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    data feed Loppunut left

    I am in need of a data collection program that takes real time from Interactive Brokers (<[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]>) and updates the following data files. Data is in ASCII, comma delimitated, date,time, O,H,L,C V. Numbers in file names represent time frames. Data files can be as many as 100 and are all in one subdirectory. File creation and historical data come from an exis...

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    This is a database collection project from a public web-site, approx 700 pages to copy and paste to excel. The material to be copied is already displayed in excel type format: Five colums, 100 rows. Certain querywords will be used to remove rows and limit the size of the final excel sheet. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as...

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    BandRush Loppunut left

    After attempting construction of this website myself i realized i need a professional web programmer to create a visually pleasing and consumer friendly site. This website's purpose will be to connect unsigned bands from around the world to one central point for band member location, and public promotion. The website will need interactive mp3 playing capabilities as well as a user inte...

    €272 - €907
    €272 - €907
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    Here is a very easy job, but one that will take a little time. I want three different collections of world flags. These can be downloaded from the CIA Factbook website. These flags are in the public domain. All of the flags are .gif graphics and they are all 54 pixels in height. Here is the URL: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] ================================= Collection 1: You will ...

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    Look and Feel Round friendly graphics. No squares or awkward looking shapes or designs. Colorful but not overpowering at the same time. Influence of rainbow colours and “hitting the spot?? Like the idea of a circular target made of the rainbow Splash front page No flash Full style sheet and guide Repeatable formats (not too complex) No frames Image dependent .aspx file extenstion (just conve...

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    Web Design Loppunut left

    This project involves designing an html/flash website for a youth friendly market. The site will be a informational/interactive site with forums, online registrations, data collection and small e-commerce. The size of the site will be approx 25 pages. The end user should be able to edit and change aspects of the site weekly and upload new pages. **Problem/Opportunity Statement**??" Need a w...

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    ******************* Data Entry - Data Collection ******************* Needed is to create two MS Access databases ( or compatible data format) and to copy / parse content from various given websites into the databases. For the most part the job can be executed by copy and paste and should be completed in a relative short time. Since this project is about collecting material of reli...

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    We need a points collection program for Verifone swipe cards machines. When a member with a card hands his or her card to the us, we should be able to record the points collected on the machine and then periodically upload this data using the internal modem to a central database server. As part of this solution, a dialer responder needs to be created that will respond to requests from the Verifone...

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    Shopping Cart Source Code Customization We purchased the source code to a shopping card program called QuickPayPro v2962. We are looking for someone to help us customize it to add more functionally with our merchant gateway We need the following features added. 1. Currently the scripts do not support sending a password to Right now you just enter in your [kirjaudu n&a...

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    Data Collection Loppunut left

    Basically, the program will be very similar to what is offered on [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The following URL gives detailed information as to how it actually works. <[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]> Basically, I need a programmer that has experience with - hooking into different program APIs - internet programming - intercepting and interprettin...

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    Auction Place Loppunut left

    I would like to speak to anyone who is capable of building a online auction marketplace equal or greater then eBay. When i spoke to a staffing firm it seems that i need programmers who can program in perl, c++, unix etc. I have many programs ready to go and portions of the project complete. I need a team or a collection of talented individuals who will be able to carry out this project. ...

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    €27 - €181
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    DivxDB Modification Loppunut left

    There is a GPL script called DivxDB, which can be found here [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] this script is just collection db means it just show what u have i need the coders to add the feature of download those media. screenshots will explain you more.

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    I require a screen saver that will display images from an extensive collection of flower and tropical plant photographs. We will provide an Windows INI file containing information about the images the screen saver will display. Each entry in the INI file will identify 0..n lines of text, coordinates for the text, the color of the text, and the name of an image file stored in the screen saver'...

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    This project will involved the resolution of 8 enhancements and 3 "bugs" to existing functionality. This is a multi-user multi-customer project hosted for a group of Charity's and is scheduled to go-live in late July. **NOTE - To bid on this request you must have solid Cold Fusion (application experience) as well as .NET as our application is quite complex and integrates both e...

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    Voice Recognition Loppunut left

    I need a voice recognition system, MORE than simple software. It could be web based solution, desktop application, a hardware device or all of these. I need you to suggest me what you could do for me. It will be used to recognize the speech, analyze it and make recommendations. The goal is to a develop a language traning system. User will use this system to learn a language; english, chinese, fren...

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    I developed and using a TAB web server control in my applications. The problem is that I am unable at DESIGN time to switch between tabs, see the DESIGN HTML there, and be able to DRAG AND DROP web controls on a selected tab like one can do it with the panel control. All this should work with unlimited NESTING, so a tab page should be able to hold another tab control which is than also rendered in...

