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    ...create a beautifully designed 3d model of a hollow sphere that I can easily 3d Print. I’d like freelancers to ideally use Rhinoceros 3d (but not required) and give me the ability to modify model in the future as needed (using parametric features like grasshopper) and deliver to me both a .3dm and .stl files. Feel free to get creative on...

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    ...way easy to assemble after 3D print of each body parts. Hand stretched above head to toe length about .75" for both boy and girl. I will like to have my kids photo copy for facial appearance instead of just some random Something similar as the attached toy except coloring and face looks. I will have my own logo 3D rendering on the first side

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    ...modeling program as 3D modeling on Open GIS This project is to print 3D modeling output data(CSV) of odor dispersion in Windows and Linux OS environment for Fortran program output data of odor dispersion modeling in Linux(CentOS) OS environment. 1. To display CSV files from output into open GIS(google map, openstreet map etc)-based 3D modeling in both

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    ...modeling program as 3D modeling on Open GIS This project is to print 3D modeling output data(CSV) of odor dispersion in Windows and Linux OS environment for Fortran program output data of odor dispersion modeling in Linux(CentOS) OS environment. 1. To display CSV files from output into open GIS(google map, openstreet map etc)-based 3D modeling in both

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    CONTEXT: We need a 3D model of a aluminium enclosure for a data logger. __________________________________________ TOOL: We need the model done in a free/low-cost editor that is simple to use for further editing. This could e.g. be AutoDesk Fusion 360 or similar. __________________________________________ MILESTONES: The first half of the payment

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    I require a custom designed 3D model of a race mechanic (overalls and helmet) whose hands are arranged to hold a stick. This is so a lollipop can be held by the figure (example photo attached). I have recently purchased a few .stl figures from Heroforge and printed them on my 3D printer (4 different poses attached) but because that is a site for

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    ...now) as well as for print projects (photography related) and - for example - Pinterest Campaigns to have a consistent look over these platforms. The focus for this challenge is more on style (color scheme, Typography, Frame yes/no, style of background - photo/color, graphics,...). I do like a clear style (so no embossing, no 3D fanciness, not everything

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    ...many (dozens over time) 3D models for us. You will be making models for giveaway products like a pen but mostly you'll make models of greeting cards with custom shapes. These cards can have cutouts or different shapes. Some models may require simple textures (like wood), but the cards will probably have a single colour and no print. Nothing fancy. We

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    ...and need 2D drawings and a 3D model (created from those 2D drawings) to document the current window dimensions, shapes and features. The 2D files must contain measurements, and callouts (that I will provide) so I can print blueprints. I will provide photos and pencil/Powerpoint sketches of the measurements. The 3D model should be zoomable and viewable

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    Hello 3D designers, I know that many has the potential, but finding the right one is always difficult, thanks to Freelancer.com to bring many talents on one platform. This project is not as simple as it sounds and is not so difficult as well, we all have normally seen circular / cylindrical shaped gears, but we can make different shaped gears, as illustrated

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    ...previous expertise in API integration into WordPress website. 1. eCommerce website that sells 3D models, under construction, working on WordPress and WooCommerce already has a Plugin to integrate 3rd Party APIs to execute website services, i.e. print 3D models through 3rd party. 2. The API plugin works with Wordpress, Woocommerce and the site theme

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    Camera Pole mount Loppunut left

    3D Model that I can use to print with my Maker Select 3d printer. It is for mounting a camera on a pole. I have included a picture and sketch of what I need. I only need the camera mount piece and a short pole. I don't need any of the hole modeled, just the U-shape piece and a pole 1. 3D Model that I can use with Cura for the U-shape piece circle...

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    ...design. The intent of this contest is not to simply mechanically extrude the 2D design. I expect you to use your artistic and modeling skills to re-interpret the design into the 3D space. Consider the "bones" part of the design. Those represent baby rattles. I would expect that a baby rattle would have a cylindrical profile, in the middle and round (spherical)

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    Hi! I have parts to a model that need rework to allow them to print in ABS. The design is made in freeform with polygons and requires changes to surface dimensions to improve the fit between parts. The parts also need to be made free of mesh errors. I can provide additional details on request if needed. I'm eager to hear from you if you have experience

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    Ind...who wants a 3D STL file of my house so i can 3D print a scale model of it. It's a small 2 bedroom cottage. The more detail the better. So maybe use height map from photographs to get texture to come into the final STL...? I'd like a high resolution STL ready for printing and even a more lightweight output so I can view in a free viewer or 3D...

