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    Meillä on kaksi yritystä järjestelmässä, joilla on omat varastokirjanpidot ja osto-&myyntitilauksensa. Lokaalina serverinä toimii Windows 7 ympäristössä, visma Nova pro 9 (Windows sql server). Mikäli työn suoritus vaatii jonkin tietyn ympäristön niin kysele. Haluaisimme ajoitettuina tehtävinä ajaa allamainitut skriptit jotka muodostavat CSV tiedostot jotka on tarkoitus lähettää sähköpostina eteenpäin. Skriptin asetusten muokkaus skriptin alussa. Muuttujat ja funktiot kommentoituna. Lisätyönä voi tarjota näiden tiedostojen automaattista lähettämistä (Tiedosto liitteenä + leipätekstissä luettavasti muotoltuna). --------------...

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    Toimitamme tuotetietokannat excel-tiedostoina, tuotteiden valokuvat ja tuotteiden avainsanat yms. ja ne syötetään csv-tiedoston avulla hakukoneystävällisesti (esim. Woothemes Product CSV Import Suite + Yoast Woocommerce) wordpress-sivustolle, jolle on jo asennettu woocommerce ja jossa on jo tuotteita. Tuotteita tulisi lisää noin 200-400. Woocommercea käytetään Catalogue-modessa, eli sivusto ei ole varsinaisesti automatisoitu verkkokauppa.

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    pull into csv Loppunut left

    Firstname lastname company email City

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    File attached

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    magento website 6 päivää left

    to upload products into a magento website with csv or xml and design the web site with language and currency options

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    Data Analyst (SAS and SPSS) 6 päivää left

    ...original code written in SAS. We need to migrate this SAS script in to SPSS script. In SPSS script we need to pass input database as SPSS dataset Attached the SAS script file. Need to convert this SAS code in SPSS script. Code files - Migration SAS code to SPSS Demo output - Final output We need output file in any one format xlsx, CSV, SPSS. The attached file output created for only 2 variables A1_stk , A3_stk. Same it need to replicate for rest variables as well which mentioned in SAS script. In Demo output file has two tabs, GM_Brand_Composite tab is the output from "" and GM_General_Market is the output from "" So based on this SAS script we need to replicate this script in SPSS and process

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    Website scraping with download CSV files 6 päivää left

    I need a script for collecting web information and saving in a CSV file. This simple task is a test to see who we use longer term to create Selenium scripts to look at webpages and save the information to a CSV file or Google Sheets (you tell me which is easier).

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    I would love to ask you about a project I want to do that involves the OpenAI API. My company Everything Clicks, generates audience reports in the form of CSV files. The audience reports provide demographic data and interest data in the form of %’s. I have attached an example. I would love to upload those reports into a dashboard or portal of some sort and then have chatGPT create a descriptive narrative about who that audience is as it relates to the data in the report.

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    We have a bash (v5) script that takes a csv file as input, reads it line by line, extracts some data from each line and then generates a basic json file from it. Since bash is very slow, I need this converted to python. I will provide the bash script itself, input and output file, the output file created with the python script should be identical to the original output file. Bash script is around 100 lines so nothing too difficult.

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    Scraping vehicle DB 9 päivää left

    scraping vehicle data into csv file from GUI app.

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    I need my json object fixed. I've attached a vb.net function that calls a csv sheet and starts to create a json object using Newtonsoft. My WriteStartObject and Ends and arrays are in the wrong place

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    Our business receives a large amount of data in different formats (EDI, excel, CSV, pdf etc.). This data is sent to us by suppliers and members so we can perform a number of services. We use a tool called Magma which transports and transforms these files into standard formats that can be accepted by downstream systems. The Magma tool has configurable runsets which use XSLT to test and translate the file received. We are currently focused on a project to upgrade several of our systems and there is a number of challenges with the existing Stylesheets that need correcting. We require someone who has strong XSLT skills and experience of SQL queries would also be advantageous. The bulk of the work will be updating and testing the XSLT’s ensuring they are ...

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    wordpress plugin 6 päivää left

    hey i attached file consider checking, i need to build plugin that know to take csv file contain sku,price,avilabilty the plugin need to check if the sku already exit on my website () if exits he will update price and stock(avilabilty) if not he will use the scraper to scrap the needed details and putit inside the site the description will be used for the description and the attribuites i need place on the plugin to put text for catgory and product name hope im all clear

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    VBA Excel Macro Fixes 6 päivää left

    We have 2-3 issues with one of our Excel VBA Macro's. Issue 1: Upon running the macro with the csv file, it is deducting tempvalue twice from column K on the "Stock Management" sheet. Please see the screen recording below which better explains the issue: You will see it updates "on hand" value in BYOPS4, BYOPS5 and BYOXBX correctly, but it removes the quantity twice from the associated part sku on Stock management sheet. Issue 2: If there is more than one row with the same part SKU in sheet 11 (stock management), it is ignoring the second row upon running the macro. For example, in stock management, for PS5 controllers, there are two entries, one with 179 and the second with 100, so the total is 279 for BYOPS5 > Controllers. After running the macr...

