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    Make changes to existing Windows program so that non-primary monitors are blacked out while screensaver is running on primary monitor.

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    Hi, Another programmer created a Windows program for me that takes an SWF file (Flash animation) as input, and then converts it to an EXE that includes the portable Adobe Flash Player, so that it can run standalone (and automatically plays full-screen). It also generates a SCR (screensaver) file that launches the EXE file, so that the Flash animation can be used as a screensaver. I need some cha...

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    I have a IQE 3XCITE PLC and DVXBR HMI, I want a new Program and HMI writing for it. Please serious bidders only, that read and understand the requirements. Do not bid a random amount, but a realistic amount. Please state "EXCITING" in your quote so that I can verify that you have read the brief. Those who dont will not be considered. Main Screen 1. 5 Boxes (outlined and coloured &ndas...

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    Trophy icon Screensaver Video Loppunut left

    We require a video to be designed that features our logo, and company colours (please only use colours in our brand guidelines) that is animated like a screen saver. It should be eye catching, and will be played on screens in our coffee shop while music plays in the background. The final file should be provided as MP4

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    Hi Alek, I have a new brief. KISHAR, SHADOW AND THE SPACESHIP This time, I'll try to provide more useful information. Let's see if we can make better progress with this one than with the previous ideas :) I haven't written about this yet, so there is no text to extract from the book. However, I have mocked up images of what I have in mind and can supply these few details for gu...

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    I'd like a downloadable screen saver for both PC and Mac based on the art I provide. This will be a file that customers of my product can download as a digital extra. There should be 3 components: 1). A set of static images that can be placed as the background image on a monitor (or multiple monitors) 2). A screensaver with some kind of motion to it. A slideshow would be the obvious method,...

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    I require a simple APK of a 4K HDR Screensaver that displays a rotation of 4k HDR videos. The videos will be located in a folder on the device. The videos should play in a randomised order with no sound in full screen with nothing else on the screen. Codec details are attached and a sample video url is below. Sample file here: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] This APK must work on android ...

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    I need someone to create an always active screen-saver android app. The app needs to play a video on loop whenever the phone goes in idle state. This app should also prevent the phone-screen from turning off i.e. whenever phone is trying to get into doze mode the app should wake it and start playing the video on loop. Battery consumption is not a problem.

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    I need 4 options modified in the Template 1. Wallpaper and Screen Saver Disable 3CX from modifying the screensaver on the phone. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] the Name adjacent to the extension Number as well as | symbol 3. Remove Vertical Bars | Symbols from Displays

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    Project for Ivan V. Loppunut left

    Hi Ivan V., I see you're an experience programmer, and that you also have some experience with screensavers. I would like to discuss the following project with you: Support for Adobe Flash was recently removed from Windows. As a result, many Flash-based screensavers for Windows have stopped working. I'm looking for a way to get these screensavers working again, without having to rely on...

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    I have a 224-page PDF. Each page needs to be exported into 8 different JPGs, each a different resolution: 1. Insta/FB post 2. iPhone wallpaper 3. Android Phone wallpaper 4. iPad wallpaper 5. Android tablet wallpaper 6. Desktop screensaver 7. Print (12x18) 8. Print (8x10) Attached is a sample page of the PDF.

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    I need to develop a self ordering kiosk in android and set it up as fast as i can. But i need that working fine with payment integration (I work with Stripe) and POS integration (Tillersystems). BASIC APP FLOW SCREENSAVER - MARKETING VIDEOS -> HOW YOU WANT TO ORDER TO EAT HERE / TO PICKUP -> CATEGORIES (MENU) -> PRODUCTS (Products must show nutritional info ALLERGIES TAG and Calories, e...

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    Android app Loppunut left

    Android 5.1 app with a database of about 2000 articles (photo and text included, provided in .xls file) with a search function on the home screen. When the app is not used, it uses the same articles as a screensaver.

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    The aim is to develop an app that has the functionality of a blogger. Unlike blogging sites, the app will use a simple UI where thoughts, ideas, or small write-ups can be updated into the app. The inputted information to the app will be displayed in a screensaver like interface where the inputted ideas, thoughts, or writeups will be floating around. The user will be able to view and pick up the re...

