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    I have started building my website in conjunction with my designer, but he now has decided he cannot give what I need and has suggested I need a designer with more experience in WordPress than him. The website is [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] which will be an interactive casting agency. Format below: Please remember I am not a designer bu do know what I want,

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    ...-xgOgIJzayXot-M/edit?usp=sharing by using this form [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (I must register and be logged if you want to test) - enter the date - Copy/paste the title - Find the right picture best illustrating the event (put image link or upload) > copy and past year and title on google image - add keywords - choose topics in the popup menu

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    ...a CSV file, upload it, then have our application automatically create an online web form based on the info provided by the user (e.g. form field type, form field selections, etc.). Hence, instead of having to manually create an online form, they can upload the CSV file which contains all of the required info. Our current form building ap...

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    ...unnecessary height in the course page and most other pages. example shown in the image attached here. Those space are usefull in few pages where some headings come. if there is no heading, then this space should not be there. 6. In course page, change venue icon to some building icon. and make the course name bold and capitalize each first letter. 7. Copy

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    Hi, I'm building a Artifact Card Database which is a database for the video trading card game Artifact by Valve. My site is powered by wordpress and I have created a custom post type for the cards and exported an XML file that I need all the scrapped info put into that way I can upload the new XML file to my wordpress site. Valve has created a Card

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    ...activities and business automation. Using TATWEER APP is an app dedicated to easily track the progress of maintenance requests to help you plan preventive maintenance in Tatweer building, including mean organize your maintenance requests. 3.1 SYSTEM MODULES INTERACTION OVERVIEW 3.1.1 Dashboard & Statistics (Web-Portal). To optimize your performance. Use automatically

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    My project is about image processing. Not building just a website. In my company, we have thousands of glass pictures (our past works) and I need to find the most similar glasses for one I am searching. The web page should have only one search form. In the search form, we upload a picture. When I clicked the search button the web page search the picture

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    My project is about image processing. Not building just a website. In my company, we have thousands of glass pictures (our past works) and I need to find the most similar glasses for one I am searching. The web page should have only one search form. In the search form we upload a picture and write some search words. When I clicked the search button

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    ...codeigniter websites that we are building. Please watch the video. Video Name: 3D Globe Gallery [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (Video URL: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) Issue No 2: JS Issue We have an auto search filed that searches automatically when you search something with image. Just like Facebook search bar

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    ...where a user will go to a form and enter his first name , last name, and then an email address, at one point we ask for a photo id, which is any generic photo ID , could be passport, state ID, I need an engine that can be deployed on AWS, that will take the image, the first name, the last name as text, and do some image parsing recognition, in the

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    15 tarjoukset us: contact details + general enquiry form + google map location Individual listing page each listing eg [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 1. Property type: Land, house, Appartment, Villa, Bungalow, Commercial Building, Studio, Industrial space, Hotel. Restaurant

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    ...French (default lang) Search by keyword on all pages Main navigation links: • Home 1. Main banner will have a sea view 2. Below main banner will have a scrolling text +image (optional) from right to left. text can be added/ edited in back office 3. Advanced search box: (refer to home page immodir) Fields: Type(residential, appartment, residential

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    ...SIGN IMAGE, etc.) that is responsible to fulfill the form. There are six main sections: 1) A header with general information; 2) List of professionals working on the building site; 3) Equipment available on the building site; 4) Services that were performed at the day; 5) Notes field for important notes about the day; 6) Slots for upload of photos

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    -------------------------------- We are developing a building management platform (Condexo) to help building managers with their tasks. One of the features we would like to offer is the possibility to import data from existing building management platforms into Condexo, in order to facilitate the migration form one platform to our own. A typical workflow

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    We are building an application form for a job on our website. Application form is currently working ok, but we need to add some functionality to it. Here is the form: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The form is manual HTML inserted with visual composer in Wordpress. The form action is posted to a php file outside of the Wordpress environment. ...

