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    Trophy icon Create BI(Mobile game Logo) Loppunut left

    ********** Thank you very much for all of your works. We are checking every logos carefully, and we expect we will select winner by end of this month. Dec, 20, The contest holder *************************************************************************************************************** <More explanation for Game(Added on Dec, 11)> 1.

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    I need a logo just for a hoodie. I would like a face representing something between a monk and a warrior/assassin like the 2 pictures that I put in attachments Thank you !

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    Trophy icon Design a book cover Loppunut left

    I need a book cover designed for a collection of 6 short stories titled "Love, Child". The theme of the short stories is different kinds of love as expressed through children, but the twist is it's part of a bigger series of stories set in another universe in its rough equivalent of our bronze age, so it's also a set of fantasy stories. Aimed at

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    Mail server configuration postfix, dovecot, ClamAV, spam Assassin on my VPS

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    The Dark Brown Dog Loppunut left

    ...short rope was dragging from his neck. Occasionally he trod upon the end of it and stumbled. He stopped opposite the child, and the two regarded each other. The dog hesitated for a moment, but presently he made some little advances with his tail. The child put out his hand and called him. In an apologetic manner the dog came close, and the two had an

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    Trophy icon Recreate An Anime Character Loppunut left

    ...looking for some new talent to redesign the base character for the up incoming new Manga/Anime [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]: an MMORPG Anime based in a world where Money means Power and Skill has its limits. Warrage travels through different servers leaving everything behind each time besides his "Memories". It will take place in a vast anime style online...

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    I'm looking for someone to do a background story for said character in title. He is an assassin and if possible I would like the story to be kept to Miqo'te lore as possible.

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    Trophy icon Gamertag Logos Loppunut left

    I am in need of a logo for each of my team's gamertags. Something that is distinguishable that when people see it they will automatically know which gamer is about to show up. 4 Gamertags that need logos: x Arsassin x (This one needs to have an arson/assassin some kind of fire/flame look added to the assassin/ninja look) NovaRonin5 (Samurai

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    This hero from the game DotA 2

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    ...clan members of a smaller Clan in germany the AllIn Clan. We find it funny to make a little joke out of our name. So im actually searching for a Team Logo with an Icon in the middle best would be some Mexican Assassin like with a Poncho and a puece of cloth in front of his mouthaiming with his gun onto the people who are looking at the icon if you understand

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    Trophy icon Assassin book cover Loppunut left On the back, I need a background that matches similar to the background of the front and will also have the description of the novel: "Sicarius is the name given to the assassin feared by many. Known throughout many kingdoms to be one of the most skilled in the art of murder, she has caused the rise and fall of even kings. This same sicarius, however

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    Trophy icon New Book Cover Loppunut left

    ...a gauntlet of corporate felon, hired thugs, and a professional assassin. Ultimately, they come face-to-face with a rogue CIA operative, the truth about the tragic death of Richard’s wife, and an insurance company with a deadly healthcare funding plan of its own. The term MULTIPLES for this book refers to the stock price as a ratio to the company's

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    Hi! I want a simple but functional game system to manage the school game "Assassin", it needs to be in php, mysql, html, css(optional). The system needs an admin panel and front panel for players. The graphic design does not has to be big, just simple so I can edit easily by myself. When a player gets killed it will be put to ”Dead” and will see

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    Hi! I want a simple but functional game system of the school game "Assassin". The system needs an admin panel and front panel for players. The graphic design does not has to be big, just simple so I can edit easily by myself. When a player gets killed it will be put to ”Dead” and will see a message that their out of the game when they try to log

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    Hi! I want a simple but functional game system of the school game "Assassin". The system must include an admin panel where I log in using a simple 4 digit pin, I can add players and fill in the information: e-mail, full name, classname, year and enter a 10 digit number that will be the players login code. I must be able to start, pause and end the game

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    I have dedicated server with CentOS and all my SPAM emails are going to Inbox. I need Spam assassin and configure. I already installed Spam assassin but need to configure on my server. The budget is 15$. This are few commands for Network expert. 30minutes work. FREELANCER JUST FROM EUROPE! --Type -> DEDIC--- otherwise your bid is removed

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    Trophy icon Logo Creation for Branding Loppunut left

    I need a duck logo designed. Needs to be very clean, attractive, and can be formatted for branding. E.g. Hats, shirts, etc. FOR EXAMPLE: Google ducks unlimited, east coast waterfowl, and southern marsh assassin.

