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    Design project Loppunut left

    Looking for an artist to create different designs of our company name, "HoodRaized Clothing," for t-shirt printing. (Removed by admin)

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    Epic Fishing Shirt Loppunut left

    ...apparel. I would like it if we could, keep it on the cheaper side, maybe some new designers, or generous Pro's. I'm looking for a talented artist that can create a Skull and Bones style graphic for a T-shirt/hoodie design. I am looking for clear and detailed work that is NOT cartoon like, but a more realistic look, mystical, fantasy. The expression

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    hi my name is mac I am looking for an artist to design a t-shirt for my company, the design is based around a magazine called commando which was a cartoon in the 70,s I wish to change this to paratrooper and have the design changed as required, I am looking for someone whos an artist as I require a high standard of work and there will be follow-on

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    Trophy icon t-shirt designs Loppunut left

    PLEASE READ MY MESSAGE IN ITS ENTIRETY, as I am looking for the right artist to fulfill this and possibly create a long-term working relationship for future jobs. IF my description doesn't resonate or inspire you, PLEASE DO NOT BID or respond. I'm looking for original t-shirt designs (for commercial use), using motivational quotes from the attached

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    This design will be the for newest t-shirt design for my start up company called Old Soul Fish Co. The company incorporates themes of fishing and music into its products. The shirt idea that I have in mind would be a skeleton riding on the back of a blue marlin. The skeleton will have a guitar case strapped across its back and the marlin will be jumping

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    Hi, We would like an Indigenous shirt design. We are looking for an up and coming Indigenous artist to complete a design for a company shirt. We would like our design to represent strength, courage and dignity.

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    My name is Josh and i am looking for a custom artist/graphic designer for clothing. Seeking artist to create custom images for all around designs on t shirts. We are a soon to be startup online t shirt company but are looking for a niche design based around 70s-90s nostalgic pop culture. We will be needing a prototype to settle on for first 2 designs

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    Apparel Design Loppunut left

    Looking for a graphic design artist to help me in starting my side project clothing apparel company. This clothing will be mainly looked at by military, first responders, firearm enthusiasts, patriots, etc. Main thing about this project, for me, is I'll donating a percentage of each sale to a charity/foundation. (Wounded Warriors, Fisher House Foundation

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    Design T-shirts Loppunut left

    I am an American living in Thailand and I'm looking for a talented, creative, imaginative, and fast t-shirt designer who is enthusiastic and has excellent English and communication skills to work remotely as a virtual assistant designer for my company My goal is to hire a creative t-shirt designer who can produce great quality original designs with

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    Tshirt design Loppunut left

    I am looking to start a t-shirt design company and need to hire designers from all over the world to create designs for my shirts to sell on an ecommerce store. I am interested in seeing artist portfolio of t-shirt designs they have done. This is a long term relationship. I will need multiple designs throughout the year. I like unique styles of artwork

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    Hi, I own a gear and apparel company and I'm looking an artist who's capable of creating amazing vintage art and solutions for high quality fabric apparel. I have a list of ideas and they're typically open for you as the artist to use your imagination and create what you feel matches it. Section Thirty Industries is a back page gear and apparel

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    My company is Locals Living Like Tourists (3LT) 3LT relates to the casual, care free, local lifestyle. We create fresh, comfortable clothing for Locals Living Like Tourists. We are looking for new T-shirt designs that are simple and do not contain more than 3-4 colors, but is still eye-catching and vibrant. We are using screen printing and can optimize

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    Trophy icon Original T-shirt designs Loppunut left

    I'm looking for an original t-shirt design for a shirt for my new company. The company is Called Success Built on Vision/ SBOV. The design will be for the front half of the shirt or possibly the back as well. I have attached my logo's to hopefully spark ideas for the artist. I have added some designs a close friend of mine has recently ...

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    Looking for a couple graphic designs for t-shirt printing. LEO Hearted is an apparel company that donates a portion of it's profit every quarter, to an officer of an organization focused on the mission of strengthening ties between law enforcement and community members. We are looking for an artist that is willing to create visually desirable t-shirt

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    I am working on a new startup Skateboard company and am looking for a quality Graphic Designer to tackle a couple projects for us to get the ball rolling. We need a logo, 4 t-shirt designs, and 4 Skateboard Deck designs. We would prefer to work with one artist/designer to accomplish this. We have some ideas, but don't have the skills to put them together

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    Design project Loppunut left

    I am trying to start a t shirt company and need help with the design of my first t shirt. Looking for an artist that can enjoy this journey with me.

