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    ...taitoa ei riitä sen viimeistelemiseen. Haluan tehdä seuraavat muutokset: 1) Etusivulle: Connect with me icons etusivulle vasemmalle reunalle tai alareunaan (facebook, sähköposti). Tähän myös "certified sleep sense consultant" merkki samalle paikalle joka on tällä hetkellä isona etusivulla. 2) Etusivulle: Kohta mihin kävijä laittaa nimi sekä sähköpostiosoitteen saadakseen ilmainen univinkki download ja halutessaan pääsee minun maili listalle. Tämä voisi laittaa esim. kuvan oikealle puolelle. 3) Etusivulle: "Soita 15 minuutin arviointipuhelu" teksti siirtää yhteystiedot sivulle. Etusivulle linkki "varaa ilmainen arviointipuhelu" joka vie to...

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    2 Power Point Pitch Decks 6 päivää left

    ...possible. Attached "The Perfect Saas Demo" is from GHL and can be used if you'd like to incorporate some of the features and benefits but again, it's very dry and needs elements added to be more engaging. Again, I have no specific ideas and no media to contribute but would be happy to pay for a talented and creative person to create anything that is needed. There may be more resources you can download from GHL if you'd like to look. When you submit a bid, please provide an example or two of your work (Different niches/industries is perfectly fine and acceptable), you think might relate and demonstrate to me that your talent is the one that is best suited to this project. I do not know what to put as a value on this project (So disregard whatever I p...

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    ...Use facebook graph api to obtain information related to the friends of a personal Facebook profile (Picture, Fbid, Username, Name, Friend since, Reactions, Comments, Messages Gender, Conversations, Country, Is Active). The functionality that is being modeled is the one described in the shared video, which refers to Sync and Analyze. From this link you can download the extension and analyze the code with the intention of getting an idea of ​​what is required to program The project will only be accepted and terminated when the end result is a Chrome extension that uses the facebook graph api, as the extension in the shared example does. Where the user does not

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    Hello, I want to know how we can download the product catalog from Printful and have the matching IDs in line with my Printful store? Currently, I have an export of the product catalog that have incorrect title and IDs of products I'm selling that don't match up to my Printful products. Please help if you're experienced in Printful. Thanks, Adrian

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    ...the code. My requirement is to complete it within 2 months. This software already has Android and ios versions. The development of web+html5 is just for better promotion. 18. When communicating with me, please see my requirements clearly, I will check, when I send any documents, please read carefully, and I will give my plan and what to do. When communicating, I will provide the apk file, please download, install, register, and log in to view it. Don't waste everyone's time I need a reasonable price, please do not quote arbitrarily. I already know the approximate price...

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    ...a phone call to discuss on a related topic. If you are willing to participate in this project, we will match you a partner to complete it together, or you can find your own friends or your family members to be your partners, that will be much more convince for you to control the quality. Since this project requires you to make phone calls, you and your partner both need to download Appen Task. The app you need to download: Appen Task The topic you can talk about: politics(25mins), religion(25mins), economy(25mins), militory(25mins), artificial intelligence(15mins), medical(15mins). Total will be around 2 hours. Requirements of this project: must be a native speaker of Saudi Arabian. You must record using standard Saudi Arabian, or you won't get paid!!! requirements:...

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    web data scraping 6 päivää left

    create a simple tool with UX, (no limit on the language) for web data scraping, using the subscribed account to download data from certain websites and save it to a CSV file.

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    Hey there, I am looking for a mobile responsive design for this web page (it is only compatible for desktop), it is a single page you can view it here: The website is designed for dentists and should allow them to select the patient's teeth and fill a form for each one. After which the dentist can download a PDF by pressing "סיום" button on the bottom or "שיתוף" to display a link to share it. On the mobile version the function of the site is the same, but the UX of it should be easier for mobile users to use. You can change the component's how ever you see fit as long as the design looks good and the UX is simple. The design should be compatible for: 1. mobile 0 - 640px 2. tablet 640px - 1024px

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    We need to test the user journey from app download to registration success (no deposit) for one of our clients, plus subsequent marketing notifications for 14 days. You must be based in the US (Louisiana / Illinois / New Jersey / Arizona), have a smartphone or tablet and screen-recording app available. NB client is in the gambling and sports betting industry. Please, answer the following question - are you based in the US, in one of the following States: Louisiana, Illinois, New Jersey, Arizona?

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    Need to download 500 files from 6 päivää left

    I will send you list of url of files I need. I want it asap.

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    Trophy icon Test the app task. 2 päivää left

    Test a live app task. Submit test footage. Android Apple. From download to installation registration success interface.

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    Here looking for direct website publishers who has download based website like free software download free games download based website and must have minimum 5k traffic everyday on website the traffic should be 100% organic.

