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    Trophy icon logo design 9 päivää left

    need an original logo for my llc. consulting company. I create all sorts of documentation and training to improve company performance images of words, pens, books, writing, vectors, spears, that emphasize motion or improvement or strategy are welcome

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    Costume designer needed 1 päivä left

    Would like an artists help with designing the outfits for a post apocalyptic short film. I would like the costumes to have a mad max samurai feel. The only weapons used in this world are swords, spears, etc. Characters are very worn down and almost seem broken, I would like their wardrobe to reflect the hardships they endure on a day to day. Need at least three costume designs. Please see the file attached as a reference. Happy to answer any questions, thank you for reading!

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    I want to capture my sketch in nft, I need an nft of ogre or orc warriors, a fantasy race, for nft I attach the sample. I seek to generate a mixture of ogre and orc warriors, with the following attributes. -eyes: two eyes and 1 single eye. - armor : golden and normal. - accessories: necklaces, earrings etc - gender: man woman - weapons : axes and spears

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    My next album is dropping and I want to tour again. I opened for Britney Spears. Michael Jackson discovered me and Madonna signed me to her label. I have seven albums and I am moving away from pop/boy band and my manager has done nothing for several years. Japan was my tour in 2020 but Covid. I am looking for someone who can book clubs or more. Ricky Rebel All of my images and videos from previous albums are on my website.

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    ...Intro (Name the song before the singing starts) (14) Missing Lyric (Name the lyric silenced from the song) (15) Musicals EXAMPLE QUESTIONS (1) Which country is this artist from? (2) Who is singing this? (3) Name the group? (4) Name the band? (5) Who is the featuring artist on this ___ song? (6) Which decade was this song released? (7) What year was this song released? (8) Name the song? (9) - Britney tells us this song is about a girl named who? (10) - Which animal is featured in the title of this song? (11) - How many Ms are in the title of this song? (12) According to the lyrics of this song... (13) - What item was Poison? (14) - What was her name? It never suited her! (15) - What was the weather like in the afternoon?...

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    Hi I'm Leon D Spears and my son is Leon C. Spears and he plays frisbee Golf and is moving up in rank after winning several awards. I was wondering what if we could get a Grand t to blow this sport up in the urban area with him as the face for the brand and get major sponsors to help us reach our urban youth for the most part but all youth will be invited. Something other than Basketball, football, and baseball.

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    Trophy icon Facebook cover page Loppunut left

    ...content for a Facebook cover page. The content must represent Olympus with his gods, but they must have the appearance of variegated pets. From dogs, to cats, to parrots, ferrets, rabbits, etc. Zeus will be a dog, Aphrodite a cat and Hermes a rabbit, for the other divinities I leave freedom of combination. The gods will have the main features / tools in order to make them recognizable (beard, spears, swords, trident ..), based on the god represented. I would like to explain more about the appearance: the gods of Olympus must have the appearance of animals, not human. Specifically, Zeus as a dog, Aphrodite a cat and Hermes a rabbit, the others, on the other hand, are free to choose. If you do not respect exactly the delivery, it is useless to waste time designing and proposing ...

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    ...reference images 3 & 4 for font ideas The subtitle: Corrupt & Conquer (or Corrupt and Conquer) - can use '& 'symbol or written 'and' - can be capitalised (CORRUPT AND CONQUER) or lower-case (Corrupt and Conquer) - should overall be about the same width as the main title Visual elements you COULD include (don't have to): - a crown - a throne - the suits (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades) - spears (see reference image 5), diamonds (ref 6), coins (ref 7), cards (ref 8) Colours to include: - Gold (metalic) - Royal Red - Black - Your own complementary colours See this pinterest style board for inspiration: Please don't hesitate to ask questions and I will try and clarify further, otherwise upload your early concepts

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    Illustration 3D Loppunut left

    ...Monkey Mask * Globe Mask * Hamburger Mask * Lion Mask * Fortnite Masks * Call of duty Mask * Dog Mask * Elephant Mask * Tiger Mask * More Masks Traits: * Pablo Escobar * Hitler * El chapo Guzmán * Sadam Husein * Osama Bin Laden * Hugo Chavez * Al Capone * Lucky Luciano * Carlo Gambino * Amado Carillo Fuentes * Daddy Yankee * Justin Bieber * Michael Jackson * 6ix9ine * Batman * Madonna * Britney Spears * Bruno Mars * Superman * Spiderman * Simpsons * Elon Musk * Jeff Bezos Each character will be unique (On triets, brands y attitud) Objetos: * Artificial Spaceship * Ovni * Plane * Globe * Bike * Moto * Drone * Development System Room Extra: Template Card Yugi Oh Type for gifts Bitcoin coins for Gifts - DOGTOR NFT Drone aéreo Dron...