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    Halo, Saya ada project dimana saya punya toko online dan saya ingin mengintegrasikan dynamic dropdown ke Woocommerce. Contoh : Tipe HP | Merk | Bahan Samsung | Samsung S21 | Softcase Samsung | Samsung S21 | Hardcase Samsung | Samsung S22 | Hardcase Iphon...Softcase Samsung | Samsung S21 | Hardcase Samsung | Samsung S22 | Hardcase Iphone | Iphone 13 | Softcase Iphone | Iphone 13 | Hardcase Dimana dropdownnya saling terkait. Misalnya saya pilih "Samsung" maka muncul pilihan Dropdown kedua nya hanya Samsung S21 & Samsung S22. Ketika dipilih Samsung S21 maka muncul Softcase dan Hardcase di Dropdown ke-3 NB : - Data dari dropdown jika harus via upload CSV tidak masalah. - Integrasi ini harus bisa masuk hingga pesanan yang dibuat pelanggan. Jika ada pertanyaan silahkan...

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    ...Experienced, Fast and Accurate Freelancer that help us migrate our e-commerce store from Prestashop to Woocommerce with manual upload of 2,000 products (with 2-3 variations type). Task: Upload manually all products in Woocommerce store from actual CSV file (title, description, categories, images and tags) Requirements: Proven experience in upload products on e-commerce stores, great knowledge of Prestashop and Woocommerce, strong attention to details, ability to work accurately according guidelines and deadelines, availability to work in a dynamic and rapidly evolving environment. P.S Attach portfolio, examples and real case studies of projects already done. Type "WOOUPLOAD" at the beginning of your proposal to demonstrate that you hav...

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    MECM/SCCM package creation 5 päivää left

    I need a msi package based on a powershell scripts which creates local users out of a csv file.

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    We need a bulk SMS sender using Api integration in Alibaba cloud platform, the Api integration must be in PHP or Python . And it needs to take the bulk numbers from a .txt or .csv attached .

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    I am seeking a talented scraping expert to get some information with a script that can put data to a website, with captcha to solve. Script should use an .xlsx Excel file with the input numbers and get back confirmation from the website, options and information, add it to a temp file on each record .xlsx or csv, and finaly the definitive final file .xlsx. Temp file will help in case of interruption, so user can start again without the already uploaded data. The script should open several sessions at the same time. Script should have the requirements installer and all the updates / installs on the same initial script and then the run script so user execute it without extra effort

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    An ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipeline is a process for extracting data from various sources, transforming it to fit a specific format or structure, and loading it into a target system or database. A project on an ETL pipeline would typically involve the following steps: Extract: The first step is to gather data from various sources such as on-prem, cloud databases, databases, CSV files, or APIs. Transform: In this step, the data is cleaned, transformed, and prepared for loading into the target system. This may involve tasks such as removing duplicate data, converting data types, or applying calculations. Load: The final step is to load the prepared data into the target system, such as a data warehouse or a database. The specific details of the project w...

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    Design Testing & Reporting Database 5 päivää left

    ...project is to create a new database using node js and mongo so that the system will be efficient for online testing (for exams like the SAT and ACT exams) and for reporting student results. The system needs to work for different types of tests (like SAT, PSAT, ACT, and LSAT) and provide a user-friendly online testing system for students to use. It needs to be able to accommodate 5000 students testing simultaneously and then handle and store the data for retrieval and analysis in a robust reporting system. Students can also test using a pen-and-paper format with their data uploaded via csv. There will be one or two system admin logins for those of us creating the tests on the backend. These admins will need access to everything. Stud...

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    Translating CSV to narrative 5 päivää left

    I would love to ask you about a project I want to do that involves the OpenAI API. My company Everything Clicks, , generates audience reports in the form of CSV files. The audience reports provide demographic data and interest data in the form of %’s. I have attached an example. I would love to upload those reports into a dashboard or portal of some sort and then have chatGPT create a descriptive narrative about who that audience is as it relates to the data in the report.

