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    Market research ◦ Primary information ◦ Secondary information Market - corporate-product-marketing-sales-talent = revenue MARKET RESEARCH ◦ Market segmentation ◦ Account segmentation ◦ Buyer segmentation ◦ User segmentation RESEARCH ON COMPETITORS How are my competitors are revived in the industry? Who all are my competitors? In chennai , in India and around the globe What ar...

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    We have carried out an advertising campaign to capture leads from a very specific sector for a law firm. We have a monthly investment margin of $ 50 to distribute them in different campaigns. We have a very professional landing page is also linked to the HubSpot inbound marketing system For some reason we are not getting the necessary leads. We need a person to help us achieve and meet our goal...

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    class management system 5 päivää left

    I am a student seeking for help with my project. The system that I want to develop is for a school. The user will be school administration, teacher and parent. The objectives are: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] allow parent be updated and keep track of their children class activities and requirements. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] allow parents and teacher monitor the academic progr...

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    The application aims to shorten the pathway between the customers and companies. I need simple application which can be a platform for too many products (companies portfolios). I also need it to be supplied with online shopping and payment system.

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    PROJECT: Install Debian Plymouth Bootscreen package onto Slax Linux 9.11.0 and demonstrate it by having it boot to show the splash screen properly. OVERVIEW: The Slax 9.11.0 (Debian based) Linux LiveCD uses a modular approach for adding packages additional functionality. As such, it is not a simple matter to use the Debian Apt package manager to install the Plymouth Boot Splash screen functional...

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    I am looking for someone who will help me in a PLS-SEM Simulation Project which will be potentially utilized for a journal. The objectives of the project are: (1) Utilize consistent PLS to generate data based on standardized parameters, factor loadings, Cronbach’s Alpha, composite reliability, and AVE (average variance extracted). (2) Utilize SEMinR package ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi ...

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    Hello, as discussed in the chat please find attached a rough outline for the project. Objective: create an experiment management, publishcation and inital analysis platform that can be installed and run on php & mysql shared hosted servers securely. Raw outlines: =========== a) Installation and site configuration script b) user management (admin, experiment owner, contributor and registered...

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    We aims to establish a new environmental services and Specialty logistics business, which provides fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to fulfill the requirements of our local customers for waste management, waste disposal, chemical storage, packing, labeling and transportation. Our facilities will be prepared to handle a wide array of hazardous materials and chemical products, our material han...

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    CAL Report 4 päivää left

    I own a condominium unit and the chairman of the condo committee has prepared a 4-page report in Thai. I would like an English translation (within 3 days).

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    Project for John W. 7 päivää left

    Hi John, I am looking for answers from an expert in the GPS tracking field to help me apply the needed objectives to my website; I am planning to build a website (ASP.NET MVC or Normal ASP.NET Forms, coded with .NET ) handles vehicle registration, documentation, manages drivers, ..etc. I only miss the GPS tracking feature, I don't know where to start, which devices are suitable, the di...

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    We are a young company that offers consulting services in finance and business, as well as other services related to website development, social media marketing and more. Our company is looking for someone who is able to write engaging and informative descriptions of services offered for our website. The descriptions should require a short explanation of the service and how a business benefits w...

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    Background : Plastics, and their derived products, have been found in the air that we breathe, in soils, throughout aquatic systems and biota, and have even been found in the most remote polar oceans and deepest abyssal trenches. While plastics have been found in almost all environments, we do not yet understand the impacts plastics have on ecosystems, and a key knowledge gap is the impact of plas...

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    PPT Presentation development expert 3 päivää left

    Require a savvy presentation expert who knows how to build a great pitch deck for a company. Must be great at pitching an idea, explaining a problem and excellent graphic design of a pitch deck. Should be a weeks work to meet our objectives (~15-20 pages).

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    PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Select one of the following topics to work with using a CFD tool: 1) Flow and heat transfer in a fixed bed formed by particles. Use at least 3×3×3 or more spherical particles Single phase laminar or turbulent flow Compare with existing theoretical and experimental data if available See Paper 1 as a reference Suggested CFD tool: MFiX 2) Flow and heat transfer in ...

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    Project for Ahmad K. 6 päivää left

    Same project and objectives as the last one that I had you do. 16 questions, detailed answers with sources.

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    Hi there, We are a start up vitamin company called 'Bondi Essence' which aims to distribute online to a younger target audience. We are going to start by launching 4 vegan chewable vitamins. Due to the social media/ influencer based marketing strategy, the bottle these vitamins are to come in needs to stand out but remain sleek, minimalistic and appealing to a 20-35yr target demographic...

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    build me a website 3 päivää left

    Formulates editorial policy and directs operation of newspaper: Confers with editorial policy committee and heads of production, advertising, and circulation departments to develop editorial and operating procedures and negotiate decisions affecting publication. Appoints editorial heads and supervises work of their departments in accordance with newspaper policy. Writes leading or policy editori...

