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    I'm looking for a skilled web scraping developer to assist in extracting textual data from various websites on a monthly basis. The core purpose of this project is to gather specific, relevant text information efficiently and organize it into a structured CSV format for further analysis and use in our operations. **Requirements:** - Proficient in web scraping tools and technologies. - Experience in extracting text data from multiple sources. - Capability to schedule and automate the scraping process to run monthly. - Expert in data structuring, particularly in converting scraped data into CSV format. - Strong problem-solving skills to navigate potential scraping barriers, like CAPTCHAs. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience with Python, specifical...

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    I'm looking for a skilled web scraping developer to assist in extracting textual data from various websites on a monthly basis. The core purpose of this project is to gather specific, relevant text information efficiently and organize it into a structured CSV format for further analysis and use in our operations. **Requirements:** - Proficient in web scraping tools and technologies. - Experience in extracting text data from multiple sources. - Capability to schedule and automate the scraping process to run monthly. - Expert in data structuring, particularly in converting scraped data into CSV format. - Strong problem-solving skills to navigate potential scraping barriers, like CAPTCHAs. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Experience with Python, specifical...

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    News Data to Database 6 päivää left

    I am looking for an experienced web scraper to collect articles from a specified news website and store the data directly into a database. My project requires precise and timely completion, ensuring the integrity and readability of the scraped content. **Requirements:** - Experience with web scraping tools and techniques, especially as applied to news websites. - Proven track record with database management and integration. - Ability to identify and extract relevant article data without including advertisements or unrelated content. - Knowledge of handling dynamic content and pagination within the targeted news website. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in programming languages commonly used for web scraping, such as Python, particularly with libraries like Bea...

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    ...efficiently extract text data from various websites. This project aims to gather specific information which will later be used for analysis purposes. The process should be automated to handle multiple sources effectively. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in web scraping tools and techniques - Experience with programming languages suitable for data extraction such as Python (beautiful soup, scrapy) - Knowledge of handling different types of web data formats (HTML, XML, JSON) - Ability to work with data extraction from dynamic websites - Strong understanding of web technologies and how data is structured on websites - Experience in avoiding and handling web scraping blockers and CAPTCHAs **Project Requirements:** - Develop a...

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    I need help to transfer data from a large PDF file into Excel. Your primary task will be to: - Carefully extract all the textual data from the table in this pdf into Excel: No data cleaning or processing will be needed after the data extraction; I just need the data to be transferred accurately. Attention to detail will be key to ensure there are no errors during the data input. Thank you for considering my project.

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    28 tarjoukset creating Core Data Services (CDS) views for analytics consumption in Power BI. The role involves developing and optimizing CDS views to facilitate effective data extraction and visualization, supporting informed decision-making processes. Prior experience with Retail S/4HANA modules is mandatory. 1. Experience with SAP GUI and navigating SAP systems for data 2. Experience with handling Transport Requests 3. Experience in developing Calculation Views 4. SAP certification in relevant domains. 5. Experience handling large datasets and complex data structures. 6. Knowledge of other BI tools and technologies. Key Responsibilities: Design and develop CDS views in SAP S/4HANA for effective analytics and reporting. Seamlessly integrate SAP data with...

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    I require a specialist who can adeptly extract both textual and numerical data from a set of digitally created PDF drawings. The data should then be meticulously organized and formatted into an Excel Spreadsheet for seamless use. The ideal freelancer for this project should possess: - Proficiency in handling PDFs, particularly in data extraction. - Proficiency with Excel spreadsheet manipulation. - Attention to detail to ensure accuracy of data extracted. - Experience in dealing with digital drawings is appreciated. I value clear communication and timely delivery. I am looking for a thorough, reliable and professional freelancer to complete this task.

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    Dual Format Data Extraction Script 12 tuntia left

    ...highly skilled freelancer to develop a comprehensive Powershell script capable of parsing both CSV and Excel file formats. This script is a crucial component of our data processing tasks, aimed at effectively managing and extracting specific data points from our datasets. **Requirements:** - The script must accommodate files containing two header rows plus a unique "header" column that precedes the data columns. - It should efficiently extract data, ensuring to handle the dual nature of the headers and the "header" column seamlessly across both CSV and Excel formats. - The goal is to parse these files to extract specific columns of data, entire rows based on certain conditions, and identify unique entries without duplicates—d...

