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    The project will invlove creating a search engine for a pre-compiled list of auction sites which will be located at <[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]>. When a user uses the search engine to search for a given auction item, the search engine will need to parse information from the auction sites and return that information in a professional manner back to Certain sites as [kir...

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    Configure a SBS2003 server to accomplish the following: Install ISA server on Windows 2003 box - Configure to allow 25, 53, 80, 110, 443, 3389, 20095, 20096 - Configure SSL bridging (using SSL) Recommend Exchange Alternatives Recommend Website Monitoring services Configure IIS on Windows 2003 box - Support 3 websites - Two of these sites will be SSL-enabled Configure DNS on Windows 2003 box Setup ...

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    J2ME Phonebook App Loppunut left

    I am looking for a J2ME Application that would backup my phonebook, SMS storage, Calendar in my mobile phone. The midlet will interact via GPRS and upload/synchonize this data to our website (more details on the site to follow). The application should be able to Backup and Restore in a user friendly manner. This app should be tested on the following phones : Nokia, Siemens and Motorola. ...

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    Something very similar to this backup program found at I would like it to have the exact same functionality and be equally or more attractive in its interface. The style needs to be elegant and quite eye catching. I need a 15 DEMO version and a full register version, so serial numbers will also be needed so the user can unlock the program online by purchasing the regis...

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    I want someone to make me a software that takes a name and makes many mistake variations of it. Type of variations: for eg. Yahoo 1. Missing letter. (eg. Yaho) 2. Double letters (eg. Yyahoo) 3. Letter switch. (eg. Yhaoo) 4. Near letter on keyboard replacing & added. - all letters sorrounding a specific letter (eg. Yshoo) 5. Similar sounding letters AND similar sounding COMBINATIONS of letters ...

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    C program Loppunut left

    **The Objective** The objective of this assignment is to get you started writing programs in C in the UNIX environment. Its main emphasis is design, so we will be designing the project together in class. This project will also give you practice writing functions, loops, switch statements and using separate compilation. **The Background ** A **REGULAR POLYGON**is defined as a **convex polygon wi...

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    Only coders who deliver ON TIME and have an excellent reputation need apply! 1). The secretary of a health center receives too many telefone calls from patients who want to schedule a Therapy. Customers schedule one therapy at a time so they call often. (This code books customer appointments online based on their availability). 2). Customers often call back to find out when their appointment i...

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    Linux configuration (via SSH): - Kernel istallation (2.6.2) - TV capture card (Hauppauge) and "freevo" software installation - basic backup configuration Maybe: - PHP and MySQL - CMS installation (eXoops) Extra: - webdesign I need someone to configure Linux on my computer and have some help for doing some basic tasks. Help on websites could be appreciated because I sometimes need help in...

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    We have an existing ASP.NET web application that my company created. It is a web-based email marketing application. We are looking for someone to modify the code to enhance the functionality. If you work out on the project, it will lead to more development on the application for new enhancements. **View a demo of the application to see the pages that we want enhanced: **[kirjaudu nähd&...

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    AUTOMATIC DATABASE BACKUP I have an Access Database sitting on my website. (NT Windows) I need a script that would make a automatic backup copy of the database in another folder every 1 hour.

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    PROJECT C 1 Loppunut left

    **The Objective** The objective of this assignment is to get you started writing programs in C in the UNIX environment. Its main emphasis is design, so we will be designing the project together in class. This project will also give you practice writing functions, loops, switch statements and using separate compilation. **The Background** A **REGULAR POLYGON** is defined as a **convex polygon wi...

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    So I have a question.. What happens if I have some code developed, and I can't reach the original guy? Now, I'm not new at working with developers in eastern europe. I don't want to have all my code continually rewritten because "what the other guy did sucks". Its a trend I'm starting to see too many times now. Everyone's code sucks unless they wr...

