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    As a client, I'm in need of a, so it's important that the nutritionist is aware of this. Key deliverables and requirements for the project include: - Customized meal plans: I'm looking for a nutritionist who can tailor meal plans to my specific dietary requirements and weight loss goals. - Dietary recommendations for energy: Beyond meal plans, I'm also looking for guidance on how to improve my energy levels through my diet. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Proven experience in creating tailored meal plans for weight loss - Knowledge of how specific foods can influence energy levels - Understanding of dietary restrictions and how to work around them Please submit your proposals if you feel you have the necessary skills and experienc...

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    ...plans and nutritional counseling, primarily for individuals seeking weight loss. Key requirements: - Designing customized meal plans: Including a diet that can assist with weight loss. Meal plans should be practical and easy to follow. - Nutritional counseling: Providing insights on healthy eating, lifestyle changes in support of weight loss goals. This might include tips on portion control, food choices, etc. - Delivery: You should be able to deliver the meal plans and conduct counseling sessions in written formats (PDF, Word, etc.). -Basically I am allergic to citrus fruits and apple so it would be better if don’t include those things in the diet plan. Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in developing meal plans for weight loss - A background in nu...

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    Fitness -- 2 9 päivää left

    Helping him to be very skinny with a healthy appearance that makes him satisfied through diet, sports, and organization accordingly

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    ...the core functionalities I seek: - User registration and login system - Payment processing capabilities - Attendance tracking of each gym user, ideally through generating user-specific QR codes. Alongside this, the mobile app should be accessible on both Android and iOS. It needs to interact immaculately with the gym software and allow students to: - View their subscription details - Receive diet and fitness tips - Get push notifications for upcoming classes/events - Track their personal progress. The software should also feature different user roles, namely: Admin, Instructor, and Member, each having different levels of access and control. Ideal developers for this project should possess substantial experience in C#, Google Firebase, Android and iOS development, and gene...

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    ...cultivating new contacts within health & wellness business industry. - Developing and delivering press releases, media relations content, case studies, white papers, executive bios, etc to enhance our company's visibility, and influence. Our primary target demographic are adults ranging from 25 to 80 years old. My business proposition is unique as it revolves around a lifestyle rather than a simple diet, considering individual blood values. Ideal Skills: - Proven track record in public relations - In-depth knowledge of media relations and digital media strategies. - Excellent communication and writing skills. - Experience in the health & wellness sector is preferable. - Proven ability in content development across a broad portfolio of projects. Bids from freela...

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    I am looking to analyze the relationship between meeting Scottish dietary goals and mental health scores, using data from the Scottish Health Survey. I need this critical project completed within 3 days, demanding your ability to work efficiently without compromising quality. Key Tasks: - Conduct a thorough analysis of the given data - Determine whether adhering to Scottish dietary goals influences mental health scores - The mental health score is calculated via Wembys and GHQ12 in the said survey. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience with health-related data analysis is an advantage - Strong understanding of different statistical methods. There wasn't a specific preference, but demonstrating capability in Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis, and/or T-Test Analy...

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    45 tarjoukset is 'correct, incorrect, not sure'. All replies must feed back the dataset and the bot for incremental learning (machine learning with human interaction). Scenario: our clients name the products based on their descriptions and not on their names. For instance, for a "Diet Coke" they name: "cola based soda with no sugar"; or "sugarless cola based soda"; or "cola soda, no sugar, fizzy drink"; etc. Combinations are endless. Our bot must identify all these possible descriptions and name the product to how we name it "Diet Coke". Dataset: Attached with dummy products (I'll share the official one after awarding). It's 735 entries two-column dataset where the first column contains the 'company's...

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    The Diet Consultant System is a mobile application that offers instructions on how to follow a balanced diet using necessary input data, which includes the user's age, sex, height, weight, and family history. The application will offer advice on how to maintain a healthy diet.

