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    Looking to get a website made that allows users to have an monthly subscription. This is for web developers. Im looking for someone to make a look a like site of an existing ecommerce website. The task is simple but Ill like to integrate a special feature into the website. Contact me for more information if you're interested. Looking to have this done within 72 hours of consulting.

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    I need an app that allows me to run an [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] on my IPhone X. Checkout [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] This is the website that has the app for Android.

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    Need a developer to set up a ruby on rails website for electronics greeting cards. Customers need ability to browse greeting cards, select a greeting card, send it to a friends email address. They can pay à la cart once per card club or or. They can sign up for a subscription which allows a certain amount of cards to be sent per month. Administrators need ability to add new cards set price...

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    I need WordPress based internet site for my business and custom theme to it. Maybe some ready theme would work also, if you can make some changes to it. I have domain and server already, so only what is needed is the site. I give more information PM.

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    There is a page in my website which allows the user to choose the row and column from a CSV file which was previously uploaded. What I need is that after the user inputs this new data it updates the CSV file. Also, on another page, there is a calculation of one column of data by each column of data in the CSV file. If more columns are added to the CSV file, more results should appear in this las...

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    I am looking for someone to write me Swift code which will compress a video file down to a chosen size. Write the code any way you want as long as it's bug-free, FAST, and allows me to do something like the following: compressVideo(videoURL: "localVideoFileURL", quality: 0.5 (let me choose quality in any way possible)) At the end of the job, you will send me the code, I will test ...

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    A web program Loppunut left

    I have a website that allows students post essay questions and I want a website program, just the program/application, that would be able to mark these various essays posted randomly by students. The application would be intelligent enough to check for 1. Grammar (whether the grammar is correct or wrong and provide the right grammar to be used) 2. Punctuation - Check essay line by line to find...

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    ****IGNORE BUDGET ABOVE SUBMIT YOUR QUOTE**** This is a big project that will take many months to complete. I do not have extensive funds so the project must be completed in small steps over a prolonged period of time. I am looking to have a website built that allows security contractors (Bouncers) to register and create a profile and set their location and distance they are willing to travel to...

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    We are an app development company. We need an APPLE IOS app developed. We have lots of apps we need programmed. We are looking for the very BEST IOS app developer. We have 100 apps that need to be develop. They are all very easy to do. We will pay $300 per app * 100 = $30,000. The first app is below: This is very easy work if you know what you are doing. I need an app that is simimliar to yout...

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    we are looking to build a dummy prototype (screens) of our customer portal. Our Customer mainly operate in the Mastercard or Visa prepaid card. The card is issued normally issued by the bank eg HSBC or Barclays. The portal allows the customer to manage their cards, see all the cards that are being used by its employees, see the balances of the card, see the statement and have a dashboard that p...

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    I'd like someone to make a (simple) webapp that allows the user to upload a PDF or DOC with a header on it (business name, watermark, etc) and that will be used as a default background page for the following: Upload any number of photos (maybe limit like 10-20) which will then be fit to the default background page and saved as a PDF. I'd then like the user to be able to see a mini thum...

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    Creación de un Software que integre los 3 soportes + Api de interconexión entre el software de nueva creación y software como: EASY-PLAN y OPTI-CUT B SUITE Cut Rite HOLZMA An example Real-time sales network bidirectional integration Web accessible catalog data residing on the company server guarantees immediate updating of the data available from its own resellers and the r...

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    I found a plugin that allows me to use my own sim card and it's great. Any one be able to add one or two additional options adapted to my requirements. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] SMS to groups. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] most important thing on my site is the subscription. Is it possible to create an auto-phone to send an SMS with a date if the account has been extended...

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    Hello ! We created a mobile app that allows users to have a video without any editing to do. The user just need to shoot and the app does everything. We specialized it in the real estate industry. So, we are looking for a website to communicate on our services. We need a design for a main landing page. Also we will need another landing page that will come from the first one (see picture). As our...

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    This project is about an app that allows sellers to post their items and the price they sale on the app then we charge like commission on very transaction successful and membership fee, one that is similar to olx

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    This is a job that contains the marketing of Gay Adult Content, if you don't have a problem with this please read on. This is a 5 hour a day 6 days a week job and we are looking for a serious worker for long term. This means you will have to dedicate yourself to this job. We require somebody that is familiar with video editing, preferably with knowledge of the program Adobe Premiere but this...

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    $15.00 – 25.00 USD /hr Looking for a developer to help with building a Magento website based on a series of mockups I will provide. Our product is unique in that it allows users to return items for credit and uses gamification and rewards to drive user engagement and repeat purchases. Please quote todays date in "YYYYMMDD" format in order for me to evaluate your proposal and...