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    I am using a PHP CMS that uses XML and flat text files (no database). This is kind of a nice simple CMS....the datafiles that contain the content are merged with the templates (whcih have a 5 or 6 tags for menus and content areas) when you "publish" the site. The site is published to flat html files - so you don't need to cache. >> it allows section templates (set a templa...

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    This is a fairly simple script to be used with SecureCRT. If you like more information on SecureCRT and the scripts please follow the link. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Here is what I am looking to accomplish. 1. Scan specified IP range. When I say "specified" this value is to be provided by the user 2. Connect (telnet session) to each switch (all the host on the ...

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    Good day..Unfortunately our regular design team is unable to connect to the internet so i need some small tasks performed on clients is jsut adding two simple brochures(pdf) to site..and linking it to the site.. i am looking for a "backup"design/prgramming group as business has expanded and have alot of work for the right group.. I need this done over the next hour or ...

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    MySQL Replication Loppunut left

    We currently use mysql (on Linux/Redhat), and are looking to expand our setup to offer fail-over and load balancing on a second server.? We would like to set them up so they maintain certain tables in sync using replication. If one server fails, the other server should temporarily become the master. The idea is to keep our mysql-driven web sites running on multiple servers. The existing serve...

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    **Outlook/Outlook Express Backup** is a backup and synchronization tool for **MS Outlook/Outlook Express**. The finished program allows you to backup and restore your messages, address book, settings, accounts, message rules, junk email lists, signatures, and your Internet favorites. All backup functions can be processed either separately or together. With **Outlook/Outlook Express Backup** y...

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    This project consist of an MLM Powerline enrollment script. The following features are required: If you have a working demo that could be accessed on the net let me know so that I can check it out. I will prefer a script based on another (clone) or that is working. From scratch script that had never been tested should be throughly tested by me before acceptance for performance, features and accur...

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    I need to create two internet web pages. Page 1 needs to have invisible embedded Windows Media player that auto starts playing a streaming song. Page 1 includes a graphic with a usemap that includes an "ON" switch and an "OFF" switch. If the user clicks "OFF" the music stops playing. If they click "ON" it opens a new winow with no menubars or scroll bars, et...

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    Required skills: VB.NET Crystal reports 9 SQL server I need to do 4 reports on Crystal Reports, this is a system with client/products/orders, the reports I need is: 1. Client Report Print the client Data, Name, Address, etc, and a photo that will load the path dinamically. 2. Order: Print the order data; products, quantity, price, total, client name, etc. 3. Payments: payments grouped b...

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    We are a young company with lots of free co-workers. For enhanced communication we require as follows: take the radlance script (you will be given a modified version) - on project page ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]), for users bids table should only show the names. - For logged in admin, on project page ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) the bids table should look like: [checkbox] ??...

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    system tools Loppunut left

    I am looking for an easy to use tool that can do the following: Registry Cleaner (Remove old & inaccurate information with a backup reg file.) Popup Stopper (Generic press ctrl to allow) Delete Temp Files & Temp Internet files after viewing the files. Check for broken shortcuts (allow to delete if they are) Scan for Spyware and Trojans (and seperate utility to gene...

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    Property Website Loppunut left

    We're looking for someone to build a property sales web site similar to We have a database already prepared in MS Access, but may eventually consider upgrading to SQL Server or Postgres. We'd like the project to be built in c#/.NET and already have an ISP that supports this. The main capabilities we would like are: - Ability for us to easily add/edit and chan...

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    €181 - €272
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    MACMapper Loppunut left

    Overview: Need a way to find a switch port to which hosts are connected. Deliverable: An executable that can be run on a Wintel machine (NT thru 2003), mapping host's MAC address to the switch port it's connected to. Received value: Host MAC address. Returned values: 1. Switch IP/hostname. 2. Port number on switch (in *module/port* format). Other requirement...

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    Our Cpanel webhost has moved to a new server, after the moved took place there were problems getting the InvisionPB 2.0 to work on the new server when the backup was restored, they dont know why it wont work. What we need is a PHP programmer to make our original InvisionPB will work perfectly on the server. We will provide the Full Backup generated by Cpanel from the original server, in which...