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    Excel Interface Loppunut left

    Implement in VB the following features in Excel in paper mill roll nip applications: 1. Configure UI sheet that will be used first to configure the other sheets of the UI. These other sheets will take references from the first UI page in order to set up the layout and plot configurations (axes, etc) for the other sheets. The technician should enter initial data first, only once per roller setup....

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    Esteemed photographers and image specialists, This project requires high level creative and technical skill in the areas of image enhancement and creative art. The three photographs attached are from a collection of 60 top grade photos from a recent photo shoot. We are looking for someone to perform the following tasks: 1. Diamonds - enhance the loose diamonds and diamond jewellery in...

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    Putting a webpage together for issues involving computer/network security, Pen testing and advanced computer concepts. I'm looking for a collection of articles of any size that I can use on this website. In your bid, please mention which subjects you will cover and how many articles you are bidding to supply. Any computer related subjects will be considered. -edit- responding to a re...

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    I need an application that can create documents for court filings from informaiton entered by the user, which can be viewed and picked up by other users. I would like to have the ability to generate documents that can be sent electronically to other attorneys and courts. I would like the app to be accessible over the web, but I will consider a terminal server/portal solution as well. App should ha...

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    Illustrator needed – UK I am a children’s author and I am looking for fresh and exciting illustrations for my books. Style: The Illustrations should be appealing to kids so they should be simple and colourful with flat colours (using colour pens) and round shapes. Initially there are two books that need illustrating (football and circus themes), but there are a lot more i...

    €181 - €272
    €181 - €272
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    Celebrity E-Books Loppunut left

    Hi Guys, I have a learning resource for TV and Film Industry. I need an e-book written on American TV host Jerry Springer as part of this resource centre. The e-book needs to be between 3,000 to 4,000 words - approximately 10 pages. What will this e-book contain? A collection of information profiling the world’s most popular tv talk show host and how he created his fantastic career! Find out...

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    Magnetad Website Loppunut left

    Simple PHP data collection website that emails results. Build a 3 page website (design provided) that will collect email address, name phone, and send user an email as well as email website owner. More complete description of function here (also see PDF diagram explaining layout, flow of info, and included logo image): Magnetad webpage: Page 1- collects following information: 1) Coupon code (shoul...

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    SWF document viewer Loppunut left

    I have a collection of drawings in .swf format that were generated by a 3rd party tool. I need a simple flash based viewer than can show a requested file (possibly designated by a javascript variable) and provide buttons to zoom and pan and rotate, as well as print to a full 8.5x11 page. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete s...

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    Hello, We're requesting a simple PHP script that accomplishes the following: Signup Data Collection (Name, Email, etc.) Referral Signup Tracking Capability (hidden field in signup form that picks up field in url such as '[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]') An administrator's interface that manually approves the accounts and manually issues the accounts a commission acco...

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    A.I. for Mancala Loppunut left

    Enclosed is the setup. After running that, then you will have the source code for an existing game called Mancala. The function that needs to be completed is level 2 for computermove. The file to work with is [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] This is a game where the goal of the game is to collect as many pieces as possible before one player side of the board has no pieces on it. There are s...

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    I run a small courier firm delivering parcels and documents in my local region (i'm based in the UK), and am expanding into national deliveries. I am lloking to create an online booking form for an upcoming website. The form will be broken up into various pages; page 1: Size of parcel, weight, name etc. page 2: collection details - the address of where the parcel will be collected...

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    Collect all registration pages from the top 1000 Alexa-ranked websites. For each registration page: 1) right click the form and select View Source 2) notepad will open with the page source within 3) save the page source using the following format: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] registration example attached. If you are inte...

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    Hi I am having trouble with data collection through a form on my site. The form can be seen at <[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]>. This passes the info to [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] in my cgi bin at my webspace, which is then emailed to my email account. I am using Mailloop as an autoresponder, which is collecting the content of the email from the mail server, proce...

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    I need this done asap. The following categories are what is needed on the main home page. Each button will link the website viewer to a page that will be a list of links, pdf files, html docs, and txt files that my client needs to be able to control via an admin panel. The admin panel is the most important part of this project. However the design must be slick and nice. The admin needs to be ...

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    ******* For SEO programmers / experts only ******** I have the full rights to an online SEO application. This script is working but still has some bugs and flaws that need to be repaired. At the moment the script is not very user friendly, one could say complicated and confusing. So the user interface needs to be worked over completely plus some missing features need to be added. The online ...

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    Our company uses a rugged barcode scanner from Symbol. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The scanner is connected to COM1 with the RS232 standard. The built in function in Windows XP SP2 (XP embedded) does not handle this hardware correctly. (This because of an MS bug). The scanner sends a decoded signal from a scanned barcode to the COM1 port (Barcode -> decoded ASCII). The software we are...