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    Able to use on iMac 21", 27", and MacBook

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    Screensaver Design Loppunut left

    I want to design a screen saver for our computers and monitors

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    Hello Gentlemen, please read carefully! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • You MUST be able to talk and understand English. • A properly working; microphone and internet connection is a MUST be. • These are the fixed conditions to collaborate. -----------------------------------------...

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    I want an animated desktop screensaver with logo ( preferably done with after effects and i need the open files to add text later when needed)

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    Mp4 to Scr. Loppunut left

    I have a short video as mp4 & would like to convert it to a screensaver.

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    Need to make Cisco504G, Linksys 942, Fanvil X7 Series and Grandstream phones compatible with FusionPBX. Set Up Provisioning to manage… Sip Registration Local Date & Time as per Client’s Location LCD Screen & Screensaver (On/Off/Timer) Idle Key List Missed Call Key List Off Hook Key List Dialing Input Key Progressing Key Connected Key Start Xfer Key Start Conf Key Conferencing...

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    Hi Fatih T., as discussed here the continuation of the DC project. Please provide a project quote and duration estimate. Here the details of project: - create a second DC with for same domain as previous one (this will be the primary one, the other one was a test version and may function as DR/backup DC if needed) - automatically force users once a month to connect to VPN (create a task to use...

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    Trophy icon Harry logo design Loppunut left

    I want my name HARRY in cool logo colours. I don’t know if I want other words on my logo but maybe adventure? I like yellow, teal, blue ,green. I am from ?? GB. I am big into adventure, outdoors, camping, snow sports, hills and water and animals. I like turtles, tortoises, wolf ,birds of prey like osprey and penguins. I want a current logo to go on many things like hoodies, screensaver, ca...

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    I want to have a screensaver of various photos I've taken created for both Mac and Windows. Multiple screensavers - please price per screensaver. Approximately 11 photos (open to advice/suggestions). Screensaver to be uploaded for sale on my website.

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    Custom screensaver Loppunut left

    We need to develop a custom screensaver that will display company logo allow us to type in a paragraph of custom text and have a button at the bottom of the screen to turn it off. It cannot be turned off or disabled any other way other then clicking the button.

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    App screensaver Loppunut left

    Necesito un instalador de screensaver para todo modelo de smartphone y tablet. Este screensaver debe ser controlado por un modulo externo desde cualquier computador a distancia. El screensaver, que será realizado e instalado por mí, remotamente, se muestre siempre y al tocar la pantalla aparezca el precio u otro como fondo e pantalla. Debe ser para smartphone, Tablets, andoride y IO...

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    Screensaver App Loppunut left

    I need a screensaver for all smartphone and tablet models. It is for a business I want a screensaver that is always displayed and when you touch the screen, the price appears as the wallpaper. If possible, the price and image should be selected remotely.

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    Trophy icon Create a 3D animation of our logo Loppunut left

    We would like a 3D animation created from our logo (see attached image) to be used on a 3D projector - It should be 3D, horizontally rotating text (with our icon) - see attached image. - It should do one rotation every 8 (roughly) seconds. - It should be saved as a .mp4 The 3D effect does not need to be super fancy, but it should not look cartoonish. It can basically look like the 3D text of the...

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    I want a screensaver with a mix of own pictures and digital clock in it.

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    Water Meter Loppunut left

    Hi, I have a new project that I need help with. The premise of the equipment is to deliver a certain amount of water at a specific temperature based on several factors and user input from a menu. This unit will deliver water to one of two outputs. Inputs; A. Ambient air temperature B. Temperature Probe C. Water temperature D. Touch Screen Outputs; (5 water solenoids) 1. Incoming cold water 2. I...

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    Video concept Loppunut left

    I’m looking for a concept built – It doesn’t matter how it’s built just that it is (well preferably HTML but no big deal) I want a video wall builder (it’s a concept, if well built we will want you to do another separate project) We should have - Add video button, either local, vimeo I don’t mind long as plays mp4 (can be up to 50 videos) - Videos should ...

