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    Intrusion Detection System on *nix like system It can be any method, approach unless it works, preferably host-based anomaly detector. I would like to receive properly commented source code, I don't require any advanced facilities, or extra functionality - it's just a project for educational purposes. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable fo...

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    Online Account Info Loppunut left

    Need an ASP.NET Application that is built with VB.NET or ASP.NET (with VBScript, no java). The project needs to utilize Microsoft SQL Server. The project should have the following: ASP Pages required 1. Customer sign in page with password 2. Customer can view their open invoices 3. A payment screen to process an online payment Need ability to use templates to change the look and feel of the pages ...

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    RMI (JAVA) Loppunut left

    Create an RMI application that consists of the following parts: Server Provide a service that can sort an array of serializable objects that must support an interface called Sortable. The definition of the interface is as follows: public interface Sortable { public int Compare(Sortable other); } The objects that implement this interface will be assumed to be of the same or compatible class (i.e. t...

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    Hash Table Loppunut left

    The purpose of this program is to give you experience implementing a hash table, handling collisions, and using hashing with a linear function. Hashing is a method that enables access to table items in time that is relatively constant and independent of the items in the table. Hashing uses a hash function and a scheme for resolving collisions. A hash function is a function that maps the search key...

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    Web site Loppunut left

    Hello there. We are looking for web site which will allow us to sell around 3 dozen items online. We would like to be able to update the web pages using a control panel, and upload new products and change prices, and delete products. Linking between related items would be nice too. We'd also want 4-5 pages of the usual guff: about us, contact, privacy, etc. We have a colour scheme and logo, ...

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    I have the assignment scanned attached below It is a Simulink based assignment including little bit of matlab. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2)Complete all the tasks of the assignment as described in the documents provided. Wherever needed use equation editor 3.0 from windows word. Every t...

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    Design a program that produces 3D anaglyph stereo and illustrates the modeling of 3D interpolatory surfaces over grids to help students who have difficulty visualizing in three dimensions. Use the RGB color assignment process shown in the program attached (called the "Photoshop" method). The user must be able to move the surface in and out of the screen and rotate the surface in any dire...

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    Using VB.Net [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], I am looking for an expression that evalutes and matches only text that are within quote(") pairs, the following examples test of the regularexpression should be Input Results Hello World = No Match "Hello World" = Hello World " Hello World" = Hello World "Hello World " = Hello World " Hello World " = ...

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    Game Of Eight Loppunut left

    In the game of eight, the first of two players selects a number -- 1 2 or 3. Players alternate taking turns. At turn, a player chooses 1,2, or 3 but the number chosen by the previous player is not allowed. The sum of the chosen numbers is kept. If a player brings the sum to exactly 8, he/she wins. If a player brings the sum past 8 he/she loses.. Write a program, using minimax method, to play Eight...

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    We are seeking READY-TO-USE Windows server system management tool that continuously monitors network services/devices availability and performance. In the event of network errors, the Server Monitor Software can alert the network administrator by email, net send, cell phone pager, put the formatable alert message in a network directory/port. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR MORE SPECIFICATIONS. We are lo...

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    Structures Loppunut left

    1) Write code for the public method [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n](), which determines whether an undirected graph has a cycle. Base your code on either a DFS or a BFS. 2) Let G=(V, E) be an undirected graph. A subset S of vertices of G is a dominating set iff for every vertex u in V-S, there is an edge between u and some vertex in S. A minimum dominating set is a dominating set of minimum ...

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    c++ hw Loppunut left

    Read the pages in the text on the Multilevel Feedback Queue Scheduling method , and to make sure you understand it, make certain that your calculations agree with those shown on page 405. Write a C++ program which will compile under g++ and run on the unix operating system on afs, which will read several lines from a file named processes.txt. Each line in the file contains two integers: the first ...

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    Canvas with Ruler Loppunut left

    Report Design Component: Control must be ATL with no dependencies. We do not need this component to print or preview or save a report we just need the component to allow us to build reports. 1. Provides a canvas area divided into sections: Report Header Page Header Detail Page Footer Report Footer User defined Property box for sections which allows us to define what properties to assign to section...

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    I have produced a basic EXCEL spreadsheet (using some macros and a little hyperlinking) that takes mobile numbers and converts them into email format so I can then produce a list of emails which at the moment I have to copy and paste into outlook. The work covers the following: (1) Make my spreadsheet look professional, with buttons and appealing colours. Maybe a front end that doesn't even l...

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    I have an existing EXE that I'd like to protect with a **command line password (command argument)**. _**What I need:**_ 1) A **VB6** program that modifies the PE header of an existing EXE, so that it checks the password in the command line argument and runs or exits accordingly. (use **MASM**!) 2) The VB6 program should let me **choose** the password. 3) Password should **not be vi...

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    This product should contains similar functionality to AdSubtract Pro including: Features: Popup Blocker - block all un-requested popup/popunders - blacklist/whitelist sites/url (with wildcard support e.g. *.[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) - allow requested windows (e.g. Open in New Window) - statistics on the numbers of ads blocked - freeze animated GIF images - user should be able to turn ...