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    33 tarjoukset, job profile, and location of job. Send to friend - functionality for the job offers- email any job to your friends, they can view the details of the job. Job Seeker Form - Job Seeker would be required to fill-in following details- *   First Name 
 *   Last Name 
 *   Member Id/ Password 
 *   Receive Newsletter – yes/no 
 * 

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    ...Style header, navigation area and footer  Upload logo file and back ground image 2. Content implementation  Establish category structure (categories, sub-categories, content pages)  Add information to content pages (Privacy statement, Terms & conditions, Delivery)  Prepare custom contact form and add contact information  Activate cross-selling

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    We are building a new web shop and need a custom WooCommerce/Wordpress plugin. The plugin is meant to fulfil the following tasks: Create a product with advanced product options Wallpaper: - "Wallpaper" product with editable length and height - Split the wallpaper in predefined amount of stripes, selectable by customer (width) - Product designer

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    98 tarjoukset section. It has wide ribs rising to the apex with red tiles in between and a marble lantern on top. Brunelleschi, in the building of the dome of Florence Cathedral in the early 15th century, not only transformed the building and the city, but also the role and status of the architect.[1][2] Section of Beauvais Cathedral, gothic architecture of the

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    ...Invoices... Upload Property - Need Some Extra Fields And Need Proper Code to Update Detail ( currently If We update We have to type All field Again) - Image management (front Image , Slider) Need Some Extra Field at some forms and I want to Change my Current Date Selector to Advance date ranger - Send Booking Request form (date Selector) (change

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    ...out there to test our concept and then in the future reinvest in building the main thing. SO what we want is a clean business website to show off the work of our talented artists and all the usual business stuff, proving our reliability through testimonials, case studies, contact form, etc….. all the parts that seanwes is about. The pain that we

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    I need a form requesting users info such as name, shipping address, email, confirm email, and password followed by drop box to choose an order source: (Amazon, Etsy, etc), and a text field for Order #. Below that I need scroll window (iframe) for our terms of service and a drop box menu with 3 options: Service Animal ID, Emotional Support Animal

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    Build a Website Loppunut left

    ...with Slack integration • Search • Onsite Surveys • Enquiry & Contact Form • Google Maps (showing company location) The project will consist of two major stages: 1. Building the site with lorem ipsum content. Giving us instructions to fill in the texts and upload the image files. 2. Make final corrections after the site information is ...

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    I am building an angular1-meteor app, but am having trouble implementing upload of files (image, pdf etc.) to google cloud via the client side. I want someone to provide a angular-meteor directive to allow user to upload files to google cloud on submitting a form and save file details to a meteor collection on success. Additionally, a page where

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    12 tarjoukset overlay over the odd image, again I will supply details. FULL SEO required. I have built sites on Freelancer before and the SEO hasn’t been done properly. This sites SEO needs to be done properly, and done VERY well. The Contact form, will need to have a simple captcha phrase with it. Some sort of online booking form is also required. Finally

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    ...CREATE AND EDIT FORM FOR IMAGE UPLOADS THROUGH AJAX specifically using LARAVEL 5.2 This project must be done in Laravel latest version 5.2. I am building an online image sharing website. I just need a simple form just like olx that prompts user for creating a new image listing having one title and max of 4 images and minimum of 1 image Crea...

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    ...5.2. I am building an ecommerce website in laravel. I just need a simple form just like olx that prompts user for creating a new product listing Creating the product Listing : The user must enter product title and description ,its price and upload [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] files must be uploaded through ajax before submitting the form. Form...

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    Build a Website Loppunut left

    ...5.2. I am building an ecommerce website in laravel. I just need a simple form just like olx that prompts user for creating a new product listing Creating the product Listing : The user must enter product title and description ,its price and upload [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] files must be uploaded through ajax before submitting the form. Form...

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    OCR web service Loppunut left

    ...that accepts an image via POST, identifies the image based on its visual characteristics, then returns the data from the image. The images are (i) a passport and (ii) any other image I'd like it in python on flask/django with OpenCV, with any open source OCR system (seems like tesseract is popular). input is a file upload. output is a json

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    need to do this things: *make contact form live *make my email (from google apps) connect with gmail *be my assistant wordpress building - fix some css and function fix not looking good in eyes (small things) * change pass login and users and ftp * upload and image and ramove * QA test the website working wall. start time: immidetly

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    We’re a digital agency with a difference – we focus on building digital tools for start-ups, innovative businesses, and public sector organisations that transform how they work. We’re well on our way to becoming a global agency, and we’re looking for a smart, ambitious web developer to help with some of our smaller website projects. The Brief:

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    €176 - €265
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    Build a Website Loppunut left

    I recently started building a website on my localhost in Joomla using the Joomlaxtc KRAFT template and J2 store. Sample data was downloaded with the template. J2Pro store was purchased although not installed correctly. I haven't done a lot of work, mainly uploaded images and created some articles and products. I need someone this week to either fix

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    Phase 1 Building a basic functioning ecommerce website. I am only looking to get a basic working website, I do not need design at this stage. Please view website workflow here: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 9 pages with the following requirements: Requirements Desktop/Mobile