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    Laravel project 6 päivää left

    It is required to add thes...contents of the members An admin is allowed to create manual memberships, for example, specifying validity, storage quantity and other available features 7- When the member uploads the video, he takes the code of the embed scenes and the watch player in several qualities, such as the YouTube player with download links in several qualities. 8- The addict is allowed to transfer a video or folder from one member to another When you upload one video, a player appears in several quality and download servers of different quality, such as Vimo. For example, the user uploaded a 1080 video. After uploading the video, it is divided into five qualities, and hey 1080 720 480 360 240 Of course, after dividing, the size and quality of the ...

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    1. App for Hotel Rooms is to be made in which one can just download the app and see how many rooms are available on that date with a colour code in block form of layout 2. For booking of Room there should be 3 tier approval message to 3 heads and final allocation must have all the state of vacant rooms and occupied rooms 3. Scoping of hoisting it in web /google play store

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    Need a Photoshop File like the example file in the download with 3 layers of depth for each picture that I can create a parralex effect. Tutorial: I will do the work in After effects

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    I want you to add admob sdk to this open source video player I'm expecting a native ad that shows up whenever you pause the video, and interstitial ad that shows up before playing any video please download their official demo to understand how this player works: and make sure to check out the source code at:

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    Laravel project 6 päivää left

    This a simple calculator based POS. Want to design a calculator based soft...apply automatically but is an editable manner , if a product has more or lesser discount on any specific product seller can change it. Then the bill get finalized. Option should be there for adding customer name and contact number , if biller wishes to add, otherwise bills should be made as "Walking Customer". Wholesale sales should be shown separately on manager side. Thier should be a backup download option , and and option to clear all records when Admin wishes, but with a multiple prompt option. Multiple billers can operate at separate systems and a biller can hold any biller on separate tab and start a new bill on a new tab. Please give a quote. I think Laravel be a better option. Tell me ...

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    ...Advertisements 15. Chat option 16. Contact Secretariat 17. Login only for paid members 18. Executive Committee, Board, Zonal Committees and State-level Committees, Past Presidents and General Secretaries lists with contact details 19. Chambers Magazine (electronic version) 20. Media Gallery (print and electronic) 21. Membership Renewal Reminder on Mobile App 22. Option for prospective members to download the Mobile App, register and pay the membership fees. ...

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    Download in csv format from grd data to csv format from website of IMD pune Years 1901 to 2021

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    Help adding multilanguage to my wordpress elementor i have allready download plugin and started

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    ...a years worth of personal bank data, thay have on hand already. This data needs to be imported in to an excel work sheet and automatically have each transaction coded. They will need to see only the unique transactions and then enter the appropriate account code next to each unique transaction. Then the sheet needs to keep an account key so only new unique code are enquired about on next sheet download. Then it needs sum each account code though the year, in to weekly, monthly and year totals throughout the year. Then compare the same week, month and year data across the years. 1. It must work easily with both Mac and Microsoft PC OS, With on sheet instructions. And for both checking and Visa accounts downloads. 2. Space for Brandname with password protection. 3. Protecte...

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    Button structure, when the user clicks on the download button, the timer will continue, after the time is up then it would redirect to a certain URL set by me.

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    hello, google chrome downloads a file that i need (that is actually a pdf) but it downloads it only with the name, it cuts the extention. so it downloads it as "file" although it should download it as "" i want, when they are downloaded, to go and select them with my mouse and in the right click to be a command that is like "rename to pdf" and what that does is take the selected items and from file to rename it to file1 to it might be 1 file, it might be several files.. can this be done?

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    My server became non operational so I'm going to rebuild it. Unfortunately, the backup for the website's database is not current. I was able to download the folder in /var/lib/mysql that has the .frm and ibd files. I would like to hire someone to restore the database from these files.

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    Our club uses Mifare Ultralight cards as access cards. We read the 10 digit serial number. For convenience people want to use their phones. We imagine an app (android & apple) that members download. They enter their 10 digit serial number and then the phone can be used for access. bit like google pay except instead of loading up a credit card you enter the serial number of the RFID card. I need someone who understands NFC / RFID

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    Music composition 5 päivää left

    Hi, I need a very experienced composer who could compose me 10 different musics to publish them on my blog. Each of the music must be inspired by those you will find in the links below (Sorry, but I did not have time to download these musics, but the links will take you to them): music 1: music 2: music 3: music 4: music 5: music 6:

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    15 tarjoukset

    i want to intergrade Api to download vaccine certificate on my wordpress website.