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    i have a company which supplies weapons for TV and Film, looking to update my logo as it is outdated. we supply everything from sword, shields spears,daggers, knives to artillery, hand guns, assault rifles and old flint lock black powder. i dont have a concept, don't want anything too modern or aggressive like a Expendables logo. our facilities has a vintage feel to it so would be looking for something along this line looking for something that incorporates swords, firearms and tv and film

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    Hello, I would like you to reach out to Britney Spears follower on Instagram with an offer. Hi Xx Our exclusive Britney Spears art piece collector’s edition, will be available for auction on the 10th January for 24hrs only. After this, you won’t have a chance to purchase that artwork again. To get on the top of the waitlist, please share this link to your followers.

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    9 tarjoukset (have image files) 2oz & 5oz pours 4. 3 Sugar skull skeletons - 2oz, 5oz & 10oz 5. Skeleton with flag on it (have image files) 2oz, 5oz & 10oz 6. Bullets - 223, 308, (actual dimensions) 7. Nude trucker girl (have images) 2d 8. 3d Bald eagle - 5oz & 10oz sizes 9 . Totem pole 5oz, 10oz, 15oz, 20 oz size (we can work off different images) 10 Arrowheads 2 designs 1oz, 2oz, 11, Arrowhead spears 2oz, 4oz 5oz (we can play with this as they are bigger then normal arrowheads) 12. 3d naked women anime? dont matter. and we can do about a 2oz & up to 10oz pour (again free range but near those) those are current designs i need to get done so i can 3d print and also have my CNC guy use the CAD machine to make the molds for these. Thanks, just about all of t...

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    Trophy icon Graphic Design for Concert T-Shirt Loppunut left

    Need a striking graphic design for a concert T-Shirt. You will need to incorporate our existing logo. Other than that, no restrictions. This concert will be attended by a mostly (80%) female audience aged 30 - 45. Music is Pop 1990's (Backstreet Boys, Brittany Spears style)

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    Hi Britney M., This is Robert. Please accept this job. Thanks

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    ...September of 2020, displays a variety of different styles of rap. The album ‘2S4D’ is a 42-minute project showing his versatility with multiple flows & with most of his beats produced by Loud3zt. He speaks about real issues and the struggles he has faced in his life with tracks like ‘Shiny World’ & ‘Pain & Pressure”. Tatzstar 2 Shiny released 3 music videos along with the album ‘2 Shiny 4 Dem’, ‘Britney’ & ‘Shiny World’ Tatzstar 2 Shiny came out with the album at the age of 16. 
 He is also known for freestyling at parties, “when Tatzstar freestyles, everyone listens”. 
 Photos Taken By Andrew Martin Written By Olivia Clarke The website should just be 1 Page with social media lin...

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    Data entry Loppunut left

    ...50,000 questions. Time: 1 day Link to add the questions and categories: 1. Elon Musk 2. SpaceX 3. Tesla 4. Apple Inc 5. Steve Jobs 6. Microsoft Inc 7. Bill Gates 8. Mark Zuckerberg 9. Facebook Inc 10. Google Inc 11. Amazon Inc 12. Jeff Bezos 13. Reliance Ltd 14. Kim Kardashian 15. Kylie Jenner 16. Kendall Jenner 17. Kardashians 18. Beyoncé 19. Britney Spears 20. Michael Jackson 21. Academy Awards 22. Leonardo DiCaprio 23. Avengers 24. Marvel's Cinematic Universe 25. Taylor Swift 26. K-pop 27. Grammy Awards 28. Cannes Film Festival 29. Hollywood 30. VFX 31. Jurassic Park 32. Captain America 33. Iron Man 34. Hulk 35. Thor 36. Scarlet Witch 37. Brad Pitt 38. Angelina Jolie 39. Jennifer Aniston 40. Selena Gomez 41. Justin Bieber 42. Pewdiepie 43. Ariana

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    ...such that for self defense or other reason one would be allowed to kill. Instead - it is simple: "Do Not Kill/Murder." This applies to governments as well - since all governments - worldwide - are Under G-D. All governments world-wide will self-dismantle their own weapons in peace - and starting immediately - as is stated in Isaiah 2:4 "and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore." Do not be afraid of anything - G-D will protect you and everyone; G-D wants to bring the Ultimate Redemption and convert this world into Paradise - The World To Come - right here on planet earth. === The 7 Noahide Laws are: 1. There is only One G-D. 2...