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    Hi there, I can do that right now and have experience with 100% accurate. If you pick me this is my first job. I have sample in my portfolio. thanks

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    1 tarjoukset is 'correct, incorrect, not sure'. All replies must feed back the dataset and the bot for incremental learning (machine learning with human interaction). Scenario: our clients name the products based on their descriptions and not on their names. For instance, for a "Diet Coke" they name: "cola based soda with no sugar"; or "sugarless cola based soda"; or "cola soda, no sugar, fizzy drink"; etc. Combinations are endless. Our bot must identify all these possible descriptions and name the product to how we name it "Diet Coke". Dataset: Attached with dummy products (I'll share the official one after awarding). It's 735 entries two-column dataset where the first column contains the 'company's...

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    Hard Diet Monitor 3 päivää left

    As your dietary monitor, I will provide personalized support and guidance to help you stay on track and achieve your desired outcomes. Customized Meal Plans Weekly Check-Ins Nutritional Analysis Accountability and Support Throughout our partnership, I will provide ongoing support and motivation to help you stay committed to your strict hard diet. I will be available to answer any questions you may have, provide encouragement during challenging times, and celebrate your successes along the way. Benefits: Personalized support tailored to your unique dietary needs and goals. Regular monitoring and adjustments to ensure optimal results. Accountability and motivation to help you stay on track. Access to expert guidance and support throughout your journey.

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    iOS Fitonomy App Assistance Needed 13 tuntia left

    I'm experiencing some difficulties with the iOS version of the Fitonomy app, and I need a savvy freelancer to help me navigate its functionalities. I'm having trouble with login/authentication, navigating the app, and understanding how certain features w...login/authentication, navigating the app, and understanding how certain features work. To succeed in this role, you should: - Be well-versed in iOS applications - Have experience with the Fitonomy app is a plus - Understand login/authentication processes in mobile apps - Be able to patiently guide a user in navigating a new app Specifically, I need assistance with the following features: - Workout planning - Diet planning - Progress tracking Looking forward to working with someone who can help me make the most out ...

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    ...from the agency or individual she met with to help support her decision. Address the questions below within the brochure. Important Factors: What can the couple or single female expect during the pregnancy both during conception and prenatal period of development? What are some important factors that the parents should take into consideration during this period (e.g., environmental influences, diet, medications, drugs)? Support Systems: Provide information about the individual or agency the couple or single female met with (e.g., Planned Parenthood). Include local contact information and a brief description of the agency or individual support they received (i.e., describe what the agency support includes). Options and Resources: What counsel was the couple or single female pr...

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    Diet coaching 2 päivää left

    I would like to be part of your journey as a diet coach. so As a Va im ok with $7 per hour.

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    ...nutrition, health and lifestyle targeted towards individuals across all age groups. The ultimate aim of the consultation is: - Weight management: Guidance on balanced diets tailored to varied needs while promoting healthy weight control. - Energy Boost: Schemes for meals and activities delivering consistent energy, enhancing productivity and wellness. - Disease prevention: Cutting-edge advice on diet and lifestyle adjustments to prevent common diseases. Ideal consultants for this project should possess: - Expertise in nutritional science and dietetics. - Experience in health and lifestyle counselling. - Ability to create personalized plans for different age groups and health conditions. - Proven record in providing advice for weight management, energy boosting, and disease pre...

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    ...68kg and fall into the category of "skinny fat." My ultimate goal is to build lean muscle mass and sculpt a defined six-pack abs physique. What I'm Looking For: 1. Customized Workout Plan: I need a tailored workout regimen that focuses on muscle hypertrophy, strength training, and fat loss, designed specifically for my body type and fitness level. 2. Expert Nutritional Guidance: A comprehensive diet plan that supports muscle growth, promotes fat loss, and fuels my body with the right nutrients for optimal performance. 3. Accountability and Support: Regular check-ins, progress tracking, and motivational support to keep me on track and motivated throughout the journey. 4. Flexibility: As this will be an online arrangement, flexibility with scheduling workouts and c...

