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    i have a debian server, i want you to help me implement torrents traffic block on the server, while allowing other traffic. on ports via any best method. need to give me the details and script code of your implementation of method. Regards

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    I have a windows server with version 2008 webserver on it with IIS7. I want to upgrade it because I need at least IIS8. Windows update gives an error. Its a production server with websites on it and a control panel (solidcp).

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    We would like to try out Presta...Our choice for a test-setup (German or French server): [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Webserver Premium SSL (monthly 50 EUR; 16GB RAM, bandwith "only"100 Mbit/s) For going live: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Webserver Dedicated Basic SSD (32GB RAM, bandwith 1 Gbit/s)

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    It's a Web hosting platform which is being created using python CGI, Apache Webserver, Shell scripting and Redhat Linux.

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    ...screens will be location service, system time, user registration with city name from atlas. There will be no logic in app, user inputs will be passed to a already running webserver as JSON and show the reeults returned [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] on android app. Welcome screen, disclaimer screen, Feedback screen, user registration screen using OTP, user input from

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    I have a fresh Linode Nanode server running Debian 9 that I want set up optimally for WordPress. It has virtually nothing on it. I want it set up with tight security and optimized for delivering a WordPress site with decent traffic as efficiently as possible. Please include with your bid a recommendation for how you would accomplish this goal. Start

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    13 tarjoukset extracted from a PMS webserver and will be put on a local network SQL Server (in the same network, but on a different machine in the deployment environment). SQL Server name, schema and credentials used for accessing the SQL Server should be parameterized (saved in configuration files). - The data received from PMS webserver will be received in XML

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    ...programming skills. My business started 6 month ago and now I have my first "bigger" customer. It's an Event-Photographer. On his Tour-Bus on several events, we will run a simple Webserver Apache on RaspberryPi and on outsides computer will show a local webgallery, that is made with [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], so it's possible to easy display nearly

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    Rubber Duck script 2 päivää left

    Im looking for a rubber ducky script that would download from a webserver a VBscript (or schedule download if not connect to internet and download as soon it connects to) and execute it The VBscript would be something like this command = "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] -nologo -command C:UsersDesktop[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]" set shell = CreateObject("...

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    Configuration: - 4G Huawei Router (SIM card with private IP operator network) - Apache Server on a Raspberry PI - VPN subscription at PureVPN (With d...(With dedicated IP and Port Forwarding option ) Need: - Public access to the Apache server on the Raspberry PI through the VPN tunnel (PureVPN) Required skills - PPTP; VPN; Debian; Routing; IP Tables

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    I have an old script that runs on PHP 5.2 and I need help to set up a CentOS webserver for production on a VM specifically for that script. It can be deployed directly on OS or using Docker or other suggested means.

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    i have openvpn server in machine debian 9,all ok work perfect,but problem navigatiopn is slow and ping when test in speedtest in app android is 500 ms and speed test 5 mb. server [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] speed test 900 mb, but whe i use in openvpn client is slow

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    Check BIOS authenticity (Debian) 1 päivä left

    Hello, I would need to understand if my BIOS has been tampered (eg. BIOS rootkit, malware, keyloggers..). I would like to reflash with the original BIOS firmware. I use Debian and Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop. We need an extremely proficient and experienced freelancer. Thank you

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    WebServer Configuration - Apache2 3 tuntia left

    I have a PHP project uploaded on Digital Ocean Ubuntu 14.04 server. I am able to access the phpmyadmin page but notable to access the index...tutorial available in YouTube for my project and I am trying the exact. It can be accessed here. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] someone with good knowledge of webserver with ubuntu OS is required.

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    I'm looking to have a webserver deployed inside of docker for learning purposes. I use Cloudlab and would like for the deployment to be in the same environment. Please provide options for SQL or Apache etc as I am not sure about them.

