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    Deploy Angular universal app in Goggle App Engine

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    Tietojen siirto yhdestä domainhotellista toiseen. Sisältää useamman domainin, verkkosivun ja sähköpostin sisältöineen joiden välillä on myös keskinäisiä siirtoja. I need to move my domains and emails from one hosting provider to another one.

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    Hi, I'm looking for a finnish HR recruiting professional to do job application instructions for young workers. More detailed instructions in Finnish bellow. Eli haluaisin luoda nuorille työnhaku tietopankin. Tämä ensimmäinen projekti olisi ohjeet asiakaspalvelu aloihin hakemiseen. Ohjeet yleisimpiin haastattelu ja hakemus kysymyksiin vastaamiseen ja malli vastaukset. Etsin henkilöä jonka kanssa voisin toteuttaa monta samanlaista projektia!

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    Startup-yrityksemme etsii mobiilikehitystyötä. Sinulla on halutessasi mahdollisuus päästä myös osakkaaksi. Kansainvälistymissuunnitelmamme ovat ripeydestään ja laajuudestaan huolimatta useamman ulkopuolisen tahon mielestä uskottavia. Meillä on hyvät perusteet uskoa yrityksemme liikevaihdon nousevan nopeasti seitsennumeroiseksi. Kehityksen on tarkoitus tapahtua HTML5-pohjalta, minkä jälkeen sovellus portataan eri alustoille. Ensimmäisen version tultua valmiiksi meillä on runsaasti jatkokehitystä valmiiksi määriteltynä. Arvostamme osaamista, mielenkiintoa ja kokemusta sekä iOS:stä että Androidista sekä palvelinkehityksestä. Toimivien käyttöliittymä...

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    PSD file should be encoded in HTML5 as a page, where the game area is a canvas area and the game has three different colored coins that come down along a predetermined path. The database is a MySQL database, which is pre-coded. Player makes bitcoin transfer us, and the transfer is calculated to 20-digit bin...and mainsite should be encoded bit in the same style as has been done site. This would be good to manage HTML5, Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit, jQuery, Windows animateframe, maybe socket open. Mysql database is complete, 20-digit binary number and the database is ready, but the game on the site is not yet as a PSD file. The coin must looking good when it comes down to. The coin must move a the same way as site and the end of the multiplier must be the final effect.

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    I want to understand the working of mobile application. So, I can clear interview. If you can explain some mobile app like Meal Planner, Finance app etc that wil be great. You have these app also so that I can check the working while discussing the project. I have only Rs 1000 for this project. Mention this Top of your proposal that you are OK with the budget and we can schedule a meeting in coming week.

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    Real-time Application for Monitoring with Periodic Tasks Execute the application on VxWorks (on the vxsim0 virtual target) and study its behavior using SystemViewer. BE CAREFUL THAT THE MAIN PART OF THIS PROJECT IS TO MONITOR AND CHECK THE SYSTEM BEHAVIOR SO IF YOU HAVE THE VXWORK (WORKBENCH) SOFTWARE THAT HAS A LICENSE, PLACE A BID. OTHERWISE YOU CAN NOT SEE THE SYSTEM VIEWER PART IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE VXWORK WITH LICENSE. Programming Language: C Target Platform: Windows Main Purpose: Monitoring the behavior of system viewer Skills/Experience Needed: C Programming - Strong knowledge of C programming language - Experience in developing real-time applications with periodic tasks - Familiarity with the Windows operating system - Understanding of monitoring systems and th...

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to create an online Android application for my shopping store. The application should have the following features: - Product search - Filtering by category - Shopping cart In terms of design, I prefer a colorful and vibrant style that reflects my brand. The application will be targeting a large, national and international customer base. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Android development - UI/UX design - E-commerce experience - Strong knowledge of shopping cart functionality - Familiarity with payment gateway integration

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to build an e-commerce android application and website. The application and website will be used primarily from local businesses to promote discounted products online, and from potential buyers. I am looking for a custom solution that is tailored to my specific needs. The ideal candidate should have experience in building custom e-commerce platforms and integrating PayPal and not only, payment gateway. The website and application should have an easy-to-use interface, be mobile responsive, and have features such as inventory management, order tracking, and customer support. The project should be completed within a reasonable timeframe and within budget.

