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    hola, busco scraping en paginas de mis proveedores mayoristas para integrar los productos en mi tienda shopify, actualmente los extraigo por medio de octaparse pero aveces no me da todas las variantes y me gustaria que tambien me indicara que imagen corresponde a cada variente de color, de igual forma optimizarlo para que ya me de los datos en el orden que pide el formato de shopify, y si hay una forma que se actualize el inventario de forma automatica estaria excelente, espero puedan ayudarme. adjunto captura de la pagina que tiene la mayoria de mis proveedores.

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    My Masters Research is on phytoplankton distribution in the southern ocean, I need to compare different variables and then if there is a correlation i will use my geochemistry knowledge to state why and how this happens. I just need help plotting my data and find any correlations between variables as it took a while to get the data and now I am behind.

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    ...specifically need is to evaluate segmentation results from the trained network and save the image results from segmentation to add to my report. Here's the code I used Evaluating semantic segmentation results ---------------------------------------- * Selected metrics: global accuracy, class accuracy, IoU, weighted IoU, BF score. * Processed 0 using semanticSegmentationMetrics>iAssertCategoricalsHaveSameCategories The categorical data returned by dsResults and dsTruth must have the same categories. my code is below dataSetDir = fullfile('LungTS','preprocessedDataset'); testImagesDir = fullfile(dataSetDir,'imagesTest'); imdReader = @(x) matRead(x); imds = imageDatastore(testImagesDir, ... 'FileExtensions','.mat'...

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    there will be three value we have to extract characters location episode after that question you have to answer Q1 - List top 5 characters with maximum number of episodes. Start from the highest. need today till 9pm...

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    The tutor needs to be well versed with flight simulation management using SIMUL8 to explain to me how to go about it. This will involve flight departure simulation scenario.

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    I need a chatting app using firebase to chat between class teacher and students of same batch. chat option should contain text and image option and chat must be deleted after 15 days automatically.

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    Write out 20 affirmative sentences for 50 different topics using a grammar checker for perfection To win this project I will give you 1 topic and ask for 20 affirmative sentences for that topic. The affirmations will need to be in perfect written English language, and highly original. 10 sentences will start with « You will » and 10 sentences will start with « S/he will » If I like your sample, I will accept you straightaway. It will help if you hold at least a University Degree Standard in English Language and Literature. If you are successful I will be giving you a further 49 topics to provide 20 affirmations for each.

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    I want to design and implement a 6-bit division circuits for unsigned numbers using VHDL in the Xilinx software.

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    Hello, I need an experienced C developer who can work on a word parser program. I already have some code finished so I will need the developer to work off my working code. The developer must be able to parse a .csv file full of certain data and then be able to de-duplicate, sort and then nicely output the data. Looking for a developer who can work on it immediately and start right away. (Must be done in 15 hrs) Thanks.

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    Create the Previous orders page Ui and Backend DB Connection

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    Looking for a Laravel/Vue expert for an Agile project who can work in the EST timezone.

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    Web scraping into google sheet ms excel 6 päivää left

    I have around 15url links It has to extract those data's and store in excel and google sheet in real time, domain name is

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    Write code to calculate vertical displacement using MPU6050 sensor. Code shall integrate the acceleration on the MPU6050 accelerometers to calculate distance moved in the x, y, z direction. Code shall use the MPU6050 gyroscope to know which way is vertical (i.e. axis parallel to gravity, g). With information from gyroscope it shall then be able to calculate distance moved in the g direction i.e. the vertical displacement . To test the code I will: - lift the MPU6050 1 meter off the ground - the vertical displacement shall read 1 meter. - I will then put the MPU6050 on the ground - the vertical displacement shall read 0 meters. - I will then lift the MPU6050 1 meter off the ground in a different orientation - the vertical displacement shall again read 1 meter. - I will then place...

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    I am trying to design two antenna models in ANSYS HFSS. Both antennas are with metasurfaces, I want one antenna to be circularly polarized and another one should be linearly polarized. I don't have much time and I want someone who is good at designing and simulating antennas on HFSS or CST antenna designer software. I have already made one model but I still need some modifications to it. I am uploading some papers so that one can get an idea of what kind of antenna I want to design and simulate. The document contains the link of IEEE papers from which I am getting ideas for my design.

