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    C++ Code Help Loppunut left the parent node. (This is needed by operator++ in the iterators.) Include a main function that instantiates a set of integers, Set<int>, and allows an interactive user to execute any of the member functions and to print the contents of the set using an iterator The member function are returnSize"

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    ...on completion of the project and demonstration and proof of the functionality as outlined below Description: I am looking to build a proof of concept IOS mobile apple that allows users to: - sign a PDF document (a fake contract) with their fingerprint using the smartphone fingerprint reader - the contract will state two parties and the transfer

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    I have an excel sheet and I want a simple VBA code written that allows me to print the sheets of my choice in a booklet form.

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    android code -- 2 Loppunut left

    ...DIRECTLY FROM THE SQLITE DATABASE IS A GOOD IDEA. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A PROPOSAL IF YOU DON´T HAVE THE SKILLS TO REALLY DO IT. The job is to create a simple app that allows to delete a sms from the message box or directly from the sqlite database without been a standard message box. We already have an app that needs to become STANDARD MESSAGE

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    Save Credit Card Loppunut left

    I need a simple payment module for Magento 2 that allows cards to be saved in the backend like Magento 1 had. It should allow them to enter their card and it should validate it and identify the type of card and show the logo of that card. Also needs to email us the order and card details. Then, it should encrypt the middle eight number, and

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    I need a simple payment module for Magento 2 that allows cards to be saved in the backend like Magento 1 had. It should allow them to enter their card and it should validate it and identify the type of card and show the logo of that card. Also needs to email us the order and card details. Then, it should encrypt the middle eight number, and

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    Javascript - Quiz Loppunut left

    ...parameters passed. This then loads the quiz information from a JSON file, which would be [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The Javascript then allows them to play this quiz. A quiz consists of: - A starting page - Questions (which have a question, and multiple choice answers). - Once the Questions are completed it

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    Looking for someone able to do like [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] or any website template that allows API

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    We have a bespoke WordPress website built and in the backend of WP we have some custom PHP coding that allows the site to send out e-mails that contain properties. The system allows the facility to filter the properties by location, type etc... but we also have a set of filters for property features such as Spa, Beach front, heated pool etc... The form

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    I have a form on my web site that allows someone having a party/special event to complete it with all the information we need to give them a quote for valet parking services. I am not receiving the form by email and my web designer worked with Go Daddy Tech to try and fix it. I believe there is a coding issue with the form and need a web site designer

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    ...Leave Module – automates administrative tasks of recording leave and controlling this against leave policies. Time Module – automates the time tracking process. This module allows the employee to define and submit their timesheets. The supervisors can approve/ modify them. This has the ability to track time spent specific projects. Responsibilities:

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    ...spreadsheet that allows users to input their profit and loss (P&L) information and it will calculate the break even analysis, create a forecast template that will allow them to predict the annual P&L and then take that and separates it into 12 individual months. The spreadsheet allows for adjustments in the annual and monthly columns and then allows for comparison

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    ...instance. When a customer fills out a webform on one of the websites, a contact is created in Salesforce. To know which organization the customer is registering for, we define a custom Salesforce field on the contact record called org_code. The webform passes this value over as a hidden field. If a customer fills out a webform on more than one website, there

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    I need someone to chop up a PSD that already has layers, so that it becomes a template in MailChimp and allows me to drag-and-drop pictures, links and other text into it, and then send it off to my newsletter subscribers. It needs to look exactly like my PSD and it needs to be responsive and work on all platforms and devices. It needs to have

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store. I want you to build a super simple website that allows users to post events for price. The seller will post an event and be able to sell tickets. I will charge 10% of ticket sales. The website must have user login back end Can be simple wordpress Website domain is dcweedevents

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    ...Temp - Integer Sky - Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Overcast, Raining, Night Fish Life - Rating out of 5 stars You will also be able to attach photos to each entry The fourth screen allows you to view an existing log entry. In addition to displaying all the information you entered it'll also overlay the weather information for that time & location as well as

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    Flaris Design Co (FDC), is a website creation service, that allows for you to get high quality websites for a good price. We take pride in our websites, in fixing them for others and give great prices, and discounts to those who matter.

