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    Deploy Angular universal app in Goggle App Engine

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    Xibo CMS - developer / consultant for custom Widget needed We are looking for a freelancer with experience in the Xibo CMS platform configuration and Widget/Module development, for a Digital Signage product. In order to complete this assignment you would be need to be familiar with the following technologies: * PHP, JavaScript, CSS, * Amazon Web Services (existing CodeBuild & CodeDeploy and EC2 environment) * Linux (Ubuntu) * C++ basics (Not absolutely necessary, but might come handy) * Docker In addition of allowing you to use modern development tools, you have the opportunity to witness Digital Signage business from up close. DS is a natural evolution of traditional advertising business, which enables delivery of digital content exactly where the target demographi...

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    Hi, I'm looking for a finnish HR recruiting professional to do job application instructions for young workers. More detailed instructions in Finnish bellow. Eli haluaisin luoda nuorille työnhaku tietopankin. Tämä ensimmäinen projekti olisi ohjeet asiakaspalvelu aloihin hakemiseen. Ohjeet yleisimpiin haastattelu ja hakemus kysymyksiin vastaamiseen ja malli vastaukset. Etsin henkilöä jonka kanssa voisin toteuttaa monta samanlaista projektia!

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    Your task is to design automated solvers for the shift and Vigen`ere ciphers. You must use C as the underlying programming language, in order to get prepared for the following assignments. Each solver should be completely automated, i.e., upon reading a text file containing the target ciphertext (given as command-line argument), it should print the encryption key and the decrypted plaintext without any user interaction. Test your code on the following ciphertexts, and answer these questions: (a) What is the key of the cipher? (b) What is the decrypted plaintext? Ciphertext 1 (shift cipher) ODKBFAXASKBDQEQZFEMPURRUOGXFKZAFRAGZPUZZADYMXMOMPQYUOPUEOUBXUZQEFTQZQQPRADFTQBDABQDUZFQDM OFUAZARODKBFASDMBTKMZPODKBFMZMXKEUEFTUEMDUEQEAGFARFTQRMOFFTMFUZFTQMNEQZOQARDQMXOAYYGZUOMF UAZEDQC...

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    Startup-yrityksemme etsii mobiilikehitystyötä. Sinulla on halutessasi mahdollisuus päästä myös osakkaaksi. Kansainvälistymissuunnitelmamme ovat ripeydestään ja laajuudestaan huolimatta useamman ulkopuolisen tahon mielestä uskottavia. Meillä on hyvät perusteet uskoa yrityksemme liikevaihdon nousevan nopeasti seitsennumeroiseksi. Kehityksen on tarkoitus tapahtua HTML5-pohjalta, minkä jälkeen sovellus portataan eri alustoille. Ensimmäisen version tultua valmiiksi meillä on runsaasti jatkokehitystä valmiiksi määriteltynä. Arvostamme osaamista, mielenkiintoa ja kokemusta sekä iOS:stä että Androidista sekä palvelinkehityksestä. Toimivien käyttöliittymä...

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    on line busness Loppunut left


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    RaspberryPi koodaus käyttämään lämpötila-anturia ja web kameraa ja syöttämään ne kotisivulle.

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    Install desktop app with the windows service to the end user without the need to write anything in the command line by the end user side

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    [NES] Mother/Earthbound Zero, modding 6 päivää left

    ...Restore the Time Machine item and its actual purpose. ** Super Bombs should be relocated to the Reindeer Dept. Store 5F, where you can already get regular Bombs, which you can't get in the Twinkle Elementary science lab. * Allow LifeUp Creams, to be renamed "Revival Cream", to revive fallen party members w/ half HP. COSMETIC CHANGES: * Change Omega Borg's name to Terra Borg. * At least one line by Ana from Earthbound Beginnings. BONUS CHANGES: * Set the cursor to whoever has an item when you select it. * Allow enemies to run away individually while their cohorts stick around. * Specify who actually obtains an item separately from who opens the gift box et al containing it, and replace said second use of the item's name with "it." ** If ...

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    migration of Java & app running on Wildfly on Linux and MySQL Database to any server, details attached

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    App UI/UX Designer for Muslim Prayer App 6 päivää left

    ...current location.. Between the top and prayer list, there is an option to switch date with navigation on left and right and in the middle will show the date. Also, a button will be there to quickly go to current date. Quran - 3 tabs - surah list, juz list and bookmark. Option to go to last read at the top. Once surah is opened, the design for the quran is also required. will be in the format - ayat line, transliteration, translation, share, bookmark, audio play - Kiblah - Qiblah design with location. - 99 names of Allah page - Tasbih page - Dua page - Settings page. - List is quite big, so we can trim down it to multiple short ones. Below are the few from the Dribble I liked. Don't create an exact replica of any of that, just for inspiration.

