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    Trophy icon Writing a definition 6 päivää left

    Dear all I hope you are well and in good health. I require copywriting skills, I would like you to highlight the importance of using proper jargon in each of these fields separately. I want to use this copy before each chapter respectively. 1- International organizations. ( for example the united nations, inter-parliamentary union etc...) 2- Legal terms. 3- Official titles and ranks. 4- parliamentary terms. 5- political terms. 6- Public establishments within the GCC. I want a total of 12000 words minimum. all original work. cannot be plagiarized. They should be separate chapters about each topic culminating in 12000 words. 1- introduce the topic. 2- the relevance of the topic. 3- the importance of language in said field. 4- the importance of using proper jargon in the field. 5- a ...

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    Render in 3DMAX 6 päivää left

    Create Renders in hi definition, Object File attached, other file types available, please ask if required.

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    Quantitative Business Analysis Report 4 päivää left

    A real life problem related to pharmacy or the training centers in Egypt to be solved and reported by one of the Quantitative Business simulation models. The Word file MUST contain the following: 1- Explanation of the the simulation model that will be used to solve the problem. 2- The problem definition (Must include current situation, desired situation, the gap and how to over come it) 3- Probabilities and risk analysis of each one and the optimal solution and why we select it (Of course with controllable and uncontrollable inputs… etc.) IMPORTANT NOTES: - Not less than 10 papers with references. - Any source of data (like Excel sheet) should be provided with the Word file. - The problem must be related to a pharmacy or a training center in Egypt ( I kindly should know ...

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    Project dev 3 päivää left

    Problem StatementA retail company Abstergo recently setup an online shopping portal(website) to sell their products. Due to fierce competition, the company wants a solution that can reduce the time and effort it needs to enhance the functionality of their website on a regular basis. They are looking for an automated way to deploy the new code (f...will be triggered.•The automated builds will frequently deploy new features to the production website.•Every build will prepare a Dockerfile and push docker images to docker-hub.•Every docker image will be deployed (Continuous Deployment) to a the given repository to your own account and use it as the application for your pipeline projectGitHub:

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    Video Creator Program 3 päivää left

    We are a cross-border e-commerce company selling hair extensions. We want to find the right beauty for our products and shoot promotional videos. We can provide free hair extensions. The photographer should be beautiful. She has beautiful hair. The video should show our boxes, brands and products, a...photographer should be beautiful. She has beautiful hair. The video should show our boxes, brands and products, and should have obvious before and after effects. The video should spend more time to show the effect of wearing the product. The main character of the video is our product. The atmosphere is cheerful and active and the video content should be creative and positive. The video must be high-definition without any filter. Video shall be shot horizontally. The video is about 1 mi...

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    development, migration experience with classic asp to web applications, , c#, Oracle backend , experience with CICD

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    Redesign Logo 1 päivä left

    I have a logo with low definition, I need to redesign it with high definition.

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    Payroll Modification and Enhancement 1 päivä left

    Add an additional features to an existing payroll system to automate payroll generation. 1. Include KRA approved tax rates table a definition into the system 2. Link Payroll information to Expense Table 3. Allow automatic generation of payroll information 4. Auto generation payroll and beautify the interface More Explanation on review

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    Trophy icon FULL IMPACT ASSESSMENT Loppunut left

    Reflecting on what the Romanian government should and should not do. List a number of activities/areas/situations in which the government should intervene and others in which you consider government intervention inappropriate. For example, you can consult documents regarding the ex-ante impact of public policy measures developed by the European Commission, in which, in the problem definition section, the intervention is presented justified. (p. 7 - 9 in the attached document) Link

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    Project for Emanuel M. 2 päivää left

    Hi Emanuel M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. Please send me your CV. asks: - Requirements analysis / business requirements - Modeling / conversion of business requirements into technical conception - Definition of target to be achieved with BPMN (Adonis) - Mentoring within the development team / project team Qualifications: - Proven, multi-year deep experience with Java and in the AWS environment. - In-depth knowledge of development with real-time systems and with BPMN - Experience with agile project teams (SCRUM) - Fluent in English, as project language and documentation is in English - Must-have for 2nd project only: experience in general connection of SAP systems - Nice-to-have for both projects: Knowledge in Adonis (BPMN) and Archimedes. ...