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    ...68kg and fall into the category of “skinny fat.” My ultimate goal is to build lean muscle mass and sculpt a defined six-pack abs physique. What I’m Looking For: 1. Customized Workout Plan: I need a tailored workout regimen that focuses on muscle hypertrophy, strength training, and fat loss, designed specifically for my body type and fitness level. 2. Expert Nutritional Guidance: A comprehensive diet plan that supports muscle growth, promotes fat loss, and fuels my body with the right nutrients for optimal performance. 3. Accountability and Support: Regular check-ins, progress tracking, and motivational support to keep me on track and motivated throughout the journey. 4. Flexibility: As this will be an online arrangement, flexibility with scheduling workout...

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    I'm in need of a proficient and detail-oriented writer to generate blog and care, specifically hay. 2. Proficiency in writing engaging and relatable blog posts. 3. A basic understanding of the nutritional needs and health concerns of small herbivores. The blog posts will cover a wide range of topics including: - General health of small herbivores particularly focusing on digestive issues, dental problems, and nutritional deficiencies. - Different aspects of diet and overall care i.e., recommended feeding guidelines, habitat setup, as well as exercise and enrichment activities. My aim is to improve the current resources available online and empower small herbivore pet owners with the information they need to provide the best care for their pets while building brand...

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    Hello, I've started a new cannabis card company and I would like to introduce it to my current email list in a three email warm up series. I haven't communicated with this list for about 18 months, but they are cananbis and CBD specific, 40K and the remaining 8K are my old vegan diet crowd. That's why I'm offering a free cookbook in the second email. The emails have been largely copywrited already by an expert copywriter, except the first one that introduces the new company and explains where I've been for the past months. I will be communicating with this list once or twice a month, so if this project is interesting to you, it would be fun to continue with ongoing collaboration. Here's my first stab at the reengagement sequence, first email: ...

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    ...weight changes with a visually appealing graph. -**Workout plans**: Providing a variety of workout plans for different fitness levels and objectives. -**Nutrition Advice**: Offering daily nutrition advice and diet plans based on personal health goals. -**Social Features**: Allowing users to share their progress with friends and engage in fitness challenges. In terms of skills, extensive experience in iOS native app development is required, with a portfolio showcasing similar work. The developer should also be familiar with designing and implementing distinct features like health analytics, diet recommendations, and integrating social media sharing capabilities. It's crucial that the Freelancer has a firm understanding of app user interface design and user experience...

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    ...pain, swelling, fever, or discharge from the treated tooth. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your dentist promptly for further evaluation and treatment. Stay Hydrated and Eat Nutritious Foods Proper hydration and nutrition are essential for supporting the body's healing process after a root canal. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, and consume a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Avoid sugary or acidic foods and beverages that can irritate the treated tooth or compromise healing. Take Time to Rest and Recover Allowing your body to rest and recover is crucial for promoting healing after a root canal procedure. Avoid strenuous activities or exercise for the first few days following the procedur...

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    20 tarjoukset Key Responsibilities: - Development of engaging and comprehensive content around Ayurveda, to be shared via YouTube and Instagram Reels - Tailoring content to a diverse audience, from beginners to advanced students Ideal Skills: - Experience in coaching and education in Ayurveda or a related field - Strong understanding of Ayurvedic principles, including herbal remedies, the Ayurvedic diet, and yoga techniques - Strong video content creation and editing skills - Proficiency in creating Instagram reels and YouTube videos - Ability to communicate complex concepts in a simplistic manner to a diverse audience. We are also particularly interested in someone who has experience with BAMS and MD entrance coaching classes. If you are passionate about Ayurveda and have a kna...

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    I'm in need of a skilled graphic designer with a knack for creating engaging, clear and informative promotional materials to put together a flyer promoting a diet.

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    ...the middle. I'm hoping you can: * Make the 3 main versions of this logo in several different sizes (or make it resizeable) including: * Solid shape, no text: Favicon and Windows application icon (.ico) files * Abbreviated logo with just "ZDN" inside (144 px wide) for branding PDF reports, stationary, corners of PPT presentations, etc (where a big logo isn't needed) * Full logo with "Zoo Diet NaviGator" inside (yes the G is capitalized) (200, 500, 1000 px wide - how big would we need for t-shirts?) * Pick a nice round sans serif font (friendly and welcoming, yet still professional) and be consistent among sizes (currently I think the abbreviated and full versions use different fonts) * .png preferred format, but if you use/generate other ...

