills an...

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    Hi! I am looking for someone to install a SSL certificate onto my digital ocean droplet

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    ...configurations, Cloudflare DNS support, and Virtualization Server setups. Scope of Work: Linux Server Support: Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to web servers, mail servers, VPN/Proxy servers, DNS servers, etc. Optimize server performance and security. Implement best practices for Linux server management. Linux VPS / Dedicated Server Support: Manage and optimize servers hosted on DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, OVH, AWS, and other platforms. Ensure seamless integration with existing systems and applications. Windows Server Support: Address issues related to Windows servers. Implement necessary configurations and optimizations. Web Hosting Control Panel Support: Provide expertise in cPanel WHM, VestaCP, Webmin, Virtualmin, CentOS Web Panel. Perform installations, configu...

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    I'm looking for a proficient system administrator to seamlessly transfer our current DigitalOcean Droplet to a Proxmox server running Ubuntu. This is a critical operation for our organization, and we require someone with a deep understanding of server migration, particularly between these platforms. The primary purpose after the migration is to utilize the server for mail serving purposes. **Key Requirements:** - Proficient with Ubuntu, Proxmox, and DigitalOcean environments. - Experience in migrating servers without data loss. - Ability to reconfigure the server for mail serving post-migration. - Must have root access capabilities and understand server security practices. **Skills and Experience:** Ideal candidates will demonstrate: - Extensive experience wi...

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    I'm urgently requiring help to correctly deploy Letsencrypt certificates onto my Zimbra server (version 8.8) using the wildcard certificate provided by Certbot for my domain * Furthermore, - The Zimbra server is running on an Ubuntu operating system. - Certbot has already been installed on this Ubuntu server. Ideal freelancers should have: - Solid background in server management and certificate deployment. - Previous experience with Zimbra, especially version 8.8. - Profound knowledge of Letsencrypt and Certbot. - Familiarity with Ubuntu operating system. Your task would primarily involve ensuring the certificates are deployed correctly and securely, with minimal downtime. I would also highly appreciate a brief explanation of the steps taken, for my ...

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    I have a problem with the database connection, last night I tried to install the mysql database but it seemed to fail so all the database connections that were supposed to work ended up failing. Current system: Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64 DigitalOcean

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    67 tarjoukset : I'm seeking a talented designer to create a sophisticated and clean logo for Yeşil Temizlik, reflective of our eco-friendly cleaning solutions. - Ideal Palette: Green, Grey, Blue tones - Desired Emotions: - Freshness - Trustworthiness - Professionalism - Visual Elements: - Open to the designer's creative vision - Possible motifs: Bubbles, Leaf, Water droplet (not mandatory) Skills: - Strong Portfolio with Logos - Proficiency in Graphic Design Software - Creativity and an Eye for Design - Understanding of Branding Experience in designing for eco-conscious brands is a plus. Please present your initial concepts along with your bid....

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    *Bid with your lowest price & shortest timeline.* Documentation: I already bought the template with a license and successfully deployed to DigitalOcean I need someone to implement custom auth and edit the way it get user plan info Details:

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    ...scaling challenges. MONITORING AND TROUBLESHOOTING * Implement monitoring tools to track and analyze website performance metrics. * Respond promptly to performance-related incidents, troubleshoot issues, and implement solutions to ensure continuous optimal performance. Qualifications: * Proven experience as a Drupal Performance Expert with a focus on Drupal 10. * Proven experience with the DigitalOcean platform, including load balancers and database clusters * Deep expertise in configuring and optimizing Nginx, MySQL, and Ubuntu for Drupal applications. * Strong understanding of caching strategies, CDNs, and other performance-related technologies. * Experience with performance testing tools and methodologies. * Ability to conduct code reviews and recommend improvements for p...

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    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create a logo that encapsulates the essence of my company, which specializes in water-related products or services. Here's what I envision: - A logo that incorporates a stylized water droplet. - Color scheme focusing on white for a minimalist, modern flair. - The final design should evoke a trendy, less-is-more aesthetic. Ideal candidate qualities: - Proven experience with minimalist logo design - Strong portfolio featuring clean and modern aesthetics - Ability to translate company values into visual elements - Fluent in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator) The perfect logo will balance simplicity with a memorable brand image, capturing our fresh and contemporary approach to the traditional field. Please includ...

