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    Looking for a Finnish speaking person to translate English into Finnish and add product data for an online store. Etsitään suomenkielistä henkilöä viimeistelmään verkkokaupan englanti-suomi-käännökset ja lisäämään n. 100 tuotetta verkkokauppajärjestelmään. Työ vaatii tarkkuutta, jotta tuotteiden tiedot menevät oikein (tuotekoodit, alv-luokka, otsiko, kuvaus ja kuva). Suurin osa tuotekuvauksista voidaan kopioida tietokoneella toiselta sivulta, niitä ei tarvitse kirjoittaa. Copy-paste olisi hyvä olla hallussa. Verkkokauppaohjelmisto on selkeä ja helppokäyttöinen. Enemmistö tuotteista on terveysruokia, joiden tuntemus on eduksi ja tekee työst...

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    Chennai Harvest Ecommerce Website

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    netti kauppa pizzerialle also have to online payment as like

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    free register work and earn moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    Php backend work Loppunut left

    Private job.

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    Moikka, huomasin profiilisi ja ajattelin kysyä olisiko sinulla kiinnostusta tehdä etätyönä PHP/MySQL/JS koodia erilaisiin projekteihin jotka on tehty Yii Frameworkin päälle? Yst. Terv. Mika Saarinen Puh. 040 480 6791 mika@

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    Etsimme pitkäaikaiseen yhteistyöhön suomenkiltä osaavan koodarin. Tarvittavia taitoja on php, mysql, html ja wordpress osaaminen.

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    Thanks, great job!

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    Hello upload some apps at google play store and get great money

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    Create a simple form 6 päivää left

    1. Start the Django project to serve one static page. 2. Add a Person model with name and email fields. Create a form and a view to save new people to the database. Use Postgres as a database. 3. Add a page listing all the Person models with a filter form on the top to search people by name and email. 4. Use your favourite JS framework to make the same filtered list on a separate page (use Django rest framework to access the database).

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    Hi there, I am looking for a PHP Laravel Framework developer who can help me to solve issue on an on-going project. Task: - New template to be added replacing existing old template. - Yes that's all. So please your bids accordingly. No high bidders.

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    Create website for brand and store using wix, wordpress or own development.

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    core php website minors 6 päivää left

    Time: - 1 day

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    Audio similarity search in PHP 6 päivää left

    I need help editing attached codes. The codes are intended to 1. upload audio file. 2. get audio fingerprint 3. use uploaded audio fingerprint to search database for previously uploaded file with similar sound 4. If no similar audio is found with uploaded audio file save its information to the database. 5. If similar audio is found in database display error message saying similar sound already exist.

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    Hi there, I am looking for a PHP Laravel Framework developer who can help me to solve issue on an on-going project. Task: - New template to be added replacing existing old template. - Yes that's all. So please your bids accordingly. No high bidders.

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    We are scheduling a fashion product photoshoot for Wednesday or Friday June 6/8. I am looking for a model to work with. It will be a 3/4 hour shoot in Los Angeles, studio and a few outdoors. I have 6 dresses. I have a Online retail store, its a start up.

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    php scheduling database 6 päivää left

    I am looking for PHP/MySql developer to create a database table to store scheduling information in table and scheduling data will be posted from html form (image attached for ref). then run a php script to echo "hello" on screen on specific date and time. Its logical based database storage and table creation. only bid if you have done something like this before. Thanks

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    I do not have a mac to test the app. The app is in flutter and works correctly in android. when I upload to store connect and use testflight to test on my iphone, i get a white screen. I need some one with mac to test the app and fix the issue to make it work correctly on iphone Should be quick job for someone who know flutter and has mac book :) thanks you

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    I want to create a carpooling App from the template I will purchase the template. 1) Code needs to be in flutter with null safety enabled 3) Use Firebase as backend and database 4) enable two-factor authentication using Firebase 5) use google maps 6) use flutter packages as much as needed. For example, the cheating can be done using flutter_chat_ui 1.6.2 and stream_chat_flutter 4.3.0 7) the App will have payments between carpoolers. The rider will deposit the money and then money will be transferred to the driver after completing the carpool. 8) Need to store the miles traveled for each driver and rider after the ride has been completed.