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    Im looking for a steady artist to do full sublimation designs for short sleeve jerseys and long sleeve jerseys. Templates to design on will be sent to you. Drop box will be created for art file transfer. I do all sport uniforms. My facebook page is H2 Printing. You can go look at major uniform company websites to view what im talking about. Typical

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    Design project Loppunut left

    I need some graphic design. Starting a online Texas shirt store send looking for talented people that would want to start with a start up company. Looking for multiple artist, different views and people to hat can help me put my vision on paper.

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    Design a T-Shirt Loppunut left

    Looking for a talented artist to design a t shirt for a company that is going to be giving back all proceeds. Every t-shirt will pay for the planting of 10 trees. Please base your designs around that mission

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    Hello, We are a t-shirt printing company looking for a new designer. The company that actually prints our shirts has some rules that MUST be followed, so we're currently searching for a graphic artist who can follow these rules. We are currently sending the same design to multiple designers to see how well they fit with us when it comes to their ability

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    I'm looking for an artist to help me design a baby chick for a T-shirt I'm creating for my screen printing company. I have a rough sketch that I can share with you. Thank you!

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    ...posting. Our small company (The Wry Guys) creates T-shirt designs that are amusing, thought-provoking, and visually appealing. Our goal is to emphasize quality over quantity, and the right candidate can expect commissions for an average of one or two T-shirt designs from us per month. We're looking for a talented freelance artist with the followin...

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    Design a T-Shirt Loppunut left

    Hello, I am looking to find a graphic artist who can create t shirt designs that are associated with being preppy. The name of my company is Twisted Fin and we have created silk neckties with designs of beach life, sea life, golfing, etc. I am looking for designs that are simple but are of preppy colors and layout. To reference what I am looking for, t shi...

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    We are a startup T-Shirt company looking to hire more than one graphic artist. We are looking for a couple of artists to provide us a design - from there we will decide on one and provide them with many more designs after that. We are targeting the youth market (high school thru some college) and are looking to bring some fresh ideas to a market that

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    We are looking for a t-shirt/ clothing designer who can make original T-shirt, Clothing and Mug Designs. You should be extremely creative and think out of the box artist. We are a New Upcoming Clothing Line Based in the US with a French Company Name. We have great designs for clothing and looking for a T-Shirt/ Graphic Designer to take us to a hi...

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    We are looking to have a t-shirt design created for our new line. How creative are you? The Slogan " I Swwissh" - The Swwissh looks like its blowing in the wind. The design is a T-shirt geared towards the sport of basketball. Concept- "I Swwissh (I Swish) is a play on words from the chorus from the song Formation by Beyonce" depicting an overly

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    Apparel Graphics Loppunut left bottom but essential you read what we are looking for. We are looking for a creative and skilled graphic artist to create graphic designs for our apparel and accessory company. We would start with one design to test but are looking for the right fit to build a long term relationship. We are looking to discover a talented individual who understands

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    Design a T-Shirt Loppunut left

    We are a wholesale t shirt company looking for a graphic designer. We would give the basic idea of what we need and we need the artist to finalize our vision.

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    Design a T-Shirt Loppunut left

    We are a wholesale t shirt company looking for a graphic designer. We would give the basic idea of what we need and we need the artist to finalize our vision.

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    I am looking for a talented graphic artist to create an illustrated cartoon of a child and pet. The little girl should be dancing, in the same pose as the original character in the photo. Please create and cartoonize the little girl and the pet dog. Please make the crown into a cartoon and place on the head of the little girl and the dog. Please make

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    We are looking to have a t-shirt design created for our new line. Can you create an amazing design in minutes ? The Slogan " No Speaka No English" Design Must include International Flags around the world. Concept- Normally in New York when you approach a person that does speak english. They're response is "No Speaka No English". Our goal

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    ...based fashion design company with focus on t-shirt and women's contemporary line set to launch in Spring/Summer 2016. Our goal is to build a collective of designers to help curate renditions of in-house designs to be used as art on our clothing. What we're looking for: 1) Graphic designer with specialization for t-shirt designs and "eye" f...