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    ...bits of data to extract per page. The main highlights of the project are: - Text Content Extraction: Apply your web scraping skills to extract key pieces of textual information. This entails sifting through both structured and unstructured data. I'm not seeking image or link extraction. - Specific Data Targeting: The key information to be scraped includes Titles, Descriptions, and Specific Keyword Phrases from the website's content. A video will be provided to give a better understanding of exactly what's required. - Spreadsheet Compilation: The collected data should be organized and populated into a table within a spreadsheet for easy analysis. Ideal candidate should have proficiency in web scraping techniques with experience...

    €232 - €695
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    €232 - €695
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    ...Python and Javascript to assist with a project that revolves around data analysis and web scraping, with the primary goal being data extraction. **Key Responsibilities**: - **Data Analysis**: Analyzing extracted data to identify patterns, trends, and insights. - **Web Scraping**: Developing scripts to extract data from specified websites efficiently and accurately. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in Python and Javascript. - Proven experience with web scraping tools and libraries (e.g., Beautiful Soup, Scrapy for Python). - Strong background in data analysis. - Familiarity with databases and data storage (SQL, NoSQL). - Ability to clean, organize, and interpret large datasets. - Knowledge of data extracti...

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    I require a skilled Photoshop editor to delicately remove an individual from a high-resolution JPEG group photo. Precision and natural-looking results are paramount as the integrity of the remaining background and group must remain undisturbed. The final image should bear no evidence of tampering, maintaining the original photo's atmosphere and context. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Photoshop and photo editing tools - Strong attention to detail - Experience in retouching and compositing images - Ability to work with high-resolution JPEG files - Portfolio demonstrating expertise in similar jobs The task demands a sophisticated approach to ensure that the aesthetics of the group photo remain intact post-edit. I anticipate a seamless blend where the person's rem...

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    I am looking for a specialist who can transfer data from a PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet. Specific job tasks include: - Translating data from the PDF file in a pure, unformatted manner - Ensuring the Excel spreadsheet created is entirely editable Ideal candidates should have: - Experience with data entry or related fields - Proficiency in using both PDF and Excel software - Good problem-solving skills to accurately transfer data in a way that it remains editable in Excel Please note, this is purely a data transfer task. No data manipulation or validation is required.

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    PNG Icon Extraction 6 päivää left

    Crop individual icons from a set of icons in one image. The icons must be transparent and named properly.

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    €2 - €7 / hr
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    Web Scraper Design in Python/UI 6 päivää left

    ...Python programmer with proficiency in developing a web UI. This project primarily involves building a scraper interface tailored to draw out specific data from 'Website A'. The ideal freelancer for this venture should have: - Profound understanding of Python and web UI development. - Solid experience in constructing scraper interfaces. - Knowledge of navigating different websites for data extraction. The project requirements include: - The extraction of User data, Product data, and Post data from Website A. - From the user data extracted, I need Address details. - Product data should include Title, Description, Price, and Image. - Post data should yield Title, Description, Price, and Image as well. I�...

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    13 tarjoukset

    I need someone effectively adept at extracting and compiling specific text information from various sources like websites and books. The gathered data should be neatly arranged in a Word document. Key tasks: - Scrutinize defined sources like websites and books - Extract key text based on specific themes - Compile and format the information neatly in a Word document Ideal skills: - Experience in research and data extraction - Knowledge in Microsoft Word - High attention to detail - Excellent organizational and communication skills - Time efficient and committed to deadlines.

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    I am looking for a meticulous data analyst to compile a comprehensive database of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Chartered Accountants (CAs) in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The information required includes: - Contact Details: First and Last Names, Personal and Professional Emails, Phone - Company Details: Name, Address, Website - Specializations: Tax, Audit, Consulting, etc. The data should be organized in an Excel spreadsheet that's easy to navigate and delineate information. The database extraction should focus on the following licenses and should be from the official directories of the following: - ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) - ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) - CIMA (Chartered Inst...

