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    103,138 allows custom työtä löytyi, hinnoittelu EUR theme which is similar to air bnb called homey. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] We need to add another option for customers which allows them to pay in installments / via a payment plan. For example: Our customer books one of our villas in May for October. We need the option to allow them to either pay in full

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    Looking to make adjustments to the Bookly the Bookly plugin so that appointments can run over a day (so for example, a 5 hour booking can start at 9pm and finish at 2am the following day). Right now, Bookly only allows appointments to be booked that end at 12am. But we need it to be booked at ANY time to finish the following day if needed.

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    We need a designer Loppunut left

    We (our team of 3 people) need someone to design and code our app which allows users to stream movies and TV shows on an unlimited amount of screens while video chatting with friends.

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    ...SharePoint to have it as the repository of all documents related to the school. The following are initial requirements. · Upload documents via an upload dialogue that allows users to choose document type, category and any other attribute deemed necessary. · The system should create an automatic numbering sequence for all documents uploaded

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    33 tarjoukset, outsourced IT services company What makes your business unique: We custom build our services as per user needs, using data, analytics and AI in transforming native business operations, creating new business models and processes What we are you solving? • IT outsourcing allows companies to free-up some operational budgets and help transform business

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    I would like a custom built nutrition calculator that automatically works out someones total daily calories and macronutrient intake (protein, carbs, fats) I have the exact formula of how i want it to work and what questions i want it to ask clients, I just need help to build and integrate it. It will need to go inside Clickfunnels. I have been told

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    SmartPoolHunter is a recruiting app that allows recruiters to search, identify, communicate and book the lifeguards and swimming coaches. You are required to develop an app and made it available for 3 user groups: Recruiters, Lifeguards, and Swimming coaches. Each user group is to have access to their own facilities and interlinked functionalities.

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    The wish is a secure service that allows you to create your own unique registry by connecting to online retail stores and creating personalised wishing wells for that extra special item. created for people who have a special occasion where asking for presents is usually awkward for bother parties. I want users to be able to Customise your own page

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    Description:  Simple online web application, that imports stock symbol data from a specified url – then allows users to toggle create a couple of report with few simple filters and then either display symbols in table on page, or download the full list via export to txt/csv. You can use whatever coding you feel is best such as PHP/MYSQL etc. Must be

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    build me an app Loppunut left

    I want to create an app that allows our customers to connect with local businesses in order to create their respective projects. I want our customers to be able to quickly find registered businesses and non registered in order to create their product. I will need a sort of map incorporated with business that register on my app and I was our customers

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    whcms customization Loppunut left

    As a vps hosting provider, I want to add byo (build your own) VPN service on whcms. Take a look at this example. It allows user to sign up, link their digital ocean account, and then create their own private VPN. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I want customer to choose types of VPS for their VPN and region( eg new your, amsterdam, etc.). Once the

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    Syndicate is the name of an app I am designing. It connects investment owners with investors and allows for financial transactions to occur whether minority investments, controlling investments, or debt placements and many more. The app encompasses traditional business as a leveraged buyout approach, startups through venture capital and real estate

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    My [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] application requires a feature that allows the user edit textboxes within groups. I almost have it working. As it stands, this is how my application works: 1. Click on a group 2. Checks to see if you are clicking on a textbox. If yes... 3. Ungroups the group 4. Sets the focus on the textbox so that the user can make edits. 5. On "editing:exited

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    Video blogging Loppunut left

    Calling for a video blogger, who is ready to promote our text to speech platform The platform allows users to convert text to more than 150 realistic voices across 45+ languages and accents. And it's powered by Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM text to speech generators. For native English speakers only.

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    ...spreadsheet, or different contractors for the price submission forms) but the web app doesn't have to display it on tabs. The view should be generated with a dropdown that also allows clicking left or right to browse to the previous or next page of information. The information displayed should be easily readable and the columns that are not calculated should

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    I have an application built in VisualStudio 2013 in C# which has ...then sends onto the Shoutcast server). Currently, it is looking for a special string to update the metadata. I would like to leave that, but also create a radio button that allows you to select receiving metadata in Shoutcast format. Also would like to clean up and 'modernize' the UI

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    26 tarjoukset that sets the bar high within our market. We are looking for a modern, easy to use (via mobile and desktop application) website that stands us apart from the others, that allows for simple and quick communication tools, online scheduling and pay-by-credit card feature (convenience, convenience, convenience!) We are striving to capture and portray

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    Need new page installed that we can add and delete products on a multi product layout page. Must be plugin that allows us to add and delete products easily in-house.