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    React Native app -- 3 5 päivää left

    Hey there. I would like to develop a small platform, where users can select one or many images from their phone gallery and upload them to the backend cloud storage, and then an editor will make an edited video using those images and upload the video to the cloud serv...those images and upload the video to the cloud server which will be shown under "My Videos" in the user's mobile app. 1. System should automatically assign the editing task to one of the editors based on the number of tasks they currently have. 2. Users must create an account, and editors will be added manually to the system. 3. Users will receive a notification when their edit is ready to download. Please tell me if you can handle this project, and what will be the cost and time required for t...

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    need to download and read the excel from sharepoint using webapi

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    I am looking for a freelancer that can create an awesome press kit in PDF. In de assets folder you find an example image from another artist, i want the press kit to be kinda like this. In the file you find all the information that you need to use in the press kit and in the images folder kit and in the images folder you will find the images you can use for the press kit. Important is fast delivery in PDF and a freelancer that can use some creativity to make an awesome press kit. Use your imagination and make it creative and colorful. Also Google the name of the DJ to see the corporate style and maybe other ideas. If i am not 100% satisfied i will NOT release the milestone! Download Assets:

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    I have implemented an example of CHAI3D and it's displaying 4 items that plays a sound when you click and hold on them using the mouse cursor. I want to update this project so that it's displaying 12 items that have the same functionality of the 4 items (playing sounds when you press on them), additionally I want to add a square that changes color based on the dataset u...sound when you click and hold on them using the mouse cursor. I want to update this project so that it's displaying 12 items that have the same functionality of the 4 items (playing sounds when you press on them), additionally I want to add a square that changes color based on the dataset used. The project is written in C++ and below is the link for CHAI3D documentation:

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    Native React App Developer Required -- 2 5 päivää left
    VARMENNETTU built with 'React Native', Next js, Firebase, TailwindCss and Expo The Purpose of the app is the user logs in and creates a profile of his information i.e Name/Address/Company/Social Media links etc bit like virtual business card. I have attached the APK file for android so you can test it out to see how that app works, we require the following enhancements to be done on the app APK DOWNLOAD FIXES REQUIRED Here are the Issues/Bugs that need fixing: 1. When a Profile is created using the 'Create Profile' button, i.e '+' button on the app's hompage, The 'Profile Picture' does not show up on the 'Web Page/Profile Page' upon creation. However, the picture does get updated, when the App is closed

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    Snippets of Movies 5 päivää left

    Need to buy original videos of a few movies and download that to dropbox. Thereafter, to edit snippets of movies. Will pay for the original videos myself

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    17 tarjoukset

    I would like web app that will act as a media server and live tv. Mobile/tv, firestick app for media viewer. Similar to Plex/typhoon labs The Media Server part will have different sources of obtaining media from local server... Users should be able to download the app then first create an account using email and password, or log in if already have an account. There should be a web interface as well with admin portal. The admin portal will allow me to edit the amount of days until membership expiration on a per user basis as well as show the users current plan ie: how many people to share with, which media folder should be share with users. If a new library is identified as type "movies" then all items from each of the folders in that library will be added and will ne...

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    Hello Developers, we are looking for a PHP developer who can build a BGC portal(Back Ground Check). Must have expertise in PHP, MySql, Jquery, Ajax, Session, cookies, Logging system, Email Verification, Token generation, encryption-decryption, Pdf generatio...service owner 8. Can see the reports or stats on the dashboard, Pending reports, under process, final reports, total case, Deadlines Client's Dashboard where they can perform the following tasks 1 Add/Delete sub users like HR/ Admin 2. user can upload the documents 3. user can download the reports 4. can see the generated Invoice 5. can raise the ticket for delayed service 6. can see the progress of verification (Tracking ) Candidate 1. Can register with us 2. Can upload the documents 3. Can see the progress 4. Can down...

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    Easy message sending 5 päivää left

    ...minutes to report every time when you are starting and finishing work so I can see how you are going with the task. You have to use a laptop for this task so send me a photo of your internet speed check & let me know what hours you would like to work on this. I prefer you to work the same time frame every selected day you mention you will work. Please let me know if you have loom which is a free to download screen recording software. When you send a quote for this task, offer what you would like to be paid every 3400 messages. Once price is agreed, it won’t change. I might have more tasks like this for you to do in future. Thanks....