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    ...master/agent relationship and frontend GUI for management. This is to be used internally for managing local account across many internal Linux Based Servers (Cross platform, Debian, RedHat, etc..). Server and Client to be written in C GUI to be written in (Java, PHP, Python, etc..) does not matter as long as its interactive with live dashboards All data

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    Hello, Sever...activity). I will not give you cpanel pwd, in case you need something done there, you will have to tell me. Access to logs can be delayed as well since I am not the owner of the webserver. BUDGET: $20 ($10 for removing all the files and stopping spamming, then $10 for finding the cause and fixing it), bids above of it will be ignored.

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    Create a free SSL Certificate that renews itself via cronjob and install on debian webserver, 2 domains You need teamviewer to access server via terminal

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    Email Relay Manager Loppunut left

    ...uncommon ports with different configurations and IP addresses. Additionally to be able to configure, start, and stop the relays via an application or webpage running on a single Debian host, preferably Ubuntu 18.10. Some side notes: - The interface should be clean and support modern browsers. - The interface should support a basic username and password

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    I have a Laravel Application, i want to connect it to my ardu...what i need is to connect arduino through ethernet shield to my webserver (laravel), and control the relays from the web page. The webserver is ready, just need to modify the code to connect with the arduino. and the arduino code is ready, just want to modify it to connect with webserver.

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    Board: BeagleBone Green ; Operating System on board: Debian Linux Job to be done: To measure impedance of an electronics/electrical circuits at given frequency. Plot the measured impedance on display connected to BBG. Programming langaage can be used are C/C++ and a GUI (QT, GTK/any GUI). Hardware unit + OS is all up and running. Only application needs

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    I need a sysadmin to install standalone HBase on Debian. In your bid, please tell me what "grep" is used for so I know you're not just spamming bids.

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    C++ and debian Loppunut left

    Hi Looking for expert programmer with C++ skills to integrate hardware devices like cameras,IoT sensors etc. Experience with MySQL required and python is a plus.

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    Hello, We have currently two servers(all Linux). One is a webserver and the other is a db server. We need you to backup each server and migrate one server to the other server(you make us to use only one server for our website) Please note; our next job is about seo problem on our infinite scroll website.(every page is 95% indexed by google but we have

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    ...Currently our cameras are controlled via a Windows application on desktop computers. The cameras also feature a Webserver. An existing controller design should be programmed as a website. This website will then be integrated into the camera webserver. The design is available in Photoshop files. The Website should adapt to different screen sizes, mainly

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    machine learning Loppunut left

    ...make game soccer predictions (ie 1 x 2) from a private dataset. Preferred language is phyton but other solutions are accepted; the script should: - run on microsof server/webserver - read 24/7 a daily hmtl file from an url (each line have the game data) - upload automatically game information from the online file into a database - continue to train

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    Operation Systems Loppunut left

    Looking for someone who has experience with operation system material. Would prefer someone who uses debian. Will go into more details about project once bid is sent.

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    I need someone to setup nginx webserver for me, for 2 domains on 1 VPS and also setup a reverse proxy so I can use SSL and and make incoming web sockets connections secure

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    ...provider. This service should return appropriate HTTP response codes. This service must scale and handle multiple concurrent connections. The code should be compatible with Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora. Please make sure you provide information / scripts on how to run and test your implementation. In a few sentences explain what guided you to design the

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    ...all 3 operating systems (windows/linux/mac). The plugin first has to check the user credentials (email + password) against the webserver to gather the information about the purchased addon of the specific user. The webserver will pass a list of purchased addons (name of addon folder). The plugin will then search the local addon folders for these addons

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    We have a Plesk admin webserver (VPS) running nginx & apache that is currently redirecting all http requests to https. The problem is that some of our calls are POST calls and the HTTP to HTTPS redirect strips the POST data. We need this behavior changed so that these HTTP post calls still work. Solution can either be to let the redirect preserve

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    I am looking for someone experienced with setting up Multicraft Game Servers on Debian to configure Minecraft mods and modpacks that are popular to users.