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    We're looking for a graphic designer expert, who will create 3d rendered images of our product for our e-commerce store. The product is already made in 2D using AutoCAD, the files will be provided once the NDA is signed. The freelancer needs to create three different angles to showcase our work in best possible way 10 designs will be submitted initially for which we need 3 images per design w...

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    Here's what needs to be done. We need a platform that allows traders to share trades on our platform and copy other traders. The trading will go through the bitcoin derivatives exchange (Deribit, BitMEX) API. There should be Registration feature along with Deposits and Withdrawals in Bitcoin. We need basic social functions like comments under individual

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    Hi Bounyavong N., I wanted to get my billing system redesigned for CheckWriter™ . I hope this allows for project creation. Best - Richard Rogers

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    Hi, I need an android application, which allows you to control my arduino project via the internet. My arduino project monitors the values of a plant (light, temperature, humidity) and allows actions to be taken (irrigating the plant, turning on artificial light, generating heat) I also need to configure ethernet shield to make it work with the android

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    Project requirements: I. Preferred Candidate should have previous experience using TUYA IoT PLATFORM II. IOs and Android App which can control RGBW Wifi Controller III. The basic light functions we need are: - Control with App - Control with Voice /Mic - All Colors - Timer and Alarm - Speakers - Reaction to sound, music, and motion - Thunder Effect with sound - Color change with and without...

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    Android application Loppunut left

    We are from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] is a discount brokerage company, The company allows retail investors and institutional corporations in India the ability to invest in stocks, futures, options, currencies and commodities at lower rates compared to traditional full-service brokers. We need a developer who knows the frontend and backend technology to build an

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    20 tarjoukset joomla, but would prefer the new website to be developed by wordpress as it's easier to do updates. We require a booking engine for the new website, a booking engine that allows the hotel to update room quantities, maybe send emails confirmation to bookers etc. We prefer free options for the booking engine. Something like the open source / plugin options

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    ...offer and make me a Unity Game which is not what I [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] me first explain what Roblox is. Roblox is a massively multiplayer online and game creation system platform that allows users to design their own games and play a wide variety of different types of games created by other users. Roblox games are coded in "Roblox Lua" and I am trying to buil...

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    Fix PHP timesheet Loppunut left

    I have a custom PHP timesheet I use in Wordpress that allows a user to enter multiple lines of dates (they can add new lines as needed). However after submission, there are duplicate lines of date entries. I need the PHP form fixed.

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    ...different subscription plans. These plans are designed to limit the titles that a customer can rent unless the customer has a premium membership. You have to create a system that allows the user (shop staff), to keep track of the titles (rented and in stock) and the customers of the shop. The system is described further on the following pages. Module Learning

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    I need help in integrating my custom star map poster designer landing page [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] with the printful printing API [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] through my Shopify site [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Items needed to be completed: 1. User flow for the API Progress to date: A. User creates a map at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] B

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    Hello. I'm using a code that allows me to automatically copy selected text in Wordpress posts. I need to change two things in that code: 1. If I want to use it in my post, I'm adding this code: <p class="class" onclick="copy(this)">example text that needs to be copied</p> in text editor. The thing is that the whole script works only with <p&g...

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    6 tarjoukset app developer for ios and Android who has experience with building game apps in high quality. A lot of skills are required. The App needs to have an online feature, which allows players to play against other players all around the world. We do not have any images or documents yet. However, we will provide all the details in the first meeting

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    hello, I want to create an application that allows you to report animals that are on the street.