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    2D artist for chibi anime style fan art caricature and a special icon head (like profile pic) for each...caricature and a special icon head (like profile pic) for each character. That's 27 characters and 27 profile pics. And including line art, and color, and copyright. Examples here: Fanboy - genderless chibi creature “Best Ever” fan #1 fan Kim Kardashian Iggy Azalea Britney Spears Rihanna Snoop Doggy Dog Donald Trump Nikola Tesla Elon Musk Taylor Swift Justin Bieber JoJo Siwa Elvis Presley MrBeast Youtuber Queen (Band of 4: Brian May, Roger Taylor, Freddie Mercury, John Deacon) BTS (Band of 7) BlackPink (Band of 4)

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    Trophy icon Business and Website Logo Loppunut left name with just the word Legion predominantly placed and an image (picture) for customers to associate with the business. We need a logo that will best represent our company, be free of stock or monetized images, and can be used to form our brand. Some elements that could be (not required to be) represented in the logo are firearms, the American Flag, scope reticles, Shields, silhouettes, spears, etc. Again, these are our ideas, but would like to see creativity in building the logo. Designs may be rectangular or square, monochromatic or polychromatic, simple or complex. Winning design will be requested in a variety of formats and sizes. Design will be used in digital, print, and embroidered formats. If you have questions or would like more information, please c...

    €15 (Avg Bid)
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    Good evening, my name is Britney. I am trying to create my first ebook. The name of my business is called A Queen's Mindset. My idea for the ebook is more of a guide of tips to help black women across the globe deal with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. I wanted to split the guide into three parts. 1. Words of affirmation 2. Changing your habits 3. Conquering your Fear by Having Faith. Attached is the cartoon photo of me that I would like to use. I would like the theme colors to be brown, gold, and black. If you can help me visualize this ebook. please let me know. Thank you for your time.

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    build a website Loppunut left

    car Spears part networking website

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    Hi Britney F., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design - Marlin Loppunut left

    We are looking to create ...for a range of scissors. The reason we have chosen Marlin is because the Marlin fish are cobalt-blue on top and silvery-white below, with a pronounced dorsal fin and a long, lethal, spear-shaped upper jaw. Blue marlins prefer the higher temperature of surface waters, feeding on mackerel and tuna, but will also dive deep to eat squid. They are among the fastest fish in the ocean, and use their spears to slash through dense schools, returning to eat their stunned and wounded victims. We thought the characteristics of the Marlin fish matched the speed and sharpness of our range of scissors. I attach a drawing of a Marlin fish but we are open to any logo ideas and creations. Please also remember we need you to choose the Marlin text font to match your lo...

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    Trophy icon Blue Moon Rising Metaphysical Loppunut left

    I have sketched out what I want the logo to look like. That moon on the top has wildflowers coming off of it. I would definitely like some thissles in the mix of flowers. The woman is holding two spears and is facing away from us towards the moon. I want it to be mystical and powerful.

    €50 (Avg Bid)
    10 työtä

    I'm Britney and I missed out on my school photos and I spoke to my principal and she said i could except I can't edit for the life of me... I just need my photo onto that background

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    Hi Britney F., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...culture of the people who inhabit it. There is no magic, dragons or elves. The rules of that world are exactly like our own and just like our world it is inhabited by human beings who, just like our own world, have made a bloody mess of things. Vortigan, who is the main character of my story is growing up in a time period similar to our own 'Ancient Historcial' time period. A time of shields, swords, spears and colorful characters; he is also growing up at a time of religious and social upheavel. Of Vortigan - Child of The Sea - Home Amongst the Wilds - Tells the story, from Vortigan's point of view as an old man from age 3 to age 16, it is around 500 pages and is 195302 words long. I have contacted a very talented artist who I have since commissioned for some inc...

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    Looking for someone to make the outfit from britney spears music video - circus.

