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    Bypass spam filters Loppunut left they get past spamassassin & co b) more advanced things to look for. Yes, I know about the free & pay software out there to check messages and modify words which score highly. I'm looking for someone who can go deeper on this. If you're really good, I'm willing to pay a $25 bonus on top of the $25 fee. But only if you're really good!

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    We have acquired the rights to a Live Support script (similar to PhP Live Support) that needs debugging and requires additional features. Here is what we require: 1) Sort out the problem when initiating a chat request. 2) Add better Traffic & Footprints functionality 3) Better operator to operator chat support ??" ability to transfer calls 4) Add

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    I look a...for a template to work with existing site to give the site a unique look and feel like [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I can set up a copy of site so no problem with working on live site. I have had major problemswith being let donw in the past so please only bid if are confident with oscommerce adn have the time to do the project. Charly

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    ...imagine: I find out about these really neat Flash files for sale for dirt cheap. I visit the link, check them out, decide that I want this stuff on my site and can't bare to live with out them. Well, I have Paypal and decide to click the "Purchase these ultra-cool flash files via Paypal" link, I get to Paypal, enter my Paypal information, confirm my

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    Website Upgrading Loppunut left

    ...can see your work also. further details will be sent later. ## Deliverables a. Complete working optimized websites, including all pages, scripts, database files, installed, live and working on our hosting server. b. Complete documentation on all programmatic scripts, and database schema. c. Exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.

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    I need a coder to create a live support system similar to [[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]][1] Software to work on Linux server. We can provide a copy of the source code but it must not be copied nor should any other program be copied. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of

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    This is a pretty cut and dry script I need made to make my life easier at the office. Basically, it checks the symantec, and microsoft website for updates. It needs to check the symantec site for their norton antivirus intelligent updater, and it will look on microsoft for any critical security updates for XP. When you type [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    ...specification) GUI ??" show board, updates after each move, able to record players names, at end of game print out results (System.out..) (name of each player and who won plus score)… and a verbose mode that would print out all the moves… Specification for Othello Game Command Line Operation **Starting the program** The program will be started with

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    Grades Loppunut left

    ...section number (a 5-digit positive int) * the quiz scores (several 1-digit non-negative int) * the test scores (several max 2-digit non-negative int) * the extra-credit score (a non-negative double) Your program must read the meta-data and data (provide a separate method **readStudentData** as declared at end of these instructions) , compute two

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    ...Something like if site exist then SiteValue = 100, and LinkValue = results/2. Then preform a calculation on the summed value of the variables? to give the domain name a score and a dollar value.? Then present the results on an html page and email the client the results. (I will provide the format for the results page in an html format) ## Deliverables

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    Information company needs a network / webhosting / isp expert to perform testing on our company's software. Candidate must have acess to 500 dedicated live IP addresses (NOT FREE PROXY SERVERS) and perform load testing on a application that we would provide. You will work to perform a series of tests that should take 5 -10 hours to perform

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    ...created. It will be a chess program that has tabs or buttons for the following, event, date, time control, name, rating, color, repeat of name, rating, color, result, tournament score, last tab must be able to store moves of game in pgn, portable game notation, a simple and well known notation, complete ownership of program, copyright, and all interests belong

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    I would like a live help web application written similar to the one liveperson ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) The application is to be written in java and compatible with most new web browsers. Application should run in realtime. I would like to host the complete application on my server. I should be able to have more than one operator attending

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    Grades Loppunut left

    ...assignment: Write a class named STUDENT defineded as follows: -each student has 3 pieces of data: name, score on midterm and score on final -there is one constructor, which has one arguement - the name of the student (it also sets the exam score to 0) -there are 3 methods: --toString, which returns the student info as a string value --inputGrades

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    ...following information we would like to constantly and automatically update on our page: 1) Current betting lines from both Las Vegas casinos and online sportsbooks 2)Live score updates on all of the in progress games in all of the major sports More importantly 3)Information relating to the matchups of that day's sporting events such as

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    Misc. Loppunut left

    ...evaluation review scores. Include data members for employee name and review scores. Also, include two function members. The first calculates the average review score and the other will return the highest score. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation

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    ...format must include a timer that determines player's score based on how quick it was answered. - Chat feature - Scores must be stored - Displays scores to users between each question along with who got the question right - Points are awarded for correct answers. Wrong answers do not reduce score. - Point values decrease with time, faster responses

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    Parsing data from sites that provides sports betting odds/lines and putting the odds/lines into a table format with auto refresh options or manually refreshing odds/lines. Lines/Odds will come from various sportsbook sites. Some of the sites you will need to parse data from are: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi UR...

