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    I need a deve...control from OUTSIDE, with a bluethoot or wifi signal to play and stop video player of a Samsung Gear VR This is , I put my glasses, I select a video, and to play or stop that video it must work taking into account a signal coming from outside. For instance, a push button that launch a signal, for any system : wifi, bluethoot or other

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    In this app there is a graph , i want add a timeline to the graph

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. I need a app that receive a data about temperature from a module bluethoot Ardunino , and memorize it and show it . It will be stable

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    Tenho um leitor de fingerprint que se conecta ao celular/tablet via bluethoot e quero desenvolver um aplicativo em Delphi para interagir com esse leitor rodando em Android. Tenho um SDK em java que pode ser usado por o programador para entender como fazer registro, validar, etc.

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    This project is to integrate a larger project, I need to create the routine to print from xamarin forms - on an Android device on a SATMR2 printer by bluethoot connection, it has the sdk of the printer if it is required.

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. I need a app that receive a data about temperature from a module bluethoot Ardunino , and memorize it,

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    arduino uno microcontroller detect gas and fire. Alarm via sound signal and in same moment sent mess...device. Mobile device use simple gui app, it can simple two designed lights with gas turn on/off light detection and fire turn on/off light detection. Signal can corespond via bluethoot or wi-fi does not matter. Prefer concise work with explanation.

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    ...develop a simple 1 page iOS application. We have a peripheral with a bluethoot component , a led and a beeper We want that the app allow the user to make the peripheral tipping when he push on a button in the app. Whe also want that the phone ring when the user push on the bluethoot button of the peripheral. We will provide the design of the page

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    ...empresa etc. luego cuando el vehículo salga que calcule el tiempo de parqueo, según valor predeterminado por hora del parqueo, luego enviar a una impresora conectada por bluethoot la información para imprimir el recibo de cobro con toda la información anterior. Cada que se genere un cobro se debe guardar dicha información en una base de datos, ademas

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    ...many sales you have done. So once you put the coin and turn a complete circle the mechnism, the counter counts one more sale. What I need is to design another counter with bluethoot or some kind of comunicación with my phone. I want to 1.- to receive this sales into an app on my phone every time a sale is done in every machine in every place. Or can

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    ride by cycle app Loppunut left used bluethoot or/and wifi. I think bluetooth is just to short distances and if the people are not close each to other, then maybe dont work. Maybe the distance will be about 500 meters or 1000 meters (i don´t know what distance can be handle with wifi or bluethoot) or maybe another type of communication. 3.- The communication can be voice or text

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    We have used this whit a bluethoot chip (hc-06) so we do have working circut and the SI4432 modules are communicating. So what we have now: Transmitter: 1x ardurino micro 1x si4432 1x analog joystick whit pushbutton reciver 1x ardurino UNO 1x si4432 1xdigital servo (pin 6) 1x low pass filter to esc (pin 3) only needs to send pwn value

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    Step 1 - autenticazione/registrazione utente su db remoto - invio mail da app con form - aggiungi record db remoto - notifiche push Step 2 - scambio dati in bluethoot (comandi e tracciato fornito) con hardware proprietario

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    In summary: App android just developed that permit to check new orders from Database Mysql (Web site) with details via API (JSON) and print details orders via printer bluethoot. We need to update this version of app in order to store on a database Sqlite all the information of orders and permit to add a new function to sale the products (capture

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    ...datos para luego esos datos puedan ser recuperados por la aplicación movil, se debera contar con un identificador unico para cada usuario que estara conectado a un disposito bluethoot que permitira identificar el usuario con el dispositivo, a parte debera haber una cuenta universal que permita tener todas las funciones para crear anuncios. los tipos de

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    BED HEADPHONES Loppunut left

    I have to design a headset that can be use comfortably while I sleep. The headphones will be connected to a device (smartphone, ipod) with bluethoot, now I don't need the technical details I only need a solution explane with drawing of how headphone work to be worn without harass ears or hamper the movements of the head on the pillow . I need a revolutionary

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    ...([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) recieving data from some bluethoot devices of our clients and we need a gateway to get the bluethooth data from the ibeacon device and send them to a server on the internet via wifi. The only thing we need on the project is 1-which device (bluethoot- wifi gateway) can we buy 2-how to configure it in order to

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    hi i need to know how to connect actionscript via wifi or bluethoot but very easy implementation, maibe with QRTAG and user can see the page in localhost. with android. thanks,

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    Creating bluethoot device finding app.

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    android app Loppunut left

    Android App Find bluethoot devices in range (based on vendor mac)and send sms text message to number. functionaliti: - find devices based on vendor MAC adres !! even if devices are not in vissible mode. - add and remove diverend vendor mac adresses to list (small database on device) - specifie the listning range in meters. - when divice is out of range

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    Hi, I need a program for pc,...connection for USB bluetooth adapter. If I have two or more USB bluetooth adapter and if want have 14 or number of adapter * 7 connection. For pc program I think is better use Java or C/C++, because of compatibility with both Windows and Linux. I also would like to have source files of the programmes. Thank you

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