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    ...profile, I feel like you may be able to get some of the things done >> On the albums page () I would like to be able to customize how the links are displayed (IE: put them in the same order as featured on the physical release, currently they are featured in alphabetical order) >> I would like for a song to be placed on multiple albums (for instance, with Britney Spears her song "... Baby One More Time" is featured on multiple releases, I would like to only have one lyric page and it be able to be featured on multiple albums. >> I would like for the artists page () to be featured differently. Currently it is a list long way -- i'd like for the albums to be in a table where 3/4 albums are

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    Need expert research writer who has knowledge in management and analyse managerial positions for different online companies. Thank you! - Britney

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    Trophy icon AFLAK LOGO UPGRADE Loppunut left

    Our old logo (attached) need to be modernised and redesigned to reflect contemporary trends and to reflect our technology related business as spears in our website . Colour them to remain the same. Also nee letter head and business card design to go with the new logo.

    €872 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Draw a character Loppunut left

    I need a character that will match the look/style of the attached examples. Detailed outlines in black and white. The character I need is called superstar and is a musician. It can be either gender, any nationality, if it looks like britney spears or Jimmi Hendrix or someone you imagine doesn't matter as long as it looks great. I am looking for someone who I can work with in the future and I will need a fixed price of $20 per character after this contest is over.

    €50 (Avg Bid)
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    €33 Keskimäär. tarjous
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    I have a business logo and need it animated. My logo has the business name and a shield type icon. I want to animate the shield to appear to assemble itself preferably with the relevant sound effects, followed by the business name appearing. I would love for the barbells which form a cross around the shield to come in like spears. I have attached an image of the shield and the whole logo. I do NOT want a new logo or my current logo changed, I ONLY want my current logo animated as per my requirements. Thank you.

    €93 (Avg Bid)
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    We have pictures and dimensions of an assembly that we need drawn in solidworks. Please see the pictures attached. The dims are to be in US imperial units. To give you some overall idea of scale the overall length of the assembly is 44 inches. I will provide the specific dimensions for the parts. The pipe fittings are all Spears pipe fitting parts and their drawings are available at the spears website so that may make things easier.

    €328 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello all, I am directing a student film...sequence. The sequence has approximately 2 minutes and each scene needs some VFX into it. I could potentially describe it more in chat but before that read the tasks I would require and the size of this sequence, budget. Firstly look at the footage here: What would you generally be doing? 1, Adding dead bodies on the ground 2, Adding blood effects and knife 3, Add spears and swords to the ground 4, Add smoke and fire effects 5, Masking 6, Changing background I believe that the entire work would take you a few dozens of hours. I am looking for a passionate editor that would do the job primarily for passion and not for money. BUDGET: I would say the maximum is 100 Euro. PS: You can look at inspiration scene. Thank you

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    Trophy icon Black and white logo Loppunut left

    Need this in 4 hours! i need someone to draw or illustrate, a logo (Hawaiian Warrior) inside of the round cone. Very simple..but has to be an emblem, not much detail, just inside of the circle on top. it must be facing straight on, not to the side or profile view, with spears in the back of the ice cream cone--Creativity will result in a "Tip" $$$ if you nail it! thank you!

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    Stock maintain ,Stock Transfer,belling,Purchase ,Sale,Daily expenditure ,inquire,Delivery chalan, Tax invoice,Service job,Spears,job cart,lebar,charge spear stock, according - payment vouchers,margine money sleep,employe sallery, customer credit data, report---gst tax,sales history,service history cash book, bank book,customers duo,customer lodger of monthly summary credit cash sales and more report, sales purchase.

    €196 (Avg Bid)
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    Logo Designer Loppunut left

    I want to create a skin care line in the future to the name of Bisous Beauty or Bespoke Beauty (I have yet to trademark it), but it will have something with 2 B’s based on my name Britney. I want the logo to represent renewal of the skin and the person overall, which would depict a butterfly. Please make the butterfly abstract in a way because I want the logo to be modern and sophisticated. I also had another logo idea of it being a heart instead. If you would be able to provide various options and overall just get creative with it. Thank you.

    €58 (Avg Bid)
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    We would like a graphic designer to help us design a logo for our motorcycle club. The basic design would be a phalanx of werewolves 5 columns wide with spears and shields. The shields will have a lambda (λ) symbol on them.

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    Android game Loppunut left

    Say "PILESPOT " i need android mobile game ( professional game ). My game : multiplayer game like pubg but some different features and modes , in plus historical game . so first : : multiplayer game like pubg but some different features and modes , in plus historical game . so first : ***4 modes *** 2 players ( 1v1 ) 4 players ( 2 v 2 ) 10 players ( each 2 players team ) 40 players ( 20 vs 20 ) *** maps **** mini arena ( 2 players ) small arena ( 4 players ) arena like roman staduim ( 10 players ) small village like 10 houses ( 40 players ) *** store*** arms :swords , spears, axes... shield : hand shield ... armor : clothes , helmet ... **** point xp **** each rank : 1000 xp * man need to upgrade their skills to open new weapons ans armors.... Please put your...