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    ... Linux Version is Ubuntu 22.04 with NVIDIA drivers installed GTX 660. Another lib: I need create a webservice fresk / gnunecorn one route to compare 2 photos and tell-me if the person on photo is the same person. Autentication using barrier token need be implanted. the key will be on source code of aplication. ROUTE ONE: https://address/facecompare METHOD: POST i will pass 2 images for the service you need download the images make compare and returns if people match or not. REQUEST SEND: { image_1: "", image_2: "", tolerance: 0.6 //

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    Design a JSP page named “” that handles a POST request and an action on “RegistrationController” java using a @RequestMapping. The page should have “Soccer Registration”

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    Design a JSP page named “” that handles a POST request and an action on “RegistrationController” java using a @RequestMapping. The page should have “Soccer Registration”

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    Data Scraping -- 2 6 päivää left

    Looking for someone who can pull data from website using Parsehub.

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    I need a simple API in Python that will BUY and SELL Stocks, based on (user) defined LIVE MACD Indicator values. It must; -Log into Robinhood or Webull (using my account) -Look at a (user) defined stock symbol/s, on a specific (user) defined timeframe chart (1 minute, 5 minute, etc.) -Continuously monitor the LIVE values of 1 specific indicator (MACD Indicator), related to that stock symbol. -Execute Buy AND Sell orders stocks, depending on the (user) defined LIVE MACD indicator values. Then assist me (as needed) by phone or email getting it implemented. The timeline on this project is no more than 10 days for completion. - If this quick and simple project works out, I may have more work for the programmer/s.

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    I need to integrate livestreaming for my social network users using Agora Integrate Example:

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    Project for Zeeshan A. 9 päivää left

    Hey, Zeeshan! How are you? I wonder if you can help me with my project. I would like to have a Chrome Extension in which I would trigger a data scraping from It would basically download the cards per game information for each team and referee. I can show you if you are interested. Output could be CSV.

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    Hello, i have purshased Armember plugin to be used for my membership website. I am looking for someone/company not expensive who is available.

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    this is a simple project, just using an API to collect the live tweets and checking if it is fact or not using google fact-check API

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    PLEASE: DO NOT RESPOND If you do not have previous experience with the LeadTools MultiMedia SDK. We have an existing project that utilizes the LeadTools Multimedia SDK for a whole host of purposes. The developer who owns the project is currently over-assigned and the to take a message (under 256 chars), generate a QR code, take a video, and append 5 seconds of that QR code to the end of the video. Depending on the project, the videos may be of different resolutions and the QR code must always be clear, machine-readable and centered on the screen. We are aware that there are many ways to accomplish this without using the LeadTools SDK. We want to use the SDK. We are aware that we can embed meta-data into the AVI or MP4 wrapper. We want to append an image to the ...

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    Create Jenkins pipeline using groovy 6 päivää left

    I require someone with good experience with groovy to create Jenkins ci cd pipeline for the cloud.

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    Game specs (there is a bit more detailed Gdd ready) - 1 on 1 single player (vs computer) - 1 on 1 multiplayer fight game (through invitation code, online players or facebook friends) Delivery: - Working source code - Game deployed to google/apple store - Modeled humanoid cartoonish characters and items to be used (low poly, can use free ones) - Ads integration

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    It's a university website using html and css

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    ...four websites. Each website listed is the same site but has had different filtering settings applied to it. Therefore, the same scraping methodology can easily be applied to each. The website(s) list the contact details of various political consultants. After clicking the bio of one, you are taken to a different site where more information can be found on each. This is the information that’s most important to me - their name, email, address, phone number, areas of expertise, states of operation, etc. *Additionally* there oftentimes are links to their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter profiles. These URLs are important to me too. The deliverable for this project will be a CSV file containing all the information scraped. Please only bid after thoroughly reviewi...

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    Multi-Lingual Data Entry/Web Scraping 6 päivää left

    Working on excel for data entry in German, French, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian. The data are products, which can be found on retailers websites in the above languages and then is either scraped from the website or copy and pasted onto excel. There is approximately 1000 products, 7 languages, so 7000 lookups in total. Will require a team.

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    Azure networking using Cisco firepower 6 päivää left

    Need help in design may be a 30 mins over view call

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    implementing an AI agent for playing a two-player game, and is intended to give exposure to planning in the presence of an adversary with a budget on the computation allowed before performing a decision (move).

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    Source recipes that fit the plan and fill in 30 days of meals into the template I already have. Must be creative and able to provide variety in the menu options. Will provide the full plan you will be following once I decide to work with you. *Attached files are an example.