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    I need a simple payment module for Magento 2 that allows cards to be saved in the backend like Magento 1 had. It should allow them to enter their card and it should validate it and identify the type of card and show the logo of that card. Also needs to email us the order and card details. Then, it should encrypt the middle eight number, and save

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    ...cause the motors and lights to react differently when something is pressed on the tablet. What I need built is an interface similar to a video game main menu screen that allows the user 4 selections to choose from that when pressed the Unity app will send a UDP command across the network to que my show control system to start a new effect. After the

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    We would like a website that allows musicians upload audio or video of their original content and the general public can listen to it and rate it. The song with the highest rating would win. The time for the contest should be able to the set from the backend to daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Registered users should be able to share the link to the

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    ...excel spreadsheet with 1600 rows and 8 columns of data. I'd like to turn the data into searchable content, a bit like this website - [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] That website allows me to search women's shirts, with short sleeves, in size 10, in the colour red. My data won't have any pictures in the results - the results would just be data. I'd like to

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    Hi, We use Linnworks, which is an order management software. Linnworks has a customisable API which allows us to create apps and custom API integrations with third parties. In this case, we will have certain orders which will need to be shipped by a company called AGS. We need Linnworks to be able to 'talk' to AGS via the Linnworks and AGS API

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    ...looking for someone who can update about 4 or 5 of my work spreadsheets. These spreadsheets match work claims to received payments via vlookups, sumifs and index matches, and allows me to pass on payment to the worker. I'd like to review how this is done and then automate steps of the process. Basically, 1 spreadsheet is received to list payments, this

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    I need a mobile application which allows users to download and watch videos within my app videos must be protected and need a payment option before letting them enter to the main content educational videos around 100 hours for now

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    Hello, we are looking for a watch configurator who allows our customers to create their own watches according to their needs. Please check the following link, where you will see a reference watch configurator: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Waiting for your offers!

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    Create a web page (or a web entry form) that allows web users to add new resources into your database The database must be on online courses on machine learning offered by various universities and organization The database must have ERD, Business rules and 2 SQL queries written in word doc

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    ...should be addressed:  A diagram or site map to illustrate the architecture of your system;  URL and functions of all pages. 2. Create a web page (or a web entry form) that allows web users to add new resources into your database ...

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    Academic Calendar Loppunut left

    ...application is to provide a simple to use calendar, specific to deadlines for any UK University students. We are wanting a simple application in the form of a calendar that allows the user to record important deadlines in relation to his/her degree. It will be for the use of UK university students and will therefore need space for the relevant information

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    We supply uniforms which are comfortable ,stylish and long lasting , We currently cater to the corporate , industrial & educational sectors. Our range of products allows customer to choose color consistent to their brand and coordinate style across their department. We make responsible service commitments and ensure that we deliver Value with integrity

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    I need you to build a bulk sms software that allows me to send messages all over the world

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    ...prior to individual needs development. We need to add the following functionality : Dashboard should show: Data Flow tab to manage workflows. What our system does is allows us to connect to any other system and push and pull data from it with automatic rules or triggers. A graphical representation should be viewable- where we can click on the

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    Build A Website Loppunut left

    "my company want acquire a website for extension of its business in field of transport and reservation of airfare and reservation of hotel "we want a website that allows our customer to make a payment reservation online and make payment banking and leave comment and power create in account online .its must be interactive and able to accept the payment

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    ...using wont allow money to be made as its free. I want the same type of layout and features. There is basically the header then 3 colums and footer. I can access a page which allows me what boxes to put in that column. All the scripts can be reused but changed so they dont look like the same. For the subscription area ill have another system that takes

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    ...reference for 2D drawings, so I need to be able to rotate it and place it in different views. That means that it should be done in Blender, or a free software program that allows me to adjust the view, or it should be done in Cinemax which has a plug-in for Illustrator CC. Small budget. Please respond with 1) software program you would use 2) sample