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    PHP web app with Firebase Authentication 6 päivää left

    I need a php web app that enables the user to login through firebase social authentication, redirects user to a specified url after login and then pushes data to a designated end point. Please submit clear and specific proposal. Mention keyword “log me in” to be considered. Thanks

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    basically its an already created github project. just need you to edit the navigation header bar with a few links, color customizations and thats it. its a css/html and php file thats it. should be quick. need done now.

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    We are a large not for profit multifaceted Aboriginal Organisation looking to refresh our corporate image and social media branding. Organisation Website to replace our existing antiquated one that includes but not limited to: * Multi Page Information Pages * Interactive Map * On line application system for travel permits with automated reply capabilities (including data collection capabilities) with "mobile view" option and QR Code * Links to Company Social Media Pages * Employment Opportunities page with application capabilities. * Ability to update information in house in a user friendly manner Our current Website is and we need it to function almost in an identical way to Central Land Council: but with our own region specific information

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    Basically need to create a website in php to create accounts. Needs to insert the account details in the tables of the mssql database.

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    Desarrollador Ecuadom 6 päivää left

    Se solicita programador iOS en flutter/Dart especialmente para compilar aplicaciones y subir a app store, debe contar con Mac y dispositivo iPhone

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    Fix fatal error in php website 6 päivää left

    getting a fatal error message on my php website. "fatal error: uncaught error: undefined constant..." need a php expert to help with this

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    I need you to make me designs for shirts and hoodies

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    3 Million USA Residential Email Database 6 päivää left

    Need 3 Million USA Residential Email Database with Name, Email, Phone , Age above 50 years Emails need to be minimum 85-95% valid Will double check samples on various validation platforms before confirming order.

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    Notepad++ Custom Database Viewing Plugin 6 päivää left

    We are looking for a clever software engineer who can look at our database files and see if you can create a user-friendly tool such as a Notepad++ plugin tool to allow us to view database files structure and possibly edit our custom database files. Key objective is to be able to open and view the database structure. The database files are from a very old C++ application of ours that we will provide more details on how they are created.

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    Secret shopper 6 päivää left

    needed a secret shopper to carry out surveys weekly on stores. This project does not require any skill and does not require you to travel. Survey will be caried out in your city. You will be assigned to a store to evaluate weekly. Survey is limited to united states cities.

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    Google drive set up for arts group 6 päivää left

    We are an 80+ member, volunteer run pottery studio. Our membership is constantly changing. We have recently started using google drive to store all files. We need assistance in setting up our google drive and for creating a process for adding and removing members.

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    Smart Contract for NFT Collection 6 päivää left

    NFT Collection Titled “NFT Collection” ○ Token Symbol SYMBOL ● Collection of 10,000 unique 3D assets ○ Solana Network ○ Rust Programming Language ● The collection is comprised of 4 Gangs ○ Goats - White ○ Degens - Green ○ Fudsters - Black ○ Shillers - Gold ● All Attributes and rarities need to be defined ● Self Custody Staking Mechanism: ○ Build a feature that allows Self Custody to earn ranks by staking the token for different durations ○ 8 different Rank, Each rank is earned by Staking the NFT for 1 Month ■ Rank 1: Initiate ■ Rank 2: Associate ■ Rank 3: Soldier ■ Rank 4: Hitman ■ Rank 5: Caporegime ■ Rank 6: Under Boss ■ Rank 7: Boss ■ Rank 8: KingPin ○ A dApp interphase that allows access to self custody staking is re...

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    ...Ponit of Sales (Cashier system base on cloud) using by coffee shops and small retails. already Application published on google play, - simply user access to store by using username and password, (first logging should have internet). - once login successfully the application getting request to server for all data related to store from server and then server send response with all details. - Application save all data locally in case if there any interruption with connection the application can work offline and keeping system running and saving new data locally until application is back online again then application pushing New data saved during offline mode to server. - if application is online system keeping sycornising with server for each or...