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    Android game -- 3 Loppunut left

    Say "PILESPOT " i need android mobile game ( professional game ). My game : multiplayer game like pubg but some different features and modes , in plus historical game . ...multiplayer game like pubg but some different features and modes , in plus historical game . so first : ***4 modes *** 2 players ( 1v1 ) 4 players ( 2 v 2 ) 10 players ( each 2 players team ) 40 players ( 20 vs 20 ) *** maps **** mini arena ( 2 players ) small arena ( 4 players ) arena like roman staduim ( 10 players ) small village like 10 houses ( 40 players ) *** store*** arms :swords , spears, axes... shield : hand shield ... armor : clothes , helmet ... **** point xp **** each rank : 1000 xp * man need to upgrade their skills to open new weapons ans armors.... Please put your offe...

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    Trophy icon Elephant Walk Logo Loppunut left

    We are a business that imports products from Africa to America. We need a logo that will reflect the African nature of our products and identify our company. We feel that a round logo with an elephant head in the middle and then our company name "Elephant Walk" across the top, with maybe a band of African design around the bo...across the top, with maybe a band of African design around the border. However, we are open to other ideas and options. We are hoping for a logo that displays the power of the elephant, is elegant, and simple enough to be converted into stamps and other uses. We have included an image of an elephant that we like - his head, trunk, and tusks can be used as the model for the design. The shield and spears from the flag of Kenya (Attached) could a...

    €173 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a Poster for: Make It Toxic. This show features Garek (singer) and the Vaudettes (dancers). The show is a heavy metal concert of pop hits (especially Britney Spears) with burlesque dancers. If you google Movie Poster or Concert Poster, you will get the idea. Show commercial: 1. Size 1944 x 2952 2. Show Name: Make It Toxic (#MAKEITTOXIC) hashtag 3. Artists: Garek & the Vaudettes 4. Please make a .psd with the titles on separate layers (to edit artist names as they may change) 5. Screen Images here: 3. Download images here: 4. Website here: The artwork should feature the singer Garek. I don't care if photos are used or not or just

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    Trophy icon Company Logo Loppunut left

    I need a new Logo for my Company. We are a Security contractor and need a Logo that's not telling of what we do. It needs to be Simple and unique. We would like it to be "Soft", so no logos with any kind of weapons, spears, helmets, or anything like that. Be Creative, I don't want the logo to be related to the name.

    €59 (Avg Bid)
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    My friends and I are starting a clothing brand called 'Hunni'. Our style is very 2000's/Old school Brittney Spears and Destiny's child. We would like our logo to be 'Hunni' written in a handwritten font in pastel pink with a butterfly on top (placed in the middle of the word 'Hunni'. Please find attached a rough template. We would prefer the butterfly to be more in the centre of the word as opposed to being above the 'H'. We quite like the font used so if that could be replicated that would be great. In the end we will need two source files with logo transparency and high resolution. 1 file with both 'Hunni' and the butterfly. 1 file with just 'Hunni'.

    €30 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Design Logo For A Guitar Company Loppunut left

    I need a logo for a guitar company. It needs to be mainly text with a bit of flair. It is going on a guitar so there is not that much room so it needs to be sleek. I've got two different directions we can go. Industrial, jet age, rockets etc. Or Swords, spears, arrows etc. It should only be one color -- black Name of company is "Skermetta" Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

    €10 (Avg Bid)
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    Riding club logo Loppunut left

    We would like a graphic designer to help us design a logo for our motorcycle club. The basic design would be a phalanx of werewolves 5 columns wide with spears and shields. The shields will have a lambda λ symbol on them.

    €285 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Viking Kingfish Logo Loppunut left

    We are looking for a new logo that embodies the kingfisher bird for our bowfishing line. This logo must fit nicely with our present logo. We want the bird to be diving into the "V" of our logo. So it...logo. We want the bird to be diving into the "V" of our logo. So it should be symmetrical and have an emphasis on the outline of the bird and the beak pointing down into the V. The bird should not have too much detail, the less lines the better but include "action" if possible. Pictures of the kingfisher bird and our present logo are attached. Remember, this is a bird that "SPEARS into the water and catches fish with its beak" , this is what I want to exhibit from the logo as it is for bowfishing. Visit our website for inspiration if needed....

    €109 (Avg Bid)
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