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    ...full product range. The aim is to seamlessly integrate with Shopify's API for real-time data extraction, employ predictive modeling for accurate sales forecasts, and optimize inventory levels by incorporating historical sales data and production timelines. Core Objectives: Data Integration: Automate the retrieval of sales data for our products from Shopify's API, emphasizing the ability to adapt to any product style for future scalability. Forecasting Model Implementation: Design a robust forecasting model that utilizes a combination of recent sales data, historical trends, and standard product size distributions to predict sales for the upcoming 4 weeks. Historical Trend Analysis: Use historical sales data to adjust the foreca...

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    2GIES Calling List Extraction 6 päivää left

    I need a talented individual to extract a calling list from the 2GIES platform. The purpose of this extraction is for marketing campaign targeting. From the 2GIES calling list, I require contact names and numbers. The data obtained will aid in making effective strategies for our marketing campaigns. Freelancers should have experience with the 2GIES platform and a background in data extraction to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

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    17 tarjoukset

    I am in need of an expert in web-scraping to extract a broad range of data from three different e-commerce websites: , , and Key Details Needed: - Product Name - Product Prices - Product Descriptions - Product Images (both URLs and separate downloads) The aim is to collate all categories of products from these sites into a comprehensive, easily navigable data set. All information obtained should be formatted appropriately for direct import into Excel or a database. The ideal candidate will have: - Essential skills in web crawling and data extraction - Experience in handling a wide variety of product information - Proficiency in data clean-up and organization, ensuring successful import into Excel or other databases - Capability to do...

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    27 tarjoukset
    Facebook Ads Library Leads 5 päivää left

    I need a reliable freelancer to extract specific data from the Facebook Ads Library. The primary focus is on drop shippers from Europe. The data parameters to be extracted includes: - Ad creative (images/videos) - Ad copy (text) - Ad performance metrics This task requires precision and a systematic approach to ensure that all data is accurately captured and organized. In-depth understanding of the Facebook platform and experience in data extraction from e-commerce sites are essential for this project. An ideal freelancer will have previous experience performing similar tasks, especially on Facebook Ads Library. Big data handling skills and proficiency in Excel or other data management tools will make the project execution smooth and effici...

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    18 tarjoukset

    I'm currently working on a project that requires the extraction of blueberries from 4 images into PNG format. I am planning to paste these blueberries onto another image. What I need: - Someone with the ability to expertly extract the blueberries from these images & put a transparent background, converted into PNG format. - I do NOT want any of the original background present in the cut out. It needs to be precise. Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Real-Time API Data Analysis 5 päivää left

    ...focused on real-time data analysis. I have a continuous stream of data coming from an API which needs to be expertly managed and analyzed to drive actionable insights. **Requirements:** - Proficient in Python and pandas for data analysis - Experience with API data extraction and handling - Capable of implementing real-time data analysis solutions - Ability to write clean, efficient, and well-documented code **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in data analysis, particularly with streaming data - Expert knowledge in handling and analyzing data from APIs - Proficiency in creating real-time analysis frameworks or processes - Experience with data visualization tools to represent findings is a plus **Res...

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    28 tarjoukset

    I'm seeking a detailed-oriented freelancer to develop a data crawler capable of collecting specific information from various e-commerce websites and social media platforms. The objective is to harvest both text and numerical data efficiently. Key Requirements: - Target Data: Retrieve product prices as efficiently as possible. - Sources: Focus on well-known e-commerce platforms and social media sites where product listings are prevalent. - Essential Skills: Proficiency in web scraping tools, data extraction techniques, and handling bot detection mechanisms. - Experience: Past projects involving e-commerce or social media data scraping are highly beneficial. - Output Expectation: The data should be organized and provided in a structured ...

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    ...specific data sets from the eBay API for me. The two main types of information I need are detailed product information and comprehensive transaction history. This data is crucial for market analysis and strategic decision-making purposes. To make the collected data easily accessible and interpretable, I also require the creation of a user-friendly web interface. The interface should present the data in an organized and visually appealing manner, allowing for easy navigation and analysis. **Key Requirements:** - Proficient in Python programming language. - Extensive experience with eBay API. - Capable of designing and implementing a clean, intuitive web interface. - Strong understanding of data handling and presentation. **Ideal Experience:** - Pr...