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    Looking for a writer who is either experienced in or interested in Fetish genre specifically Smother. Combined with Femme Fatale, this is to be the detailing of a Government Female Assassin whom specializes in silent kills using no weapons, only her body. No sex is involved whatsoever however the way she kills is akin to Wrestling style holds so also

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    We need a humanoid enemy modeled, rigged for animation, and UV mapped for use in Quixel Suite. This enemy will play the role of a modern-day assassin. Preferably wearing a hoodie and jeans, his face will remain pitch black with white glowing eyes. Here's a brief back story; You play Joshua Santora, a small town church-goer who’s a Forensic Investigator

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    Trophy icon FLYER FOR AN EVENT Loppunut left


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    44 työtä bring across that is not default and can not find a plug-in that will work. The existing functionality is being used on a product here (for example): [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] It lets me set up a product with a minimum price to accept offers (this is hidden on the front end from shoppers), shoppers

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    i ...som examples of what i already have. Also attached is my logo to use as well. I am after i really dark scary sort of a design and taking into consideration my companys name 'assassin sports' so it has to do with the name, but also has to be tastefull and not offensive. thanks. Also attached is some other examples so you can see what i am after.

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    webhosting sales Loppunut left

    We are looking for re-sellers for our web hosting service : charges are per year based. any sale brings about 5$ commission on the spot What do you get? Host 1 Website Unlimited Disk Space Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Databases Unlimited FTP Accounts Unlimited Emails 99.98% Uptime Additional Information and Server Config (Advanced): Intel(R)

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    ...Natalie Portman with braided hair. Wearing steel plate armour with a blue shield with a silver dragon's head on it. A royal blue cape. Lyra (Female), the teifling rouge assassin. 6"0' tall and 26 years old. She has curled horns like a ram, dark red skin and black long hair. Purple eyes. Wears leather and a cape, and carries a bow and a long sword

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    We are searching artists for creating a website that will be selling fantasy characters (like Elf Fighters, Dwarf Clerics, Halfling Thiefs). To find the right style, this first assignment is to draw an Elf Assassin (High Elf race), dressed in black. The front half of his long, white hair is painted black. Using a short bow, he is aiming an arrow.

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    Need 14 illustrations of various characters for a card game. The style of the characters will be Arabian fantasy (or similar). The characters are: an Arabian princess, Arabian prince, merchant, old wise man, sorcerer, troll, archer, hunter, sailor, renegade, magician, assassin, and an Arabian warrior.

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    You decide to quit your very boring white collar job and spice your life up a little bit, by hiring an assassin from the deep web... on yourself. The outcome is up to the writer, wether you kill the assasin or some other unforeseen ending that I can't think of, either way you have free reigns. Please try to make it as realistic as possible This is

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    Looking to hire a creative writer who specializes in physical detailing of characters from an anatomical point of view. This character is to be based on the Jason Bourne character but a female version. Using the same Government Conspiracy angle. These stories will be short novella type and each one will detail one of her 'missions'. Written in a

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    Trophy icon I need a character designed Loppunut left

    ...go with it. So I'm putting up this contest to finish the concept that I started. You will create the character and the motorcycle for this contest. The theme is sci-fi western. The character is a bounty hunter/assassin who rides a space motorcycle (UPDATE: the motorcycle must be a hoverbike that looks like it can fly in space and in the planet's atmosphere)

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    Need to illustrate 14 unique characters for the card game, "The Sands of Aqrabar". The characters are Arabian. The artist must illustrate an assassin, a warrior, a brawler, a renegade, a magician, a princess, a prince, an archer, a sailor, a merchant, a hunter, a wiseman, a troll and a sorcerer.

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    Project for tcjn Loppunut left

    ...years ago you built a mail server for me. All is going great, and I'm at the point where an upgrade may be of benefit, and a few other tasks. Here's what I have: - Debian 7.1 (from cat /debian/version) - PHP 5.4 - SpamAssassin 3.3.2 Here are the tasks I'm looking to get done: - upgrade Debian, apache, php, spam assassin to latest stable - set server

    €26 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    1 tarjoukset

    Final Selection. Our goal is to get a prototype of each weight class. RJ and STealth Assassin are done, we can buy those individually if the winner doesnt have those included. Our focus for the final selection is: Tetrapod: Thsi is an energy mech so lots of lights, very shiny. Tank: Thick, heavy armored plates. shiny mixed with dull scratched plates

    €165 (Avg Bid)
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    Fix a site -- 3 Loppunut left

    ...promised to complete it in 14 days. Due to previous experience, any time commitments presented will be strictly adhered to, if the project takes even 1 day longer 0$ will be paid for the work, TOTAL COMPENSATION WILL BE COMPENSATION WILL BE FORFEIT , if instructions need to be repeated or are not followed, COMPENSATION WILL BE COMPENSATION WILL BE FORFEIT

