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    I need someone trained in the field of medicine/pharmacy/epidemiology or other healthcare-related profession to write a research article in English, to be published in a peer-reviewed medical journal from North America or Europe. We only accept the quotes that start with an introduction of your profession.

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    Syreon is seeking part-time contract experts in biostatistics, epidemiology and medical writing to support our cutting-edge health sciences research programs in rare and complex diseases. A strong research interest, prior experience, university affiliation or role in a major healthcare organization are important assets. Syreon is a professional research corporation with headquarters in North America, Europe and the Middle East, integrating world experts in academia, industry and healthcare sectors across the fields of precision medicine, personalized care and population health. () Our research programs engage patients, providers, producers, payers and policy makers, using advanced adaptive decentralized research trials and large-scale outcomes studies to evaluate innovative

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    We are a cardiology group that conducts clinical trials that focuses on cardiac research. Clinical research is a component of medical and health research intended to produce knowledge valuable for understanding human disease, preventing and treating illness, and promoting health. Clinical Research embraces a continuum of studies in...integrative (translational) research; (3) clinical knowledge, detection, diagnosis and natural history of disease; (4) therapeutic interventions including development and clinical trials of drugs, biologics, devices, and instruments; (5) prevention (primary and secondary) and health promotion; (6) behavioral research; (7) health services research, including outcomes, and cost-effectiveness; (8) epidemiology; and (9) community-based and managed care-bas...

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    I need British male voice over for the below script: Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, is a rare but serious condition, that affects the lungs and the heart. It can occur for many causes , however more than 50% of patients are idiopathic! In some cases, it can be difficult to diagnose, because symptoms are similar to other diseases, such as asthma, or heart disease! PH is difficult to diagnose, as its Signs and symptoms are similar to other pulmonary diseases! It is a serious condition, and without treatment it is often progressive, with life expectancy of 2.8 years PH is a life changing rare disease, that needs a game changer treatment! As we are committed to keep patients healthy and well, and as a result of major research in the treatment of Pulmonary Ar...

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    ...high in pigmented carotenoids, such as yams, kale, spinach, watermelon, bell peppers, tomatoes, oranges, and carrots. an investigation Higher cognitive performance is associated with eating a Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, fish, and olive oil. We often overlook the importance of our diets. According to Emily Chew, MD, director of the National Eye Institute Division of Epidemiology and Clinical Applications, "We need to investigate how nutrition affects the brain and the eye." Nine elements of the Mediterranean diet were tested to see how they affected cognition by the researchers. The diet placed a strong emphasis on eating entire foods such fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, seafood, and olive oil while limiting red meat and alco...

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    We're wanting to start selling our products through alibaba but don't know where to start. we sell healthcare products (asthma spacers, respiratory filters etc.). will initially be a one off set up help but would most likely turn into a permanent need for maintenance and updating etc.

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    Copy the below pages to the WordPress site Keep the current theme's layout design and just create pages by adding the menu link on the header. The design doesn't have to be the same looking but 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Please bid with your previous projects or ignored.

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    I have a website that is collecting field data in Ghana at animal markets and other animal locations as part of a pilot for my work. People are entering data using EpiCollect5 or Google Forms. I'm able to have the data output in tables on my website or even using AwesomeTables (or similar), but I would like to have a Tableau Dashboard page that automatically displays the data collected using Tableau. I've done some very basic single charts in Tableau but to do it well is beyond my skill/time.

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    I am submitting costs by Friday 19th for funding to reduce healthcare associated carbon emissions. I have a project based on improving asthma inhaler use and disposal that could do with some patient education and information leaflets. I would like a child friendly engaging A4 leaflet with text and illustrations, potentially including some artwork designed by children. Could anyone give me a quote for this since I have no idea how much this would cost!

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    I need someone with very good knowledge in Public health who can do Epidemiology tasks and public health task

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    Deliverables: 1. Epidemiology data on the cases of dengue fever and type the hepatitis in Aruba in 2019 as compared to other Caribbean/Central American countries and as compared to the United States, specifically Indiana. 2. Epidemiology data on liver injury resulting in the United States from dengue fever or hepatitis E, , specifically in Indiana 3. Data/studies regarding the water purification and water quality of drinking water in Aruba in 2019. Required Skills: Experience researching and interpreting/applying public health statistics and writing report on such findings. Need completed by August 26

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    Me gustaría que me tradujeron dos hojas sobre una asignatura de la universidad sobre epidemiología (epidemiology - medical sciencies). En total son 5096 caracteres por espacio. Lo necesito como máximo para el miércoles 29. Muchas gracias

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    I’m looking for a professional SOP writer for environmental health Ph.D.

