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    ... Please incorporate vendor logos (attached) and the WoodworkerExpress logo and web address on the piece. Item / SKU numbers are in the first column of the spreadsheet and must be displayed by the products in the piece. No sale pricing - just regular pricing is to be displayed. There may be multiple products on the piece

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    ...logo and web address on both sides of the Box Stuffer piece. Please include on the piece that: "Prices are effective June 1 - 30, 2019." Item / SKU numbers are in the first column of the spreadsheet and must be displayed by the products in the piece. You may expand on any of the product names/titles from the spreadsheet using information from our website

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    Micro project, just the frontend with a single [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and react.js included. I need to add the React Data Grid plugin ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) ...with the add row function (row). 2) an external button with the remove row selected. 3) an external button to change background color row by id. 4) always sort order "name column" ASC

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    Now we have page (, c#) with 2 gridviews, the aim of project is to unite them into one expand/collapse gridview. Grids description: grids show count of games total/per kind of sport/per championship from 2 sources. Here 2 examples with the same datasource: 1. Pictures: grid_1 and grid_2 - like it works now with 2 grids 2. pictures with needed

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    Need recaptcha integrated into 2 similar websites done with joomla. The recaptch need to appear in the contact form.

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    PROJECT SUMMARY I started building website by using WordPress and its template. I need somebody to help me changing things on home page. Website has already previous design with Joomla where you can get content from hence this project will be make up. Summary * Change home page looks the way I want. * Add 17 pages. these 17 pages have already on previous

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    Features of the app: - Ask user to select an Excel file. - Ask user which is the column or columns -could be 1 or more than 1- (within Excel) to be processed. - Example of 1 Excel cell content that the app has to process and convert is within the attached file. Please read it. Thanks.

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    Hi there, I have a website I want to be I want to be scraped. There are two sections of the website that need to be scraped. All the information is contained in the attached pictures. NOTE: 1. I want column names in the first row of the output spreadsheet. 2. You need to save down the images into a folder, and then zip. Good luck

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    I ...costumes with their props/weapons. Attached is an image showing how I would like the characters to be positioned, in their own individual panel side by side. However the order from left to right would be; Black Widow (as a penguin), Hulk (as an elephant), Iron Man (as a lion), Captain America (as an owl), Thor (as a wolf) and Hawkeye (as a zebra)

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    Chart Build Loppunut left

    Need to create D3J charts for close to 30 chart types - Bar Chart, Column Chart, Tree Chart, Heat Map, Geo Map, Progress Chart, Multi Axis Charts etc. These charts will have drill down, ability to change color etc.

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    Descrizione: Ambiente Joomla Hikashop Puoi leggere e scrivere sul pagamento di un gateway Italiano. Vedi tutte le API e tutta la documentazione relative. Il plugin richiede anche un'interfaccia di configurazione lato beck-end. Il nome del Gateway verrà fornito in forma privata.

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    16 tarjoukset old site. You have to make the design PSD files. You will need them to make psd files of the design copying all elements of current design (colors, typography, single column layout with sidebar ) and then to be implemented in two new Retina Ready Responsive Theme. All old content will - images, text, links, podcasts will need to be imported.

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    ...Require data entry from 11 PDFs, 2-4 pages each Approximately 650 rows with the following 3 columns: ** Date ** Description ** Amount - enter credit amounts into a separate column Enter each PDF into a seperate tab of the xlsx template provided Cross check that the * Opening balance plus sum of debits minus sum of credits equals the closing balance

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    I require on [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] for there to be images on the right when click on Full Menu menu option. Currently it is blank. I send screenshot of another site [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to show how it should look. Then I need on [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] the ORDER to change so that Everyday Deals is on top (it must be similar order as the [kirjaudu n&a...

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    I can email a .csv file to be queried into static reports based on column headers ie date and or client status. Currently, there are less than 300 lines in the .csv file. I need to have these reports updated, so I believe that I need an access database to somehow remove the existing data and import new data weekly. I am able to do some of these tasks

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    Necesito un web site...profesores registro de tareas, reuniones, registro de notas, eventos, etc chat de consulta con los estudiantes y entre padres de familia novedades en clases, en general HTML5, no joomla, no wordpress backend, frontend, postgres DB necesitamos algo similar a esto [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] user: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]@[kirjaudu nähd&a...

