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    Our own website [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] It is made on .asp and it was redone on Wordpress but we used another domain [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The Wordpress is done on DIVI template and we would need a divi expert. The freelancer who was working on our new Wordpress ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) has fallen sick and we need to complete this So the scope o...

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    I want to create a two blur view (top and bottom) on the camera preview. It for my OCR app using google mobile vision API. I attached a photo as I want. Important: I not found any blur lib for my task . I want to live blur very fast like ios camera overviews. I using java to build my project in android studio.

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    Please be good at working with larger numbers of entries efficiently

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    Necesito resolver la imagen de un captcha, con inteligencia artificial, puede ser en cualquier lenguaje.

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    Hello, We are currently in process of digitizing older books ( stories, newspapers etc) . And we need a good typist with proper knowledge of MS-Word . We will provide you website. You just update the data via typing. Please don't use any OCR programs. You need to manually type.

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    Hello, We are currently in process of digitizing older books ( stories, newspapers etc) . And we need a good typist with proper knowledge of MS-Word . We will provide you website. You just update the data via typing. Please don't use any OCR programs. You need to manually type.

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    Web Scraping remote mission - Asap Find the most appropriate web scraper and personalize to make it match with a notorious online “hotel only website” (B com) Mission : What need to be found / scrap is for one capital city in Europe location : - all name of accounts registered on the Web Site (around 3000) - the URL of each account pages - their properties address when present - th...

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    The automated flow chart should be generated from the steps which are pulled from the SQL database depending on the flow type. 1. The flow chart should start with an Start 2. If the type is main flow, then the rectangle should be displayed 3. If the type is decision, then a diamond should be displayed with yes and no flow [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] flow chart should end with an End

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    I Need ASN.1 CDR Decoder With GUI based Structure Definition where i can set CDR grammar setting using some XML or GUI. Also it must have auto/manual serialization option. also i can run multiple instances of it in and for different formats at same time. it should be robust.

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    Hi people, I'm looking for a continuous work freelancer for Wordpress modifications and PHP scripts changes. Chat me if interested. Thanks.

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    On our Wordpress site we have a projects page. There are about 20 projects in this page. They are assigned different categories. In the standard theme there is no way to customise the style of the categories page though. And there is no way to add any specific text or images to each page. Therefore we would like you to create a custom project categories page.

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    Javascript PHP Core 5.6 modification of already existing Pos Software,xampp mysql

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    PHP script Loppunut left

    I have an php script that i am using to get external url images and show it on the php script, but I think it's not coded properly, I need some fix. Should be easy for people who understand it.

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    I want a programmer to modify the boomcoding chat application written in php I want to develop the blocking to become automatic blocking and blocking the browser number and put cash and there are other sites installed

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    Busco programador de habla hispana para desarrollar mi sitio web: - Web Responsive: Bootstrap con PHP – Laravel - Programación Orientada a Objetos – MVC - Login con recatpcha - Contraseña codificada en SHA512 + 2º Factor opcional - El proyecto tendrá como objetivo conectar a todos los profesionales del mundo ligados al deporte y a los jugadores profesi...

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    PHP Developer Pune, Maharashtra Full-time Salary: ₹12,000.00 to ₹15,000.00 /month Job Summary ** Excellent coding [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to work [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] communication, self-motivator, team player, ability to solve complex problems, design and requirements documentation Candidate should have basic knowledge of an oops [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:...

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    I am looking for someone who can write a little script to read the numbers from an online-archive (NOT html - it is an OCR-job) and enter these numbers into Excel. To navigate in this number-archive one has to scroll down to move from page to page. I would appreciate Highly if this would be done in VBA. Since the position of the archive window is always the same and the amount of letters is limit...

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    I can work captcha, entry fields , and I will improve myself

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    We are working on a business platform, and need a proficient Wordpress PHP developer to join our team. You should be very proficient with Git, PHP and Wordpress. Will resolve a simple issue first, if good will turn to hourly.

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    I am looking for long term collaboration with someone who can do excellent, perfect conversion of documents from pdf to word. They are not run of the mill conversions... I arrach a document I did earlier in the year, you will see the graphs are quite demanding. Have a look at this file, send me your results and what you normally would charge for this document. This is only a trial - on that basis,...

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    ASP .Net Core Resource Needed. Preferably a freelancer who can work onsite. Location is Lahore, Pakistan.

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    Hello, If interested please read all the details before applying, I will reject random bids. Workflow: I have multiple users that need to see a set of pictures, PDFs, and Plain text files on a daily basis. Each user has different pictures ONLY they can view. I email the pictures to individual users daily and I'm looking to have a simple website they can login to with a user ID and password ...

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    i need a person who good at PHP and oracle database, if you are, please contact me.

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    Recreate the existing website, along with a Mobile version and deliver all the necessary website files for this domain: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] No CMS or frameworks. Regular fully editable HTML/CSS/PHP/JS only. You will deliver the files. I will upload to the cPanel LAMP server. 1) The contact form on the site should be operational via PHP 2) Add a simple captcha to the contact for...

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    Hi, We need someone who is expert in terms of extracting data from invoice and receipts. Let us know if you are interested.

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    I need a new website. for Web hosting selling. Based on Product and packages based on prize we need the same. Sample but not final flow chart is provided in attachment

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    I am having problems with VBScript in a classic ASP web application generating text with localized values of true/false, see the following output generated on my Swedish computer from running the attached file in IIS. CBool(1) output as: True -- is OK CStr(CBool(1)) output as: Sant -- should have been: True LCase(CBool(1)) output as: sant -- should have been: true UCase(CB...

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    Captcha filling karna chahata hu.