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    I have already built SaaS product which is based on transportation and financial services. I need a Full Stack Developer to implement new features including some database automation from CSV to AWS RDS and optimizing the React application

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    image analysis 5 päivää left

    I have an image data and GPS data as CSV file/shapefile. I need to extract the same GPS locations from the image as in the CSV file. Have to automate this for several datasets.

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    my Site is running very slow at backend and unable to upload csv files & update product images. Scope of work; Find the problem and solve the issue. Problem must be resolved on a staging site first.

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    I need to create a communication service with the new Amazon API, a sending service that creates/updates products in Amazon based on XML/CSV Please contact only people who have already written communication with the new Amazon API.

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    Hello i need a csv file containing reviews imported from the amazon for the product 9 in 1 pushup board you have to find the product and import reviews i need upto 30 review delivered in 1 day image of products is attached Note- you have to import reviews from not .in ok

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    SQL Query for views 5 päivää left

    Python Code will run parametrise SQL query to create customize views, which can be exported to CSV and excel file

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    We have an issue with one of our Excel VBA Macro's, which is that upon running, it is deducting values from column K on the "Stock Management" sheet twice. Please see the screen recording below which better explains the issue: You will see it updates "on hand" value in BYOPS4, BYO..."Stock Management" sheet twice. Please see the screen recording below which better explains the issue: You will see it updates "on hand" value in BYOPS4, BYOPS5 and BYOXBX correctly, but it removes the quantity twice from the associated sku on Stock management sheet. I am pretty certain the issue is related to the VBA module 3, as shown here: I have attached the macro and a sample csv file (to run the macro) here.

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    Database lists 5 päivää left

    Creation of two market lists from website listing to excel or csv format.

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    Responsibilities: Analysis of all transactions made on a designated wallet on BSC and Ethereum networ...success rate, Profit % and Profit USD for last 24 hours, last week, and all transactions Saving the results in a CSV file Creating a program that will look similar to the example in the attached picture. Required Qualifications: Expertise in Python programming language Experience with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum network Ability to read and write CSV files Knowledge of PnL (Profit and Loss) calculations Experience using Unmarshal, Covalent or similar APIs It must calculate the PnL correctly, sometimes wallet buys BUSD or USDT, the script should understand it also and should add the traded tokens. You can see the attached photo of my want. It shou...

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    Input file will have 2 files Script asks how many asins i need from file 1 (user input ex: 100) how many asins from file 2 (user input ex: 0) how many minimum asins. (100) then it gives me PT wise results with at least 100 asins per pt which is not duplicate. In case any PT has less than 100 asins it will not give any result for that pt. Make sure entries are not duplicate.

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    We are a translation agency and we need we have a Wordpress website with the the Avada theme. Our translation request form looks like this now: Right now visitors can send requests for translation. We want to make it enable this form to attach count the words or characters within PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODT, ODP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TXT, CSV, IDML,HTML, XML, XLIFF, SDLXLIFF, WSXZ etc. files and calculate the final price that we specifiy in the plugin. After that the plugin should be able to accept payments by credit card or PayPal after the final price calculation. You can create the whole plugin in English, we will translate it late

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    I received automatically Four file csv per day in my local network And I need to execute a program ( you must develop the program) in local automatically when the four files are in the local network to transform the four file to one table The program is describe in the excel file. I need a program develop in python. An you must transform the program in .exe ( Can you show me how to do this to transform a program python to .exe) You must show me how I configure the task scheduler to execute the program automatically I will send you an excel file with all transformations to do on the 3 files to obtain one table The file contains: The green sheet : there are the csv files .there are the files that recei...

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    Extract data from HTML using python 5 päivää left

    Input: html code output: some data in csv format

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    Quantconnect and IBRK data feed 5 päivää left

    Hello. I need to find the cointegration p-value of pairs of US Stocks on an ongoing periodic basis going back 90, 180, and 360 days. Do you know if this is this possible to do utilizing Quantconnect and an IB data feed? I have attached a csv file that is generated from another system. I would like to be able to copy or input this data, have the values calculated, and then be able to create a csv data that would include the calculated values. After calculated , the first record in the attached sample data would look something like "AB - JHG, 0.11, 0.09 ,0.02) . Let me know if you knows about quantconnect

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    Building CAD Templates 4 päivää left

    I am after a CAD template, and possible LISP programming to draft our cad deliverables. Our job entail underground utility services, that are surveyed by a surveyor with GPS. The data is exported in dwg and csv file with Easting Nothing and various attributes. Depending on the attributes, the data needs to be drafted in 3d linework while adding various callouts.