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    Backbone.js portal Loppunut left

    I have been working on building a web portal for an organization [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The work i require done involves some UI changes, validation on the UI compontents and addition of about 2 simple screens. The backend in use i [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] . What has been built so far is heavily based on this tutorial https://todolist

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    ...Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing Content creation with image purchases and planning Design and development of 10 pages with functional elements Lead generation and user experience testing Mobile Device Optimization Performance Optimization CMS training to upload content Client to supply content and copy Google Submission

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    Swaade Project -- 2 Loppunut left

    List to be done. A developer has done a lot in building this website the Job originally was to take 6 weeks and is currently 5 month and still counting. I need a developer that is an expert in Magenta, Msql, This site is close to complete. This is Not a standard Magenta store. Please supply your portfolio. Do not apply if you cannot do what you say

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    ...job is building a submission form for the website which enables customers to upload an image and see it on a virtual bedroom wall to scale (i.e. if the wall is 6metres by 4 metres and the image is only 500mb, it should show the image to scale – in this example the images on the wall would be very small, and the user will know that a larger imag...

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    I would like an online Auction site more like eBay, madbid and other penny bid sites. I am open for suggestions for building the site using third party off-the-shelf products and customizing to my needs. Below please find summary of requirements 1. Key Capability: * Forwards regular auction with ebay features of auction and buy it now * Reverse

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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    ...vertical - be able to upload images and instead of look like square, that automatically creates round photo if desired with the ability to crop or move to adjust the best part of the image needed - be able to put easily google analytics code - be able to create blogs in the websites created with it - users can be able to upload files button - be able

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    5 tarjoukset” The web must building with wordpress template, the green text is in Spanish lenguaje for the web designer. The example web for copy design is [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Top Screen: Menus with links: Empresa- Link to page for explanation the business. Que ofrecemos- Link to principal posts. Organization de Viajes- Link to form with dates, Nombre-Correo

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    ...interface capability Security Image verification (CAPTCHA) No chance for SQL injection, session fixation attacks Buit-in protection from Cross-Site Scripting (XSS/XST), Cross-Site Request Forgeries (CSRF), session hijacking, junior form spoofing, email injection, HTTP response splitting (header injection) and file upload attacks Secure persistent login

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    32 tarjoukset image map (representing a sketch of lines) is linked to a scroll menu containing the list of lines available for a specific type of glider. Each glider has a different sketch of lines and therefore different lines. However we will provide for every gliders the corresponding image map and list of lines. The freelancer will start building the

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    ...Website should be optimized for speedy data retrieval and fast page loading. AJAX ## Navigation: Like Trulia ## Searching: Searching field with hints Map / list / image view of results Searching in map using selecting preferred area Filters – agency or owner listing, max price, min price, types etc..(Trulia style) Sorting – price, newest

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    Website Update Loppunut left that I am about to put on the internet, although I am currently enrolled in school and work full-time. As you can see my schedule is very busy at the moment. I have been building a website over the last couple years, I just need a few things completed that I cannot. I'll tell you a little bit about my company. We are a local wine group in

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    ...existing text. So it will be things like free-form lines, text boxes, highlighting, etc. Very similar to the example found at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (click on the sample page button). From your end, this will be a standalone application. We will be adding it to an existing, larger backend system we're building for our clients, who work in Construction

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    ...script based on this model ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) working fine just straight JQUERY - PHP/MySQL. I like this however, I am wanting the data to post via AJAX. I am a little weak when it comes to building arrays and need assistance with this part. I have included my DB structure and an

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    We are building a dashboard for our users to submit property website requests. This will be through the twitter bootstrap dashboard. Users will be able to do the following: 1) Submit Property Details (Simple Form & Image Uploader) 2) Upload Branding (image uploader) 3) Settings - Change Password, Social Media Links, Basic account information

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    I need a page building that will allow customers to upload large graphic files to my server. The script will have to be secure and include checking the image. The purpose of the upload will be for me to design products with their images on. There needs to be a form with all their details on plus an area for specific instructions. The shopping part

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    We need 2 apps that will work for android and iOS and Ipads and other portables. This is the first part of our apps that we will continue building. First step will be a pretty simple application. We will use these 2 as templates. Iphone
[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

    €220 - €661
    €220 - €661
    17 tarjoukset

    ... -- Development Requirements -- We require assistance from experienced web developers with excellent graphical skills to assist in building the website theme, function and process. Two example websites are to form the basis of the site, one focused on the graphical layout and aesthetics, the other as a reference for how the site and orders should

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