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    Hello, I have a scrip developed in python which left incomplete, the script extracts information from a web page. In order to extract the information it is necessary to log in with a form protected by google captcha. The programmer who developed the script proposed to obtain a Google Chrome cookie, but left that task unfinished. I need help to finish the script. My offer is 40 USD, please make ...

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    Script that regularly (Daily) crawls a selection of webpages, and linked PDF files for Keywords, and sends an email with the results found. It should only send an email for new results.

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    There are 3 spreadsheets involved: Reference Spreadsheet A contains the hyperlinks to the Source Spreadsheet. Source Spreadsheet is online (this is what needs to be scraped) contains data to be scraped and inserted into the Target Spreadsheet C. Reference Spreadsheet contains a list of hyperlinks to other spreadsheets in column A. The process is: 1) Go to the first cell in column A of Reference ...

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    I need a HTML/CSS/JS ninja to upgrade an existing website template as described below Find attached to this project a scan i have draw. On the template page you can see the header menu on top, and then a headband with a background and written on it in the middle "Property Catalog", then there is a "property filter" area, so far you do not have to change ANYTHING, the job is lo...

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    I have following Base64 string with non english characters. My VBA have procedure that decodes base64 but it does not decodes non english characters properly. Can someone make the correction in attached excel so that I get the following output from my base64 input Base 64: ======== VGhpcyBzdHJpbmcgY29udGFpbnMgZm9yZWlnbiBjaGFyYWN0ZXJzLiAgUnVzc2lhbjog0LssINC8LCDQvSwg0L8sINGALCDRgSwg0YIsINGELCDRhSw...

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    Using ASP .NET C# MVC Razor there is a view which I need to download in PDF format I have tried with Ironpdf local everything nice but watermark appear in live server I have tried Rotatita local everything nice however it has some issues with share server (goddaddy). I am software developer and I am looking for consultant in order to know the best wat to get this pdf

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    I have and installed script based on php/mysql and Laravel framework. When I try to run it displays: The environment file is invalid: Dotenv values containing spaces must be surrounded by quotes. Need the error to be fixed. I give ftp access and if needed, phpmyadmin access.

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    Need Freelancers for data entry jobs and writing typing work and for eCommerce site design web development and mobile application. At rockerstop pvt ltd . Urgent openings. Don't text here , directly search Google - rockerstop and become a freelancer.

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    build ocr dll Loppunut left

    Looking for a program or dll to capture data on screen... parameters will be variable position on screen (screen)(maybe a small ocr solutuon?)... example .. capture an amount field on screen.. and the program should return the value

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    auto voting script Loppunut left

    I need a script to auto vote on a website. Info needed : First Name, Last Name, E-mail and captcha to vote. Python preferred. Waiting for messages

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    The end client is currently in the process of analysing the opportunity to digitise processes, especially related to the lending operations. The first phase is a diagnostics phase, looking at the overall lending operations. This will lead to prioritisation of options and implementing selected processes to digitize, reducing number of systems, etc. This could also mean assessing and implementing ex...

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    Estamos migrando una plataforma ASP a PHP, estamos atorados en decodificar unas librerías dll que son usadas como seguridad para acceder a la base de datos principal. Solo necesitamos alguien con experiencia en este tipo de casos que nos ayude. EXPERIENCIA REQUERIDA · Programación avanzada en PHP, .NET Avanzado y librerías nativas de Windows. · Manejo de BD SQ...

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    We are looking a simple an online hotel booking in mobile and website that allows the suppliers (Hotel Owner’s) to register their property like rooms, cost and services offers. Also this system customers can book hotels online with simple click and register accounts for them , also pay the service charges in VISA Cards, Payable and Mobile Money like MPESA System Features : 1-Register Supplie...

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    We have used some code to save the RSForm Pro data in a cookie, and afterwards if the user needs to fill again the same form, the data in loaded as default values. The code works, but we get a lot of php warnings and notices. We need somebody to make disappear the php warnings and notices. Here is the code (and we have a development site where make and test the changes) [kirjaudu nähdä...

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    I have the whole source code, so I'm looking for someone to ''convert'' it to an app with some UIX design, nothing big since this is for a trial project. The app uses Machine Learning, OCR and NLP. The app itself can be Cross Plattform. Please add: Hi app hi'' to verify

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    1 -[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] | There is a problem of cookie time in reCAPTCHA (only mobile, desktop it doesnt happen) that after you solve captcha the cookie must be set FOREVER and captcha must not show again (only after cleaning cookies). This works good in desktop, but I tested in mobile and after 24hours the captcha is solved, it shows again... I dont know if its related with pop-u...

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    CRM Project Loppunut left

    Hi there, We are a UK based Marketing Agency with global clients using our key product; an in-house built CRM platform. We are in the process of developing the CRM, moving away from our current platform (mostly written in classic ASP) to our new application which has been completely re-written from the ground up, incorporating a more modern, layered approach, utilising the latest Angular front e...

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    We have an existing tickets system in php bootstrap 3 and we want to continue further development of the project. Needs to develope the Settings Page to save/load the settings from the database. Email & SMS Send Pages functionality (ready scripts free available to adapt). And last fix minor bugs. Existing php system script is writte in php-bootstrap-javascript.

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    Binary tree old website alredy done in asp and new same site develop in php alredy done. But there is on issue in PHP bainary tree , i want solution , if any one have experience

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    We intent to develop a best in class multi-product website. Our Products: 1) PowerPoint Addin: DrawingBoard A) DrawingBoard Shapes Panel: (i) 2500+ Professionally built editable PowerPoint shapes, templates, wireframes, image and a lot more at your finger tips (ii) Simply search for what you are looking for in our smart search and drag-&-drop the object right into your slide (iii) The obj...

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