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    I am looking to redesign I just found out that the design I am using is from a template that sells all over the internet. This was not mentioned when I bought the domain. Anyway I am looking for a starving webdesigner that can develop me a good website design cheaply. Visit my site [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] now visit my competitors

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    Redesign of a website, just need a template (PSD or first page in HTML) for an agent/distributor of women's underwear. Logo is available plus some pics. Would like to have a professional and artistic design. Please send me details of your work/portfolio.

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    1 tarjoukset I am looking for a partner, The reason for this is that i am a technical web designer, and i can only program backend, I am looking for a partner, who can redesign the main site template, and give the site a more graphical feel. There will also be a few more bits of information to be added, to the site.. Person who qualifies must also be able to

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    Redesign of an small existing website. Logo, some pictures are available as is teh house style partly predefined. Website will be: Intro/home : Holding Company with links to Company A + Company B I would like to have a template asap. Please describe in bid/PMB your experience + tools you will/can use.

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    I am looking for a redesign of This website is a destination travel guide and was started in 1997. It is very well-ranked (for keyword Zanzibar) on search engines, e.g. Google and Yahoo!, and this must not change! However the look and feel is dated and the site seriously needs to be improved and modernised. Unfortunately I don't

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    Hello, I need someone to redesign [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] a website about information on Bangladesh. Please show your previous work. This is a big project because after redesigning the website look, you will have to transfer the content from the original website to the new template. That's nearly 200 pages of content worth of transferring. And it

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    Hello, I need someone to redesign [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] a website about information on Bangladesh. Your bid will most likely be accepted if you can provide some sort of mock design of the intended site. That way you can prove how good you really are. You may change the logo if you have a better one in mind. Please remember to use mainly green since

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    €87 - €262
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    Redesign of website Loppunut left

    Hello, I need someone to redesign [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] a website about information on Bangladesh. Please provide a mock template of: 1. the main page (currently [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) 2. content pages (the rest of the pages) 3. the image galleries You may change the logo if you have a better one in mind. Please remember to use mainly green since the w...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone who can redesign the company hompepage of DeshSoft Inc. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] a software development company. You MUST provide a mock / demo template of your planned website. I have used RAC long ago, but was disapointed with the results I got. I don't really care about your references or past work, you must prove to

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    30 tarjoukset opposed to what you'll accept as a lump sum. Sample of how the product description pages should look is here: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (this is my template) I can provide templates for how the other levels of the site should look as well, but please examine this page very carefully, bearing in mind what you know of OSCommerce

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    Would like to have a template/redesign of a current site, very basic, professional looking design. Need only first page with menu. Let me know the tools you will use, and i need it fast. Thanks!

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    I am interested in a new and professional looking redesign for a traffic exchange site. I anticipate the following pages with the appropriate graphics will be needed: 1. Main / Introduction page. 2. New member's sign-up page. 3. Member's Login page 4. Template page for the member's area. When you enter a bid please indicate where I can see

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    Web Site Design Loppunut left

    I am looking for a website redesign, THIS IS A DATING SITE. I will require one master design. I will provide the text, The template will need to be installed into a perl script already hosted on the server. My budget limits this for $35.00, and hopes with a future business relationship. I have posted this project before and I have no response from the

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    ... 1. I own a copy of the CGI version of freelancers and need it moved to another server. 2. I need a complete site redesign. Simple but sharp design with logo and etc. NO templates. It must be unique. 3. I need you do redesign all the little graphics to match the site. I am talking about the little buttons that say "deposit money" "transfer

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    We need to redesign the index page of our search engine. Give it a different look. Please show me the template/design.

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    ...too long. I'd like to get a web page design that is modern / clean to port my personal web site to. I took a first stab at a redesign, but it's pretty ugly (I'm not visually inclined). It's here: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Some sites I like: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] ## Deliverables 1) Web page with clear...