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    I'm seeking a proficient system administrator with thorough knowledge in configuring Digital Ocean Servers. Being Linux-savvy, with specific experience in CentOS is crucial. Essential Tasks: there is some config issue in my server, I installed a new digital ocean droplet using snapshot but all my sites and api and db are now not opening, i believe there is some config error, can you help me set in properly I am using CPW7 panel , it's a urgent requirement

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    Requirement: Job website development with standard features like job listings, search, user sign up and authentication, user profiling job matching basis candidate profile ,employer sign up, profile page and ma...notifications and data scraping. API integration with 3rd party services (2-3 sites) Technology Stack: Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript (ReactJS) Frameworks: Django or Flask, ReactJS Databases: PostgreSQL or MongoDB Task Queues: Celery or RQ APIs: 3rd party websites, Google Translate,Google jobs api Front-End Libraries: react-intl or i18next Hosting Platform: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, DigitalOcean (based on budget and performance needs Additional: Reference sites are , Any previous experience with job boards or websites will be appreciated.

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    I am currently facing a critical issue where I am unable to connect to my DigitalOcean droplet. I need a skilled server administrator to resolve this connectivity problem urgently. Here are the details you'll need to know: - The droplet is not accessible at all. - It's running on Ubuntu. - I cannot access it via SSH. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Proven experience with DigitalOcean platforms. - Proficiency in managing Ubuntu servers. - Expertise in troubleshooting and resolving SSH connectivity issues. - Ability to communicate effectively and provide a swift solution. If you have the required skills and can work promptly to restore access, please submit your bid. Your prompt assistance will be greatly appreciated!

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    Hello, I'm hosting a website on a digital ocean droplet with the following capacity : Regular Intel 2 vCPUs - 2 GB RAM - 50 GB SSD - 3 TB. Unfortunately, most of the time the CPU is at 100% of its capacity, which makes MySQL crash and generate the following error : "Error establishing a database connection" The mentioned server capacity is enough for the website I'm running, so I'm not planning to increase server capacity, the issue is somewhere else. - I need someone to fix the issue of the server reaching all the time 100% cpu which makes MySQL crash. - Update the current version of Ubuntu to Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish - Update to latest version of PHP and Mysql.

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    IMPORTANT: Please provide your FINAL PRICE in your proposal. I have experienced fluctuating quotes during discussions, and for ...your FINAL PRICE in your proposal. I have experienced fluctuating quotes during discussions, and for this project, I require a clear, upfront, and non-negotiable quote. I am seeking an experienced developer to install Typebot on Vercel. The project entails the choice of using either Supabase or Planetscale for the database, and integration with an S3-compatible storage solution like Bunny, DigitalOcean, or Cloudflare. I will provide all necessary account access for these platforms. Your proposal must include the final total cost for the complete setup and integration. Transparency and accuracy in pricing are critical for the successful initiation of thi...

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    I'm searching for an adept designer to create a straight-forward black and white small icon/line art. Key features should be a medicinal dropper putting a droplet of liquid under the tongue that indicates sublingual administration. The icon should fall along the line of explicit representation, leaving no room for ambiguity. It isn't necessary to be too abstract, as I prefer functionality over artistic interpretation. When it comes to perspective, artwork should show the dropper in either a front view or side view or both, whichever showcases the action most effectively. Ideal candidates would have experience in designing medical or pharmaceutical illustrations. Knowledge in creating instructional icons is also a plus.

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    Recognizing the importance of a seamless mobile experience, I would like to hire a skilled Django developer to tackle some issues popping up on my website when accessed via mobile. Specific areas of concern are: - Broken layout: Currently, the layout of my homepage falls apart on mobile devices. I'm looking for a way to restore its look and feel to keep up user enga...quickly to get our homepage back to working order on mobile devices as soon as possible. I am looking forward to seeing your solutions turning my homepage into a mobile-friendly platform. hello my website is and they opening fine on pc but somehow they are giving error on mobile . can you check please after opening on mobile hosted on digitalocean and using cloudflare

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    ...transfer my single-page website from DigitalOcean to Ionos. The website consists solely of static HTML and CSS files, with no database to worry about. Requirements: - Proven experience with DigitalOcean hosting services. - Familiarity with Ionos web hosting environment. - Demonstrable skills in website migration without downtime. - Ability to ensure a seamless transition. - Keen attention to detail to avoid unnecessary costs Responsibilities: - Safely move all website files from the current DigitalOcean server to Ionos. - Test the site on Ionos to confirm it’s fully operational. Ideal Candidate: - Has successfully completed similar migrations before. Please confirm have used DigitalOcean before in your bid, as the last freelancer i hired created a n...

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    I need a skilled professional who can help me with the installation of Odoo ERP on my already setup DigitalOcean account. The Odoo ERP version to be installed is Odoo 17. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Have past experience in installing Odoo ERP, specifically version 17. - Familiar with Ubuntu and comfortable in navigating DigitalOcean’s cloud servers. - Ability to guide through the process of software/license acquisition if needed. - Excellent communication skills to explain the work done and train on basic usage.