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    Scrap data from a web interface I have a table and each record in the table lets me to pull time sheet monthwise by selecting the month dates for each record / user in the table.. SO if I have 10 users and I have to take 10 months its about 100 times I need to export data. I need to automate and scrap this export data.. The data comes out in the form of a CSV file and I need to import this data into a database periodically Here is a video of the whole situation Solution: How can we do this ? I’m thinking we can build a chrome extension and have an option to scrap data. Note: as a user I do not want to do any manual work

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    Need a powershell script which downloads the file to local drive, checks the column for the name Manager IT for the name Tola, if name Tola exist create the file csv with output

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    ...throughout North | South America, Europe, and Australia. Candidate is a intern CMO to consult and guide our Director of Marketing through our below Global Digital Marketing Strategy - Stage 1 Roll-out. This position is "Part-time" to start out and eventually will become a "Full-time" position within 3 months. Candidate will work no more than 6 Hours per week. This will be a 3 year contract. Marketing Roll-out Strategy (Setup & Launch) 1.) LinkedIn Lead Generation Platform and Campaigns 2.) (Social Media Outlets | Citations) 3.) Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo & Rumble) 4.) Bulk Email Marketing - Acelle (Use LinkedIn Lead Generation Platform - CSV Contact Lists) 5.) Technology Talent ...

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    ...possible to access the data directly via the JSON object. The code needs to: 1. Use proxies to cycle through a list of queries that segment images into searches with smaller results. I have written the code to generate these query strings. This will probably require getting/managing session tokens/cookies to avoid detection. I will share testing proxy info with the freelancer. 2. capture the file name, metadata, and URLs for each image in a pandas dataframe. 3. Go to each image page, get the keywords and store in dataframe. It may be possible to get the keywords via JSON; I haven't tested this. 4. save each image at highest resolution possible, 1500px. 5. output dataframe to CSV file for testing (I will pipe this dat...

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    Product Data needed from our vendor website. Data needs to be provided in Application format. In other words, the product should repeat in excel or csv for as many applications to which it applies. To include product name, descriptions, details, OEM Cross Reference Data, Categories, Model Fit, etc... Images are not required as we already have image files. Attached is a sample file and instructions. Also provided are the uniqe skus which will repeat many times depending upon make + model fit.

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    I have two large CSV files 131MB & 2.6GB. I would like to convert these into a useable Microsoft Access Database.

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    Build code to extract site 4 päivää left

    The script should do the following 1) Go to search query link in site (eg. ) 2) Extract address, size, contact number, price, url, ad id 3) Do step 2 until all search pages are covered 4) Export as excel/csv Budget: $100

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    We need a C# .NET Core component to create calendar events, as part of emails, to be inserted into Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook/ Office 365 (Cloud). This component will accept the following parameters: - Title (to be provided by us, with Co#, Employee Name & ID, title description) - From Date/Time (Time is optional) - End Date/Time (Time is optional) - Time zones (optional) - Comments (to be inserted into the body of this appointment/event; optional) This component can take data from a table or a CSV file with aforementioned parameters. For a multi-day event, it should send out one email with ics records covering the entire date range. Multi-day events may cross weekends, but not including weekends (Saturday and Sunday). The solution ...

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    I'd like to have a website with football players and there appearances by club and season, appearances and goals at least captured. Something on the basic lines like this - Of course something like this would be even better but probably out of my price range currently - with match by match statistics included So would need back end to record the players details etc. Would be good if I could import excel or csv files into it too. Not just England and Scotland like the above site but worldwide with the ability to search by players, clubs, competition and years

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    I'm currently using a CSV file as my markers using the "CSV Marker Plugin" inside leaflet. I want to cluster my markers. I already have a working map with all my data. I can provide the map upon request.

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    ...can cater our following needs : 1) Should be able to list of contents with an attached file which can be views by the client. 2) Billing to be done on credit balance keeping ,eg 100 $ can be kept in the account and they can view the above list based on the balance available ,they can view 4 such lines if the 1 line of content will cost $25. [Either can auto hide and view or upload from our end. ] 3) Client portal login where they can view list of contents with their balance along with payment option to top up. 4) Dollar billing from across the world primarily from the USA. 5) CSV Upload option for the list of contents. What we expect from the consultant : 1) Help us to choose the right software /service which cater these needs. 2)Help us to i...

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    This is a project for someone highly experienced in shopify product importing via csv files. We have the attached CSV file When we attempt to upload this file to shopify we receive the attached file. We need someone to fix the problems in the csv file so it can be uploaded to shopify successfully. The small budget will be repaid with a reciprocal opinion of your work.

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