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    I need a lawyer Loppunut left

    ...and I work for a researcher called tagelsir who came up with a cure for asthma and registered a patent in WIPO and as you might know asthma has over 300 Million cases worldwide. The researcher aslo has 2 grants one given to her in USA and the other in saudi Arabia and she also has done clinical trials on 100+ people who have asthma and proved a great success in a record time of 14 days to eliminate asthma completely and now its been 7 years since the trials and no one regained asthma any more and its all documented. Now she wants to sell the patent for 280 million dollars to a multi billion dollar companies and we want your help with this since this is a revolutionary discovery of a cure for asthma. This a a very important and a multi bi...

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    Write me a article on the recent new therapeutic advances in the treatment of the asthma . Points to remember • There should not be any plagiarised content • There should not be any grammatical errors • It should be written in the own language • It should be written in 3000-5000 words • you can add tables /diagrams (upto 2 each )

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    I want a proposal for phd dgree in epidemiology

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    ntroduction: brief description of the selected problem, history & epidemiology. Etiology ( cause ) Predisposing/risk factors Signs, symptoms. Diagnosis Complications Prognosis Treatment and/or management diagrams Conclusion References : New England journal of Medicine Mayo Clinic Pictures and diagrams from Summarize the topic in your own words Fonts #12, Times New Roman, double spaced.

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    Choose a health problem and a community. You will assess the problem in the community using descriptive and inferential epidemiology. You will describe the community and the distribution and frequency of the health problem within the community. You will explore and review a variety of data sources to help you describe both the community and the issue within the community. You will also explore disparities, health inequities and social determinants within the community that contribute to the incidence and prevalence of the health issue within the community. You will also explore research on the heath issue and gaps in the research. Finally, you will provide recommendations for addressing the issue within the community. These recommendations can be in the form of prevention and ...

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    what is environmental health epidemiology? in breif

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    Capecia syndrome in fatal asthma rescued by VV ECMO, case report and review of literature 24 yrs old known asthma, required VV ECMO for severe fatal attack with PH 6.8, found to have bacteremia B. capecia, persistant despite appropriate antbiotics, unusal regemin of 4 antimicrobials used and more than 30 days ecmo, pt survived. Capecia syndrome is unusal in non-cystic fibrosis and associated with high mortality in ecmo

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    Use the Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis Framework to inform your critical assessment of the impact of your chosen policy on your chosen public health issue. Include in your report an overview of your chosen health or public health issue and the policy context. You are to explain, how you are intending to use the Intersectionality policy analysis framework, what area...inequalities/diversity the policy may or may not be able to improve/reduce. You are to ensure that you draw on existing literature and research to support your discussions and to evidence the points you are making throughout the report. In your report, you are to consider and comment on the impact on health outcomes, reducing health inequalities and improving diversity by applying your knowledge of social epidemio...

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    Looking for a skilled writer to help write a 2000 word research proposal on any specific bacteria of your choice. Your area(s) of investigation can be in basic...area(s) of investigation can be in basic or applied research, provided you are able to reason your choice as one that would enhance knowledge and understanding of the pathogen. You may develop a proposal to investigate virulence mechanisms, host pathogen interaction, molecular biology, or evolution of the pathogen of interest. Please avoid proposals that fall within the domains of diagnostics, epidemiology or antimicrobial resistance. Avoid plagiarism. References should be in Vancouver format. Minimum 8 references, no maximum. Looking for proposal to be written within by 1st April 2022. Am willing to negotiate to up...