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    I am currently looking for an experienced developer to assist in deploying my web application, which is still in development, to the DigitalOcean server. This application is built with React, Node.js, and MongoDB. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with the React, Node.js, MongoDB stack. - Proven experience deploying applications on DigitalOcean. - Experience in application development and testing to problem troubleshoot during the deployment. Objectives: - Successful deployment of the web app to the DigitalOcean server. - Address any potential issues during the deployment. - Ensure proper function of the application after deployment. This project may require ongoing support and maintenance as the web application continues to develop, so keep this...

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    I need to hire IT System to create a droplet at Digital Ocean. That droplet is only used to host a wordpress website. (Price from 5 - 20$/month) The task is to create a basic wordpress website. Then set up git, set up database backup. Create documentation on how the system works: OS, Domain, git, backup data, backup source code, track source code changes. Completed in 1 time. If maintenance is needed in the future, a fee will be charged. Pay by the hour. Estimated 3 hours to complete. Pay 30$/hour.

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    Transfer Hosting Loppunut left

    What I want is to migrate the data (database and files) from Hostinger to DigitalOcean. Additionally, I want to install Phpmyadmin, a mail server and Roundcube in the DigitalOcean droplet

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    16 tarjoukset is difficult to remove the dirt even when the cleaning liquid is sprayed. To solve this problem, this technology estimates a water droplet amount of a water droplet adhering to the sensor surface, and starts the cleaning based on the water droplet amount. Examples of “based on the water droplet amount” are ““the water droplet amount changes from an increase to a decrease”, “the water droplet amount exceeds a first threshold value TH1 and then changes from an increase to a decrease”, “the water droplet amount exceeds a second threshold value TH2 and then falls below a third threshold value TH3”, and “a certain period of time elapses after the water droplet amount excee...

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    Setting up MQTT on DigitalOcean with secure link Skills and Experience: - Advanced experience with MQTT - Strong knowledge of SSL/TLS security protocols - Familiarity with DigitalOcean platform Description: I am looking for a freelancer with advanced experience in setting up MQTT on DigitalOcean, with a focus on implementing a secure link. Years ago I used DigitalOcean link to setup the MQTT on Ubuntu 18.04 and still working but since Ubuntu 18.04 will die soon, this mean that no more security upgrade will be available, I wanted to use Ubuntu 22.05 or 23.10 I followed this link but not working on new Ubuntu versions

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    I'm looking for a professional who has substantial experience with DigitalOcean. : We need to install wildcard SSL with autorenewal and pull the code from my git. More details will be provided over chat. Need to do it in next few hours

    €7 - €17
    €7 - €17
    7 tarjoukset

    ...and integrate NordVPN with my existing DigitalOcean droplet. We currently use Python scripts to run the scrapers. Initially, the scraping had no problems, but after one night of scraping, Digitalocean's server seems to be preventing the script from running. This job also includes helping us set up a NordVPN connection to our Digitalocean server for our webscraping. Requirements: - Experience with web scraping and resolving interruptions - Knowledge of DigitalOcean and server setup - Familiarity with VPN integration, specifically NordVPN - Ability to troubleshoot and ensure data accuracy during web scraping Skills and Experience: - Proficient in web scraping techniques and tools - Strong understanding of server setup, specifically DigitalO...

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    Trophy icon H&F Water Well Drilling Logo Creation Loppunut left

    ...designer who can craft a unique, classic-styled logo that depicts our profession accurately and appealingly. Key elements to include in the design: - Colors: I envision my logo containing the shades of Red and Black. - Theme: The design should lean towards a classic style, exuding a sense of trust and longevity. - Business-related elements: Please incorporate both a 'Drilling Rig' and a 'Water Droplet' into the logo design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven background in creating business logos - Proficient in using design software - Knowledge of the drilling industry is beneficial - Ability to implement feedback and make revisions This job will require a keen eye for design, excellent communication, and the ability to understand the essence of our ...

    €231 (Avg Bid)
    302 työtä analysis functionality, allowing users to analyze the financial data. - As for the preferred programming language, I am open to suggestions. However, I would prefer to use a language that is suitable for handling financial data and has good data analysis libraries available. (Python or JS, most likely) - Need to create user authentication and log in using auth0 or similar client - build on a droplet server from Digital Ocean (I will provide it) Skills and Experience: - Knowledge of different financial data APIs and experience integrating them into web apps. - Strong understanding of data analysis techniques and experience implementing them in web applications. - Proficiency in a programming language suitable for handling financial data and data analysis, such as Python or...