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    Hi, Looking to make 5 small corrections on a pdf document ( mostly date and numbers) need to be exact same font.

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    I need chat application using java and involves client server plus implementing UML digram.

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    Please create an Excel VBA to automate do the following work. Enter date data in excel cell A1.(ex:20220722,the year should be 2022-1911=111) Go to an url() and choose the Year and Month and select the bottom option.(See image 1.)(image B2 should be A1) Download the specified date csv file which is entered before at step 1.(cell A1).(See image 2.)NOTE:If cell A1 is empty, download the newest csv file in the url. Copy and paste the specified range data to excel cell B2.(See the specified range at image 3. and image 4.) There's no need to save the downloaded csv file after passing the data.(Do not create any new tab to scrape the data)

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    Stat analysis Using AMOS SPSS needed 6 päivää left

    Some scales applied needing to validate and doing other methods, details via chatting

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    Project for Gheorghi C. 9 päivää left

    Hello, how are you? I wonder if you can help me with my project. I would like to have a Chrome Extension in which I would trigger a data scraping from It would basically download the cards per game information for each team and referee. I can show you if you are interested. Output could be CSV.

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    Here is my testing problem. using (MailMessage mail = new MailMessage("sendermail", "recievermail")) { = "Sending Email Using Asp.Net & C#"; = "<h1>In this article you will learn how to send a email using Asp.Net & C#</h1>"; = true; SmtpClient smtp = new SmtpClient(); = ""; = 587; = false; = true; NetworkCredential NetworkCred = new NetworkCredential("sendermail", "XXXXXXXXX"); = NetworkCred; (mail); } Please write your bid with answer of this question. What is this code? Why is this error happened? ERROR: "The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7

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    Payment gateway source code for accepting USDT token.

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    Web scraping 6 päivää left

    We are a holiday company that has about 300 customers a year. We need to scrape our booking website that holds customer data. We need to log into this web site and then need to go to 3 different places to collect data. Each place has the customer number, and then some various data about that that customer number. We then need to collate all the data for each customer number into a single record in an Airtable database This system of web scraping needs to be automated so it runs automatically every week. We think this might work best if it is set up to run in Browse AI, Octoparse, or some similar commercial web scraping tool. Please message for a video which shows the data we need to collect.

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    Buenas Ignacio, mi nombre es David, un placer. Quisiera conectar un sensor de distancia a una red de Artnet para que el controlador DMX pudiera recibir ciertas lecturas. Hay un par de detalles más, pero eso es lo principal. ¿Te interesaría tener una conversación al respecto? Un saludo.

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    صنع برمجيات لموقع الكتروني ويب web scraping selenium-python

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    Data scraping task 6 päivää left

    I'm hiring 5 freelancers to collect data for me research project. Each freelancer will have to provide at least 30 links to upcoming Blockchain Conferences in 2022-2023. Each freelancer will have to add the links, name of the conference, location, date and price to the spreadsheet (Google Spreadsheet) for my review. After review, you will get paid if you follow my instructions

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    Hi! We're looking for someone to generate a list of 100 (to begin with) businesses in the UK in t...We're not interested in companies who provide an array of different services - for example: web design, animation, social media, paid media, brand, design, etc, etc. **It is VERY important that the above criteria is met with ALL leads** The details we need for each company is: * Company name * Website * Founder's first and last name * Founder's email address (company email, not gmail, outlook, yahoo, etc) Anyone is welcome to apply, although this job would be great for any LinkedIn/web scraping/Lead generation experts out there! All applications are welcome and if we find a good price with good quality leads, we'll be hiring you on an ongoing bas...

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    I have an application using Vue + Laravel. I have to run the application using npm run watch When I run this command I got this error message : Invalid configuration object. Webpack has been initialized using a configuration object that does not match the API schema. - [10] has an unknown property 'loaders'. These properties are valid: object { assert?, compiler?, dependency?, descriptionData?, enforce?, exclude?, generator?, include?, issuer?, issuerLayer?, layer?, loader?, mimetype?, oneOf?, options?, parser?, realResource?, resolve?, resource?, resourceFragment?, resourceQuery?, rules?, scheme?, sideEffects?, test?, type?, use? } -> A rule description with conditions and effects for modules. Anyone can solve it ?

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    Get data from website 5 päivää left

    Extract data from a website using web scraping tools.

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