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    36 tarjoukset[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] , BUT i need it in mySQL/PHP with a nice newbie installer interface. I also need you to build it around "smarty" template system, so it could be easy for a webdesigner to redesign the frontend and backend. Please go in and look carefuly on what features the script have before you make an bid here at RentACoder. ...

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    URL : [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] This is a redesign of an exisiting site. We only require one page template for the site, we do not need evey page built. The splash/title page will not be used in the new site. The client would like the logo to apear at the top of the screen rather than the bottom as it is at present. He would like to keep the

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    ...for an affordable and dependable programmer/website designer to redesign my african american dating site. I need the following: membership database A Logo 2 visually attractive site template pages with pictures of african american men and women who appear to be 18-29 1 blank template page with nav bar only a join list script a form mail script

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    79353 New Interface Loppunut left

    As a programmer myself, I have created many things. Unfortunatly, the design and graph...too techy). If you are interested in creating 2 templates for [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] .. 1) template 1 is for people that visit the website but are not signed in 2) template 2 is for players in the game. I already have players ... but I think it is time to redesign!

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    I am in need of a one page template that will put our original design to shame. Will need the template delivered in html and psd. Any thoughts or ideas please contact me via pmb. The original site can be seen here [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    Web Design Loppunut left

    I currently need a redesign of All the files are in a perl script. Template work is okay. THis is a startup and I have not budget I have about $30.00 for this projects I will accept bids from Newbies who are looking to build a profile. I am also looking for some to establish a business relationship with as this project grows. Do not

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    This is a web project which simply needs a graphic and flash designer. The target website to be redesign: Will tell the designer when he submit a portfolio. Website will be based on the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] as a template Background: Black Look and Feel: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] navigation: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 1)I will require a number o...

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    I need a redesign to [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], with all new grapics and design. I need all the work to be done, including adding the content, to everypage, I need this to be a one of a kind site, not some used template, payment will be made after site is approved and uploaded to my servers.

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    Web page redesign Loppunut left

    Redesign needed for four Web sites, front-page only, with template for inner pages. (1) GTZ Industries: I need a front-page redesign of [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], with a template for inner pages, no special graphics are needed for GTZ, just clean design, business-professional; (2) Thermogenic: I also need a new front page for [kirjaudu nähdäksesi U...

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    Web site re-design Loppunut left

    We need a redesign for our actual web site. We are a IT company dedicated solutions like ERP implementation, e-business solutions, Hosting, e-commece, so we need a good great design based on our business services. The desid should have 15-20 templates with the same corporate image and some diferences en each template acording to the section. Actually

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    ...need changed. Intro will need some work as well. So, if you can redesign my site please bid. The new design is not to be a flat, lifeless picture looking thing. You will notice my site now is not flat and lifeless. NOTE: ONLY BIDDERS WHO SUBMIT A TEMPLATE ARE CONSIDERED!!! YOUR TEMPLATE WILL NOT BE USED IN ANY WAY,SHAPE OR FORM OTHER THEN PROVIDING ME

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    I am looking for someone to redesign a hosting website. Previouse hosting design a plus. I have a couple template pics, so I know what I want it to look like. Have content, just need someone to do a little graphics work, and put it all together!

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    Simple web site redesign and icons. Most of the work is already done, we somewhat like the flash that has been done but the menu fonts seem too blended and the design in the background is not that great. Also we have a new logo that is not on this site. Background for [[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]][1] BETA AREA (Item 1 must be completed ASAP) 1) Beta

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    81780 Site Redesign Loppunut left

    I am interested in a site redesign. There are a total of 10 pages currently on the site. A generic template could be used for the nine internal pages, but the main (intro) page would need to be unique (and eye catching!). Please post a tentative cost estimate and links to some of your web page design work. Thank you for viewing this project!