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    ...to get this concept 3D modeled (based on the 2d concept) so I can 3D print miniature ones. Total height of the mask should be 7 inches or so. I will likely print this on my own, but if you have experience with 3d printing and coloring the 3D printed model and would be interested in actually creating the figure, please feel free to let ...

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    Trophy icon Do some 3D Modelling Loppunut left

    Hi All I need to present a business case...took some photo of the location and I'm looking for someone to get a realistic 3D model to attache to the business case for the license. One selected you will need to produce a vectorial file of the drew so I can print it on vinyl and stick to the van Please feel free to ask question . thanks simon

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    Trophy icon 3D model a ring for me! Loppunut left

    ...Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Please keep in mind that I will be 3d printing this design in a machinable wax so there are a few requirements for this contest. First, it must be ready to 3D print (so please check wall thickness, make sure all pieces are connected, and density of the model.). Second, I will be setting this ring with gemstones that are very

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    3D Print model Loppunut left

    Want a 3D model made to print on a makerbot, I will upload 2 files. A logo for Hacktoberfest and bird model we got made in the past. I want the bird to sit on top of the hacktoberfest and for it to be free standing. I'd like the model to not require supports so its easy to print. We want to put an led in the bacl so if it could have a coupl...

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    ...that will look very similar to the current in-store rooms for use when these stores are being remodeled. This project requires both of the following to be complete: 1. 3D model of the exterior of the unit. There is a rough sketch attached that shows what it will look like. We are placing a 40' sea crate on the lower part of a gooseneck trailer and

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    I need to 3D print parliaments buildings of different countries for a sculpture project. I am starting with England. I will need the 3D model of the House of Commons, where they do the legislation. I need the interior and not the architecture shape of the building. Also, I need it to be 3D print friendly. The size will be a maximum of 20 cm. No colors

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    Hi, I am looking for a person to create a 3D model of some Game of Thrones house sigils and lettering. So anyone reading this can better visualize what I have in mind, I'll explain their exact purpose. Basically I have a Game of Thrones 3D Map of Westeros, for which I created a thick wooden base, for it to rest on, and a glass dome, to cover the

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    What I need is a new handle designed for our window. We currently have a handle that works ...a more stylish, smooth, sleek design. We have our own in house engineers who can open solidworks etc and 3D print so all I need is someone with time to model a new design up. For further information or full project brief please feel free to contact me.

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    ...end adapter (130mmx130mmx60mm) of the portable AC's vent hose is air tightly inserted into the tube. ------------------------------------------ 9. There should be tool free mounting bracket/brace sets (mounting sets) to securely (hand-screw-tightly) lock onto three sides of the frame/wall of the window opening, the bracket/brace set should be able

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    ...company), who can better my sketchup buildings (highrises) and produce watertight, textured building-files in AutoCAD/SolidWorks or whatever professional sw, so that i can 3d print the building. some levels need interior walls and furniture. the building should be made in sections, so that i can show its interior. i might want up to 4 buildings, with

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    Looking for a 3d model of an 2D drawing provided below. Need to be created so that I can 3D print it. Wanting a keychain size (roughly 1 inch tall) As well as a free standing version (3-4 inches tall) Attached is the image of the 2D drawing. Can provide the Adobe illustrator file if needed. Let me know if you have any questions!

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    Hey there ! great ( and not to expensive ) 3d model makers of the world :) are you ready for the challenge? :) its a design for a stand that will contain popcorn for microwave boxes it will be in supermarkets. I'm sending you file and a sketch. the stand should be made by carton : ~ 160 cm height header should be ~ 50 -40 cm width of

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    ...of look and quality (but much reduced scale). Please download the free game onto your iPhone if you are not familiar. Models should be bright, vivid, fun and visually appealing. At the early stage only two animations are needed. One 3D model for a 'shark' and one complete model for a "minnow". There is then the background which I would like t...