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    Project as per spec already provided

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    I am seeking support to amounts from structured PDF files into Excel for the purpose of extracting specific information. Your task will involve meticulous extraction methods to ensure accuracy. The task includes taking specific data from weekly settlements from Jan 2019 to Dec 31 2021. Once the data has been inputted in excel, data analysis needs to be done showing the trends in settlements for different revenue types, and their contribution to overall revenues. Key Qualifications: - Proficiency in both Excel and PDF - Expertise in data extraction and conversion - Attention to detail in recognizing and recording financial data - Run some basic data analysis on the data imported into excel Your expertise ...

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    Document extraction SaaS 5 päivää left

    Build a SaaS app that uses ChatGPT technology to read documents and extract it in structured formats. We will first start off by being able to extract data from purchase orders. The data should be able to go into the Xero and Quickbooks API. The SaaS Model should have 3 plans depending on number of tokens. Here is a similar product You must not build software from scratch - use existing SaaS templates. The main technology is ChatGPT. You must have software and API experience using chatgpt. write proposal with "openai"

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    I'm seeking an experienced AI and data analysis expert to design a comprehensive system tailored for hockey players' performance improvement. This project will integrate detailed video analysis with critical statistical data and tactical insights to offer personalized feedback and actionable strategies for enhancing player performance. **Key Project Requirements:** - **AI and Video Analysis**: Implement AI-driven tools to scrutinize hockey game footage. Skills in computer vision and machine learning are essential to annotate videos with feedback highlighting areas for improvement. - **Statistical Performance Analysis**: Incorporate statistical analysis to evaluate player performance thoroughly. Proficiency in data analysis software and an understanding of ...

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    33 tarjoukset store the database for later usage, so ideally organize them with data into excel as well. Step 2: - Precisely target and extract English text from the image memes - The text should not be a mix of miscellaneous words, but in the forms of sentences as it appears in the memes, or separate lines, so that the context in understandable. - Form a database which can be converted into a single corpus and the one which indicates from which meme is this text, for further checking and analysis The sample is below Ideal skill set for this job would include: - Excellent experience in web scraping, specifically text and images - Strong knowledge in handling and optimizing high volumes of data - Solid expertise in data extraction from multimedia - Strong testing an...

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    25 tarjoukset

    ...that can scrape text data from google addresses. The scraped data should be formatted and stored in HTML format. This project aims to automate data collection processes for efficiency and accuracy. - Experience with programming languages such as Python or JavaScript. - Knowledge of HTML formatting to organize the scraped data appropriately. **Requirements:** - Develop a script capable of scraping text data from given URL(s). - Ensure the script runs daily without manual intervention. - Format the scraped data in HTML format for easy review and use. - Test the script’s reliability and efficiency over multiple days. - Provide documentation on how to use and modify the script for future needs. This project is perfect for a freelancer who l...

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    31 tarjoukset

    ...project focused on logo extraction from a PNG image, with the aim of receiving the final logo in PNG format to ensure high quality and compatibility across mediums. The need for a quick turnaround is paramount, and I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can efficiently handle this task with precision. **Key Requirements:** - Expertise in graphic design, particularly in handling PNG file formats. - Proficient with image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, to ensure a clean extraction and conversion process. - Ability to work swiftly without compromising on quality, as the project is time-sensitive. **Project Brief:** - The initial file for the logo is in PNG format. The task involves extracting the logo from this file cleanly. - Post-extraction...

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    QuickBooks Invoice Automation 5 päivää left

    ...operations by reducing manual data entry and ensuring accuracy in our billing process. ### Required Solution Features: - **Email Parsing:** Develop a method to extract essential information from daily text-based emails. - **Information Extraction:** Specifically, capture customer details and product or service details to be used in the invoice. - **QuickBooks Integration:** Implement a seamless integration with QuickBooks to auto-generate invoices using the extracted information. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in programming languages suitable for email parsing and QuickBooks integration, such as Python or JavaScript. - Experience with QuickBooks API and understanding of its invoice creation process. - Strong background in automation and data ex...

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    Excel Magic: Digital Docs Conversion 5 päivää left

    ...complex data, encompassing all transactions detailed within. I require someone who can accurately capture every nuance of the information presented. **Key Requirements:** - **Expertise in Data Entry:** Must have proven experience in transferring data from digital formats (PDF, Word) into Excel with accuracy and efficiency. - **Attention to Detail:** The nature of the statements means every transaction, no matter how small, needs to be accounted for in the Excel sheet. - **Proficiency in Excel:** Knowledge of advanced Excel features is essential, considering the complexity of the data (including dates, amounts, descriptions, etc.). - **Problem-Solving Skills:** Ability to handle documents that may not follow a standard format consistently, requiring...

