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    Need a website with the following features: -> Converts Text to PDF -> Has Google Ads Integration -> Is Responsive and works on any device

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    youtube to mp3 mp4 converter 5 päivää left

    I want to have a YouTube to MP3 MP4 converter feature in WordPress

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    ...reports. Maintain detailed competitor analysis spreadsheets to assess ways to enhance performance of potential projects. Experience Minimum Bachelor's degree in GIS, Geography, Cartography, Planning, Engineering, Computer Science, Finance, Accounting, Real Estate, Urban Planning, Business Administration or related field or equivalent previous work experience. Demonstrated proficiency with ESRI's ArcGIS Desktop software suite PC Proficient, extensive experience with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Teams, Planner, Projects, etc.). Prior experience in commercial land acquisitions and real estate development analysis is preferred. ...

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    28 tarjoukset be completed in C only. ** I am in search of a programmer to create two programs in C. The first program will convert JPG files to Base64 format. The second program will convert Base64 back to JPG format. The first program should take an input file (JPG) and output a txt file (Base64). This TXT file should be able to display the the JPG when its content is pasted into the Base64 to JPEG converter online: The second program will import the Base64 code (as a text file) and convert/write it back to a JPG file. This JPG file should not be corrupt and should be restored back to its original condition and viewable with a JPG viewer. Both programs need to be finished in C and you are to supply me with two programs (including source code); the

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    Olá, tenho um conteúdo que quero converter em um design de apresentação profissional.

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    Build me a channel on Tic Tok 23 tuntia left

    I developed truespel phonetics, an English based pronunciation guide that uses phonics rather than special symbols. The web site is It has tutorials and a converter and reports that I've done on phoneme frequency unique to the world. I'd like to promote truespel on tik tok for US English pronunciation guidance and for young US reading learners to sound out words. Possibly duplicate on YouTube. See to learn truespel in minutes.

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    AC Input Filter Design 12 tuntia left

    I’m looking forward to design a robust AC input filter for HiLink AC DC converter in which an AVR project is running. And I would like to add some prime features like inrush current protection, AC line transients / spike protection as well as inductive load back EMF protection which may sometimes reset the microcontroller. Please note we have only phase and neutral, so earth connection for the filter circuit. Please find the attached file of the proposed project.

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    need someone who knows how to organize and download and create a music library. The majority of the links for reference will be from Apple Music, so you will need to have an understanding on how to use Apple Music. You will also need to know how to use YouTube and mp3 converter. All files need to be in Mp3 and you will also need to transfer them all via FTP for the client. I have attached the document with the music needed. Please do not send me a generic message that you send to everyone. Please look at the project, and the document and then make a proposal.

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    I need someone who knows how to organize and download and create a music library. The majority of the links for reference will be from Apple Music, so you will need to have an understanding on how to use Apple Music. You will also need to know how to use YouTube and mp3 converter. All files need to be in Mp3 and you will also need to transfer them all via FTP for the client. I have attached the document with the music needed. Please do not send me a generic message that you send to everyone. Please look at the project, and the document and then make a proposal.

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    create a scene on experience arcgis

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    create a scene on experience arcgis

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    Flask website to convert image works fine on local server. Live on pythonanywhere the fetch JS function response returns the page html instead of names it should return. The function need to work for all image file types without error.

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    Argics STORY MAP Loppunut left

    CREATE MAP OF DISASTER TYPE LOCATIONS 3. Bring your dataset into ArcGIS Online and display the ‘Disaster_Type.’ Save your disaster type location map. Give it a descriptive title (don’t just call it Final Project). Use different colours to represent different disaster types. CREATE MAPS WITH ANALYSES 4. Working off the first map you created, display the ‘Disaster_Type’ data in such a way that only one specific disaster is visible, such as ‘fire.’ You can do this by either arranging the different disaster types in ‘Change Type’ (see image below) or you can perform a query to identify data points pertaining to a specific situation. Cluster the data using the ‘Cluster Points’ option to determine where more resources ...

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    I need the design for converter / dimmer that can be used with a typical DALI LED drivers. It needs to provide the following functions: 1. Conversion of 0-10v dimming signal to DALI dimming commands to go to the DALI LED driver 2. Dimming of the LED light through the DALI LED driver using a rotary switch (or potentiometer) to provide 90,80,70 ... 10% dim levels. 3. Bypassing of the unit and changing it to a simple conductor using a switch. It can be part of the switch used for dimming. You'll provide the schematic design, firmware for the microcontroller, parts list. You'll need to provide verifiable relevant work history and references to be considered. Thanks

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    I need help with a project. It's about analytical modelling and simulation of the multi-level dc-dc buck converter 42V/14V, i attached a reference figure which I trying to follow to get get a steady state output.