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    I am given three (long) research papers. It needs to summarize these three papers in details. You can summarize them individually. • Format requirement: For each paper, the report must have o an introduction/abstract section to summarize what problems the paper tries to solve and what results the paper achieves after solving the problems. o a technical summary section to summarize step-by-s...

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    This assignment aims to enhance RMI application to calculates the shortest path. part of the code is already built, so this enhancement will be on my code.

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    Skills share -- 2 3 päivää left

    First , *home page* - introduction about application And vision ,mission,objectives. -type of workshops. *when user click on any workshops He go for the details of it , like -name of coach Type of workshops (group/individual/online) -price -place -*button of registration* When he click on this button he will find an form to write his name ,email,phon number

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    Word count 8,000 - 12,000. Deadline: 10/04/2020 ​What objectives do you wish to achieve through the completion of the Senior Project? Through the completion of this assignment the main objectives to be achieved are a greater and more coherent understanding of the obligations and operations of financial institutions. Regarding this a further objective is to ratify the possible abuse of compliance ...

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    What I have so far: - 3 python scripts - [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] - The purpose of these scripts is that they are to SIMULATE a chat environment. “Users” are simulated using ports following protocols of the Python3 language - The scripts run on my command terminal on my MacBook; it is hoste...

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    I need you to write some content about this topic: 'How do you keep your customers in a crisis?' -have a catchy or bright color image -when to do this -why is it important to organisations -why its important to do this -Link back to our product called 'ManageTeam' which can 'Build great teams, focus on the customer, and evolve your business' Note: allude in the art...

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    marketing plan 2 päivää left

    You have been employed as the digital brand manager for a new brand called ‘Notam Novum’. Snack food (chocolate, crisps, nuts, etc) you need to have these features for the company Conduct a brief market place analysis Select and justify your target digital customer (develop a customer persona) Develop specific objectives for your online product launch (which aspects of the RACE fr...

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    We are hiring for a lead developer that is highly experienced with iterable and event driven marketing. Below are some objectives we are looking to accomplish, we first need help scoping the project. I have the details relating to the current events and reporting on data flows. I will be conducting interviews over the next two days. 1. Getting our historical email data into Iterable 2. Getting ...

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    Copywriter 2 päivää left

    Mayk Ideas is looking for a creative and versatile Copywriter/Communications Associate. Driven by high standards of editorial and creative excellence, you will create original content to support marketing, product and other company-wide initiatives for a variety of clients and industries, as well as our own brand. You are a passionate and strategic storyteller, who understands the power of strong,...

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    Housing Society Project 2 päivää left

    Hi, We arte looking for developing a website for a Housing Society wherein Secure Login is required for Admin, Secretary and others. Admin Controls everything. Secretary Controls uploading files (jpg, png, pdf, txt,) to the pages. Others should have New Log in/Sign in support. It is suppose to be a simple website with pages about the members details and login tab. Some pages are visible to all ...

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    The system to be developed is based on the following principles: • software design such as flexibility, scalability and configurability requirements, allowing the integration of all available information on a scalable platform; -Development in .NET with availability of source code. We do not intend who will develop from scratch, but some solution that already has the main cross modules develo...

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    Through the completion of this assignment the main objectives to be achieved are a greater and more coherent understanding of the obligations and operations of financial institutions. Regarding this a further objective is to ratify the possible abuse of compliance systems put in place, by outlining and making use of cases in order to provide solutions and insight on the topic at hand. Lastly anoth...

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    Create VB.NET Windows form project for the Employee class illustrated below. The project defines an arraylist to manage employee's data. Expected project submissions: Soft and hard copy for the project analysis and design document, which contains: Introduction and problem statements (objectives, motivations, etc…). Use Case Diagram. Some important "Sequence Diagrams" GUI &n...

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    Population Health Advisory Council (PHAC) is an all-volunteer community collaboration of stakeholders to serve as an advisory board to the City Council on issues related to public health and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    Suppose your friend (who would be the CEO) plans to open a startup company ABC that has around 55 employees so far made up of machine workers, engineers, customer service reps, sales folks, management, and just yourself as the CIO (only IT guy). The company plans to operate in MI with the main office and manufacturing located there in a suburb. Your friend, the CEO, scheduled a meeting soon exp...

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    We are setting up a new YouTube channel that aims to deliver education videos for young people and adults. The goal of the videos is to provide education, teaching and guidance for the English language certificate exam IELTS. The logo and title card should reflect the existing branding and colour scheme of the exam (red and white, please see attached images). It should also add an exciting, orig...

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    Hello, The problem is related to thermal engineering ( Refrigeration Systems). The problem is to optimize the performance of refrigeration system taking cost and cooling capacity as two objectives. The optimization Algorithm to be used is Teaching learning based optimization Algorithm for the problem. Please see the attachment here for your understanding. Please see if it's possible to so...