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    Design a logo for me 6 päivää left

    I need a logo for my Book Store. Brand Name : The Book Spot Slogan : Where Books & People Meet Logo must be creative and professional

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    I have a start page and it has html drop down list and a button. On the button press, I want to take the selected item from the drop down list, and pass it to , then use it in to log into an API, query the API, and return JSON results to the start page. I just need a basic example, for dummies tutorial, just code

    €56 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Login (on ); 2. Login with FB, Google, and Apple (already started, need to finish); 3. Home page (tabs to Cuisines, Restaurant Types, Cities); 4. Search on the Map page (display the stores on a map); 5. Push notifications and channels (integrated with our Firebase account); 6. Checkout page (integrate to our Payment Gateway, already implemented on Proof of Concept); 7. Offline functionalities (store some data to avoid unnecessary requests to the server). We need it available for Google Play and iOS, which were already uploaded to the stores on Test Alpha (Android) and Test Flight (iOS). The app was compiled on a machine with these specs: node v16.15.1 npm 8.11.0 java (should also work on version 11) react-native 0.68.2 (listed on package,JSON) expo ^45.0.2 (listed on pa...

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    Hi, i want to hire someone who can develop mobile app on both plattforms - Android and iOs, and have experience with design (example UX/UI). This app is a simple information app, with text and timings (from sql), and compass. I have made the whole app in wordpress () and now I want to convert it to native android and ios app which can be used offline. The design...designing of the app has to be same or better. Two thing which must be added is "push notification" and "startup page". Main features are: 1. Prayer time table - each day new timings according date and city 2. Compass - prayer direction to Kaba Mecca, Saudi Arabia 3. Text 4. Push notifications I need a quote and estimated time of work. This project require published apps on Google Play and App Store.

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    upload some app on console play store 6 päivää left

    Hello upload some app on console play store

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    execuite query from other database using dblink in postgresql

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    postgresql execuite query from another database on same server in same user

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    Need help with updating my script to latest version and fixing minor video upload issue on my website: See screenshot.

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    Mobile App -- 2 6 päivää left

    I need a custom app for a photobooth, which wil...integrate with a website. The app needs the following: 1. Register users and obtain contact info stored in database 2. Ability for user to log in to their account 3. User will connect to camera via bluetooth and take pictures via the app with a camera timer 4. Pictures will be stored on users phone, not in any database 5. User can share pictures through app to social media 6. The ability to sell ad space inside the app I can assist with the design and look, but will likely need the graphics created for the app. The biggest thing I need is the ability for the app to connect to the camera and the users ability to take pictures. I do not want to store any of the pictures to any database, I only want to capture ...

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    website store backend code in php

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    Build Shopify Store Using Base Theme 6 päivää left

    Using out of the box tools build shopify site to specifications. I will direct you on all edits and changes needed there will be little to no code required however page structure, layout and media will be needed.

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    PHP Expert Needed 6 päivää left

    I need a PHP expert to work on the going project, any one with good experience may please bid.

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    36 tarjoukset

    Hi there, I need someone to create a completed Woocommerce online store that sell Pet stuffs, the website is not just a theme installed and change some colors, I need it has a unique style that relate to dog, cat...and it must has some pet images to attracts the customers. About the single product page, I think we can follow the Aliexpress's product page: Please make sure it has additional options like colors

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    PHP audio similarity search 6 päivää left

    I need help editing this code on github in order to check uploaded files for similar audio sound already in directory and database. If no similar audio is found uploaded mp3 info is saved to database, else error message is given say audio already exist.

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    Custom Font Design 6 päivää left

    Hello I am building a hoodie collection and on a regular basis will be asking for new designs of quotes, and similar designs onto custom hoodies. I will need a flat rate per design.

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    We are looking to build a Multivendor Mobile app for Agri Mand trade online which will involve Buyers and Sellers . Buyers can make request for products ( vegetables ) and services ( tractor , Machines etc) . Sellers can sellers. Please refer following two apps to take inspiration and share cost and timeline Reference : Note : We need App to be built in Flutter

    €2414 (Avg Bid)
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    25 tarjoukset