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    ------ I HAVE UPDATED PROJECT DESCRIPTION ----- I will be making a step into the boosting scene with a twist, I like the design of certain websites such as and - I'm having difficulty finding what I need exactly with basic website builders so looking for some help ...Placements page - Unlock Competitive - FAQ - Terms Page - Contact us form - Become a booster form - Thank you page - chatbox Checkout function Store Order history and customer emails into a database for retargeting Optional - Client is able to log in and see history of orders Client is able to maintain a cash balance on the website Client is able to receive cashback on all purchases Currency converter - Dollar euro Contact me with your quote if you are outside my budget.

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    1)Need resources asap Must Have : .NET core, C#, Entity framework, WPF with MVVM pattern, SQL Server, aware about XML & JSON based operations Good to Have : Azure Devops, ArcGIS Experience 5+ Years (2) Must Have : ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net, C#, ASP.Net Core (3.0+), MS Azure, Javascript, JQuery, Web Services, WebAPI, SQL Database, Jira, Enterprise level large application development experience Good to Have : React, Healthcare domain experience/knowledge Experience 3+ Years

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    Please provide a SMILUNK model for a Full bridge LLC converter with closed loop control

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    Hi, i need a simple qr to text website converter. 1. 1 input place (where text is entered). 2. Convert button 3. Output (Qr code)

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    ArcGIS project Loppunut left

    I almost done my map in ArcGIS pro. I am looking for someone who can help me modify my map with the ArcGIS pro account as well. My project is to make a map for pet owners in Hong Kong. I have already added different layers, for example, the locations of animals clinics and hospitals, locations of animal-friendly restaurants location of animal-friendly fairs/events, locations of animal-friendly shopping malls, the current temperature etc. Some modifications I would like to have is to make the map be more interactive (for example, add the functions for users to add their comments or photos of the places). Moreover, I would like to have a function that users can have ‘star’ function to record the places they wanna go. Feel free to give me your creative ideas on t...

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    i have GIS based map made in Arcgis need someone to make Spaghetti Model and Topological Wrap Model of it . Data is inside the map

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    I want a practical design (NOT THEORETICAL) of a boost DC-DC converter that accepts an input range of 40V to 70V and outputs a voltage range of 200V to 250V. If you have something similar or close to this, you are welcome to suggest. I know how to design and simulate this. In fact, I have done all the calculations and the simulations, but I am having challenges with building the physical circuit. I have also done the design for the inductor and I have already build the physical inductor. Whoever bids on this should have built a high-voltage boost DC-DC converter before. I am open to suggestions of a different topology that is guaranteed to work. Please do not bid if you have not built the physical (practical) circuit of this before. Knowing the theory alone is not enough. Wha...

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    Design, simulation, analytical study and discussion of a converter/application.

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    i need content for these webapges

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    I need assistance to export 18 Feature Layers to KML files using ArcGIS Pro to assist with a research project. Process in ArcGIS Pro: 1. Make Map > New map 2. Add Data > Data from Path > Paste URL > "Add" 3. Right Click Content > Export Features 4. Tools > GeoPro > Search "Layer to KML" > Select Layer > Select Output File and Drive > Save 5. Email exported files to me

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    I want to present something about West Virginia and I am open to anything.

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    Diseñar una red de fibra óptica de acuerdo con los estándares que necesita la entidad Arcotel. El programa que se debe usar es el ArcGis.

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    Need a simple software (desktop or php code to host in website). Need basic xlsx to csv converter with basic functionalities. Example final template has attached here.

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    I would like a python notebook that creates subgrids based on size and orientation of a known polygon feature grid system. Polygon lines need to match up. I can provide the shapefile for the known polygon feature. There will be 3 user inputs. 1. Polygon feature the template extent will be base on. 2. Sub-grids width. 3. Sub-grids height.

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    The project idea is of Audio speech to sign language converter using Avatar for the deaf i.e. the motion for the audio input would be displayed by the dataset we want to include is English and Hinglish.

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    We beed a system that converts audio and text to Sign language using a system takes simple sentences as input and generates ISL which may then be converted into the Hamburg Notation System (HamNoSys). The HamNoSys representation will provide signing instructions to the sign synthesis module, to generate an animated representation of ISL to the user.