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    Need a basic contact form for my Joomla website ASAP - need it in the next hour - code is ready First name - Last Name - Email - Phone number - State- Meassge - Send button Then I need to know where to change where the email are going - so I can add more *needs to be done now ** Pay $50 plus tip is you can work fast

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    Periodically I develop the outline for an article/blog post/column to be published online. I will explain/whiteboard the outline verbally. I am looking for a writer to develop 250/500/750 words out of that discussion and send me a draft. I will review the content and will send it to the editor for review/publish. The topics are around entrepreneurship

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    ...scenarios. 3-data set should contain the sensor nodeID# and X_coordinate Y_coordinate in other words, data-set can be an Excel sheet with 300-500 rows or more [it is up to you] column will be nodeID# and X_coordinate Y_coordinate (real location) //we may need to consider Z coordinate The task will include -use your experience to generate NOT very very

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    ...special 'specs' table style that can be selected from options (*font size 80%, striped rows, full width * left column uppercase, bold text and width 25%) - Create a special 'product list' table style (*font size 80%, full width *left column left justified * other columns centered * top row black background with white text) If you have rel...

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    Hello, I would like to do some modification in GPS Tools on a Joomla website. I have a complete and detailed list of tasks, but the main points are : - Two different detail template view regarding the categories. Add the ability for the user to set the position of the main image - Customize those two templates depending PSD drafts - Create a "gallery

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    1) When you clear the data it should only clear for that specific day 2) Add a new field in the data paste section which copies data into column D 3) Is it possible to auto format the data? 4) Fix small bugs in the macro sheet

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    I need a quick python program that 1) runs a query on my mysql database to SELECT caption FROM [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] WHERE take...png ( this is a A little word cloud generator in Python - >[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) 3) the program should cycle through and complete this for each entry in the column [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (media.owner...

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    Joomla website is out of date. Items that need to be done: - Banner is not showing - Functionality is not working (the website is an anonymous email service. Users can login and send emails anonymously to others) - Joomla version is out of date - Mobile responsive is not working properly

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    59 tarjoukset to choose correct template: Campaign, Template 1, Sending date & time etc. User should be able to create new column titles into google sheet. Addon would search titles and insert data into email template. Example: I make new column title called "xyz" and insert into template "How are things in [xyz]" and addon would replace [xyz] with data in Data

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    Create an Excel formula that calculates the occurence/frequency of values in the visible (filtered) range only. Please...visible (filtered) range only. Please refer to the uploaded file for more clarity on the task. I prefer a formula as a solution instead of a VBA/macro, preferably in a single column as I will be adding more columns to the worksheet.

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    I have a joomla website where i want to make few pages in blog layout. Somehow when i am trying to split the page with "read more..." separator it simply makes Intro text in bold and full text wont hide in read more button, i want that to be fixed so i can create articles in blog layout in the future

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    You have two things that your software has to match: 1st = one table with one column containing a free text description with the 2nd = one big database where some key parts of the input description are spreaded over many columns. The project scope is to match the free text description from 1st to the 2nd db (over 2 milions records) and return the

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    I need someone to open an Excel table (which i will provide), which has a column of product names and a column of links to a picture, go through all the links, download these pictures and send them back to me in a folder.

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    Need your help in listing information for fashion ecommerce websites We have excel files which need to be segregated. Eg: T-shirts -> must be divided into three the excel file to further simplify categories into sub categories Also, descriptions are in a paragraph format, we need you to segregate each keyword in the description column.