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    4 tarjoukset able to be set at lesser rating levels as well. ( dumbed down feature) You will have the same data available that the human players have. For instance, the current score, the length of the game, what cards have been played, what cards have been passed, ect. We need to keep the file size low since this is a downloadable game. Source

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    tournement software Loppunut left

    ...players, the array will be presorted according to qualifiying position sub displayPlayOffs 'Playoffs chart should be displayed on a form will also include player name and score through out the chart if winner is known of course SEE [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I prefer a left side and right side with the finals in the middle format

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    Assignment Grader Loppunut left

    ...specifications. Design and develop of project to assign a letter grade to a student's Assignment based on a test score and other criteria. * * Use a NumericUpDown control to allow the instructor's assistant to enter a test score between 0 and 100. * Use a group of RadioButton controls to determine the grade on Extra Credit Project

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    Game Loppunut left

    ...question right then award the points, if wrong then take away. During final jeopardy the person with the lowest score will be asked to make their bid then the second to lowest and finally the highest score... once all players have enter their score then the question will appear. It will ask the lowest to enter answer first, second to lowest second and so

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    €13 - €18
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    ...will dispatch traffic on the web site depending on the availability of customer service agents who answer the calls. The agents availability is given by a web page generated live by the phone system. This page must be parsed every 60 seconds to update the system. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    Game of Strategy Loppunut left

    ...many times as they would like summing up the values of each roll. The only stipulation is that the total sum of all their moves may not exceed 21. The player with the highest score after a set number of turns wins. Your player class must extend AbstractPlayer (provided). The name of your class should be ElainePlayer. Your player class must override each

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    Live cams Loppunut left

    hello i want to set up a live adult cam web site, with live video feeds, i have purchaed some software called coffee-cup cam, to upload the cam images, i would like to accept payment via NOCHEX,or PAYPAL and have some kinnda timed credit system, i have not yet purchased the hosting so it can be for any OS ect, i want the members to have instant access

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    I am looking to create a Golf Handicap scoring program. I have started on a program that works, but it is not quite what I am looking for. Currently a user inputs a specified number of scores (2), a course rating, a slope rating and the program then computes the handicap based on the these variables input by the user. To truly compute a golf handicap

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    Website Brief Loppunut left

    ...progress. We would like some of our animations to be viewable on the website (we would compress these so they would not be more then about 3 megs). We anticipate there being the following sections on the site however at this stage we would only require the architectural visualisation to be live with the other sections following early on in the New Year: 1)

    €177 - €266
    €177 - €266
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    ...through the admin portion of my site I will decide what stories to place on my site. _**#2 ??" Location of Visitors**_. I would like to know where the visitors to my site live. This site will be primarily (99.9%) for U.S visitors so country information will do me no good here. I need states and perhaps cities. I will NOT have different pages and content

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    Seeking PHP Live Helper Chat Script. with visitor tracking, etc. I already know this script can be gotten for $99.00 maybe you have created this script for someone and can offer a better deal. Please provide demo link. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    Web-Tester Loppunut left

    ...can access it, only try 1 time?, age range. Then take the test. Score it two ways. Partial credit and then right/wrong. Note: I want to be able to allow other instructors to make up questions. I may want to allow other instructors to create tests. But only I can create competitions. Note: The test taker will never be told if he/she is

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    Breakout game Loppunut left

    ...complete copyrights to all work purchased. (No GPL, 3rd party components, etc. unless all copyright ramifications are explained AND AGREED TO by the buyer on the site). 4) Create a fully working version of the classic arcade game breakout in valid Transitional1 XHTML and JavaScript with the W3C Dom Level 1 methods. (ie [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] etc)

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    Create a baseball PHP/HTML script for entry and editing of baseball games. Sample screens and database tables are attached and existing PHP scripts are available to the winning bidder. Screens should include menus (already existing in code) and follow our design, embedded in classes and CSS. See attached zip! ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    ...what training and completed what, date training was done plus notes for each member, and what ladder matches each member was in and scores for each member then to give a total score or rateing over all. *_3rd_* I like to have a clan match calender with the ability to add new matches and dates and times and to add the out come scores and notes on the

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    LiveScore website Loppunut left

    I want create the webpage which will obtain the livescore from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] It mean it will auto retrived the live score data from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] directly. I prefer it done it in ## Deliverables Must successfull implement on my webhosting ## Platform ASP.NET