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    We need Excel to Tally converter with the fastest method. We have a PHP developer to build the web frontend

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    Our developers have built an interactive estate sales map that draws data from hubspot and displays it on a archgis map. We need someone to assist in developing additional functionality where people can click on a property and choose from a few plot and plan options which listed in hubspot Hubdb. The cost of the stand must must then add to the price of the chosen plan and give the total cost plan and give a total cost. We also need a google gps location link on every popup. We also need assistance with adding an additional layer for second floors and linking them to hubspot data and then finally adding small parts of graphic layers on our maps for undeveloped land PLEASE NOTE: Quote your final price no placeholder bids as we do not have time to negotiate. We have already done the bulk ...

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    Hello developers. I need help develop pv solar system designer using Arcgis. Will discuss more details in chat. Thanks.

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    Eu tenho um projeto Web MVC escrito em C# e composto por 87 controllers. Este projeto está escrito no SDK .NET Framework 4.7.2. Eu preciso migrar este projeto para .NET Core 3.1 (ou .NET Core 6). Ao final da migração, o projeto precisa estar completamente funcional. Sou um dos desenvolvedores do projeto e estarei disponível para tirar qualquer dúvida que apareça. Gostaria de orçamentos de prazo e preço para executar esta tarefa.

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    Looking for a Power supply designer for an amplifier. An AC-DC converter with two power outputs ___100v DC | AC ---| 230V |___20v DC People with some experience on Power supply is preferred.

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    Estamos à procura de um redator de conteúdo de longo prazo para realizar o seguinte: - Criar conteúdo para rebranding do site antigo para o novo site - Trabalhar com o departamento de branding para criar conteúdo de mídia social - Trabalhar com o departamento de pesquisa para editar e revisar e adaptar o conteúdo às diretrizes da marca da empresa - Trabalhe com o departamento de pesquisa para converter relatórios de pesquisa de mercado em estudos de caso Observe que você assinará um contrato juridicamente vinculativo em seu país de residência

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    i Need to SEO friendly content writer for web tool keyword : Capital To Small Letter Converter Online, capital to small converter, small letter to capital letter, capital font generator, change upper to lower case, lower to uppercase converter, Small Letter To Capital Letter Online, small to capital letters converter, Small To Capital Letters Online, Upper Case To Lower Case Online, uppercase to lowercase generator webtool: =>

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    Ola precisamos copiar ou reescrever este erp + crm existente em node.js com todas as funcionalidades, temos acesso as admin, ele esta hoje em Segue meu site Precisamos de uma equipe de 2 no minimo , entrega em no máximo, 3 meses , o sistema já existe, e uma reestruturação do atual ,perdemos os fontes mas temos acesso total as funcionalidades, ele é em devido a segurança de encriptografia do banco de dados e configuracão. Queremos reescreve lo em Node.js. E um sistema de Saas erp +crm. Algumas funcoes dentro do ERP , já vem pronta de outras empresas via APi, tipo , Toda a parte fiscal de Nf(e), Integracoes com integradores de MarketPlaces. Devera ter APi Pronta e ja existe um hub de integrações com: W...

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    i Already have shape file of Karachi with district level boundaries and pop data need to have ( LAND COVER ) LLUC map in vector ..need to use landsat 8 and then the classification to be done to have the LLUC

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    User Guide Loppunut left

    I need someone to help me make a User Guide for the ArcGIS interactive map, I pretty much just need a document explaining what it is and how you use it. I can send more information for a quote

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    by using MATLAB design of parial shading with MPPT Perturb and Observe (P&O) and boost converter with detail report

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    I need a javascript code for temperature conerter and i need the code in 1 hr

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    The project is to simulate a single-phase battery charger system in Simulink/PSCAD. Two cascaded converters are used, AC/DC and DC/DC. The battery charges when the SoC is lower than 90%. The AC voltage is 240 V. The battery nominal voltage is 200 V. The controllers should be designed and the converter models are detailed.

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    We need to work on our SEO and CEM for our new website. We are developers that are looking to increase our direct sales through our website. We also want to direct traffic from our social media and our soon to open YouTube channel to our website. The idea is for the website to be our main lead converter. You can find uploaded our up to date website statistics and data. We need to position the website in The United States and Latin America. The website's name is

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    Message me directly if you are an expert in Photovoltaic cells and different kinds of converters. Need strong theory and problem solving skills.

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    hello i need good devlopper to creat for me website like : including all the feature inside ( pdf to doc pdf to txt pdf to html ...... ]

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    I upgraded my ArcGIS Pro to 3.0 and I installed the necessary Microsoft software according to the websites below. I still can't join to Excel or use Excel to add xy data. I need some help to get this workflow working again. Thanks!

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    Work on ArcGIS -- 2 Loppunut left

    I need you to perform Morphometric and Hypsometric analysis of a particular area. Please bid only if you have the knowledge of ArcGIS software and can perform the analysis in a short period of time.

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