    €232 - €695
    €232 - €695
    38 tarjoukset
    Efficient Website Data Harvest 5 päivää left

    ...proficient data scraper to extract product information from a specific website and organize it into an Excel spreadsheet. This task requires attention to detail and familiarity with the nuances of online data extraction to ensure accuracy and completeness of the gathered data. **Requirements:** - Proficient in data scraping techniques and tools. - Experience with extracting data from websites such as Amazon, eBay, or TripAdvisor, with a focus on product information. - Ability to organize and format the extracted data into an Excel spreadsheet efficiently. - Knowledge of programming languages commonly used for scraping (e.g., Python, PHP) is highly desirable. **Skills and Experience:** - The ideal candidate will have demonstrated exper...

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    56 tarjoukset
    Hyderabad & Bangalore Schools Data -- 2 5 päivää left

    I'm in need of a detailed database covering all international schools Hyderabad and Bangalore. - Extract and verify phone numbers and email addresses for each school. **Data Delivery:** - The information should be neatly organized in a spreadsheet. **Verification:** - Special emphasis on the verification of phone numbers and email addresses to ensure they are current and accurate. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in data mining and extraction - Experience with verification of contact information - Strong organizational skills to structure data in spreadsheets - Knowledge of the education sector in Hyderabad and Bangalore is a plus Looking forward to working with a freelancer who has a keen eye for detail and can deliver the precis...

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    9 tarjoukset

    I am looking for a professional who can efficiently extract text data from multiple websites and organize it in a clear and concise spreadsheet. More specifically, the needed information is pricing data, indicative of costs associated with different products and/or services listed on these websites. Key attributes for successful candidates include: - Proven experience in data extraction from digital sources - Proficiency in working with various data formats - Strong attention to detail, especially related to numerical data - Proficient in spreadsheet management and layout optimization Ultimately, the goal is to have well-organized and accurate pricing data that can be easily analyzed for business insights. Data accuracy and integri...

    €47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    26 tarjoukset
    Hyderabad & Bangalore Schools Data 5 päivää left

    I'm in need of a detailed database covering all international schools Hyderabad and Bangalore. - Extract and verify phone numbers and email addresses for each school. **Data Delivery:** - The information should be neatly organized in a spreadsheet. **Verification:** - Special emphasis on the verification of phone numbers and email addresses to ensure they are current and accurate. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in data mining and extraction - Experience with verification of contact information - Strong organizational skills to structure data in spreadsheets - Knowledge of the education sector in Hyderabad and Bangalore is a plus Looking forward to working with a freelancer who has a keen eye for detail and can deliver the precis...

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    24 tarjoukset

    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to assist with a web scraping project two specific websites and leading up to a number of websites. The specific data fields that need to be extracted will be provided. Ideally, you'll have: - Advanced skills in web scraping and python - Knowledge of MS SQL Server databases. - A demonstrable understanding of data extraction - A fast turnaround rate as this project is high-priority and needs completing as soon as possible. The end goal is for me to eventually take over the code with your ongoing support and will most likely be a long term relationship. I can provide a full specification when needed.

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    57 tarjoukset

    I'm looking for a seasoned Python developer familiar with XML parsing. Use python's lxml library to parse out the attached input file to get the format in the output file. Ideal candidate would have a strong grip on Python, specific experience in XML parsing and a knack for precise, clean data extraction.

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    30 tarjoukset
    Data Extraction 4 päivää left

    I need help extracting data from VR controller and sending to matlab using UDP connection. I have the connection it just needs edit to work.

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    17 tarjoukset
    Comprehensive LinkedIn Data Extraction 4 päivää left

    I need expert help for extensive data scraping from LinkedIn. The primary focus will be on extracting contact information, including emails. Furthermore, I need this data to be organized in an Excel file. The criteria is a mix of different industry sectors and specific job titles. Skilled data miners with experience in LinkedIn scraping will be a perfect match for the task.