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    11 tarjoukset

    Hi, I'm after someone who can create an e-commerce website to sell scripts. When users pay, They should get the product or the link straight to their email to download. Payment only via crypto Very similar to this website

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    160 tarjoukset
    Senior SEO Expoert for .NET VB/C# Website 5 päivää left

    ...knowledge in SQL (Sql Server). Other requirements: Webforms, MVC, Javascript, Html. Knowledge in administration of Windows Server (maintenance, IIS, Sql Server) and SEO are necessary. The project is running Visual Studio 2019 on .NET 4.6.2. On the server side, a SQL Server with the SQL CLR Types (for geolocation) is required. (Depending on the server version: ). Deploy is done via webdeploy, there is a live and a staging web. A read compiler is also necessary. The project is mainly built with Webforms in VB.NET, but MVC was also used in parts. The core of the system is a freely configurable EAV system (Entity Attribute Value) with which the CMS pages as well as the different ad types are implemented. The Entites, Attributes and

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    ...Wallet via metamask, wallet connect or coinbasewallet 1.2. After the wallet connection, the user select the NFT as the access pass 1.3. The use can choose to generate the NFT access pass vai apple wallet or google wallet (via the wallet signature) 1.4. The QR code of the NFT access pass is generated and can be imported in the apple wallet or google wallet. (either scan the QR code or via the download link) 1.5 There is a NFT ownership verification system: i) Before a pass is generated, the user signs a message to claim ownership of a token. We use this information to read from the smart contract in real time and verify that the owner of the token is the one requesting the pass. ii) this system responds to token transfer events from smart contracts and will invalidate a pass if o...

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    HTTP ERROR 500 5 päivää left

    (1) I need to fix HTTP Error 500 (2) I need this php site download and feed the data to mariaDB. (3) I need this php site download photos.

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    Building website for my business 5 päivää left

    I'd like someone to help me build a website for my financial advisory business. I dont care much about design, the freelancer can use any resource to download templates, i just need it to look professional. There will be some functions built in like: - formulas to calculate certain metrics - templates to download - forms to fill for online appointments - A payment gateway for online conferencing (not sure the format here since i dont have a registered business bank account) - Section to upload educational material

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    BGC Background Check 5 päivää left

    Every company when they hire a new employee the do verify the Employment Background i.e. parameters such as salary, designation, period of employment, integrity i...reports or stats on the dashboard, Pending reports, under process, final reports, total case, Deadlines Clients' Dashboard where they can perform the following tasks 1 Add/Delete sub users like HR/ Admin 2. user can upload the documents 3. user can download the reports 4. can see the generated Invoice 5. can raise the ticket for delayed service 6. can see the progress of verification (Tracking ) Candidate 1. Can register with us 2. Can upload the documents 3. Can see the progress 4. Can download the reports all the data can be download in Excel format , Reports can be generated in PDF form...

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    downloadable on demand and set to timer csv reports with information from our current reports page that you can click to download or set a time interval where an email will be sent to a defined email address 2. fix google maps snapshot that is not working currently 3. fix photos stored on website which are showing as black currently

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    55 tarjoukset

    We are in need of translation services for a video project for a TV series. We currently have interviews of people speaking Hebrew that we need guaranteed translated from Hebrew to English. You would need to download each video from vimeo to translate, translate them, subtitle them, and upload the SRT files. This will be for multiple episodes, but altogether, it is only about 30 minutes of footage to translate. Please inquire if this falls within your expertise, and tell of your qualifications.

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    28 tarjoukset

    ...profiles and VIP to buy Also, I need a list of categories like ebay and a few like Craigs-list Also i need to be able to creat FREE category listings in admin via like Craigs-list. I want the category listing functionality in admin like A INVOICE monthly generated of any sales if any email and messaged to members profile page a d option to save it off my website and email to or download to a external drive. Design. Members shoud be qble to customize their e-commerce with background photos, content, videos etc. Second functionality... They can post also have choice to post in store or on main category listing page or both. Third functionality. Buyers can shop by VIP profiles only or shop both profiles (free & VIP) FOURTH functionality Listings fees in admin fo...

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    67 tarjoukset

    i have existing ios app , that needs to reupload with new xcode version and need to add in app purchase, so if some one download the app they need to first pay this for app subscription.

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    8 tarjoukset
    Build website 4 päivää left

    Content and Design similar to a software company Please share new design idea/theme Theme images are needed from your side egs I have: website pages: home page, what...product page: New page with base template. Sections: theme image for product, content about product, showing 3 options to buy product. Buy plan options should be similar to choose your web hosting plan options. Dont need cart as such. Then payment flow and account creation needs to be implemented. Let me know if simple way to implement user authentication, access to download link. payment gateway needs to accept international payments. 4. Values page: new page with base template. sections: theme image and good formatted dummy content.

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    SharePoint Custom Download 4 päivää left

    We would like to be able to filter our list and select multiple files and download them a single zip file.

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    35 tarjoukset

    Hi, I'm looking for a skilled developer who can make me simple betting tips like Sure Bet Tips(you can download it for Google play store)

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    18 tarjoukset

    You have to build a chess game where 2 person can play at a time. You also have to attached our own payment gateway and also have to build the website from where the app will be download to users phone. Build the game in such a way that for example if one board is started then the other user doesn't have to wait for the game to finish .

    €1061 (Avg Bid)
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    6 tarjoukset