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    minor project with small statistics

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    ...around the park, one map with an circle on it with the park in the center. I have examples of these as well, they do not look like John Snows map and need more dots There are two sketches: one on a water pump in a park. the pump should look like the Broadstreet pump of which there are many examples on the web and The pump needs a handle in the sketch There also needs to be a sketch of Chlorea bacteria swimming as if seen through a microscope. there are many images in the web of what a Cholera look like. the sketches should look like they were done quickly with pencil and paper then an engraving, like this style

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    I want a article related to air pollution or water pollution related to environmental epidemiology 1 week, but I want a article that I can publish

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    ...a narrative synthesis rather than a meta-analysis for effectiveness reviews; mapping themes rather than meta-ethnography or meta-aggregation for qualitative reviews. Protocol Structure Title of your rapid review 1. Background to the review – what is the issue; why is is important to paramedic practice. This might include the frequency of an event, the nature of the injury/ health issue, the epidemiology, the different approaches to dealing with a problem/ injury 2. The objective of the review and the specific review question(s) 3. The inclusion criterial for studies – this should be guided by your PICO (or variant) and the type of question you are asking e.g., an effectiveness question, an experience question. 4. Search strategy, terms used and databases/ journals s...

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    I want to create an app for a spirometer. - The app will connect to the device using Bluetooth. - Our customers are sick people who need breathing exercises, young and old. - This device can be prescribed by a doctor, or can be bought by a family to help children with breathing exercises. - Patients can be, panic attack patients, asthma, hospital, children, young and old people - App is for android and iPhone

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    EN-US SIUS HEALTH DATA INTEGRATION Article goals: 1. DEMONSTRATE IN THE ARTICLE HOW THE INTEGRATION OF HEALTH DATA IS BENEFICIAL FOR BOTH THE PATIENT AND THE HEALTH SYSTEM 2. WRITE EXAMPLES OF BENEFITS FOR THE PATIENT AND THE HEALTH SYSTEM 3. EXPLAIN AND PROVE HOW HEALTH DATA INTEGRATION WOULD IMPROVE EPIDEMIOLOGY 4. MAKE UPDATED BIBLIOGRAPHIC REFERENCES OBS: This is just a topic of a large scientific article, and it is not necessary to create a complete article structure. OBS 2: I suggest writing at least 3 sheets for this article, there is no maximum number of pages. Avoid repeating terms and avoid redundancies. I prefer the text to be smaller, more compact but with the content I want. OBS 3: There are 100 other similar articles to be written, and each one will be 10 dollars a...

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    Hello, I need to do an insta picture for my salt room. Please check fil...salt room. Please check files, it should match style. Logo is attached. Here is text that should match the picture as well. How can Salt Therapy Help with Asthma? Our salt room brings you a natural remedy to help you lower your asthma symptoms and keep you going with a deep fresh breath. Asthma is described as a hypersensitivity reaction in which the immune system triggers an inflammatory reaction which damages the airways in an attempt to protect your body from an allergen. While asthma is a chronic condition, there are ways it can be managed to improve your symptoms and quality of life. Halotherapy has brought a natural therapy for asthma to improve your symptoms and reduce the f...

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    There is some statistical information that should be collected about the EU. There are 10 pulmonary diseases (Chronic/ Acute Bronchitis, Bronchial asthma and others) We need to collect info about every disease: 1 Symptoms (already done, need to check/correct and add source) 2 treatments to prevent or treat complications of the disease (already done, need to check/correct and add source) 3 Complications (already done, need to check/correct and add source) 4 Non-drug rehabilitation (already done, need to check/correct and add source) 5 Disease management (already done, need to check/correct and add source) 6 Physical rehabilitation (need to redone) 7 Mental Rehabilitation (need to redone) Reputable sources should be used (researchgate, who, etc). Also, there is a list of additional...

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    There is some statistical information that should be collected about the EU. There are 10 pulmonary diseases (Chronic/ Acute Bronchitis, Bronchial asthma and others) And there 5 countries (Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland) We need to collect info about every disease in every country: 1. affected population 2. Direct costs (per year, Euro) 3. Indirect costs (per year, Euro) You should collect info and provide a link to the source. All work should be done online into the Google spreadsheet

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    Online project based on PHARMACY. The online exam includes biology, chemistry and pharmacy practice based on the UK. Topics are listed below Microbial infection and control Introduction to Public Health concepts & infectious diseases Pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis, rhinitis, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Introduction to the pathogenesis of arthritis and goul Pharmaceutics and drug discovery: Powder technology (flow, mixing and particle size reduction) An introduction to inhalation delivery system: Topical dosage forms including emulsions. gels. creams and ointments Spectroscopic studies relating to pharmaceutical analysis - including principles and practice or mass spectroscopy (MS), Infrared (IR), and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) Drug synthesis Phar...