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    ...service when needed through only two steps, the first is specifying his location and the second is entering his phone number Then this information is sent to the nearest teams on the road that receive this information through a special application on the phones of these teams that enables them to receive this information (the location and the customer’s phone number).This idea is similar to an application such as Uber or Carriage, but the difference is that we want the request to be through a website and there is no need for customers to download an application important note: If you are interested in this project, you should read the details and send the word “I understand the project” and you can ask questions directly without the need to waste ...

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    Cook Road move 6 päivää left

    I have a move from my current home that is a medium size (2-3 bedrooms) and the total distance of the move is 300 metres. I do not need any packing and unpacking services. So I am looking for a reliable and experienced professional to help me with this move. I want someone who has the right equipment and vehicles to ensure my belongings are moved safely and securely. I understand the importance of having a stress-free move and so expect the highest standard of service and care when completing this job. I’m looking for someone who is able to get work done quickly and efficiently, all whilst doing it with the highest level of safety and security. I would appreciate a reasonable price that matches the quality of service.

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    Hello, I require a ML and NLP researcher to write a 6 to 8 page, double sided article on auditing LLMs and GenAI based applications. I have about 2 to 3 papers and articles discussing the same topic, I would need to write a similar article with references.

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    basic app with good ui. it has to enable automobile dealers and their team to calculate their margin while the deal is live. sales executive will have to enter the final deal in the app while the deal is live. our app shall calculate all margins in it and display live deal to gm/owner. once they are ok with the deal and profit on that particular deal, they might approve it. it clearly helps dealer to track every live deal and ensure proper pricing.

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    I need someone who is proficient in Esri. 1. Fix navigation- this is the navigation of the current location to the nearby evacuation centers. 2. Fix location- this feature should show the current location of the device. 3. Add profile tab/page. 4. Add all the dependents list (current only display and can edit 1)

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    Fix my video summary site -- 2 6 päivää left

    ...Droplet from your snapshot - Move DNS from your original Droplet to the new Droplet - Destroy your original Droplet Süleyman coder chatgpt AI freelancer, [2023-05-23 2:42 PM] if you are planning to use this site Süleyman coder chatgpt AI freelancer, [2023-05-23 2:42 PM] I advice that we do another solution Süleyman coder chatgpt AI freelancer, [2023-05-23 2:42 PM] because this way the more traffic you get the quicker you get blocked Süleyman coder chatgpt AI freelancer, [2023-05-23 2:41 PM] Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change the Droplet IP address however this is a workaround. To receive a new IP address, take the following steps: - Create a snapshot image of your Droplet from the control panel - Create a new Droplet from your snapshot ...

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    Trophy icon Office renovation 14 päivää left

    "Please find the attached existing sketch of our office. We would like to utilize Room 1, Room 2, the reception area, the lobby, the Main CEO office, the CFO office, and the maintenance room for this ...while ensuring the privacy of the CEO and CFO by placing their chambers towards the back. Additionally, we would like the receptionist desk to be located outside of the executives' offices, and we envision glass chambers on both sides for the rest of the staff members. Please note that the measurements provided in the sketch are not accurate, but we can provide them if needed. We also intend to move the front door to create a central entry point and enhance the exterior appearance of the office. CEO office need to have on left to have outside view. like to have meeting ro...

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    I have some code that does this in our web app: 1. Here is one of our existing animation templates: Advanced double digit subtraction (36 - 17) using "2" and "16" and "19" 2. Use Chat GPT to type in something like this: "Use ___ animation tool to create an animation that shows me how to do double digit subtraction. Use the numbers 21 and 17 for this." 3. And then I get some text I can copy/paste into our animation tool. Or better yet - it just opens the tool and shows me the animation. I want chatGPT to do this task, the code logic is already there but I need to integrate chatGPT in our web app for this task (and maybe more in the future) After I press 'send' on that, I wish Grape Assignments would open in a tab and I would see the anim...