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    Kutumb, social enterprise aims to provide one-stop solution for all semi/ skilled migrant workers, closer to their work station in an affordable price. The services include accommodation (bunk bed), food, hygiene sanitation, water, healthcare and other essential services. It would also provide an opportunity for advanced skill training to enhance their skill, which would help them to get better in...

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    I am looking for a copywriter and researchers to help put relevant content onto my vista print hosted website. Background: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] The UK Government have launched an initiative to help UK citizens get financial support during the corona virus outbreak. The website aims to host useful links, information and contacts so people...

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    Project for Aftab M. 1 päivä left

    Hello, I need research paper for Security in Server room based on this topics: 1) Objectives 2) Risks 3) Entererance check 4) floor 5) power without interruption 6) Air condition 7) Anti Fire system

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    Overview of ICH Loppunut left

    This presentation is protected by copyright and may be used, reproduced, incorporated into other works, adapted, modified, translated or distributed under a public license provided that ICH's copyright in the presentation is acknowledged at all times. In case of any adaption, modification or translation of the presentation, reasonable steps must be taken to clearly label, demarcate or otherwi...

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    The aims of this practical work are to: • Provide an understanding of the concept of entropy in the context of written language. • Give a better understanding of how unicity distance is calculated. • Illustrate the weakness of classical ciphers • Reinforce understanding of the calculation of unicity distance • Demonstrate the utility of knowledge of known plaintext to th...

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    Description Job Title: Team Leader Team Leader Job Purpose: Manages and leads a team of employees. Communicates company goals, safety practices, and deadlines to team. Motivates team members and assesses performance. Provides help to management, including hiring and training, and keeps management updated on team performance. Communicates concerns and policies among management and team members. T...

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    Topic : Sentiment analysis of election tweets It should work on real-time data. Work on english and hindi tweets. we have different election parties like BJP, CONGRESS,AAP,BSP,NCP. Input needs to be taken of different users like age, gender, party voted last year and all basic requirements. The output of my project should be to mention the pros(what good work done for country) and cons (what ...

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    The aims of this practical work are to: • Provide an understanding of the concept of entropy in the context of written language. • Give a better understanding of how unicity distance is calculated. • Illustrate the weakness of classical ciphers • Reinforce understanding of the calculation of unicity distance • Demonstrate the utility of knowledge of known plaintext to th...

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    €30 - €45
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    AIM:- The aim of this project is to achieve Low phase noise with optimum voltage in VCO using cross coupled topology with capacitor as feedback in CMOS technology. Objectives:- 1. Synthesis and simulation of NMOS cross coupled VCO using MOSFET as a varying capacitor, with capacitor as a feedback and without feedback and calculate its carrier frequency,phase noise,tuning range,power consumption and...

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    Objectives: Make site faster and more secure. The site will no longer be updated but would like to keep the data on the site. (the site will be replaced by a smartphone app) Wordpress db is slow and updates are a pain creating vulnerabilities so want to get rid of it. Details: Pages to convert: • Blog pages (4 pages) all the same format, video from youtube and some case info to acco...

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    I want documentation for a mobile app to be build for an online tutoring platform. the current service is subscription based. Students and teachers join the classes through a web platform on their tablets or laptops. Non subscribers do not have access to the platform. They can only see our website which is static. Now we want to launch a free app which users searching on the store can download. We...

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    I require the redesign of the an existing homepage + detailed page, for a web application that aims to function as a social learning online community. I have done some designs and although they capture the main functions but they lack in: 1- Quality and user experience 2- Appropriate theme I am looking to discuss the brief with a creative UX designer who has worked on similar projects before, i...

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    Objectives to be achieved : Switch from current process of SVN to BitBucket version control system Code review in Bitbucket instead of email/slack way Preparation of Training Document on BitBucket apart from conducting training Building the code in Bitbucket and moving to AWS

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    Website Design Loppunut left

    Website: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Nature of Business & Industry: Distributor of Audio, Video, Lighting & Communication brands in GCC (B2B) Website Objective: 1. Showcase NMK distributed brands > Products 2. Encourage visitors to search for brands>Products 3. Encourage visitors to request a call back or enquire about a product Website Revamp Purpose: 1. Fresh look &...

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    1. Research aims to improve a robust automated intrusion detection system which controls the number of alarms output to the system operator and tunes the detection model on the fly according to feedback provided by the system operator when false predictions are identified. 2. The intrusion detection system will implement a Prediction Filter (Fuzzy GP PF) which aims to improve the already existing...

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    Icons for SaaS App Loppunut left

    We also require 8 icons for our app's main menu bar: Dashboard, Overall Performance, Business Objectives, Digital Contracts, Parties, Service Map, Incidents, Events We also need some Empty Placeholder illustrations for screens which have no data yet, these include No Data, No Notifications, No Search Results. We also want custom Error Pages for common errors like Unauthorised (401), General...

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