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    I need someone with a strong background in nutritional science to record and analyze a 3-day vegetarian food diary for me. The primary objective of this assignment is to comprehend m...assignment is to comprehend macronutrients and evaluate potential nutritional deficiencies and to create recommendations including a 1 day menu for the client. Key requirements are: - Detailed documentation of every meal: The food diary should include an ingredient list and the portion sizes for every meal. - A comprehensive analysis: The analysis should reveal patterns and possible deficiencies in the diet. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - A strong understanding of nutrition and dietetics. - Experience in analyzing dietary patterns. - Excellent attention to detail for precise ...

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    ...long-term, sustainable approach to fitness, nutrition, and health. I'm happy to provide more details surrounding these goals as needed. Ideal candidate: * Comprehensive understanding of nutrition, health, and fitness * Adept at creating personalized plans addressing specific health improvement goals. * Experience factoring in client activity levels into a fitness plan. * Wide-ranging knowledge of diet types and their health implications, although no specific dietary preference needs to be catered for in this instance....

    €235 - €704
    €235 - €704
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    Diet Meti 30 Loppunut left

    I'm seeking a skilled designer to create a visually appealing, photographic-style eBook geared towards women who want to lose weight. This project will serve a marketing purpose, capturing the reader's attention and enticing them to delve into the subject matter. Tasks - Develop a comprehensive, photo-centered design for the eBook. - Use narrative diagrams for explanations and pointers. - Aim for an attractive yet reader-friendly layout and overall design. Ideal Skills and Experience - Proven experience in eBook design, particularly with a photographic approach. - Excellent eye for photos that captivate and inspire. - Understanding of marketing principals - Interest or experience in weight loss/wellness topics is preferred but not essential.

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    I have a brand with different fitness models and I would like to hire a person that is able to create a diet and training plan for my clients, as well follow them through a 12 week program. Ideal skills: - Background in nutrition and dietetics - Experience in fitness training - Understanding of women’s health - Italian language native speaking No dietary restrictions or allergies will affect this plan. Competitively priced bids from candidates with demonstrated experience in creating similar plans are preferred. It would be great to include past clients' results or testimonials in your proposal, ensuring your experience aligns with what I'm seeking.

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    I need a seasoned developer with proficiency in building Android applications to create an app focused on selling diet plans on a subscription basis. Key Features Needed: - **Meal Tracking**: The app should allow users to keep track of their daily food intake. - **Progress Tracking**: Users should be able to monitor their progress closely. - **Personalized Recommendations**: The app should provide suggestions tailored to each individual's dieting needs and progress. User Authentication: Users should be able to register and log in using their Email and password, social media accounts or their Google sign-in details. This calls for a developer with knowledge and experience in App Security and OAuth authentication. Third-party Services Integration: - **Payment Gateway**: Th...

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    I am in need of a professional website developer to create a comprehensive health information website. This platform is envisioned as a go-to resource for information on nutrition, mental health, and disease-specific topics. Key Job Responsibilities: - Building a fully functional and easy-to-use health information website - Incorporating specific sections for nutrition and diet, mental health, and disease-specific information Ideal Skills for the Job: - Extensive experience in web development, particularly for content-heavy platforms - Familiarity with the health industry, especially on the topics of nutrition, mental health, and disease-specific information is a plus - Creative thinking to make the website engaging and easy to navigate I am looking for someone who can work w...

    €290 (Avg Bid)
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    ...of 1-5 pages, amplifying ease-of-use and fluid navigation. - The website needs to incorporate two significant functionalities: 1. Online booking and scheduling system which should be accessible and user-friendly, facilitating clients to book appointments with personal trainers effortlessly. 2. Exercise and nutrition tracking feature to allow users to monitor and amend their fitness and diet plans accordingly. Skills and experience required: - Proven track record in developing similar small scale, functionality-driven websites - Must have a previous portfolio of work showcasing these similar features - Familiarity with the fitness industry is a plus. This project requires a clear understanding of user-focused design and passion for creating an innovative and interacti...