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    El proyecto esta hecho con el stack TCP/IP de microchip y no me envia variables a un webserver (ubidots). Tengo algo mal en el código pero no me doy cuenta.

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    I am trying to setup remote access to a MySQL database on Debian and receiving the following error on the remote server: (111 "Connection refused") I need help resolving this error.

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    Initial milestone $170. Goal: From a CSV file where 1 field is a "website", download the website to my local webserver. Dynamic links on each page need to be converted into static HTML. I will need all source code that runs the project. Details of project are here: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Example

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    website api Loppunut left

    hi, we have a website and trying to link it to our instore system, the in-store system can read the stock li...<title>404 Not Found</title> </head><body> <h1>Not Found</h1> <p>The requested URL /rest/all/V1/stockItems/AFPD018/40 was not found on this server.</p> <hr> <address>Apache/2.4.10 (Debian) Server at [kirjaudu nähd&au...

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    ...json-based API (json-RPC) What we need: We have a working React-based app which can only show content from the local filesystem. We want to change that. We deployed a webserver comprising our backend core. The server can be addressed via http requests following the json-RPC protocol. For a valid request, it will return a response with various contents

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    I have a couple DV accounts at MediaTemple - we are web developers but not server admins - we have some stalled processes and some potential issues that I'd like to get resolved before they become some larger issue.

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    Looking for someone to teach me how to Install existing files of Lumen Laravel Framework into a brand new VPS Server (Debian). PHP, Extensions, Nginx, Mysql installation, and all the other required prequisitires should be teached too! I prefer to do it through Teamviewer in my PC, so i can record the whole process!

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    We need a freelancer to help us with maintance our servers. We host some webhotel with wordpress/woocommerce We look for good collegue to our team.

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    Kali Linux Debian Loppunut left

    I got some labs needed to be done on the above software. Can be done on my machine using access given.

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    I need help with labs using the above software. I will provide with document with steps to follow to get desired result. I need screenshot of work and I need explanation of work using Harvard referencing .

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    Check plesk DNS servers are configured correctly on debian 8 and if not fix them. My website is down and need it up asap Ovh are saying I do have dns servers but they are not responding.

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    Hello, I need help from a server Linux EXPERT: I am running Magento 2 ver. 2.2.6 (runs on Debian) Please note I don’t have a Cpanel. I need help for blow task (For me, it doesn't matter in what order the things are done) 1) Set which cron jobs to run and set system time 2) Fix permission issues on server 3) Change root user password FYI: It’s not

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    My wordpress is running on Debian 7.1(Wheezy). It PHP mail() which does not work. Now I have to use 3rd party SMTP plugin to send registration email. Now the SMTP server always block my mail because too many spam register from my email. I need some solution to block spam register to send email from my server. Also I have phpmyadmin in my server. But

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    required to create full Backup and Backup training Of MySQL asterisk web applications and some more

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    ...filtrar la descarga a solo videos educativos. La aplicación debe ser lo mas ligera posible ya que se pretende instalar en un servidor con bajos recurso con sistema operativo debian....

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    VPN network design Loppunut left

    ...2 solution would probably be the easiest for me. All 3 offices need to communicate with a Google cloud PBX, which will also need to be VPN'ed. The google cloud instance is Debian linux. The offices are Windows 7,10,2012,2016,2019 environments over cable modems. I'm looking for a solid design that will allow me to have essentially one network to manage

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    26 tarjoukset

    I need help compiling PHP with the weakrefs extension on Debian Stretch

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    4 tarjoukset

    I need help installing pocketmine on the Multicraft control panel. It is currently throwing PHP errors for weakrefs. I need help compiling PHP wit...need help installing pocketmine on the Multicraft control panel. It is currently throwing PHP errors for weakrefs. I need help compiling PHP with the weakrefs extension on Debian using the command line.

    €16 (Avg Bid)
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    2 tarjoukset