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    We have written a simple WIN32API app, that, in addition to being run as a standalone app, we now also want to be able to control from a switch that's a button on the "Standard Buttons" IE toolbar. The app's window currently has a switch in it; the button on the IE tool bar will be a small version of the same icon. The switch is either ON or OFF; clicking on the button in the t...

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    I want a program that can do the following: - It supports backing up the data of **all the identities** in Microsoft Outlook Express in the same backup file! - It backs up all **Microsoft Outlook Express files** (messages, contacts, rules, accounts ,etc) plus **Favorites** and **Windows Address Book**. - Backup data as an **executable EXE file -** uses a **wizard-like style** of backup ...

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    I need a program that do the following: - Can edit, delete, backup phone contacts - Can Backup SMS messages - Can upload ringtones from the pc to the phone - Can upload games and software from the pc to the phone - Can make password with any folder on the phone (if it can be done) It must be in XP style in colors and design. Written in VB 6 or C++. Work with Nokia 6600, SonyErics...

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    Dear Scriptlance Programmers and Partner Companies, Please do not bid if you doesn't know anything about third party billing business solution because it takes too much time on explain what is all about. I need a complete the Clone of [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] or Most of feature must be available. Additional bank gateway must be functional such as Authorizenet,...

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    Hi, I need someone to walk me through setting up kdar (or dar) on linux for backup. I will be doing the setup and you will need to walk me through it with instant messenger (either your own or rentacoders). My objectives in end of day are : 1. Backup incremental for week on cdrw 2. Backup full every 2 weeks on cdrw 3. Automated if possible. If there is a better/ EASIER sol...

    €27 - €91
    €27 - €91
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    Backup of server

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    Web Page Editor Loppunut left

    I want a web page editor created for my client. It should be allow users to switch between normal view, html view and preview view. A sample is available and those who are interested can bid and I'll send you the sample.

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    Mobile Phone Jammer Loppunut left

    _AC input:_ 100V ~ 240V AC _**Features**: _- To paralyze cellular phone communication links within a effective area. - No transmissions or receptions of cellular phone calls in coverage area. - All specified frequency bands will be paralyzed simultaneously. - The coverage area is a sphere area with its effective distance as a radius _**Specs**: DC output_: 12V, 1000mA _Ind...

    €449 - €454
    €449 - €454
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    I own 3 “Century Cd?? cd storage units from project lab. The program that comes with them really sucks. The Search isn’t and the program doesn’t store any of the contents of the CD’s I want a program to store all the contents on the CD by reading it before it is put in the storage device. It has to work with at least 4 of these units and I prefer more. It has to be able to ...

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    Screen rotation software for Windows 98SE, NT 4.0, ME, 2000, XP desktop that will allow user to install a regular monitor sideways (portrait) or upside-down and use Windows applications normally. Once the orientation (0, 90, 180, 270) is selected it should stay that way when rebooted if possible. Does not need to dynamically switch orientation, request for system reboot is fine. By defau...

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    I need a webcam site created similar to [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 1) Template Driven Website So it can be easily updated. 2) Ability of trial accounts With the ability to buy monthly memberships - With pay features enabled and disabled through admin gui. 3) I need it to be fast and easy to maintain. I need an ADMIN GUI to maintain templates for all pages as well as the ability to b...

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    Work on Oscommerce Loppunut left

    I am currently using Oscommerce as a shopping cart on my website and have made some simple edits to it for my self but I really need someone who knows what there doing to the ones I really need. 1. I need to be able to add multiple pictures for each item and not worry about sizing them into a square. 2. I need to be able to choose wich attribut list I want on each item and I need that at...