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    Hire a Ghostwriter Loppunut left

    Description BAKERpedia is a nurturing environment which allows us to trailblaze, provide value and achieve profitability by focusing on our long-term vision while having fun. We are committed to providing an open and honest workplace to have the autonomy to excel. We are competitive but humble, and we are working towards creating efficient systems

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    The ‘Itinerary Builder’ is used by travelers who have knowledge of where they want to go and what they want to do while traveling in Madagascar. This website form allows users to generate an itinerary based on specific point-to-point selection via two drop-down lists which generated an itinerary with design and technical examples shown below.

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    ...clients. Currently we email them snapshots (jpegs) of the 3d files at angles. And ask them to comment back by email Ideally we would like to develop a web/mobile platform that allows us to: - upload a series of STL files (that get converted into a more simple form - as STL files are usually quite big), by reduce the number of triangles or resolution of

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    Company: ThePluggin We're a discount codes website, s...latest discounts, sales & deals from companies such as ASOS, Boohoo, Office, Prettylittething & more. So because we are constantly getting new codes we need a template which allows us to add new companies logos, discount code or sale description and we are able to link each one to a website.

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    ...Product page: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Currently we offer two software products and are about to release the third one: 1. Undet4SketchUp. An intuitive SketchUp extension that allows bringing any scan data directly in SketchUp environment and creating models from point clouds. 2. Undet4AutoCAD. A powerful plugin for AutoCAD that provides flawless performance

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    ...Job seekers will have the ability to view jobs, apply to jobs, and register to submit resume. The job seeker will be able to manage their job search utilizing a backend that allows registered job seekers to view jobs that have been applied too, email alerts for jobs that match keywords, multiple resume uploads, ability to select whether or not to make

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    An event app which let's users swipe through relevant events in their neighbourhood and allows them to see today's events on a map.

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    ...with FB id 2. users can creates their on blog and automatic get [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 3. create dashboard and interface that users can control their blog 4. create FB app that allows captured what that user publish with tags and publish on his blog in our site. 5. all code lines must be with notes of what this line do. what that you bid is what that

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    ...internal (behind authentication) portal for "customer service" with three simple report-type pages (show database query results in tabular form) 5) authentication design that allows for multiple users to access a single account (plan assuming 200 accounts and 400 users), but restricting users from seeing other accounts I will provide a site map, simple

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    ...villages Game is over. This game includes lying,brain of smart , speaking skills and memory skills. Social games are always more attractive according to other games and allows you to have a good time. As I said I want to create PC game version of this game but my code and creating game skills so poor.I just looking a good help for my project. If

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    ...willing to pay lots of money for such a simple job. Some things to consider when deciding to take on this project: I would like your own initiative in designing the logo, this allows for ideas to be bounced around to eventually get the perfect logo. I have some sort of idea what I want it to look like but I am sure there are skilled designers out there

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    Web development Loppunut left

    ...can buy using PayPal. The code already allows for mobile responsiveness I believe but I'll just need to make sure its responsive to various screen sizes. Obviously, the site will need to have the ability to have sellers enter a shipping price or calculate shipping (which I believe the PayPal API already allows). You'll just need to tell me what services

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    The project is an Hotel booking website that allows hotels owners to post there hotels details and manage their bookings.

    €536 (Avg Bid)
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    responsive maps - for 663 Sydney Suburbs - would like a complete responsive mapping system that allows suburb selection via suburb input, automated driver routing based on zones, multiple suburb input (up to 50 suburb entries at a time). looking for any additional custom settings that will aid in driver effiency & travel time minimisation.

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    TravelLink Loppunut left

    MVP: App that taps into existing LinkedIn network and allows user to "check in" PRIOR and DURING travel in CITY, HOTEL, FLIGHT, EVENT for a certain days and times. Members of the Linkedin Network that also checked in for that slot will be able to see you are also there and try meet up. - POTENTIAL to tap into APIs of city, hotel, airline, event database

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