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    I am looking for a developer who can help me create a chit chat story using entities and slots in Rasa ML Application for social interaction purposes. Although I have an idea of what entities and slots are needed, I need help with creating them. The chit chat story should be a simple conversation and easy to follow. The ideal candidate should have experience with Rasa ML Application, natural language processing, and chatbot development. They should also be familiar with entity and slot creation and have a good understanding of social interaction use cases. Good Knowledge on Rasa application is mandatory

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    hey, I'm looking for a C# programmer who can convert my figma design into an object-oriented programming language. However, not only the design should be taken over, but also the logic behind the code should be written. The project involves bots that currently run as a Chrome extension. I would now like to have this written as local software. The software has to work with my Laravel backend, which is also a licensing system. Here it should be noted that the software gets a login via Discord OAuth, the licenses are queried etc. The bots should be fully integrated here. In addition, some web knowledge is required, especially in dealing with web sockets, cookies and APIs. GraphQL and a Laravel JSON API are available, which must be used.

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    Flutter Application UI Design 6 päivää left

    I am looking for a designer to create a beautiful and intuitive UI design for a food delivery application. The target audience for this app is everyone, so the design should be easy to use and appealing to a wide range of users. The client has a specific color scheme in mind, so the ideal designer should have experience creating designs with specific color schemes. As this is a food delivery app, the designer should have experience creating UI designs for similar applications. Additionally, experience with Flutter would be preferred. Overall, we are looking for a talented and experienced designer who can create a visually stunning and easy-to-use UI for our food delivery application.

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    I'm looking to build a routing application which builds multiple optimised routes for delivery based on certain criterias. The input and output should will be in a certain way to ensure this rutting system integrates into existing systems. Multiple pickup locations and multiple drop off locations and a mobile app to track and trace.

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    I would like free or cheap software or a website that lets me do the following: 1. I upload a set of jpegs. 2. I can move them around on my screen. 3. I can make a row of them where they are side by size (or I tell it the space between them) and it makes all of them the same height so it makes a perfect rectangle going across. 4. I do (3) multiple times to create perfect rows of the same length (but each row can have a different height than the other rows.) 5. I download a jpeg of the image (or I use Print Screen.) If you know of such software, list them and just say the price and how you do the above for each. I want ONLY the above to keep it simple. The more it does besides the above, the worst it is. You would have to go through steps to tell it what you want instead of it ju...

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    I am looking for a freelancer programmer with experience in customizing and adding functionality to Sendy, an email newsletter application. Specifically, I am interested in adding list hygiene for autoresponder campaigns. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Experience with Sendy - Strong understanding of email marketing best practices - Experience with list hygiene and segmentation - Ability to customize and add functionality to Sendy (PHP) The list hygiene process should run daily and inactive subscribers should be identified and removed based on open rates. If you have experience with Sendy and are confident in your ability to add this custom functionality, please reach out to me.

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    I have connected cash drawer with thermal printer and tried to open the drawer and still it not working, I need someone experienced in this for reviewing my code I need developer who can make it successful. The Code already done need verify and modify, Project can be finished after review.

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    Trophy icon convert web PHP to Android and iOS 6 päivää left

    I am looking for a freelancer to convert my web PHP () to Android and iOS apps. I have already cr...present on the website. The conditions : 1- Light and fast. 2- support the push notifications to the user (the site does this automatically), but the application must support push notifications with OneSignal 3- The user is transferred into the application while opening notifications or opening the site from any browser 4- When any article is shared from within the site to Twitter, WhatsApp, or Facebook, the transition to the external application is opened, not within the application. 5- The user is kept registered within the application 6- The ability to move backwards while browsing Note: We do not require any additional features, but the appl...

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    We have a mature application which uses Network storage. Our central IT support have unilaterally moved our network files to SharePoint, and we need a few key modules written in (2019 or any earlier version). No third party libraries - but any MS .dll is fine. 1. Connect to a SharePoint web folder. 2. Copy a Sharepoint file to a local drive. 3. Copy a local drive file to the Sharepoint Folder. 4. Close the connection and clean up.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a readymade mobile application and website for online coaching and courses. The platform will mainly focus on academic coaching. I have a general idea of the features I need, but I am open to suggestions. The ideal candidate would have experience in creating a Learning Management System (LMS). The mobile application should be designed for Android platform. The project needs to be completed within 2 days. Functionality would be online courses in both live and recorded mode , online test , test series, live class , payment integration , study material , video lecture , pdf , quiz , refer and earn options , doubt solving Similar like pw , unacademy , byjus

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    ...will generate search results, again in block format, with the option to delve into a block for detailed textual information sourced from the server. Additionally, clicking another button will trigger the opening of a link to an external website, also provided by the server. Moreover, users can directly click the link to the external website, bypassing the information page if desired. The application will need to connect with an external server hosted on AWS and MSSQL. I already have a design and wireframe in place, so I am looking for a developer who can help me bring my vision to life. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience with Website, Android and IOS app development - Knowledge of AWS and MSSQL - Familiarity with social networking platforms ...