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    Hi. I need to create 3D models of various trees to be rendered on various streets in my city. I will share high definition photos for your usage. I have attached reference images of trees and the kind of shots for your reference.

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    I am currently setting up a Photoshop service designed for people looking to be influencers. Each customer will sign up to have 1 photo a week edited and sent back to them - the idea is to make the photo more appealing to the mass market. e.g clear up marks/blemishes on face, increase muscle definition, ensure photo looks artistic, edit unsightly backgrounds. I have setup a website and a process to enable the user to choose between: - A. Sending google photos directly to the comapny - B. upload all photos and the editor selects the most appropiate photo and choose how they want to edit it, so some knowledge of instagram and what photos might perform well would be required Perhaps you have better insight on what people like to have edited than myself. I am looking to have a long t...

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    ...defined and developed to communicate with a native mobile application. The mobile application will connect to the server to display and control the devices. A real-time communication will be used to automatically refresh the values in real time on the application without the need to query the server. The development of the mobile application is out of scope and part of another project but the API definition must be done and provided to the mobile app developer. The NodeJS application server will also embedded a webserver to allow some configuration settings (network, import configuation,...). The complete project specification is attached. I'm looking for an experienced developper for a long time collaboration. Other projects are coming afterward. The following information m...

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    ...Services AWS - Amplify - Cognito - Lambda - Dynamo DB (user account information) - Aurora DB (user app settings) - S3 (user photos and database backups) - CloudWatch - Device Farm Coding - Deploy to both iOS and Android from a single codebase using CICD - Include appropriate linting in CICD pipeline to enforce clean coding standards - GitHub (version control and CICD) - Python v3.10.x or greater as the primary back-end coding - Must use React Native + Material UI Notes - A link to the FIGMA renderings will be provided. - All icons and photos will be provided. - Freelancers who can demo previous projects with similar scop...

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    Hi Jag, Thank you for the pre-discussion today. As a next step, i would like to book one or more session with you to execute a PoC. I have the impression, it should be straight forward for you - but it is new to me. Definition of Done in a joint session via screen share in Telos AWS account: - Install PostGres on AWS RDS with 2 databases - Connect DataGrip from PC to AWS PostGres to create a simple dummy fact table, dim table, view table. - Install Microsoft SSAS 2019 on AWS - Connect Visual Studio to SSAS on AWS - Connect Visual Studio to Git - Create/deploy a tabular model in SSAS using PostGres database - Connect from PowerBI desktop to SSAS cube and drill through the tabular model - Connect from PowerBI desktop to AWS RDS PostGres View - Publish PowerBI and share access...

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    Gitlab support Loppunut left

    Cicd pipeline that consume a json file and replaces it with env vars and commits to a gitlab repo

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    Workplace: Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh Your tasks: -Engage in the product's development from the initial concept through to its delivery to ensure that it stays true to the original idea; -Consult with clients and management, work with developers, designers, QA, and others to determine what the product needs; -Take part in all stages of development, including definition, design, build, test, release, and maintenance; -Monitor the progress of the product during its development and ensure quality and on-time delivery; -Get a clear picture of product's requirements, make the necessary changes as needed, and explore the capabilities of your product; -Prepare related design docs, product requirement document, prepare presentation; -Maintain awareness of current design trends an...

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    Attached is a 2d image from my favorite fantasy novel series. I wish to have it converted to a 3d model that will ultimately go to a 3d laser cutter to make a wood model as a wall decoration. Starting with the serpent, i would like scales added. The serpent scales can simply be a scale pattern done with rounded indented lines. The snake itself should be rounded, naturally, not...a caligraphy or old looking font. I inderstand the letters may get small in order to put all that on the wheel. Lastly, id like the letters to have an aged look, as if they were made from rock, like thay have cracks going through them, or maybe like they were hammered. Id orefer the whole thing to have a total widht of about 16-18 inches, designer can have some play on that to accomodate the definition im lo...