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    ...are welcome to participate in the following opportunity. My name is Ian Lam and I work for a company called Macau Creations. We promote artists by selling artist products. We're about to launch a t-shirt website called eSpark Macau and we're looking for designer/illustrators that want to earn money with their artwork without giving their creative

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    I am looking for a graphic artist that can hand draw designs for my t-shirt company. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] : I am needing rustic/vintage designs inspired by the southeast united states and the southern rustic lifestyle.

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    My partner and I are opening an online T-shirt & merchandise store in a few weeks, and we're looking for a graphic artist to create a few design elements for us. Ideally, this arrangement would lead to a long-term relationship in which the artist helps us to develop a consistent, distinctive style for the graphic elements on some of our products.

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    Design Rash Guards Loppunut left

    I'm a looking for a talented artist to create designs for childrens sun-protected rash guards (i.e. swim shirts). The design must incorporate the pattern of an endangered tropical marine life. The mission of my company is to aid marine life. Each shirt will include a description of the name of the fish and description of it's habits and habitat

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    ...alter some imagesTeddy Sage is a clothing company located in BGC Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines. We are looking for full time animator / illustrator / sketch artist. We are a clothing company that also dabbles in animation for our marketing. Core responsibility is to draw assigned shirt designs and animate company characters. Work is from 10am to 7pm

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    Design a Logo Loppunut left

    Logo and design work for a soon to be launched t-shirt company. Looking for an artist with a sense of humor and a unique but relevant and current style. Logo and t-shirt designs will include a lot of lettering and simple but bold graphics that need to be vectorized for printing.

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    We are a small, new company looking for an artist/designer to help us launch a t-shirt on-line store

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    SUMMARY Tiki Clothing Company is looking for the best design talent its fans have to offer during the 2015 T-Shirt Design Contest. We will showcase design talent and announce the contest winners online in June 2015! The grand prize winner will have his or her design printed on Tiki Clothing Company t-shirts and the winning artist(s) will be featured on

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    We are a small screen printing company that is in need of a high quality, custom, motorcycle t-shirt design for an upcoming motorcycle show. Our intent is to screen print this design primarily on black t-shirts so the artwork should be designed accordingly and the finished product should be vector art with a minimum of 300 dpi and all text converted

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    Hi, I am looking for outstanding and creative designer on a permanent basis for our ongoing designing work. It's a small task in which I need an experienced graphic designer. If your work is good, then I will give you the same task just after Completion of this project. In experienced person It's just a 1 hour job. My client has a website where

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    I have a few crude drawings as design ideas for my shirts, however, I'm not a great artist so I'm looking for someone to polish up my designs. I am looking for a slight cartoon feel with vibrant colors. Each image leak I have cooresponds to the image I have uploaded. I am hoping for a mixture of both: IMAGE 1: (the words read ¨#getbuckets) https://s3-us-west-2

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    Design a T-Shirt Loppunut left

    We are a start up company called Pier 129 Clothing. We are currently designing a website where we will have a new design for sale every 24 hours. The customer can choose to put the design on a t shirt, hoody, or poster. We need a few designs to put into our website as examples. These designs will also be one of the first to go on sale once the site

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    Design a T-Shirt Loppunut left

    We are a trademarked company looking for someone to design our t-shirt line. Artist must be an out of the box catchy thinker. Shirt designs should be playful for play time or semi casual for work and after work hours. Shirt line is for men, women and youth.

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    ...would like to present you to this project. I have been looking quite sometimes for a good logo for my gaming company overseas for a nice logo. I have a picture of the actually drawing that an artist in Haiti has done for me already but i want that same exact drawing to be able to print on shirt, banners, billboards, business cards and so. I want a

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    I own a tropical lifestyle company and I am looking to connect with an artist that has the following skills. 1. Can be creative and come up with ideas on their own. 2. Understands that it means to be a "parrothead" and Jimmy Buffett Fan. 3. Can create original artwork and not copy clipart from Getty Images. I HATE CLIPART. 4. Can show me real

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    Concevez un T-Shirt Loppunut left

    [Only streetwear artist] Hello, I'm looking for a good "streetwear" designer ! I need a design for a t-shirt, for a extreme sport company so I want to work with design who know about streatwear, streetart,... Send me your portfolio link , and link me tshirts that you did for streetwear too Thank you

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