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    New website from scratch Description of every page/module: Allows users: 1. To Post, include Pics, text etc 2. to comment (text, links, pics etc) on other user's posts 3. User to be able to like or dislike post 4. Ranking of most liked posts 5. Ranking of users who've most posted. 6. page with list of new post 7. To be able to search for post, depending

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    ...complete their profile page 3. They upload the photographs 4. There are 2 categories - they can choose to be a VIP member (this is a paid membership). The paid membership allows them to view all photographs of the gender they would like to meet and send messages and chat for as long as they want. VIP members can also send virtual gifts to any member

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    I'm looking for someone to create a logo for the phrase "my experience pass" The business is a pass that allows its members to attend new venues and try out new exciting experiences. I'm thinking maybe you could make the "X" in experience stand out more? Looking for a clean fresh modern feel. Would like finished files to be adobe illustrator with

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    ...Customers and Vendors get access to a rich frontend dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory including sales, orders, discounts and coupons. Earn From Each Sale Charge commission globally, on a vendor or get special commission on a single product. A fair commision model allows both parties to share the success of your marketplace! Store

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    The site i also want to add plugin that allows sms messages from contact form submission as my client lives on text and not email... i found a few plugins and we will have to open sms account. each sms is like 3 cents to send idk if this is best plugin or not. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    ...various banners to which different pages. For example, I want to place a banner on the home page or on the page with cosmetics etc. I should be able to tell where I want the custom-made advertising banner to go. There should be a live ajax search. While customers type in what they are looking for, they should be able to see the product options. Customers

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    Are you able to create a chrome extension that allows a user to download a video from Facebook in the highest quality and then open it up in a new tab with the ability to download both the audio and video? Other things I would like to plug in to be able to do. - be able to link up an option to add the option for someone to click other links on the

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    Build and design (I will be heavily involved with this aspect) ne...note: if you’re interested I will require you to complete a simple task, in order to test programming ability. Build a basic app that displays simple backgammon board and allows for simple two player game play on single device (no doubling cube, no computer play). Thank you! Luiza

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    ...points available, status level, how to redeem points earned etc. b. Analytics and charting. c. Ability to subscribe to challenges similar to fitbit. d. A rewards store that allows the user to buy / sell. e. Historical view of how points are accumulated. - Approximately 30-35 screens. - Will require you to sign a NDA. Note: Logo has been created.

    €540 (Avg Bid)
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    ...with you, we will launch and start doing paid projects. As our main designer and illustrator you will be part of each project and earn accordingly. As soon as our workload allows for a motion graphic team, you will have the option to lead it. This is a great opportunity to be part of a small but excellent team, co-create an amazing new product from

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    Telegram BOT Loppunut left

    Need a bot that allows group users to provide demographic details which will be posted to a database. User should be able to update their existing information anytime they interact with the bot. User's group telegram id and associated phone numbers are key in the database. Information in database will be used to restrict user from posting to group

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    Hi there, I’m looking to develop a custom plugin for a wordpress theme or even a mobile app if it’s affordable. I need a monetized platform which allows users to submit content or data in a form (including uploading of files in certain cases) and the form to generate an automatic template based on that data (I will create the template but need a tool

    €480 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Automate reminders / deadlines. - Track deliverables. - Request information from clients. - Central resource as proof-of-work. - Allows for clients to refer us to another company easily – with a tracked commission. - Allows us to mass message - Creates another USP. - Adds tangible value. MVP Plan In order to rollout an Client platform, we

    €1365 (Avg Bid)
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    60 tarjoukset

    Hi again An, Can you fix the following issues for me? • Change parallax hero so ‘affordable’ is on one line and ‘applian...throws an error ‘Please enter an address to continue’. Customer should be able to procveed without filling in alternate shipping address. • If possible recommend plugin that allows changing of category meta tags for seo

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    ...the car they like 4. User can add money to their account using stripe 5. User can see their previous bids and car listings and account info online auction for used cars that allows sellers to display their cars and get the maximum bid or price of it by setting a reserve or a starting price for the bid. there should be online consent form for seller

    €234 (Avg Bid)
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    Have a taxi Loppunut left

    The application allows the user to go anywhere with the push of a button and request a taxi

    €47 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    61 tarjoukset

    I'm looking for a rockstar WordPress Development team that can help with a list of items for an existing WordPress educational site that is running an LMS (Learning Management System). Bonus points to devs that already know LearnDash. ****I am posting very specific details on what is needed to be done. Bid appropriately. I do not have the time to negotiate budget amounts after you've b...

    €496 (Avg Bid)
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