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    Desc: 1. Replace the command-line interface of the project I provided you with a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Maintain the Clean Architecture features of the application. Ensure that all use cases remain and work correctly. 2. Refactor your application make it a multi-user, multi-tier, client-server application (Architectural components have been correctly allocated to the various parts of the multi-tier client-server application, In addition, client, server and database tiers run as three different applications) 3. Write two or more test clients that will simultaneously send asynchronous requests in rapid succession to the server. If the server cannot handle the requests immediately, it should put them in a queue for processing as soon as possible -------...

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    We have a mature application which uses Network storage. Our central IT support have unilaterally moved our network files to SharePoint, and we need a few key modules written in (2019 or any earlier version). No third party libraries - but any MS .dll is fine. 1. Connect to a SharePoint web folder. 2. Copy a Sharepoint file to a local drive. 3. Copy a local drive file to the Sharepoint Folder. 4. Close the connection and clean up.

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    ...bear, sitting in protest. Caption: “Not in my name”. 2. Matryoshka Dolls Protesting: A set of Matryoshka dolls holding signs, each with a different anti-war message including “Russians against war”, “Not in my name”, “Make peace not war” 3. Chess Game Gone Wrong: Depict Putin as a chess player with the map of Ukraine as the chessboard. But the pieces (representing military forces) are refusing to move or have turned against him. Caption: “Wars leave no winners. Stop the war” 4. Broken AK-47 With Flowers: Illustration of an AK-47 broken in half and instead of bullets, flowers are growing from it. Caption: "Bloom peace, not war. Russians against war." 5. Moscow Subway Map Peace Symbol: The intricate design of th...

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    Trophy icon poster design 4 päivää left

    Hey Freelancers. Design a Movie documentary poster. Design a poster for an upcoming documentary. story Follow a husband and wife as she agrees to take a deal/challenge to wear a chas...days locked up. will this help there sex life and marriage. Watch the movie trailer to get a better idea of the production: Poster design. I would like the poster to look like a contract or deal for signs. Contract could say words like: Chastity contract. must stay locked from 7 days, a camera will record every move. with a photo of the main character incorporated. Wording: Presents -The Contract -7 day chastity challenge -Starring Sylvie Rose Please let me know if you have any questions. Good luck

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    Flutter application -- 2 6 päivää left

    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a Flutter application for my retail business. The main purpose of the application is to provide a user-friendly platform track his products in store...Some Merchanding KPI that he would like to track like what is avaliable and what is not searching his stores...ect. Design: I have a complete design for the application, so the freelancer will not need to design it from scratch. However, if there are any improvements that can be made, I am open to suggestions. Complexity: The application should have basic features and functionality, such as a product catalog, shopping cart, and secure payment options. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Flutter development - Ability to integrate payment ...

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    I am looking for a developer who can integrate the latest version of the Zoom Meeting SDK into my NextJS web application. The ideal candidate should have experience with integrating Zoom Meeting SDKs in web applications and be proficient in using NextJS. Requirements: - Integration of the latest version of the Zoom Meeting SDK - Basic integration with no additional features or customization required - Detailed documentation and support required Skills and experience: - Experience with Zoom Meeting SDK integration - Proficiency in NextJS - Strong understanding of web application development - Ability to provide detailed documentation and support If you have the required skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop an image processing server application on Linux in C. The application should be able to perform various image processing tasks such as image resizing and cropping, color correction and enhancement, and object detection and recognition. However, there are no specific image file formats that need to be supported by the server application as any common image format is fine. The performance requirements for the server application are not a priority as processing time is not a concern. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficient in C programming language - Experience developing server applications on Linux - Strong knowledge of image processing techniques and algorithms - Familiarity with image proc...