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    Trophy icon travel company logo design 6 päivää left

    I want to design a logo for my company TUNZ TRAVEL AND TOURS . we do provide tours, visa, hotels and holidays for b2c customers. please give me 3-4 options to choose. my company tag line is ESCAP WITH TUNZ

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    1. Customer Module a. Registration Process b. Vendor Package visibility. c. Category vice package. d. Based on a particular amount, location and category available vendors should be displayed. e. Payment gateway, payment history, order history, campaign result report to be sent to his email or file download option 2. Vendor Module a. Registration process. category vice. b. All Individual and bulk booking notifications shall go to vendors. c. Image sharing option client, vendor, and admin. 3. Admin Module. 1. Access to all databases. edit and change options to all datas. 2. Manual changes the package option. 3. manually option to enter the vendor list. 4. Payment details. 5. Dashboard - all users, new users, daily sales and bookings and i...

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    Project consist of developing an enterprise web app that will be used for a drop service operation inside malls where shopper can hire a bell-hoper to assist with cargo and also store their cargo while they shop. This include allowing desk attendant to create new store areas and assign bell-hopers to customer with the ability to issue payment accordingly to service type and cost. With the ability to print the invoice directly from the handheld MUMBYN device and also ability to print customer information on a sticker from a separate printer device

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    Cross Platform Application -- 10 6 päivää left

    Looking for cross platform app and web admin developer.. Should know React Native and Node Js My budget is $350 AUD

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    ...character there is an impulse going (1) in which there is already a different view of the world (I will send a detailed description of how it should look after the conclusion of the contract). Accordingly, if we press again, then the impulse goes in the opposite order and returns to normal vision for character. When the impulse crosses certain objects (2), which are Blueprint Actors, a similar line with a text (which is set in the actor) animated appears above them. Only in special vision mode, some blueprint actors can have a visual area (in the form of a square/box) (3) Also, only in special vision mode can a directional cone appear (showing the area and direction) (4), which appears animated from the tip I need a proffesional who can create beatiful visual. With core mecha...

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    Trophy icon Homepage Category Re-Design 10 päivää left

    ...colours (instead of the only 3 colours in Example_1) • 10 categories in total, in the order below ◦◦◦◦ Keukenapparatuur ◦◦◦◦ Koelen & Vriezen ◦◦◦◦ Klein Materiaal (2 images, combines them appropriately) ◦◦◦◦ Warmhouden ◦◦◦◦ Hygiëne & Vaatwassers ◦◦◦◦ Presentatie (2 images, combines them appropriately) ◦◦◦◦ Afzuiging ◦◦◦◦ RVS ◦◦◦◦ Meubilair ◦◦◦◦ Overig • 8 categories directly visible in a horizontal line, the rest under sidescrolling arrow to the right (see Example_2) • Name of the category in bold type below the picture in larger font size (see Example_2) • Below the category names we want room for 6 subcategory names (just fill in Subcategory 1, Subcategory 2, …, Subcategory 6 for now). This text smaller and in regular type (not bold) (see...

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    Software Writes Retail Solutions 6 päivää left

    Hi, I am looking for an experience software writer who's ambition is to become an entrepreneur one day. I am a retailer my self using electronic point of sale till system (EPOSS) however, I am finding it difficult to find an EPOSS that works both on-line and in-store. At the moment eposs companies are using third party website to satisfy their customers demand, but it's not as same as having one eposs serving both market. Online inventory or stock does not work in conjunction with till stock, these needs to be adjusted manually eating up unwanted merchant time. If you are a software writer and website writer and is looking for a business opportunity, and you have the time and patient to write a software from scratch and you need fiscal help a partner. Get in touch with me,...

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    The Masterplan calls for a tr...within the city. Arguably, the greatest potential for achieving this step-change is in the City Centre and waterfront area. It is here where the combination of a number of initiatives and big moves can have the biggest impact, effecting behavioural change, allowing appreciation of the City Centre and waterfront offer and creating a perception of a greener city model with genuine travel choice in line with the masterplan. The movement vision sets out a high level direction and potential strategic moves to both bring about this step-change and support the delivery of the City Centre and waterfront masterplans. Freelancer MUST BE GOOD AT URBAN FORM AND DESIGN. MUST BE BASED IN THE UK. Please check the attachments to see similar examples of the design...

