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    I am in need of a fox based programmer that can assist me getting source code for our company software that has been lost and we have no way to decompile program to make changes and updates

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    We are looking for someone who knows xcode to decompile a mac client OwnCloud software, make some branding alterations and resave it for us. Source code can be found here. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I have added images of what needs changing, Logos and some text to reference our brand. Experience in XCODE is a must.

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    I need to decompile an ea

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    need to decompile a forex trading software to make it unlocked .. for use in real account

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    Must have experience with using micropython on esp32 or esp8266 from a windows host. Updating the filesystem of a an embedded board via USB by using ampy or rshell is unreliable and cumbersome. As a replacement we are looking for a command line tool that has two functionalities: A) - deletes the filesystem of an embedded board (with the exception of one file with a special name) - recursively co...

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    Looking for an experienced Android developer who can quickly work on some prototypes involving creating Android native executable. This will need some exploratory work, especially with Native Executable/NDK etc. Prefer someone who are local to Hyderabad India, if possible. Should have - Developed a few Android apps which are live - Knowledge/experience of Geolocation, Bluetooth LE etc - Experien...

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    Histogram processing Write a program for histogram equalization by taking [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] as an input. Export [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] as an output file. Spatial filtering a) Write a program for Gaussian filtering by taking [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] as an input. You can use the code example for Gaussian kernel below. Set kernel size = 5x5, sigma...

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    I know android/ios allow you to package the app as an executable on different platforms Instead of running the Laravel app with npm I want the user to click on an executable and run I am finding long term position to work professional dev

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    The programming task requires you to create a utility to traverse a specified directory in breadth-first order. Breadth-first search explores all the nodes at a given level before descending lower in the tree. Breadth-first search is implemented with a queue. As the program encounters each directory node at a particular level, it enqueues the pathname for later examination. You can use the follow...

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    I have an android APK file. I want you to decompile that apk and provide me a working android studio project so i can edit contents & recompile that. I will pay $15 Max. This projecst is a test project, I have many project in future if you will be able to do this perfectly.

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    I need a script or executable (including sourcecode) that will perform the following under windows: I need to set a timer, after the timer is finished it has to execute a cli command from another program and then start to overwrite “random” bites from selected files as long as the program isn’t terminated. The timer can only be stopped via entering a password. (which has to be en...

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    c language project Loppunut left

    The project must be written in C. Your program must compile and run on pyrite. Requirements makefile (5 points) You get 5 points for using a makefile. Name your source files whatever you like. Please name your executable osh. Be sure that "make" will build your executable. Documentation (10 points) If you have more than one source file, then you must submit a Readme file containing ...

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    Need executable maybe batch file, or something else simple to -open chrome in incognito mode and -log in with User name and password I must be able to edit it, to duplicate for several websites, and change passwords

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    I need a tool that will allow me to synchronize tasks from MS Project to JIRA tasks and structure. Features: 1. Create JIRA from MS Project plan (title, description, due date) 2. Update-synch from MS Project plan (both ways, 2 functions) 3. Create "depends on" link based on structure from MS Project 4. Create structure in confluence based om MS Project Technical requirements: - ...

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    I've a software not available on the market which is not working properly. The software decompile encrypted files using sophisticated methodologies. I need a specialist able to read the code trying to fix a conflict memory error, this is the bug mentioned during the routine The application run on Windows 10

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    Solve performance issues closed source executable (game)

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    I need an Android Developer who can Decompile Apps. I will Provide apk and i need source code of that apk. i will provide offline apk. i need android studio source code of that apk. Like i need Source code this app - [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    I have an excel sheet with data whose format doesn't change weekly. I need a dashboard to run on my local machine or a exe to ask for input where I will upload the excel and all data in the excel should be read and respective emails should be created in my drafts folder in outlook. This process should be automated. Excel sheet will generally have up to 100 rows and each row should show up...

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    Hello Task here is very simple; Find which products are not in our own database based on two files: 1: Supplier file 2: Own file Compare the two .csv files based on Column A (A2, A3, A4 etc.) in both files - (disregards A1) Those products from the "Supplier-file" which are not in "Own-file" needs to be kept with all their column-data so they can be imported. I need a script...

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    I want a someone on to develop small programs based on structural analysis and design. All the specifications and algorithms would be provided. The programmer should be quick and I need the program to be developed using mfc and c++ in visual studio 12 or lesser. I would want all of the related executable files and the program files.

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    I am seeking a developer experienced in creating a mobile apps for multiple platforms development. Ideally, Xamarin forms will be used to take advantage native application development while using shared code and logic. Platforms to be supported are Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows are the intended platforms. I will share the Scope of Project with the selected Candidate.. In your submis...

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    Decompile and reverse engineer all dll files to produce an ASP.NET MVC web project. We had a developer that developed a software, which is an ASP.NET MVC web application with API's and robot functions included in the project but he has left the company, and we cannot find the source code. We need to manage and maintain the software updates and solve the critical issues in it **THIS IS JUST A ...

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    1. Windows executable file (.exe) Encryption - give mi Encryption tool file extension - .swf 2. Windows Setup file for software installation. (32 bits and 64 bits) 3. Give mi portal for Activation key generator. 4. Used key analytics. (date, time, expiry date and etc.) 5. One key one user. 6. Software run offline. 7. Portal should be login base and login user also analytics. (How many key generat...

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    Hello, Need a small app to retrieve daily US stocks data from an online source, run some filters, and post the filtered results in Excel. Pseudo code will be provided. The deliverables will include source code, a document explaining each line of the source code, the executable app, testing until the results are proven reliable on a consistent basis. No specific programming language is preferred.

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    Compile and run a program called JABCode [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] on XCode iOS. I can already compile and run JABCode on Linux. But transferring the source code/ static libraries and making it run on with basic functionality on XCode is the challenge. This will be a quick project for someone with the right skills.

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    I need a web crawler program to get the information for a public online ecommerce platform. - select category or sub-categories of ecommerce platform (continuous update, allow add or delete) - input brands to be ignored (continuous update, allow add or delete) - run the program 7x24 with standard notebook computer - go through each listing one by one (by program in backend) - record down the sales...

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    I am a programmer, my project requires recording video on raspberry pi with the webcam we have. Hardware: - Raspberry Pi 4 Computer Model B 4GB RAM - Logitech BRIO – 4K Ultra HD Webcam This is very simple, chances are you might already have a code from your projects that does this. You can write your code in ANY LANGUAGE! As long as its safe, stable, and will allow me to use Python to trig...

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    I have an app for windows CE 5.0 (I have it removed from SD card of Dental Laser Machine), I want the app to be converted to Wince cab file (executable file) to be abble to use it again and run it on Windows 10 IoT I have Already installed windows 10 IoT on Rasberry Pi 3 model B so when the app is ready I will be able to install and test it.

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    Read the complete description Scenario, where I have to copy and send a single file and run on multiple IPs, Example; Upload a file and run on Mexico IPs, or other IPs from other countries. And an example we can talk about.

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