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    74495 BugFix PHP Loppunut left

    I need a bug fix done in a PHP script that uses cookies to determine if a user has voted on an item. There are no other problem in the script/everything else works fine. I am getting a headers already been sent error with the config file when the script attempts to place a cookie on the users site. It was fixed previously but I must have overcopied it and now I cannot seem to prevent the error fr...

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    Hello, I need a simple program that will change key in text area. Let say if you press key A you will get B...etc.. If you press a then H then b you will get single character let say L if you press A then H then B you will get single character let say O. Basically, whatever you are writting in a text area it should display //single character replacement //ie. IF you press A key you will get B A-&g...

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    Summary: Customers can have unlimited keywords added to their account and pay click rate that is controlled in a "Executive Admin" area of the system. If the client puts our search engine logo on their home page, their cost per click is lowered. Our search engine requires the following features: Data importation: Must be able to import xml, text, etc. of farmed data. Each record must con...

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    The basic requirements of this bid request is to take a parallel port relay control board (HERE: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] see this for a schematic: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) and reduce its size (if possible) through the use of smaller/different components while retaining existing functionality and adding the following: ## Deliverables The basic requirements of this ...

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    I am working on a database application for a small business and in it I need to be able to use USPS Web tools. I began writing a class library in which I would like completed. I would like a programmer who has already had experience using the USPS web tools. The program is in Visual Basic .NET 2003. I need 3 functions completed in the AddressInfo Class. Verify CityStateLookup ZipCodeLookup...

    €27 - €45
    €27 - €45
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    Objective: Write a program capable of performing some elementary text analysis according to the following specifications. DESCRIPTION This program reads an ASCII text from file textin, performs one analysis operation as specified by one of the options s, f, r, c then writes the result onto file textout. ## Deliverables This program reads an ASCII text from file textin, performs one analysis ope...

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    74659 Server help Loppunut left

    Looking for someone that knows unix servers as well as ensim. I have a server backup script that seems to run often. I also have a problem where i am getting to many connections, Now i made some adjustments but still having problem. So looking for someone that knows there way around a server and one that can make my server run smooth. Not a rich man so please dont get carried away. I also am looki...

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    SNMPwalker Loppunut left

    We are looking for an individual to work with a commercial network management product that can run on Linux/Windows/Solaris/Mac. Coder must have SNMP and SNMPwalking knowledge. ## Deliverables 1) Snmpwalk 10 devices to get specs needed to create probes for a commerical network management program. 2) Create probes to commerical network management specs for SNMP traps alarms. --------------------...

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    I have triggers written to monitor anytime an order is inserted, deleted, or updated. The data is stored in backup tables. I need a web application that will allow the user to enter a sales order number from a tx box. When the go button is pressed, it will find the order and return a chronological history of the order including all data fields. It needs to be written in ColdFusion. ## Deliverabl...

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    Hi everyone, I have a server that I had someone set up a while ago, but I have found a few problems. The main IPs should be ok - I also have two extra Ips that I have that were never set up. The person used their own nameserver (the one that is listed but doesn't actually serve the websites) and I would like to change this to something of my own. Also - there is one part that is set up inco...

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    Handy Backup Clone Loppunut left

    I need a clone of Handy Backup found at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] written in VB 6 or VB.NET. It needs to have the exact functionality and be equally or more attractive in its interface. It should have XP styling. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package using W...

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    I need an exact clone of Friendster/Tribe/ I need it to be fast and template driven and easy to be maintained. I need an admin GUI to maintain templates for all pages as well as the ability to backup, import and maintain the database and member management. In Admin GUI, I want all options and fields to be customizable for dynamic page output. It should be written in php and mysql unless ...

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    A Jukebox Program Loppunut left

    Hi, I have a mechanical jukebox that no longer works and I have converted it to play MP3s susing some freeware. I would like it redone so I can use all the features on the jukebox. The buttons on the jukebox range from 0 to 9 and two letters, A & B. There is also a reset button when a selection is entered incorrectly. There is a money slot. All the buttons on the jukebox are wired to...

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