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    Needed full stack developer(s) with experience in blockchain, crypto currency, artificial intelligence, financial trading and cyber security to build multi-faucet platform Project description: Exchange network of items paid for by crypto currency. This project will be developed in 3 phases and must be built with cyber security in mind from the group up. Phase 1: Most Viable Product. Account cre...

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    I need a simple user interface built that allows a user to upload a hashed email list and send through Facebook's Audience API to create a custom OR lookalike audience. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] It should permit the user to: (1) Connect multiple Facebook Ad Accounts / Business Manager accounts (2) Upload hash files (3) Select custom audience or lookalike (4) Select the percentag...

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    I want a backconnect proxy rotator that has a pool of working proxies (scraping every few minutes from our own API and checking them to make sure they still work) - must run on multiple ports - efficient so we don't waste unnecessary resources on servers - only allows specific ips to connect - has an option to limit the amount of connections a specific ip can do at the same time - supports ...

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    Appointment setter Loppunut left

    Dear Friend, If you would like to make good money very quickly, this will be the most important message you will ever read. Here's why: My name is Nelson and I own a local real estate investing company. We buy houses. But not how most investors do! Most real estate investors buy properties by using realtors or sending out a lot of direct mail. In fact, up until a couple months ago, we wer...

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    We are looking to design a simple, well designed and functional mobile app that helps users find any service or product according to proximity, location and other search criteria. Default search criteria, “ near me”. Default search criteria = near me - closest proximity -- lists search results based on closest options, customers can then filter Can search per location/address...

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    I have a 3-part web form designed that I need coded to work. Will require PHP and AJAX knowledge. The form will submit to an email, but requires a dynamic calendar that only allows specified dates to be chosen by the user before submitting.

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    Build a website Loppunut left

    I'm working on doing a website that allows people to look for things to do in Utah. I can do the back end, I just need someone to design a look for the site that shows it's about finding fun things to do in Utah.

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    we are looking for a product designer, which allows us to create an exclusive line of decorative products. Fundamental to this position is the knowledge of graphic programs and strong creativity. Your task will be to realize attractive and innovative products that impress our customers and allow us to distinguish ourselves from the competitors. You'll collaborate with development teams and fe...

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    Anyone know of a service which allows for the tracking of keywords or phrases on forums/subreddits by potential customers? For example, on the subreddit r/Audi, users (potential customers) may discuss a product of interest. Is there software that would allow me to track these post so that we can interact with those users?

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    Existing content - need to freshen up the conceptual layout and presentation of this in updated 2020 publications. Need cover redesign using simple jigsaw connect and internal layout for easier reading. Books do contain flowchart styled graphics that may require careful placement. May prefer a 'book' approach to the template that allows me to reuse the template and assemble documents ...

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    I have a file I purchased but it only allows one user to open and forces the user to use a file open plugin to open and view adobe doc. I need the doc freed from this so that I can open it from anywhere and distribute via email or usb.

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    Your task is to write a dice-rolling application for Android devices Implement an Android application that allows the user to roll one or more dice. The application should be a native application, implemented in Java or Kotlin. The application should meet the following minimum requirements: • The interface should allow the user to specify the number of dice to roll. • The interface shoul...

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    1. When I create new Rectangle, it allows interlacing. (I wanted to be isolated) 2. When I click on Add to DVG=DataGridView it duplicates the same name with new X,Y,H&W values. (I want it to replace the old values with new ones in same row) 3. I have bugs with how to get X,Y,H&W values in proper way. 4. It throws an exception When I select less than 5 circles. I will send you the Code af...

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    English: We have a desktop application that needs a name and a logo. There are many similar applications, but we want to have a logo that is not the typical logo with a pen and stroke and we also want to have a 'memorable' name. The application allows you to display a PDF document and the user can sign it with a pen over the document itself. The attached examples summarize th...

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    Hello. PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BEFORE BIDDING! We need a payment gateway for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor where the vendor gets directly paid from the customer (customer-to-vendor). The usual way is the customer-to-marketplace-to-vendor but we want to change that, so we started google-ing if that was possible, and the company "SimTechdev" that makes plugins for CS-Cart has made that kind ...

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    App Developer Loppunut left

    We would like to develop an app which allows people to connect, create profiles, upload photos, text and message eachother.

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    By default, when an item with variations selected is in your cart in Woocommerce, and you click that item, it takes you to the page for that product, which allows you to add another of that same product. Instead of this, I want the link to allow the user to edit the variation choices for the product that is already in the cart. When a user clicks the link for the item in the cart, it should open ...