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    C++ Homework Help Loppunut left

    ...student id (1-1000) b. student name(1-10 chars with no space) c. exam 1 score d. exam 2 score 2. Allow the user to either input several records at a time or one record at a time. 3. Allow the user to adjust the weight of each exam (50% each by default.). 4. Compute final score for each student. 5. Allow the user to specify the range of each grade

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    2 tarjoukset to have access to live data while the markets are open. One of the things this gives me access to, is Time & Sales data for selected stocks. It tells me in a small Java Applet window the time a stock was bought or sold and how many shares were bought and sold. What I would like to do is somehow transfer that data from my live account to an excel spread

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    Auto Exam Grader Loppunut left

    ...answer key and each student's answers. To do this you will determine each student's test score and the mean for the entire class. Also you will generate a histogram using the test scores. There are exactly 25 students who took the exam. Calculate the mean score as the sum of all scores divided by the number of scores. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    I need a solution like Live Person. See: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] All the standard features plus some that I would define in addition which would customize it for a specific industry. That customization would consist of one extra field on the client side and ...

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    I need a clone of this Application: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] It's a live help system and I need to create the same product. The service will be offered to our customerr using the ASP business model. Have a look at the above site for a full description of the features I need. In particoular, I need: - Proactive Chat and Help

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    ...well, because it is searched way more often than 'send html emails'. We also have compiled a list of more than 100 related keywords, partly ranked with a supply/demand score. We also have a 2nd site at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] that shall be optimized for the term 'email marketing' I am not interested in pay-per-click acitivities

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    Live News Content Loppunut left

    I have a website, [[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]][1] and its being updated very soon, here is the new site in development, [[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]][2] I have added a new live news content module called "myheadlines" It has the ability to scrape news feeds. I would like someone to setup the news feed for me, as I am very busy on other website wo...

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    4 tarjoukset know how to implement a very fast scalable engine. attached is the current engine. if you can't build an engine which is much faster, orders results by compatability score, and could be realistically used by a ton of simultaneous users, don't bid. if you can give me an idea in the message board or in your bid area how much faster you can make

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    Hi, I need 3 3D Icons in XP style or MAC style (check attached file for samples), for webhosting web site icons will express: the cheapst since 2001 24X7 live support %99.5 uptime guaranteed you choose colors, but all in white background, do not buzer send your prevoius work, just send me the final work (water-marked) so i got

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    Flash Game Loppunut left

    ...the same functionality i.e. high score, enter email address etc. I Should be able to enter the list of words that we will be looking for and the system should randomly generate the word to "click". Should be same size etc. I should be able to change the titles, etc. I would like a link to a page that I will create to explain how to play and the prizes

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    ...File->Open must default to this folder. In order to bid on this job you must be able to show me a Wise installer you have made as well as have done jobs before on RAC and have a score of at least 9.0. ## Deliverables 1) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request.

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    Web Site Redesign Loppunut left

    ...don’t have as many activities and products as these two guys, but the functionality and professional look are what I’m after. Here are some of the things I need: * I want to create and maintain the content myself, but I’m looking for initial site redesign and programming. * I use FrontPage 2002, and would want to be able to change and add content without

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    ...(WIN EXE, JAVA & HTML). Communication to the server appears to be HTTPS for real accounts and HTTP for demo accounts. Protocol is not documented by the FOREX broker. Demo and Live accounts will be provided for testing. The API interface will need to provide a seamless replacement (or solid control over) the broker provided GUI application(s). The GUI

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    ...things need to be done... **Changes to the Games Played screen** Intro The Games Played screen just lists all games that have been played and allows users to edit/enter a score, write stories, and edit the team information. The script, [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], does two things: it asks the user for the league and team to display, and then displays the list. The

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    Grades Loppunut left interface. 1) Enter students and scores 2) Get highest average score 3) Get lowest average score 4) Get student by ID 5) Exit You can do this via JOptionPane, for the purposes of your projects. The Get High and Get Low choices print BOTH THE STUDENT NAME AND THE SCORE. The Get student by ID, finds the student and prints out his scores. After

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    ...easy. Because the site does not have security, I will give the link when you bid. Please bid with a price and the language you are prepare to translate. This is a fast way to score a perfect 10 on the rentacoder :) Also you have to be prepare to maintain the languages strings on an ongoing basis. Basic knowleage of HTML is also required (some strings have

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