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    HI I have a server small server running t2. medium ONDEMAND with 25GB SSD connected to a MONGO DB on AWS and i would like to move it to a reserved instance or to digital ocean to save cost. You must be an expert in both system and should give me an estimated of the cost saving before proceeding. Last month bill is attached so you can see which services have been utilized. CICD pipeline should be set Cost for this is 100 USD

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    I need you to create bedroom sets or other sets in a cinematic way and put the mattresses on that. You need to design the scenery and 3d model the mattresses that I will send you. I can send you high definition photos and videos for you to analyze the texture and colors of the mattress fabric. I need 1 image on this project., after the finish we do 25 models together if you work looks great! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

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    Write my code Loppunut left

    Me Nov 16, 2022, 12:36 PM The project is a gear shift for a mercedes benz. The model doesn't matter, but our gear shift has the 4 functions of seat shifting, temperature change, gear shifting, and radio. I'm in charge of the temperature function and I need a code that changes the temper...cold air. The temp is set to the middle so just use that number for if it is hot or cold (you can use if else statements but if there is a more complicated way that you can figure out then that would be great). The third parameter should be to change the temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit. I am not exactly sure if this needs to be something done in the gui for the code. Try to make it part of the definition to add more lines of code. 40-50 lines minimum. This is the base, I only need the te...

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    To create a rooms set that must look realistic sharp and high definition.

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    1. Web based Application built using MVC architecture. Forms based data entry from front end with basic validations; authentication, authorization & data validation through backend;database being used in the multitenant mode 2. Front End - React.js + Typescript 3. Backend - (variant of Node.js) + Typescript 4. Database - PostgreSql 5. Hosting - AWS (EC2, RDS, S3 bucket, CICD Pipeline)

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    ...of the organization as well as one of its main business strategies • In the context of the landscape survey (internal and external analysis) you have conducted, determine the types of crises this organization is most likely to face as a result of adopting the described strategies therein (Just list them with a brief definition) • Complete only these sections of the Crisis Management Plan for the organization: • Cover page • Purpose of the Crisis Management Team • Definition of a crisis • Activation of the CMT • CMT role responsibilities (only the CMT leader and the spokesperson) • Response (step-by-step) to 1 specific crisis or 1 specific type/family of crises (as previously determined) • Appendix 1: SWOT analysis • Appen...

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    I need to write an explanation for the application in Google Play, but it is beautiful and organized The app is a website that helps you sleep

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    Business Logo Loppunut left

    Australian based Finance Business providing the highest quality financial advice available. I’m looking for a logo that is simple and elegant but speaks quality in its presentation. Business Name: Invicta Home Loans Name Description: “Invicta” – definition (Undefeated or Unconquered)

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    React JS Website Loppunut left

    I need a website - a wat...Third-Party API Development and Syncing (If Available) Custom Featured Listing Function Custom Package Creating Software For Admin Customized Price Bundles/Packages For Service Providers Custom Profile Page For Service Providers Custom Tools For Service Providers To Manage Everything Keyword-Based Search Tool Wishlist Module Auto Suggestion Module For Users Google Analytics Integration High Definition Graphics Blog Integration Picture & Video Gallery Real-Time Chat Integration Unlimited Pages and Sub Pages Contact Form Geo-Location Integration Custom Mobile App With All Features (Android and IOS - If Required) CMS For Additions and Modifications (Admin Back Office To Manage Everything) Website Ownership 03 Months Of Maintenance Af...

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    The project is to create a system that: a. provides a user-interface for accepting file up...a. provides a user-interface for accepting file uploads (one or more files per upload) b. provides a way for how these file uploads will be processed e.g. encode/decode the uploaded file(s) c. provides a way for the output of the process from step b to be made available for download or inline viewing (depending on the file format) These should be configurable e.g. file formats to accept, definition of the processing commandlines in the back-end, duration to keep the input and output files, etc. The UI should be responsive and easily customisable e.g. changing images. Please refer to for an idea of the concepts involved in this system.