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    Hi, first of all I must mention, that you should have coding skills when it comes to mobile phone development. If it is possible, I would like to have the app for Android and for iOS (but this is not mandatory) + a backend, that runs on a server [Android is more important than iOS]. The dating App I would like to have should work like many dating apps out there, but have some additional featur...

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    Hi, I have to convert many sites and their contents into responsive. The problem is that the customers have inserted the contents putting fixed dimensions to images, tables and iframes and therefore I have to convert them in percentage (we speak of thousands of records). So I need a quote for two jobs: - a PHP function that allows me to modify pixel dimensions of images and tables in percentages a...

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    loyalty programs to its customers on subscription basis. The business has several ties with multiple restaurants and cafes across multiple cities. Key Modules  Allows customers to view the offers in different restaurants in their city or nearby locations and order in advance or while they are on the move  Keep existing customers and earn new ones, by providing a positive experience and offering...

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    I need someone to install and configure Price Based on Country for WooCommerce. I would like the prices of my eCommerce shop to change currency according to the visitors country. From what I'm aware Price Based on Country for WooCommerce allows you to sell the same product in multiple currencies based on the country of the customer which is exactly what I'm looking to do. In addition t...

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    I have a board game called Oathen that I will be bringing to market in the coming months. Currently, I do all of my play testing online through a software called Tabletop Simulator, which is a 3D board game physics software. However, it comes with a lot of issues. One, my play testers need to buy it first ($20 USD.) Two, it stores a copy of the image assets locally where people can get access to t...

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    I have some current javascript that can be easily integrated into a web page. It works on any html5 capable web browser. The player it creates is nice, but I need some modifications. It currently allows the following <a href="javascript:PlayHTML5(videoURL, width, bkgColor)">Link Text</a> The changes I would like: 1. It currently plays the video once and I need an optional...

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    Simple App Loppunut left

    We need a simple App (Android and iOs) that allows our customers to read and send the email from their mailboxes. The App should have already set the server parameters (Imap / Pop3 and Smtp), the ports in SSL and the customers, to install and configure the App will have to enter only your email address and password. We have no accounts for Play Store and Apple Store.

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    Project for Peng X. Loppunut left

    Hi Peng X., I noticed you understand how to use NFC - I am looking for a application for my security guards where they can scan NFC tags on multiple sites and when they scan the tag it allows me to see a database that can be sorted by client, tag, date or time and be able to produce quick reports for my clients that I can send to them at the end of each week to report what we have done. How much...

    €5 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a simple software package that customers pay for on a job by job basis. Each time they start a new job, the software generates a job code. If they want to finalize that job, they contact me advising the job code. I confirm the payment, then provide a password based on that job code and the current date. After they enter the password, the software allows them to continue and complete the jo...

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    Trophy icon Mobile app design with framework7 Loppunut left

    I am creating a mobile app with Framework7 / Vuejs and I have a basic design at the moment. It is used for mobile apps on Iphone and Android ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). I would like a new design, more sophisticated and more user-friendly. Only for Android application at the moment. It is important that you keep the color of the logo (the orange one #F4B149). If you want to put ...

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a male (real voice, not computer generated) for the following script. Fixed price and need it within 24 hours please. Welcome to Hagel Scan, Hagel Scan is the worlds most advanced scanning unit for hail damaged vehicles. Harnessing computer generated modelling, Hagel Scan is able to detect the minor imperfections in the metal of a car, made by hail damage. Utilising strategically place...

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    The projet is for an existing ecommerce platform that allows vendors to sell products online and for customers to buy products from local shops. The platform is based on php and mysql. We will need a team that will be able to do the following : Add new features to the platform Port existing PHP monolithic backend functions to REST (JAVA or .NET) Improve UX / UI of the website pages and emails I...

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    We have a Drupal 7 website. Installed are the Profile2 modules which allows for creating more profile fields. We need a module developed to sync user subscription preferences to a 3rd party Newsletter provider. The 3rd party has an API that can be used. There are about 10 of the user fields that needs to be synced to the 3rd party system. From user side; they will see "subscription"...

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    Logo design required for new payment platform website. The website allows safe payments between customers and the trade services they use (ie. Electrician, plumber, carpenter, painter, builder). The company name "Pay Tradies"

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    Custom flyers Loppunut left

    Mobile business trying to explore more ways to reach new customers. Quick and simple recommended.. RV REPAIR..

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    Our company purchases distressed loans from banks. We then service/manage these loans in-house. We have an off-the-shelf loan-servicing system for managing the loans (loan amortization, payment histories, payoff statements etc). We also keep a set of Google Docs spreadsheets for each loan to track our cash-basis in each loan because the servicing system doesn't do this. These sheets contain...

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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