    €104 (Avg Bid)
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    135 tarjoukset

    I urgently need an expert in Python who can create a program to crawl through three of my websites, extract all necessary data, and systematically consolidate it into one Google Sheets document. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Strong proficiency in Python programming. - Experience in web scraping or data extraction. - Familiarity with Google Sheets API for smooth data transfer. Responsibilities: - Develop a Python program to extract data from three different websites. - Ensure data accuracy during the extraction process. - Consolidate and organize the data in Google Sheets as per given specifications. The timeline for this task is immediate. I expect prompt delivery without sacrificing the quality of work. The final deliverables shoul...

    €49 (Avg Bid)
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    6 tarjoukset

    I'm seeking a highly skilled audio technician for the precise removal of ambient noise from various indoor .WAV-format recordings. The key tasks will be: - Pinpointing and removing background noise, specifically the chatter and rustle generally found when recording indoor gatherings. The objective is not to sacrifice the quality of the key audio. - Ensuring the work is performed with high quality, maintaining the voice clarity and overall audio integrity. The ideal freelancer for this project will have: - Extensive experience in audio repairing, particularly ambient noise reduction from indoor recordings. - Substantial knowledge in .WAV files. - Immediate availability and a sharp ear for detail.

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    22 tarjoukset
    Weekly Catalog Data Extraction 4 päivää left

    My project...handling and parsing HTML/CSS to extract the needed data. - Capability to format and organize the extracted data into a CSV file accurately. **Deliverables:** - A CSV file updated weekly with product descriptions. - Documentation on the scraping script/process for potential adjustments. **Ideal Candidate:** - Has a proven track record of successful web scraping projects. - Is detail-oriented and can demonstrate meticulous data handling. - Possesses strong communication skills for regular updates and potential troubleshooting. This project is crucial for our market analysis efforts, providing insights into product offerings and aiding in strategic decisions. If you have the expertise and are interested in contributing to a valuable data-driven pro...

    €30 (Avg Bid)
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    29 tarjoukset
    AI-Powered PDF Data Extraction System 4 päivää left

    For my project, I am in need of a talented individual or team wh...linked to the highlighted figures and dates. Desirable Skills: - Proficiency in AI Programming - Experience in Data Extraction from PDFs - Knowledge and experience in Financial Document Analysis Ideally, you will also be equipped to provide guidance on the best software environment for this AI functionality - whether Cloud-based, Local machine, or On-premises server. Your input will be deeply valued in this regard to ensure optimal functioning of the AI system. To reemphasize, the goal is to develop an AI-driven system to streamline data collection from financial documents, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual efforts. If you thrive on AI development and data extraction challenge...

    €22 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €22 / hr Keskimäär. tarjous
    34 tarjoukset

    ...require comprehensive data extraction from Crunchbase to kickstart this initiative. Here's a quick rundown of what I need and how I plan to use it: 1. **Objective**: Extract detailed company profiles from a specific list I possess. The focus should be on extracting up-to-date and accurate information to facilitate my direct outreach campaign. 2. **Usage**: - The purpose of extracting company profiles is to gather emails and pertinent details that will aid in contacting these companies directly. - The information will primarily be used to introduce my services/products directly to these companies, aiming to establish a beneficial business relationship. 3. **Requirements**: - **Skills and Experience**: Ideal candidates should possess proven experience in ...

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    12 tarjoukset

    I require the expertise of a seasoned data scraper. My business needs extracting contact info from US businesses website addresses that end in (businessname) This is a lead generation task. We don't limit ourselves to a specific sector or industry, all touched by the . domain will do. Your task will include the following: - Scraping for business names, email info, phone numbers, and web addresses from these sites. - Ensuring the final list contains more than 10,000 businesses. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in data scraping - Proficiency in necessary software and coding languages - Keen attention to detail - Commitment to hitting a large target number Please bid if you're up for this large-scale data extraction project.

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    36 tarjoukset

    I'm seeking a proficient data miner to locate and compile various pieces of information from company URLs I provide. I more interested in the "method" to extract, not just the extracted data. You will specifically: • Extract contact information • Unearth 'About Us' details • Compile product related data • Determine total company revenue • Ascertain the number of full-time employees All this information should be compiled into a well structured, easy-to-analyze table format. Ideal candidates for this project posses solid experience in data extraction, web scraping, and data organization. An understanding of corporate structures and significant attention to detail is also highly beneficial to e...

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