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    ** Description en français plus bas ** I'm looking for a creative individual to craft simple image vignettes (1/week) with text overlays for my YouTube videos. As a Naturopathy and Plant-based Diet focused channel, the design should reflect the theme in a clean, minimalistic way. Understand my vision: • Craft vignettes that represent Naturopathy and Plant-based Diet in an engaging way • Incorporate my specific color scheme into the designs. Key Skills: • Graphic Design • Illustration • Text overlay skills • Keen understanding of YouTube trends Impress me with your creativity, and let's make something captivating yet informative together. Please see an example of my current thumbnails attached *** Français Je ...

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    Project Description: We are a dynamic diet company (Second Bite Nutrition Center) offering two core services: Meal Subscriptions and Dietary Consultations. To streamline our operations and enhance customer experience, we are looking to develop a comprehensive system consisting of a Backend, Website, and Android/iOS Apps. Project Scope: This project entails the development of a web-based system with mobile applications (Android & iOS) to manage our meal subscriptions, dietary consultations, and internal operations. 1) Backend Development: • Kitchen Reports: A robust backend system where our staff can generate detailed kitchen reports, ensuring efficient meal preparation and inventory management. • Menu Management: Capability to input and manage menu details including ...

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    I need a comprehensive website developed that primarily generates leads and increases my client base. The website should include: - Information about the exercise and diet online program I offer. - A section dedicated to client testimonials The website will serve as a platform to direct women of all ages towards trying out my programme with helps them have a healthier lifestyle, hence it should be user-friendly, and appealing. Additional to web development, I require assistance in leveraging social media to reach more potential clients. Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in web development, design and UX - Knowledge of health and fitness sector - Demonstrated proficiency in social media marketing Your role will involve creating an online community that aligns with ...

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    Hi there! I'm looking for a seasoned Android developer located in Lucknow to work on a new project. This is a comprehensive role that includes app designing, development and bug fixing. Some key skills and experiences for...Researchers discovered a unique compound in onions that directly nourishes the optic nerve, leading to enhanced vision. Additionally, sniffing onions for at least 5 minutes a day purportedly boosts memory retention by 150%. This surprising revelation has sparked interest in onion-based supplements and aromatherapy treatments for cognitive enhancement. Experts advise incorporating onions into your daily diet or simply keeping a bowl of chopped onions by your bedside for overnight olfactory benefits. Stay tuned for further developments in onion-based wellness ...

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    I'm seeking a dedicated professional who can provide both housekeeping and caregiving services around the clock. Responsibilities will include: - Meal preparation, ensuring a balanced and nutritious diet - Gentle reminders for medication intake Candidates with previous experience in housekeeping and personal care are preferred. Excellent cooking skills and a keen attention to detail are must-haves, and prior knowledge regarding medication schedules would be a significant advantage. The role requires one caregiver, who will be working in a full-time capacity, available 24/7. Whoever gets hired should be responsible, compassionate, and reliable, ready to become an integral part of our home and daily routines.

    €170 - €283
    €170 - €283
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    ...well-fitting clothes and aspire to attain a more proportionate physique. In this project, I'm looking for a calisthenics trainer who can design a comprehensive workout program tailored to my specific needs and objectives. This program should prioritize muscle gain, while also focusing on improving stamina, strength, and flexibility. Additionally, I require nutritional guidance to optimize my vegetarian diet for muscle building and overall fitness enhancement. Key Skills I'm Looking For: Muscle Gain Expertise: Proficiency in designing calisthenics workouts aimed at increasing muscle mass and strength, tailored to individual fitness levels and goals. Stamina and Endurance Training: Ability to incorporate exercises and training techniques to improve cardiovascular healt...