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    I'm from a Microsoft-stack background so would prefer a Xamarin implementation, although I know little about Xamarin itself. It is possible that next to me. It is now listening for a command word When I come to a word in the newspaper I don't understand and want translated I want to say the command word. "Hey Translator" and then the phone app goes into listen mode. I then spell out the letters of the word I want e.g. in Spanish I might say "puyá" like "p","u","y","accent a" after a short pause the app will reply with it's definition and display it on the screen. Without touching the device it will then go back into "listen mode" and wait for another "Hey Translator&q...

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    Overall objective: Using an Arduino Nano, two rotary encoders with switches...switches, nine LEDs, six reed relays, a photosensor nine transistors and a handful of resistors design a PCB which will interface to a second board with some flying leads. Desired deliverables: 1. Detailed schematic diagram 2. PCB files including Gerbers, silkscreen, solder mask, drill information etc 3. Manufacturing details including assembly drawing Please send an estimated budget: 1. Detailed definition of the project as you understand it so I can verify that we have a meeting of the minds 2. Clean up of the schematic 3. Finding and/or developing the required footprints 4. Component placement plan 5. Layout and routing of PCB 6. Gerbers 7. Manufacturing documents 8. Support, if required, for the PCB ...

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    ... Will you become our new partner for rendering for all our future projects? Join this contest and show us what you have got. We would like to have 4 or 5 render images made of an interior design project in Sketchup. The model is already there, complete with accessories etc. The only thing that has to be done are minor changes to make everything look realistic on render, further material definition and lighting. We think it would be easiest if you make one image as a preview to show your rendering style. We will choose 2 entries that we like the best to make all 4 or 5 images and then we will choose one of them as the winner. So you don't all have to do all the work for these 5 images. Only if we select you. We have added the following files to this contest: - The ...

    €215 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for someone who can transform 2 logos into high definition and create 6 different tshirt designs (2 per logo).

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    Trophy icon I NEED A COMPANY NAME & LOGO Loppunut left

    ...The heading of the contest says "I NEED A COMPANY NAME & LOGO", there's only been a few entries that submitted a new name. This is not a problem, I would like to keep the entries the way they are. I would like to substitute something else instead of a new business name. I would like for those who are willing is to come up with a "slogan" for the employers and a slogan for the employees. a good definition of a slogan is "a short and striking or memorable phrase used in advertising". Below I attached 2 files that you need to read so that you have an understanding of what the website/service is all about. If you don't read those 2 files then you will not be able to come up with the slogans. You may opt in or opt out with providing the sl...

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    I want to expand my product vertical by integrating with Tally. I want a developer to help me integrate my product with tally using the Tally Definition Language (TDL).

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    ... Continuous optimization - Configuring AIOps module including Data ingestion from various tools, ITSM system, Topology building, Orchestration platform (Stack Storm), Log analyzer etc. - Manual configuration of connectors for data ingestion, topology - Establishing connectivity using standard out of the box and new connectors - Ingested tools data including Metrics data - ROI metrics definition and measurement for validating AIOps impact to business - Write back to CMDB and Service now from AIOps post data processing - Use of AIOps out of the box analytics and dashboard - API connection for embedding AIOPs pages directly in to web portal. NOTE: Please include in your proposal as much detail as possible about relevant ServiceNow AIOps experience Budget to be discu...

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    Adobe/ Magento Commerce Business Solution Architect [US based] Join a full-service digital agency while we embrace a digital transformation to make it easier for our customers to do business with us. Seeking a quick-learner, highly adaptable solution architect/developer who enjoys collaborating with others on identifying secure, reliable, and functional solutions. This is a - Critical thinking skills to be an expert problem solver with the desire and proven ability to create innovative solutions. - Desire to participate in project planning, design review, and architectural meetings - Agile development experience, ideally Scrum. Desired experience: - Headless architecture - GraphQL - React, Gulp - NodeJS, RequiredJS, KnockoutJS - Punchout integrations - CICD bu...