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    I need to advance this query below to group by date (day) using a join of the 'taken_at_timestamp' column from the table media ( the timestamps are stored as varchar so think you need to use UNIX_TIMESTAMP somewhere SELECT caption_mentions, count(*) as count FROM mentions WHERE caption_mentions ='london_dad' GROUP by caption_mentions ORDER BY count

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    We are the owner of Ohanah extension for Joomla. Currently, Ohanah is using JoomlaTools framework in version 3.2.2 and is also using old and obsolete framework installer. We need the framework update to the latest available version. This needs to be done in a way so we can update the framework in the future without too many changes in the package structure

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    ...need a revamp on my website. My actually website is in wordpress but i'm very frustrated because my website is always with malware. I want a new website in a new platform (Joomla, Weebly or other good for seo). Basically i want to mantain the contents (text, images). I only need the design. Here is my actually website: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Websites

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    Custom form website Loppunut left

    we need to setup a custom form for a finance company. the site is running with joomla.

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    Android APP Work Loppunut left

    ...values of "String1" and "String2" to the database in Column's 1 and 2 4. "Update" button 5. "Get Data" button that query's the data base and returns the value in Column 2 where Column 1 is equal to "String1" in the App. Basically, I just need to learn how to do these and I want to pay you to help me. I would like thing...

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    I have a dedicated VPS Apache server on godaddy and several joomla sites on it. One of my sites is giving me a error for exceeding allowed bandwidth. its memorial day and godaddy support is unavailable. I have a large event coming up in 1 week and need it fixed asap so people can access the site. I don't want to try and do it myself and bring the server

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    There is a file. There is data. It is necessary that the file with the name from the first column(Recording) is saved to the folder with the name from the second column(First_label). I will sent you test data.

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    I need a Joomla expert for my multiple projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

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    I need a Joomla expert for my multiple projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

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    Hello, We are looking for an offshore company for various projects. Team skills: Wordpress Development, webdesign, html, codeigniter, joomla, prestashop, fix bugs, add new functionnalities to current websites. We are looking for a long term partenership. We need a report for all the works done. Send us your team profiles and how you manage projects

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    ...Must have Excel, not google sheets - Strong Excel Skills - Ability to format and transfer the information from one excel document to another excel document that have similar column field but different format - Basic SEO Understanding - Good english Writing Ability - Researching - Internet Speed – Screen shot (need to download sometimes a lot of large

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    30 tarjoukset[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Macro should scrape list of games in a following format First column: home team Second column: away team Third column: nowgoal ID (Which can be found on the league page after howering on small icon with letter R inside (for example - [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:...

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    I have a bank statement and I need to insert into excel. Only date description Dr Cr and Balance column needs to be inserted.

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    37 tarjoukset any role on the team needs to know. By entire stack, we mean... - Front end browser code - mobile application code - desktop application code - server side website code (Joomla, Laravel) - server side scripts - infrastructure code - test code (php unit and behat cucumber) - Plus all our devops tools are custom and written in PHP: - Git Server - Binary

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    Hi Israr A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. There is a csv file where one column has to be filled with data. Suppose row 1 of column 1 has a value 100. There is null in all rows till row 49 where a value 101 would be there. So from row 2 to row 48, the value 100 should be put. The file has around 10 lakh rows. We can

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    ...file that will be downloaded automatically after the query is launched. CSV file with the following columns: column A TX ID column B Date column C Token column D Send/Receive column E From(account) column F To(account) column G Amount column H MEMO Every row is a transaction, they should be by default ordered by date from oldest to newes...

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    16 tarjoukset related website (blog with affiliate links and articles) which should include the following: Left hand column: Different blocks for furnitures bucketed based on prices. For eg: Beds under 10k, Beds under 20k, Sofa under 20k, etc Right Hand Column: Not sure what to put but probably will include Adsense ads. Main section: Articles in big square

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    The website is still available in version 1.5.26 (Joomla). It should be upgraded or reinstalled to the current Joomla version. a) New design (responsive, factual, modern, simple), 2 -3 design proposals should be included in the offer. a) Acceptance of the current texts. The sub-item Webdesign is canceled without replacement. The current website can

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    ...Mjondalen Value in column A (green column) = 3 so that means macro has to edit following cells: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Let's call column with numbers from 1 to 16 column A and the next column is column B Back to the tab with blue cells: first blue cells means adjustment for home team (Stromgodset) which should be applied in co...

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