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    Website Redesign Loppunut left

    Redesign / reorganization of existing website [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Utilize Dreamweaver or FrontPage. Site should be conservative but state of the art graphically and technically. Site must be easy to maintain (menu's templates, etc) The site should be database driven from an MS Access database whereever possible. Database and Page elements should include:

    €1986 (Avg Bid)
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    To redesign the front page with new logo, background etc. Frontpage design with have to be designed with the idea the the basic template could be used through out the other pages on the site New Logo, complimenting banner and graphics. Logo and Graphics and page appearence would appeal to men and women and younger fashion jewelry. ## Deliverables

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    Web site redesign Loppunut left

    Background for [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]: Simple web site redesign and icons. BETA AREA (Item 3 must be completed ASAP) New Corporation Name: Cool Info Corporation. Web site [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] , (I will give you write access to the directory for this site’s temporary location after bid acceptance) Payment will be made upon completion

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    WEBSITE FACE LIFT Loppunut left

    Looking to redesign the layout of an existing site. I am looking prefessional yet contemporary site layout. Modularity a big plus for this design. I need something that can change weekly. With room for advertisements that are incorporated in the design. The website caters to high school throught sophomore year in college student-athletes. Very small

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    WEB TEMPLATE DESIGN Loppunut left

    We want to redesign our web-site and we are seeking a web template that we can easily modify to our liking. Please do not plagiarize OSWD as we’ve looked at hundreds of OSWD designs and none of them really fit our needs. The template must consist of a *valid* HTML document and cascading style sheet for formatting. Our company does co-location, web hosting

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    36 tarjoukset from infinity. Also, there should be TWO people Man and Woman very Excitedly "recieving them"! See SAMPLE picture below on template. Finally the LOGO should say... $50 [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] See Sample of Template to redesign: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Color scheme should Blue, Yellow and Red. In terms of this website frame, y...

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    To redesign the front page with new logo, bg etc. Frontpage design with have to be designed with the idea the the basic template could be used through out the other pages on the site. Banner would have to be clear simple discription of the site. Banner would of course have to similar to logo. Logo and Graphics to appeal to men and women and younger

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    47 tarjoukset a website for a Christian organization in the United States. If you click through the website you will see different styles, different font types. The winning bid will redesign the site completely, to make its appearance more professional and user friendly. I want something that looks very professional, but that has the following elements: 1. looks

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    For my website at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], I need a logo, site template(header and footer file), and new index page for my website. It should be similar to the website at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] . Please note that you can not use their design or content from their index page. It must be rewritten. My website uses a templating system

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    ...looking for a whole redesign of the site, just a new template similar to the layout of the current one. The current template has a techno look to the gray border, and I want to replace that border with something more fun, and use a brighter background, maybe maroon, orange or red. Just a new color scheme and border/background template is what I need. I

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    ...[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I need to know which teacher they came from, who the student is and whether they have know there student password. I need a template in which I can create tests which are automatically graded and submitted by Email. Once the teacher receives the E'mail. The Email has the score in percentage correct printed

    €241 (Avg Bid)
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    ...discounts available for longer commitments(1year vs. monthly), etc. Businesses will be categorized (hotel, restaurant,ski-resort, etc) and each category will have a unique display template which we will create dynamically from our administration area. The merchant may upload photos, and choose the ameneties(if a hotel, pets allowed, kosher cooking, gym facilites

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    Please check out ww...[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] first. I need to have someone with good graphics experience redesign the homepage to make it easier to use and better looking. Rough draft is required prior to accepting bids. Include this in your reply. Thank you! -Matt ## Deliverables Complete graphic template(s), HTML codes and graphics of all work done.

    €73 (Avg Bid)
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    33 tarjoukset

    I need a redesign of the current site I have. I want to create my site using the new .net languages however, although I am an experienced programmer, my graphical skills are none. I need someone to create 2 - 3 html pages including all the graphics. I need one template page of my site so I can use for membership areas. I also need one main page with

    €125 (Avg Bid)
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