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    Freelancers only I am looking for a skilled developer to design and develop a cross platform application that will allow users to register their current location. The application should be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. We have a tight deadline of 20 days for this project, so the ideal candidate will have experience with fast-paced development and be able to work efficiently to meet our timeline. Skills required for this project include: - Cross platform development - User registration and authentication - Integration with location services If you have experience with these technologies and are interested in taking on this project, please submit your proposal.

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    We are a small company lovades in Sweden who is searching for a long term partner for product deveopment projects . We are a tool company that wants to move from just import other companies products. To start with we have three different projects. 1) We would like to design our own EVA case line for storing, organizing and protecting tools and hardware. Same case but five sizes with zipper and five sizes without zipper with looks and a handle. It should have changeable inserts in EVA foam. 2) Change/modify/improve the appearance of 3.7V USB charged drive bit drivers so it looks more professional. 3) a pop up bit driver box with space for 14 bits and a bit holder. Just to mention a few things. If you think you are the right person for the job. Contact me:). BR

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    I am looking for a Flutter developer to create a mobile/desktop application that will allow me to monitor security cameras. The application will need to display 4 RTSP video streams in a 2x2 grid, and have 4 buttons at the bottom of the screen. The buttons should be labeled as "OpenGate1", "OpenGate2", "OpenBarrier1", "Setup". The user should be able to click on one of the 4 video to zoom on it. The zoomed video should not cover the 4 buttons, but this is not important. The three buttons will open the relative Gate/Barrier by sending an HTTP POST or GET request. Initially all these configuration parameters (HTTP post address and data, URLs of RTSP cameras and barriers/gates name) can be all hardcoded in the code. Maybe in the future in ...

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    21 tarjoukset

    is an online service that provides real sim card phone numbers for online SMS verification. Their users rent phone numbers to receive SMS verification when they register on social media sites, messaging apps, dating apps, or online services… without revealing their own phone numbers. I want a developer to create a New Rest API to connect my device (SMS gateway or sim pool) via API with their platform so they can use my sim cards for the online verification service that provides to their customers. My (SMS gateway) has an API and User Manual documentation. And the website to which I want to connect my equipment, “” has API documentation that exactly contemplates the option to connect an SMS gateway similar to the same model I have. - Here is the API Documentation f...

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    24 tarjoukset

    I would like to open a Glamping grounds and wedding venue on a property we own. I require help with arranging the required reports and submitting a successful DA application.

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    ...a box and for a fixed price they can choose any brand of wines from certatin level. The store is called is wine2box. I need assistance with the art, colors, designs, fonts, etc. A branding strategy that includes designing a logo, selecting colors, and choosing fonts to create a simple but elegant look that resonates with your target audience. Once the branding strategy is established, you will move on to configuring your Shopify store. This includes setting up the store layout, selecting appropriate images, and creating a user-friendly interface that enhances the customer experience. I will also ensure that the design elements align with your branding strategy. After completing the design the necessary files and assets for launching your store will be delivered. Fonts, colours ...

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    ...feeds from 3rd party or open source platforms. 2. plot the charts and identify Support and resistance and volatility on the charts using ML. 3. Select and take best options neutral strategies based on the Support and resistance from point (2). and volatility. 4. take positions with 10% of the value total value 5. Adjust trades as per the market directions, limiting the SL = 2%, profits and move trailing stop loss for every 1% upside.: - square off 50% with 2% profits - square off 25% with 4% profits - square off 25% with 6% profits. Strategies in play are: 1. Calender trade when voltatility is low 2. iron condor when volatility is medium 3. ironfly when voltatility is high The strateges will not be stand alone (place order and forget), program should be able to id...

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    Developing a Cloud-Based IT Training Management Application The details in the attached file I want it in 3 days

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    web application in C# 5 päivää left

    I am looking for a freelancer with beginner-level expertise to help me develop a web application in C#. The purpose of the application is for data management, so it will need to have functionality for data visualization. I recognize that this will require some technical experience, and I am able to provide additional project details as the project progresses.

    €20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    15 tarjoukset

    I am interested in developing a web application to help students find the right fit university, using a matching recommendation software. The software will rely on all the necessary information – from interests, preferences, culture and application strengths – to make its recommendations. The web application should have features like user registration and login, customizable student profiles and integration with university databases. The purpose of this software is to tailor the perfect match for the students using ML and a matching algorithm

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