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    Data Science/Analytics Project 6 päivää left

    I would like to work with an individ...project involving analyzing small business payments for a particular vendor, including attrition analysis. The project should take 3-4 hours to complete. I expect a justification of the method(s) of analysis - why you chose that approach, results, insights and recommendations; and ofcourse the code. Coding language is either R or Python. Your code will be well commented to be clear on what each line is doing. You will have to be clear about how your thought process on how you came up with your solution. I will provide details on the project to whoever I award the project to. Do let me know why you think you would be a good fit for the project - examples or explanations of similar work you have done would be helpful - along with your estima...

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    VHDL multiplexer code 6 päivää left

    Using ISE design suite. Design an 8-Bit ALU (x and y are inputs and Result is output), based on modular arithmetic and logic circuits and 8x1 line multiplexer, in VHDL. Add comments to your code whenever required. Design a test bench to verify your designed circuit functionality. Add simulation results screen shot. ** I will share more details if you will do it

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    build IONIC application 6 päivää left

    I want to create IONIC application using a script and I will provide you with full script code you have just edit the design and functions as per the requirement

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    €18 - €146
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    Hi Freelancers! I'm looking for a simple NodeJS application which takes an inbound call channel via the Asterisk Fast AGI/EAGI (Likely using the NodeJS package ding-dong, but any NodeJS AGI package will be fine) and then processes the channel via the Vosk API NodeJS package. The program should then: 1. Print that speech to text via the NodeJS console. 2. Within the current converted text utterance, look for the keyword - which will be 'chocolate' 3. If the keyword is found play a wav down the channel using the stream command then return to the dial plan (The wav needs to played via NodeJS, not using the dial plan - any wav file will do for testing). 4. If the keyword is not found, return to the dial plan 5. If no utterance can be detected for 5 seconds, retur...

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    android application upgrading and fix the bugs

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    Freelancer HR 6 päivää left

    You will have the opportunity to draw on your extensive knowledge of Technical / Non-technical recruiting and will forge dynamic relationships with stakeholders. You will perform candidate generation, candidate assessment and interview preparation, HR operations. Location : Delhi NCR | Noida Roles & Responsibilities: You have to line up a candidate for an interview Design and implement an overall recruiting strategy Develop and update job descriptions and job specifications Sourcing Potential candidates from Job board Screen candidates to evaluate if they meet the position requirement Taking a telephonic and preliminary round of interviews. End to End follow-ups with the candidate Engaging with candidates/ offer management / pre-onboardings

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    Hello Freelancers! We are looking for a talented GUI designer and C++ Qt Programmer to join us in our mission of creating the next version of our desktop application. Our application is currently in its first working stage, and we would like to upgrade it using talented freelancers, in order to increase the overall usability and functionality at its core. We will provide source codes for Windows and Linux to work off of. We expect to have a lengthy meeting with potential candidates to discuss the scope of this project and eliminate any ambiguity in the requirements. Looking forward to your applications. Thanks.

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    I need to create an animated transition from the old logo "the" to the new symbol "∞" and at the end there may be a whole logo called "theshop" see. attached files. My idea is to lower the old "the" into a line and it will create a ∞ symbol, with the initial purple symbol being the same as "the". The second option is to create an effect as if "" "grew from" the ". I look forward to creative solutions.

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    Hi Mirza B, as agreed I'm awarding you the project about Nelson Mandela. 12 line drawings for GBP £240 to be completed by 31 December.

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    Polish Transcription Project 6 päivää left

    ...will fail then he/she will give a re-trial. -If a worker will pass the trial he/she will be moved to the main room. The *trial period* will be of 02-03 days in which the company will take trials of all the people and evaluate their work and announce the results in the group. If you have successfully passed your trials you are good to go. *Requirements:* 1: Personal computer or laptop. 2: Good command of the Polish language. 3: Have 06 to 08 hours a day for this project. 4: Good and stable Internet Connection. 5: Keen listener and good typing skills. *Payments:* Payments methods will be Bank Transfer, Paypal, Wise, Payoneer; *Payment Calculation:* Payments will be paid only for *VALID* audio transcription. A person can easily complete 60 minutes of transcription in 06 to 08 ...

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    Hi, Attached is a paper that deals with a flow of a vortex sheet. You need to explain how in page 325 of the paper the author got from the first framed line to the second and what is ro (see also attached).