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    We require a collection of VB functions that will let us access Matlab's functions (statistical and financial, maybe) through the Matlab application. These functions will have: -Input: a matrix of stocks (rows) and their prices (columns) which we load prior to calling the functions. -Output: a vector with the calculations result. The functions will have to perform RSIs, MACD, VaR, Averages, e...

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    I am looking for someone based in the USA who uses or could use [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to sell some artistic photographic negatives of models. Due to eBay policies I am unable to list them for sale from here in the United Kingdom. I have a collection to sell, and need someone based in the USA who could help me to sell these. Once they are sold, I will post to buyer from here in U...

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    I need someone to create 6 different web banners and 1 image with the words Life Science Exhibits, LLC that can be used next to our logo (already created) on the top of each page. I am currently working with a Scriptlance programmer for the site and would like to use a graphic designer to create these awesome images to add a design flare to his programmed site. The banners are to be very similiar...

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    This will be an .ASP .NET application that queries a SQL database. The database contains records of my beer bottle and can collection. I currently have an Access database and .ASP application, and I want the database converted to SQL and a new application written that will be easier to use and offer new features such as displaying images of each item and other information. The application will be...

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    Hi, Ok, below are links to websites that I think represents my design style and the way I want my website to be. I have much more information to add but this will do for now. Before anybody can bid and with a realistic figure, you will need to look at all the information to get the picture of what I want to accomplish with the site design. **I need to see your portfolio** This website must have...

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    A sports photography website is required. There are four main functional areas of the design: #1 - Web users will be able to browse the photo collection and purchase the photos & other products. (Integration with a payment processor is required). Web users will be able to view details on upcoming events (i.e. event name, date, contact information). Past race results will also be available...

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    I require an intelligent 2d platform engine that includes real-time physics and AI. main requirements are: life, item collection, the usual... Enemy AI - When a enemy sees you, he will follow you, and when in range, he will fire in your direction... even if this is above him or below him... Gravity - I need the enemies to be able to follow up/down stairs. Also, things like blood, if...

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    I need a simple PC application for my client who runs a debt collection business. They want to be able to offer their clients an application that allows them to print off a "first notice" for collecting a debt. This would be a standard letter with my client's letterhead, which allows their client to enter several parameters to include in the document, such as the amount oweing, the ...

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    This project will involved the resolution of 8 bugs and 7 enhancements to existing functionality. This is a multi-user multi-customer project hosted for a group of Charity's and is scheduled to go-live in late July. **NOTE - To bid on this request you must have solid Cold Fusion (application experience) as well as .NET as our application is quite complex and integrates both elements of ...

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    I require an intelligent 2d platform engine that includes real-time physics and AI. main requirements are: life, item collection, the usual... Enemy AI - When a enemy sees you, he will follow you, and when in range, he will fire in your direction... even if this is above him or below him... Gravity - I need the enemies to be able to follow up/down stairs. Also, things like blood, if someone is sho...

    €91 - €227
    €91 - €227
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    Grid Control Loppunut left

    I need a grid, it needs to bind to a datasource via "Datasource,DataMember" properties. I need it to do paging (note this is a winforms project). Basiclly I want to have two additional properties "PageCount,CurrentPage", pagecount will provide how many pages of data we have, currentpage will set the grid to the page desired. We only show one page at a time. Unlike the...

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    I am using a richtext editor from I'm having a problem with the latest version of the editor when using FireFox. The problem occurs when I use javascript to submit the form (ex: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n](); ). The content of the editor is not available in the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] collection. When I submit the form using the input tag (type=...

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    Dear GAFers, My client has a website that is selling ladies products with static html and nopcart(a client side free shopping cart). Client's website has problems like: - customer cannot pay online - admin cannot easily update products - admin cannot do inventory management - admin cannot do customer management, email newsletter, etc - admin cannot do sales management like print out ...

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    Looking for an Online Web Game suite/arcade script OR Program The online games arcade will have the same features as this site....[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Just a small Game script/program...max 50 games It will be just a COLLECTION of games put together in a program or a script that i can easily install on my existing site. Thanks Joseph [kirjaudu nähdäksesi...

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    Enclosed is the source code for a game called Risk. To run this, run the setup.msi. What that will do is to install all the necessary components and put the source code in a folder called C:games which can be changed There is a class called clsriskai Currently, I have the level 1 which is beginners where the computer just pick random moves for attacking, etc. What is needed is a level 2 and...

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    Looking for graphic artists to work with on an ongoing basis. We have an ever-evolving software platform that we are giving a new look for. Attached are samples of the graphic style we need. Right now we need a collection of about 20 or so 96x96 graphics having to do with finance, people, and business. But the list will grow. I am open to suggestions on a fair compensation model. On...

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