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    I need an activex contr...inside of tip, border color and shadow color; Option to gradient inside with beginning/ending colors and direction; word-wrape the content of the tip; and if possible, assign a bmp for wallpaper inside the tip. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information As soon as possible

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    I need a new label control written to do a variety of features. Offer 3D style with border color, shadow color and fill color. Option of solid color, gradient or use BMP for texture inside wordart. I may accept someone to do the job if they cannot do that last feature I gave. But for the wordart part, I need a variety of styles for the label: Straight

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    5 tarjoukset be able to take the pictures and be able to resize them and then save them in .jpg format. ## Deliverables The code necessary to take a picture of any picture format (.bmp, .gif, .jpg, etc.) and allow me to resize that image to lets say 480x400 (they decide one edge (either length or width) and then it autosizes) and then it saves as a .jpg.

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    ...Networks, Inc." but we MAY accept "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]" for logo purposes as well. This is open to discussion with the end developer. ## Deliverables Complete graphic files for the logo in BMP, GIF and JPG format except where not possible e.g. animated GIF files in which case all the GIF files used for the animation are required. Please see the attache...

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    A control to build, drag & drop: bmp, wfm etc, text, line, circle, custom objects, to create reports, forms or technical drawings, and display the results in a scrolling and zooming viewer on a Visual Basic Form. The control ViewPort would allow to click on objects, move, resize in real time (not pop-up windows) and edit/read attributes of each object

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    I need a full source code on how to open and to save picture in the files above. No OCX a pure VB code I will pay 400 $ per each. For any suggestions write ## Deliverables 10 days max

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    A Paint Program Loppunut left

    A paint program in which any picture file (.jpg,.bmp,.gif) can be seen. When user select some random area of that picture then app should be able to catch color from that region. when user want to fill some other color in that region then it should be done. ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done

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    I have The programming already exists where they can upload the photo...I just need the in-between program that will make the size fit. Must be able to handle AT LEAST gif, jpg, bmp. A bonus would be the ability to crop it online. ## Deliverables Site programming is all ASP. Need the applet loaded on the site and everything working properly.

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    I need a simple class that can print a .bmp to a printer. The class MUST NOT use ANY MFC features or classes or ANYTHING!(ie no CBitmap). I cannot stress this enough I have tried things like this in the past any everyone thinks that a little MFC is OK. NO! None!. That said, the class should have a function that will ask for the Bitmap's file location

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    ...with compression factor, bmp. ## Deliverables I am not asking to do the whole program, I need to use this OCX with my existing program. * A function to capture an image from a specific input device. *A function to crop: giving x, y, height, width. * A function to Save an image in a given format : jpg with compression factor, BMP, PCX, JIFF ant TIF. *

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    screen capture Loppunut left

    I need a module to capture the screen and save it into a bmp or a jpg file,I need the two options, and also, it has to be able to save it with diferents level of resolutions. ## Deliverables a test ## Deadline information 2 days

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    I am currently unable to print pictures at greater than 72dpi via a VB program. I require up to 1200 dpi using mainly jpg, but should allow for others (bmp etc.) ## Deliverables Some source code to read a graphics file, and print this file to set coordinates on a page, reducing the picture in size where necessary whilst retaining resolution. Picture

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    Image Replacement Loppunut left

    I need some code to do the following:- Display a picture on a form - standard size Allow selection of an...button. On Merge, picture selected from windows moves to part of pre-set picture, without rectangular outline. Below include picture of jpg head. Allowed files should be jpg, bmp etc. ## Deadline information Work must be completed by end-June

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    ...sounds and graphics. I've given my graphic/sound themes a name, they are called TrixSets. The graphics consist of a background picture in JPG format, and a blocks picture in BMP format which contains 10 different block types in 30X30 segments. To get an idea what I'm talking about and what I need, you will most likely want to download the game and if

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