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    Hello I have a telegram channel where I wanted to have a button that opens SMS application. for example the button on the telegram channel might say "Please Click and Send Ok to 333" and when the user clicks this button on telegram, it will open the default SMS application on the users device. When the SMS app opens it will compose the message to 333 and add the value OK so that the user could be able to send.

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    Hi, Attached is a paper that deals with a flow of a vortex sheet. You need to explain how in page 325 of the paper the author got from the first framed line to the second and what is ro (see also attached).

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    Freelancer is required to perform the following: Instructions for freelancer (file attacted) Double Click B2 or D2 to open pop up message to select xlsm file. As soon as the file is selected, do the following Perfo...names in col B or D (respectively) from row 5 onwards (including fprmatting). Delete Module/Form/Sheet code contents in col B or D (respectively) from all hidden sheets Delete all sheets (except Setup & Main) where code contents are not present in col B or D When Module/Form/Sheet name is nw displayed in Row 5 onwards, and user double clicks on any row highlighted green or red Run WinMergeU command. Note: You will need to install WinMerge Send code from hidden sheets to WinMergeU. WinMergeU options to be used: /e , /m Quick, /t Text, /maximize [Fixe...

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    Im looking forward to get my mobile application idea developed on both android and Ios The application is going to be similar to news apps.

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    I want to design some pages in a script using ionic with some features. Everything is there you just need to update the design and add some functionality to it. I will provide the script. NO Agency please I am looking for, Individual developer.

    €18 - €146
    €18 - €146
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    Trophy icon Create a Flyer 2 päivää left

    We need a corporate flyer with the information of the program we are launching in the document with the picture up at the top top and the title at the top from the word doc in the picture or to the left of the picture in the opejn white space of the pic, and then below the picture a separation line of some sort and then the verbiage "Grow your existing business Revenue or create new Revenue as a new business!" at the bottom of the pic, and then below that all the verbiage in the layout or similar to what the word doc shows and then the final verbiage below that. The company color is sky blue so any added vector art around the verbiage to make it look fresh but still corporate would be great. I am including two files, the word doc with the commission layout, the columns ar...

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    ...the below areas : Advanced Java 8+ , Node js , Spring boot, microservices framework. Intermediate knowledge of key design patterns and best practices. Advanced knowledge of implementing REST APIs using java , NodeJS and spring/spring-boot. Intermediate knowledge of 12 factor app development. Intermediate knowledge of maven or Gradle – ability to manage dependencies and create artifacts, use command line. Intermediate knowledge of integration tests for spring boot REST API. Intermediate knowledge of unit testing frameworks (e.g. Junit , Jasmine etc) Intermediate experience with SQL queries. Intermediate knowledge of CI/CD , Jenkins, JIRA , GIT and Agile frameworks. Should be able to think through problems, take implied intent and develop thoughtful solutions. Experien...

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    I need a marketing plan for a non-profit marketing plan and a non-profit landing page for a non-profit initiative.

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    CONFIRMIS SITE VERIFIER (Männedorf) 6 päivää left
    VARMENNETTU to support effective decision making, particularly in developing economies. As a Site Verifier, you will be responsible for verifying a company’s existence through visual data by conducting a site visit to ensure that we provide reliable and accurate information to our client. JOB DESCRIPTION: • Conduct basic verification with the subject company’s authorized representative, such as line of business, key executives' name, etc. • Take pictures of the subject company and its vicinity, as per Confirmis’ standard operating guidelines. • Provide observation about the company to gauge activeness, e.g., staff working at the premise, loading/unloading of goods, etc. REQUIREMENTS: • Must be living in Männedorf, Switzerland...

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    Trophy icon New Brand Logo Design 16 tuntia left

    We need to create a logo for a brand called Tile Crazy. They sell discount and end of the line tiles online. The logo should have a "bargain" feel to it and use colours like red and/or yellow. It doesn't need to be complicated but should look professional. Avoid fonts that look like handwriting. The logo needs to be able to standout online, so bold fonts in a landscape format are best. Don't worry too much about including an icon, but if it works in a landscape format feel free to include.

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    Impact of cell phones 6 päivää left

    I need a 6–8-page essay in MLA 8 format double space line 1-inch margins all around the essay needs to have detailed information about the impact cell phones have in our society.

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    Trophy icon emblem logo design 7 päivää left

    I'm looking for an emblem style logo for a unisex hat line named "PHITTED". For the font please use graffiti style.

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