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    Hi Oleksandr. I have another project for you, if you are interested. Requirements: - Use the API at to build an asthma warning tool - User authentication should be handled by Oauth2 - Users must be able to save their location (zip code) and a warning threshhold - Show user if air quality is above or below their specified threshold - Material design - No inline CSS - Clean code Technologies: - - Firebase - Google Oauth

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    Serious Academic Writer Needed for an Epidemiology essay. Criteria Samples of similar work should be provided. THE RATE IS *$0.01* PER WORD. Writer must answer some questions. Write "serious" at the ending of your proposal to show that you have read this. Please type out your bids. Any copy pasted bids will be rejected. New Freelancers with experience are welcome.

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    Good day , I need analysis for data for mata analysis paper . only freelancer with Medical degree should reply I need doctor with epidemiology and biostatistics experience to do analysis for the data I will only look to freelancer with medical degree

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    Case series: is a report on a group of subjects with a particular condition. Still descriptive in nature, with no control groups and no experiments. Groups can be small or large 1. Describe a study design of their choosing 2. Create a research question and testable hypothesis 3. Apply the chosen study design to the testable hypothesis 4. Describe the limitations of the study design Study paper sections should be as follows: 1. Abstract (200 word maximum) 2. Introduction (to research question and study design) 3. Literature review (supporting research question) 4. Method (describing how the study design would be implemented on this topic) 5. Limitations (of the study design) 6. References (at least 5 peer-reviewed references)

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    I would like to hire an expert on Epidemiology freelancer should also have good knowledge on applied laboratory, statistics for doing calculations.

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    i have a synopsis topic in mind and i want someone to give me the idea of methodology and statistics You must be a biostatistician or have grasp on epidemiology

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    The project is regarding research in the epidemiology of clostridium difficile infection, with a focus on the US and EU. I am very interested in finding out if younger adults, age <55, is getting the infection and having trouble with CDI. Also in general: - Who and which age group is most likely to get the infection - How do they get it - Is there any evidence that younger adults are getting the disease - What medication is most commonly used. please attach any sources to the document

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    Research for CDI Loppunut left

    The project is regarding research in the epidemiology of clostridium difficile infection, with a focus on the US and EU. I am very interested in finding out if younger adults, age <55, is getting the infection and having trouble with CDI. Also in general: - Who and which age group is most likely to get the infection - How do they get it - Is there any evidence that younger adults are getting the disease - What medication is most commonly used. please attach any sources to the document

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    We want a lightweight, easy-to-understand WordPress-based website to deploy and up-n-runnin...WordPress-based website to deploy and up-n-running quickly, easily. And yes, cheaply. Our target is people filling up the contact us page. The Project is to be completed within the bidding amount only. So don't underbid and then ask for higher fixed prices. We are nutritionists, providing Cellular Nutrition Therapy for long-term health disorders like diabetes, cholesterol, blood sugar, Jaundice, asthma, thyroid, joint pain, skin problems, and other such problems that require you to take medication for life long, with the help of nutritional food supplements and food habits without any medicine, We have 7 years experience(offline) of solving those problems and getting people off medic...

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    I need a small essay explaining the epidemiology and demography of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). You must use scientific and primary references (journal articles, research articles, etc.). Instructions: Times New Roman 12 Minimum: Two pages Single space Style: APA

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    This project is for Project Sponsor to obtain a world-wide exclusive license to use, modify and/or reproduce Multiple choice questions, with four options, on topics under Health-care. Under this project 90 questions on 9 different topics with 10 questions on each are to be created. The details of topics are given below. Questions must be of moderate to hard difficult level. At least 30% created. The details of topics are given below. Questions must be of moderate to hard difficult level. At least 30% questions must be numerical based having real life situations. 1. Denial Management 2. Inventory Control & Purchase Management 3. AR (Account Receivable) calling 4. Diagnostics 5. Quality Standard 6. Medical Record Science 7. Insurance Claim 8. Medical Devices 9. Basic of Ep...

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    looking for an expert to assist me in some topics in epidemiology field. more so statistical side.

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    epidemiology expert Loppunut left

    looking for an expert to assist me on epidemiology class.

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    Statistical analyst Loppunut left

    Its about a diseases GBS and its epidemiology. We want to know predictors of mechanical ventilation ICU and hospital mortality as an outcome And general characteristics sample size is 40 and we need around 3 tables 1) general characteristics 2) cross tabs with mechanical ventilation / mortality 3) maybe a multivariate regression??

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