    €7 - €17
    €7 - €17
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    I'm in need of a seasoned community health nurse who can efficiently provide health education, specifically centered on nutrition and diet. The ideal candidate will have a robust understanding of this subject, with proven experience in: - Creating and managing nutrition and diet programs - Making the program engaging and easy to understand for adults - Ability to adapt to the specific dietary needs of adults Your prime responsibility will be to prepare, execute, and oversee a nutrition and diet education program targeted at adults. Your expertise in the field will drive the success of this project.

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    I'm seeking a proficient Android application developer who can expertly create an app focused on fitness, specifically fitness equipment and accessories. Key Features: - Search and discover fitness products - Detailed product information - Purchase and checkout functionality - Purchase workout course - Purchase diet routine - Fatloss And Weight gain Required Skills: - High proficiency in Android app development - Experience with eCommerce platform integration - Knowledge of fitness industry is a plus This project should be completed within a month. Speed without compromising the quality of the final product is crucial for this job.

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    9 tarjoukset
    Trophy icon Sodarrific StartUp Branding Contest Loppunut left

    As the creator of Sodarrific, a new entrant in the food and beverage industry, I'm in need of outstanding branding work. Brand Identity Contest: * Crafting a unique, compelling logo is job one. I envision a blend of the company's name and a soda cup image, embodying our business model. * I'm also seeking the perfect color scheme. Something fresh and entici...working with design software * Portfolio showcasing innovative branding projects * Familiarity with Food and Beverage industry branding is a plus Your inspiration? Bringing the tantalizing 'pop' of a soda can to life in branding. An exciting challenge for those with creative flair! We also need a menu! 4 flavor combinations per Soda and we will have Dr Pepper, Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Mt Dew, ...

    €47 (Avg Bid)
    60 työtä

    ...It doesn't matter to me if the final product is hand-drawn and scanned, or is created on the computer. I am in a production of Fiddler on the Roof. I have the artwork for the show. I would like to keep that artwork basically the same, except I would like to add a can of Diet Dr. Pepper to the hand of the main character, Tevye, who is front and center in the illustration. He is holding up one arm, and I'd like you to drawn the can in that hand. I will provide the original artwork in EPS form as well as an image of the Diet Dr. Pepper can for your reference. It is totally fine to me if you just modify this image in Illustrator or photoshop; you don't have to recreate it. If you want to recreate the image in your own style, that is great, and of course I w...

    €92 (Avg Bid)
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    33 tarjoukset

    I am seeking an experienced marketing professional to strategize and execute a cost-effective campaign targeted towards health enthusiast, diet concerned and gym people Key Campaign Goals: - Increase brand awareness - Drive significant traffic to the website - Generate leads and conversions Desired Skills & Experience: - Proficient in digital marketing and audience segmentation. - Proven track record in conceptualizing and executing campaigns targeting exact market - Knowledge of strategies to optimize limited budgets (<$1000). - SEO, SMO, ASO, graphic and video editing and design - paid ad professional for social media, google and YouTube This is a great opportunity for individuals with ingenious advertising strategies who can leverage their creativity for impactful r...

    €850 (Avg Bid)
    €850 Keskimäär. tarjous
    35 tarjoukset
    Trophy icon Phone Wallpaper Designs Needed Loppunut left

    ...for a skilled designer to help me in creating phone wallpapers for a unique challenge that I'm planning.I want it to be like 75 Hard so that people can save it to various phone sizes as wallpapers. Please see attached branding and reference image. I want mine to look much more aesthetic and minimalistic. My logo is attached. The challenge is called RESET 30. MY RULES: 1. Follow a high protein diet 2. Daily Cold Exposure 30 seconds 3. Morning Routine : 10 Mins Reading, Planning & Goal Setting 4. Walk or Workout : 5. No Alcohol 6. 10 Minutes Outside Without Your Phone The requirements for this project as follows: Screen Resolutions: Please make sure the designs are flexible enough to accommodate different screen resolutions including 1080x1920, 750x1334, and 144...