    €131 (Avg Bid)
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    7 tarjoukset

    ...use Ak47, M16, car, armored car,sniper rifle, torpedo tube Enimies type: Tank, Jet-Flyer, Helicopter, soldiers It has 10 levels. For example, Summary Story "Sergeant Jacob Bruce, is a US army sniper assassin. Back in his war days he was sniper shooter leader of an anti-terror assassination force; unfortunately he witnessed some potentially destructive

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    A elf assassin

    €38 (Avg Bid)
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    25 tarjoukset

    Hi dragucristian, I LOVE your sniper and assassin drawings and was wondering if you'd like to enter my contest (The Night Slayers), I love your drawings and your technique and would love to have something drawn by you on my wall! I know 25€ is not much, but I must ask you to consider! Thank you very much for your attention and keep up the good work

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    Fix a site -- 2 Loppunut left

    ...consuming if you work properly on it. If you bid more, I will not consider you. ***I require someone to fix an existing site's UX, add event tracking, create a small tutorial for new visitors, add some new graphics, fix the look and feel and add a couple new functions to it**** My previous designer was a disaster, he took 10 months to deliver an incomplete

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    Looking for Sniper Assassin 3d type game to be built with c# source code and documentation. - for iOS/Android - Ad integration - in app purchasing for gold and diamonds and special weapons - easy to add new cities/levels and missions - easily add new weapons - XP/Leveling system - Weapons may be purchase with in app and/or Gold and/or diamonds

    €484 (Avg Bid)
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    ...takes random steps to understand and learn of his own powers and to create a way to defeat the dreaded Virus. His winning Jackpot world unfolds into a kidnapping, rape and assassin murders, a heist, a triple wedding and an orgy of racy fun and primo drugs that spans the globe. The trilogy traces the wild antics of Rollo and his entourage; Jerry Blitzer

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    ASSASSIN FEMALE REALISTIC 3-D MODEL + RIGGED Project 3D Model Description: Realistic Attractive Female Assassin, Needed similar, will be used for action sequences shot for our cgi trailer. The 3D Model would need to be fully rigged, augmented reality, and is capable moving running, face animation etc. What The Model Will Be Used For: Real

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    I need some assistance with a Server config that is running on CentOS 6.8 with postfix, spam-assassin, AmaVis-New, etc. All is working fine but I have other projects so I cant study very much deeper, therefore I look for someone that can assist in some finetuning. Basically the issue is simple. I need someone that look over the AmaVis-New config

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    Get a Design Loppunut left

    Looking for help with a comic book art piece featuring the characters Scud and Drywall from the comic Scud: The Disposable Assassin. Hoping to collaborate on a design (I have a few in mind), and really need help with coloring to make it look realistic. Need this completed within 2 weeks.

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    Fix a site Loppunut left

    ...consuming if you work properly on it. If you bid more, I will not consider you. ***I require someone to fix an existing site's UX, add event tracking, create a small tutorial for new visitors, add some new graphics, fix the look and feel and add a couple new functions to it**** My previous designer was a disaster, he took 10 months to deliver an incomplete

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    ...running a Kickstarter project that is looking to be successful. This means that the editor will be starting her work and my focus turns to finding an excellent cover designer for the series. The design will be semi-realistic with heavy fantasy tones and the illustrator must be adept at capturing these themes. The basic concept is that the front

    €734 (Avg Bid)
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    ...the list and upload my email. You will manage the technical aspects of the server for 30 days. My list has been scrubbed against a suppression list and validated at the mailbox level. The content is financial. The email copy will be tested against Spam Assassin before use. I will verify the server settings with [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] before sending

    €134 (Avg Bid)
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    Write a Book Loppunut left

    I am writing fictional book on assassin. Need help on the same.

    €797 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Design a Logo For my Youtube Channel! Loppunut left

    Looking for someone with skills in logo design, photoshop, etc. to make me a basic Youtube Channel Logo. My Youtube Channel is [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and the point of the channel is all about encounters on my motorcycle. I've included pictures that I would like incorporated in someway with my logo. Some of the pointsI want incorporated

    €18 (Avg Bid)
    8 työtä

    Need some illustrations for a game/board game project. The client like realistic/assassin creed style design ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n])

    €143 (Avg Bid)
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    47 tarjoukset

    We're looking for somebody who could tighten our anti-spam filter to reduce spam, as well as, implement an autoresponder for given email accounts. We're running a combination of Debian, Spam Assassin and Postfix.

    €27 (Avg Bid)
    €27 Keskimäär. tarjous
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