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    ...of look and quality (but much reduced scale). Please download the free game onto your iPhone if you are not familiar. Models should be bright, vivid, fun and visually appealing. At the early stage only two animations are needed. One 3D model for a 'shark' and one complete model for a "minnow". There is then the background which I would like t...

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    ...want poses for each model: standing, sitting, and laying down. We would like these poses in a file format that is manipulative by ZBrush 4R6 (.zpr ) and also in a .vrml (for rapid review) that contains all data necessary for manufacture. The goal is to be able to print full color figurines approximately 5" in size. These will be 3D printed so the mesh

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    ...(by means of a single structure), on the Novation Remote SL Compact Mk I Midi Keyboard/Controller. What I want to do, is to create a 3D model with appropriate layers and file format for use with 3D printers, so I can print off and use this structure. I have a Novation Remote SL Compact Mk I Midi Keyboard//Controller combo and I want to attach a Korg

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    ... I am looking for a 3d graphic designer that can create a 3d model of the phone case in order for me to upload the file on [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to print the phone case. I already have the artwork in 2d just need to make it in 3d and use the proper dimension for a phone case. I have attached a copy of the artwork. Feel free to ...

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    I need a 3d model of a rearing horse with a bridle. It must be modeled with 3d printing in mind. It must be able to pass an .stl validation test and be ready for print. A 2d drawing will be provided to the selected 3d artist. You can use whatever program you want to model it as long as you provide error free .max and .stl files. The horse in the dra...

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    ...simple 3D CAD models to be drawn and the files returned to me in .dxf , .stl and a format suitable for others to view in the free version of Google Sketchup. The models are of a railway skip wheel base and various tops to fit onto the skip base. These are required as part of 3d printer test. The model needs to reflect the requirements of the 3d printing

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    Hey, The project will be really easy. I just need someone help me to render my business card to 3D model. Then I can print it out with my 3D printer (Makerbot Replicator2 ). I think the format of the file should be .stl something. I got different color of PLA so hope you can make your design as much as the same to my original card which really simple

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    ...need to create a 3D model of a small building for a potential client. It is not a very precise work. I have attached an image of the building. I need to show it to my client in a 3D viewer and print it a 3D printer from SLT format. I will provide photographs of the building as well as access to a website that already contains 3D images of the

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    Dear friends, I will be glad to get your quote for one or more of the 3 things we need: 1. Cost of 3D print (before manufacturing) of the attached file - I need it TWICE. 2. Cost for making metal mould for this file. 3. Cost of manufacturing 1000 pieces of this product. Please attach to your quote a portfolio of your past work and/or general

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    ...client booth will be given a code number to download a 3D model app from the iTunes store. The app is to be used an a patient teaching tool and will allow physicians to spin the model around, turn layers off/on etc. A print campaign will invite physicians and inform them of the free app offer. The intention of the AR is to serve as a "carrot&...

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    We are looking for a very good 3d modeler that can model/texture/render our watches. Samples of watches are attached. We will provide you low res multiple angle photos per your request. The watches need to be modeled perfectly, texture exactly how it is, rendered beautifully for print and web media. Note: Most watches come with diamonds so they

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    €26 - €220
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    ... I need a skilled 3D specialist to make a high quality model of golden thai elephant. There would be a total of 10 different pre-defined poses, and I need this model to be flexible enough so I could change it to any pose in future. This model is for promotional branding purposes and it will be used on client's site and in print, so the render quality

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    3D cars needed Loppunut left

    ...provide me 20-50 models of 3D cars. The list is cars with made year starting with 2005. They need to be high-poly. There is NO need of : interior , wheels or underneath the car modelling/textures. You need to create: The car body , for car headlights and backlights you can use textures there is no need to model them , all the car accessories

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    Generate object-oriented (C#) representation of 3D model on the basis of sample C#/C++ code and proprietary API. The API comes with Dll, Lib and header (.h) files, which will be available to successful bidder. In addition, necessary data files will be available. Documentation is included. This is an easy job for the right person. Develop a C++ dll

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    ... Rules: - We need the pictures in hi-resolution / quality for usage in 3d modeling, print and website (bigger the better min 5-9 Megapixel size with largest possible dpi). - If the pictures are of weaponry or objects and structures that would be of interest to model in 3d, we will pay for a group of pictures taken from different angles. - We need

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