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    Develop a MS Windows screensaver for MS Windows 10 (and, ideally, other currently supported versions of Windows, such as Windows 8, although this is less important). The screensaver will display a website. The URL for the website will be hard-coded in the source code. The website may use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, video. Ideally, the screensaver will use the Edge browser to render the website and...

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    We have a video that we would like to display on our kiosk when the Kiosk is in Kiosk Mode but not being interacted with. We believe the best way to do that is by making the video a screensaver. If there are other ways, we would love to hear it. We are also trying to lock down the Kiosk in Kiosk Mode so it only displays Google Chrome Browser. Default option in Kiosk Mode is Microsoft Edge. Howeve...

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    We’re looking to create windows screensaver from images. More details will be given in the interview.

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    create screensaver from existing GIF and add some text

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    i have a wordpress screensaver plugin. i would like to be able to use custom code and wp shortcodes within the screen saver. please see attachments for plugin files and photoshop example. please type "lollypops" in your proposal to be considered thank you for your time.

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    I am looking for a developer to build a simple app that runs fullscreen on a windows machine that allows Mac/iOS users (on the same network) to AirPlay and mirror their screen to the Windows app. The app should support audio and video mirroring and be compatible with the latest Mac OS and iOS. When you bid, please don't give me the generic cut-paste description of your company skills/servic...

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    To develop a MAC screensaver with 2d animation logo and background motion graphics [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Graphic assets will be provided.

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    We will provide design. We need text and image animation done and should be easy to install in MAC machines as screensaver.

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    We will provide design. We need text and image animation done and should be easy to install in windows machines as screensaver.

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    I currently have an iOS app in development and need assistance with developing and integrating a game: Have the ability to simply navigate around the United State. Similar to the Windows 95 3D Maze Screensaver design but updated graphics and user can control movement/view. - Each state will be its own room in the maze and there will be an entry/exit for each connecting state. - Points will be ea...

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    The concept is "snowing rainbows" for Holiday season 2019 and Winter season 2020. The vision is vector art rainbow shapes or vector art snowflake shapes in rainbow colors gently floating from the top of the screen to the bottom, with a background of your choice... OR "snowing rainbows" somehow incorporating the ideas of snow like static on a screen or static on an antenna signa...

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    Hi All, I've created a screensaver for a "countdown" project, with simple text and organisation logo. I've attached graphics if you can create something better!? I'm after submissions and if approved, will buy! Needs to be Full HD 1920x1080 sizing with drawing file and JPEG. Cheers, Jake

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    I need to create a group policy to enable screensaver in all users I need to start work now remotely

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    I have a set of 3 screensaver APKs I have had developed that all use the same code but have different names. There are two types, Android TV & Mobile versions of each screensaver. I have the zip available from the previous developer. I have a sample of one the APKs attached here. The issue I have is that the APKs work fine on the Nvidia Shield and Samsung Galaxy note 8/9 mobiles phones, but it...

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    Hi, I am looking for 15 HD wallpapers which are royalty free, which I can use for commercial purpose including reselling. Preferred image resolution 3840X 2160(4K)

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    Hello, I would like to work with a person that could do both programming (python) and light animation. The concept is : 1) A webcam is on. 2) When it detects a face near it (1meter distance), the program activates. 3) On the screen, we see a fake scan animation (in attached file, the middle one). 4) Once the scan is realized, an animation shows some fake analysis and put the results on the scre...

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    I require a fairly simple APK 4K Screensaver that displays a rotation of 4k images. The information is supplied by an XML that is created by me. There are multiple categories that can be selected one at a time in settings so the categories may increase or decrease as set by the XML. I also require a clock on/off option in settings. The rotation of the images will be 30 seconds. This APK is designe...

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    touchscreen monitor that has days listed (calendar format) for my jobs. i hit a day, it opens the day and i can add the materials i need for that specific job on that day. programmable screensaver option as well and i want it wall mounted. I want it basic so receptionist etc can walk up and EASILY see as well. If a job isnt on that day the day will remain greyed out or a different color.

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    Build me a android app for screensaver which will show information on the screen from a google spreadsheet

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