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    I have colour box artwork complete in Microsoft Publisher and I need a graphic designer with good experience with Publisher and AI to merge the c...artwork professionally ready for commercial printers. I want the graphical layout and text to be the EXACT same as seen on the publisher file - VERY VERY IMPORTANT. A strong experience in colour box developments is needed. Currently the diecut is represented by pink lines in the Microsoft Publisher file and the bottom and top folds are not finished correctly. All images and graphics must be High Definition, ready for commercial printing. We will then review the artwork when completed and advise of any tweaks/adjustments to be made before completion. **Important** - Only bids with a message and understanding of the project will be c...

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    We have a website , we supply and finish rubber hoses for different industrial division like hydraulic, machine, chemical , marine. We need: 1. Slogans for sliders 2. Website content for home page ( the definition of products and sectors) 3. About us , mission, vision and cooperate values 4. Quality policy 5. some slogans for page parallax sections the contents must be acc. google and seo regulations 300 words.

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    I have a prototype and just have to change the words and put colour. it has to be with high definition because it is for a long vinilo (2,70 meters long x 0,88 meters tall) the logo change and has to put JV letters instead of PF The botton colour of the logo and the botton colour of the words down has to be more blue than the words on the top. i send you 2 images 300 DPI recommended

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    I took a photo I’d love to enhance with some definition especially my hair!

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    i need a writer Loppunut left

    Option One: For this essay, you will have to look into your family past or your community past. Your essay will focus on using...have to look into your family past or your community past. Your essay will focus on using that past to define a word. You may need to look deep into your family or community past, or you may choose a more recent kind of family or community history. But whatever you do, look for a pattern, a tendency, a trend, a quality, that will help you build an interesting, engaging, and perhaps unexpected definition of a word. This essay should be three to four pages long. A partial rough draft is due at the beginning of class on 10/25. A full rough draft is due at the beginning of class on 10/27. The final draft is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, Nov...

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    Article 1- Web 3.0 definition (min 1200 words) Article 2: - Web3.0 Features (min 1200 words) Article3: Social media platforms (Min 1300 words) Article 4: Web3.0 Technology (min 1500 words) Article 5: Applications for Web3.0 (min 1200 words) FAQ – write an answer, paragraph or two, for each question (18 questions) Meta Desc: There are 5 articles, summaries for each article, and an FAQ At the bottom of each article write a summary (max 150 words) (Meta description)

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    Salesmen problem Loppunut left

    Presentation describes the definition of sellman problem and the main goal of solving this problem and presents the solutions in three algorithms presented separately and a general solution followed by most researchers

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    Definition when can it be used ,arguments , Examples.

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    ...approach to problem solving, knowledge of the change control process and the ability to analyze change to minimize impact on requirements and implementation. · Analyzing, documenting and managing business requirements and providing functional assurance · Workshop planning and facilitation · Change planning, delivery planning, impact assessment, deliverables and acceptance definition · Producing and presenting reports, presentations, business cases and other client deliverables...

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    graphql schema Loppunut left

    create graphql schema based on high level app definition. should be able to work in aws appsync.

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    Crypto arbitrage bot: Definition: Arbitrage bots are tools that examine prices across exchanges and make trades in order to take advantage of discrepancies. Looking for a highly skilled developer that can build an arbitrage bot for me. Bot has to scan the following exchanges: CEX - Coinbase - Bybit - FTX - KuCoin - Kraken - Bitfinex - Gemini - Binance - OKX - Huobi Global - Phemex - Bitstamp DEX - Uniswap - DODO - PancakeSwap - Curve - Jupiter - Balancer - Orca - ThorSwap - SushiSwap

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    Senior Engineer focused on Airflow development and operations Can you solve this problem? If you cannot solve it, do not apply. There is a serialized dag with an external cluster. The cluster uses a private image with a docker secret for an external registry. Kubernetes is the pod operator....apply. There is a serialized dag with an external cluster. The cluster uses a private image with a docker secret for an external registry. Kubernetes is the pod operator. The pod launches but only the base container, that is the logging sidecar is included. However, the custom image container is not included in the pod. The pod runs to completion and the run is marked as a success. The pod definition does not appear to match that described in the dag. What is the solution to correct this...

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    I want just to write a literature review for leadership definition and traits

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    59 tarjoukset

    I want just to write a literature review for leadership definition and traits

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