    €48 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking an experienced app developer to create a custom medical weight loss application for iOS. Key Features: - Calorie Tracker: An easy-to-use feature to track daily caloric intake. - Personalized Diet Plan: The app should provide customized diet plans based on user data. - Exercise Recommendations: A feature that suggests effective exercises based on the user's weight loss goals. UI Design: The user interface needs to portray a modern and sleek look that is both aesthetically appealing and easy-to-navigate. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in iOS app development - Experience in health & fitness app creation - Strong background in UI/UX design, especially with a sleek and modern style. Your proposal should provide evidence of your experience in the...

    €1301 (Avg Bid)
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    183 tarjoukset

    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a fitness application catering to fitness enthusiasts. The app should be built to be available on both iOS and Android platforms. Key features required for the app are: - A free basic version that provides high-quality content and tools. - A premium version that offers thrilling additional features such as custom diet and workout plans, advanced fitness tracking capabilities, and a steady supply of motivational content. Ideal freelancer for this task would have: - Robust experience in mobile application development, particularly within the fitness industry. - Proven expertise in creating in-app purchases and subscription models. - Demonstrated skills in both iOS and Android app development. - Sound understanding of UX design to deli...

    €28826 (Avg Bid)
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    ...reliable **appointment scheduling** functionality, for easy booking. - A well-organized **blog or articles section** with essential, compelling, and useful information about diet and nutrition. - An area to showcase positive **client testimonials** to boost trust. Dietary Focus: The site should highlight and have abundant information on Low carb/ High protein diets, Vegan/ Vegetarian diets, and Intermittent Fasting/Keto diet programs. Required Skills: - Proficiency in web development - Experience with online booking systems - Ability to work with provided content for blogs/articles - Understanding of health and diet niche would be beneficial. Once the site is developed we will be providing access to patients through insurance companies, so there may need to be n...

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    ...create my brand kit to enhance my Instagram presence. The design should include an abstract logo, a versatile Canva template, a consistent color palette, and a unique font. - Color Palette: The color scheme should consist of bright and vibrant colors that are eye-catching and will set me apart from my competitors. - Canva Template: I need a Canva template for variety of posts including diet tips, wellness content, and client testimonies. It needs to be easy to use and adaptable for different post purposes. - Font: Design or suggest a unique but readable font that matches the brand aesthetic. - Logo: An abstract design is the way to go for the logo. It should represent trust and professionalism without explicitly showing dieting tips. The ideal freelancer for ...

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    ...users' registration and logs in, with a password change option for security purposes - Daily Calendar for planning and tracking workouts - A dedicated profile page displaying personal information - Versatile fitness goal-setting capability - Access to various workouts information and the feature to personalize exercise routines - Performance comparison features and health tracking system - Customized diet plan generator and nutrition tracking capabilities - Chart / Graph generation for Data Visualization of user's progress Skill Requirements: - Advanced knowledge and practical experience working with Html, CSS, JavaScript - Proven experience in server-side development with Asp.Net MVC/ Asp.Net MVC Core - Proficiency in back-end development with MSSQL Server is a must -...

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    I am seeking the expertise of an Ayurvedic digestive health and stress levels. The ideal professional should craft a daily diet plan tailored to my specific needs and aligned with the principles of Ayurveda. Detailed requirements: - The daily diet plan should consider changing weather conditions. - Although I have no specific dietary restrictions or allergies, the plan must cater to my vegetarian preferences. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A solid understanding of Ayurvedic principles, particularly regarding diet and lifestyle. - Experience in creating individualized diet plans focussed on digestive health and stress management. - Ability to consider varying weather conditions and adjust the diet plan accordingly. - Experience in designin...

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    ...e-book MUST be properly formatted according to the Amazon Kindle eBook standard - In terms of style, I'm aiming for a simple, informative, and funny tone. We are here to help readers level up their understanding of health and fitness as a whole, and I believe a factual yet funny voice with jokes achieves this best. - We will cover a range of topics. This includes but isn't limited to nutrition and diet, exercise routines and plans, mental health with wellness, and how each of these ways increases your lifespan dramatically. The best fit for this project would be a writer with proven experience in health and fitness content. If you've got a good understanding of nutrition, different types of workouts, mental health wellness strategies, and how all these pieces can...

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