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    Trophy icon Vibrant Water Station Logo Design Loppunut left

    ...hence needs to catch the eye and portray our products and services effectively and concisely. IMPORTANT: Name of Water Refilling Station: AquaClear - Incorporate Colors: Predominately feature Blue, Green, and Aqua in the design. These colors reflect water and nature which are crucial aspects of our brand. - Desired Elements: The design should effectively integrate elements such as a water droplet and representations of nature. These symbols resonate with our core service of providing clean and natural drinking water. - Logo Style: Displaying a modern aesthetic while encapsulating the elements mentioned is key. Ideal skills and experience for the job would include previous experience in designing logos for environmental or wellness brands, knowledge of current design trends, ...

    €46 (Avg Bid)
    720 työtä

    I'm seeking a skilled PHP programmer to assist me in transferring my website from DigitalOcean to a new hosting provider (Hostinger). The tasks involved are: * File transfer * Database migration These tasks need to be executed manually using an FTP client, lending prime importance to technical precision and attention to detail. I have all the necessary credentials and documentation for both the current and the new hosting provider. The ideal freelancer for the job will have: * Advanced PHP programming skills * Extensive experience in website migration * Proficiency in using an FTP client * Familiarity with DNS settings, although this is not a primary task for this project Please apply if you're confident in carrying out these tasks smoothly and in a timely manner. Your...

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    41 tarjoukset

    I am seeking a freelancer to install a Let's Encrypt certificate on my Tomcat 8 server for my existing business. I have root access to the server and have experience with installing certificates. Skills and Experience required: - Proficient in Tomcat 8 server administration - Strong knowledge of SSL certificate installation, specifically Let's Encrypt - Familiarity with Linux server environments - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot any potential issues during the installation process

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    8 tarjoukset with deep knowledge of Linux systems, OpenVPN, and preferably DigitalOcean server environments. Your task should you choose to accept it will be to guide us and provide us the code in connecting our DigitalOcean server to a VPN, and then guide us in using it for web scraping purposes. To successfully execute this project, you will need to posses the following skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in Linux command line interface. - Extensive experience setting up and managing OpenVPN connections. - Knowledge of DigitalOcean server management. - Clear, concise communication skills. The successful completion of this project will require you to: - Establish a stable, secure connection between our DigitalOcean server and a VPN using OpenVPN. - Cr...

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    I am looking for an experienced professional who can assist me with migrating my current digitalocean droplet to ECS, including the database. This project is for an existing business and I require immediate completion. We also currently use nginx which will need to be migrated. Skills and Experience: - High level knowledge in digitalocean droplets and ECS - Strong understanding of containerization and cloud infrastructure - Experience with data migration and server configuration - Familiarity with AWS ECS and its associated services - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve any potential issues during the migration process Timeline: - The project needs to be completed immediately, so prompt availability is required. Add to your proposal: - How you plan to migrate in t...

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    2 strony Wymagania: - Aplikacja działająca na serwerze (AWS, OVH, Digitalocean itp…) - Możliwość konfiguracji i dodawania kolejnych stron - Zapisywanie wyników do bazy danych (aktualizacja rekordów przy ponownym pobieraniu) - Proxy i inne metody mechanizmów wykrywania - Statystyki i logi - Możliwość pobierania danych jako zalogowany użytkowników, przechowywania plików cookies - Możliwość ustawienia harmonogramu uruchamiania pobierania Przykład działania: - Dodaje lub zmieniam w pliku .csv listę adresów URL - W aplikacji wprowadzam elementy do pobierania - Ustawiam harmonogram pobierania danych - Aplikacja rozpoczyna pracę zgodnie z harmonogramem ( godzina/dzień/tydzień/miesiąc )

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    To make a Crawler to retrieve data from various websites. The application is to take crawl addresses from a .csv file retrieve the designated data and save to a database. Requirements: - Application running on a server (AWS, OVH, Digitalocean etc...). - Ability to configure and add more pages - Saving the results to the database (updating the records when downloading again) - Proxy and other methods of detection mechanisms - Statistics and logs - Possibility of downloading data as logged-in users, storing cookies - Ability to set a schedule for starting downloads Example of operation: - I add or change a list of URLs in a .csv file - I enter the items to be downloaded in the application - I set the download schedule - The application starts according to the schedule ( hour/day/w...

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    ...developer to assist with the installation of an SSL Certificate and web hosting on my DigitalOcean server. The specifics of the project are as follows: - SSL Certificate: You'll need to create and install a Domain Validated Certificate for my website. Knowledge and experience working with these certificates is vital. - Hosting Control Panel: A comfortable working knowledge of cPanel is essential for this project as this is my preferred control panel for my DigitalOcean server. - Website type: The server will support an e-commerce site, so any exposure to and experience with e-commerce platforms will be beneficial. Overall, an ideal freelancer for this project would be thoroughly conversant with DigitalOcean, SSL Certificates, and cPanel. An understanding of...

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