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    Adware/Popup Filter Loppunut left

    The Program Must Block Certin things and detect Spyware Like a Virus Scanner/Fire wall. The Blocking needed is very important and no one is doing it as of Now and probably never will till they see it being done elseware. The Blocking Method is Extreamly important The Proram must run in a System tray The mock up must be for XP when finished be able to run on 95,98,winme,Nt4,2k,XP i can only talk ab...

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    I am looking for a method to clear the Windows RUN menu dropdown box WITHOUT reboot. The run menu is in START => RUN. Hint: Simply deleting registry keys will only work after a reboot or after a logoff/on. We need something that cleans the dropdown box instantly! We also need a small sample program in VB or VC to demonstrate your solution. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional wor...

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    I have an Outlook Macro that takes .pdf attachments, meeting certain requirements, and saves them to a directory on the server and then is supposed to print them out. I used ShellExecute and that worked fine unless you processed more than about 15 emails. Acrobat got flaky and started printing out garbage. So, ShellExecute won't work. I need someone to guide me or code up the [kirjaudu nä...

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    Reduce file size Loppunut left

    I need a large tiff file reduced to a 100 X 100 pixels transparent Gif (white BG) with no loss in quality. See attached. Please include anticipated software you will use and turnaround time in bid. Prefer that it be done in PS or PSP. Once complete, please include steps in method used. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete sou...

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    My company, Campbell Productions Software, Co. requires a new product. We are seeking a coder to quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively program a Visual Basic OCX control that meets the requirements below: 1) A textbox that will accept, recognize, and reflect standard HTML 4.0 tags **1a)** Should be able to recognize ALL tags, excluding scripting tags, form tags, meta tags, object tags, etc....

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    Slot Machine Wheel Loppunut left

    PROBLEM STATEMENT: In the last programming assignment, we broke the bank of the Low Rollers Casino. This time, we will expand on the Slot Machine idea but use a more realistic model, in terms of the slot machineoperation and the cost to payoff averages. In this assignment, you will use class inheritance to define two different types of slot machines. The overall design is shown below in a UML diag...

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    SMS Message Server Loppunut left

    I am seeking a ready made SMS Message Server Software. BIDDERS WITHOUT READY-TO-USE SMS MESSAGE PROGRAM ON-HAND SIMILAR TO THE BELOW FEATURES, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO MY BID. We are looking for top quality application, Bidders with quality programs handy, please provide evaluation copy, screen shots and specifications, datasheet to shorten the preview process. The programs must be bug pro...

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    Data Structures Loppunut left

    1. Write a non-recursive metod for Depth-First Search in a graph. You may extend the class LinkedGraph. 2. Write a java program to implement the last fit bin packing strategy that puts each object into the right most bin into which it fits. If an object fits in no bin a new bin is started. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] a method which checks if the tree is a HBLT (Height Biased Le...

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    New stuff: Recent Bidders, I am getting down to the wire on making a decision on who to use to help us code PHP. I have been kind of overwhelmed with the number of bids that I have received. Therefore, I am going to clarify and redefine what I'm asking for and what is most important to me. I will review the bids and choose someone within one day and will want to start as soon after as possibl...

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    Statistics Loppunut left

    Nonparametric statistical inference. In particular, the two-way table to compare 5 heuristic method in finding out the shortest route in the TSP problem. DESCRIPTION: Suppose there are k heuristic methods to solve the TSP problem and suppose n randomly sampled maps are used to do this comparison. We wish to make the claim that some methods are better than others, i.e. to test the hypothese: ...

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    Depth First Search Loppunut left

    1. Write a non-recursive metod for Depth-First Search in a graph. You may extend the class LinkedGraph. 2. Write a java program to implement the last fit bin packing strategy that puts each object into the right most bin into which it fits. If an object fits in no bin a new bin is started. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] a method which checks if the tree is a HBLT (Height Biased Le...

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    stenganography Loppunut left

    I am looking for a program created to deciper hidden text, in text meassages. Example. "I Nick, am so tired of new events." If you take the first letter of each word it will spell out "In a stone". The program must have the ability of being able to type or copy text into the program gui. The example above had a written message based on the first letter of each word. The pr...

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    I have a site, skinthis.com. We sell templates and site skins. I need someone to modify perlbill's ordering system for me so that when choosing the "multiple" order method, people will see a thumbnail of the skin, and the price or the skin. Much like on <[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]> I also need the script to refuse access to a download unless we approve them via...

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    This is easy money if you have access to an Apple II (or III) computer and a null cable. I send you the 5 1/2 diskettes, you send me the files as email attachments ## Deliverables Fully working (loadable, etc) files sent as email attachments or any other acceptable method. ## Platform Apple II (or III) computer

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    I need someone to make a listbox that supports html formatting. This listbox has to be a usercontrol, and could be similar to cpvCoolList OCX 1.0 which can be found at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] If you take a look at the Wise Installation system, under Script Editor, then you'll see what I have in mind. I have also included a photo showing how I want it to look. If a line ex...

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    I need to add a function to the attached code that will take a Post or Get method string and parse the names and values into a structure and then print the structure to the screen. Post or Get String example: name1=value1&name2=value2&name3=value3 Make sure if the name (name=) does not equal anything the value should equal “” Screen output: Name1 value1 Name2...

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    I need a subclass routine / DLL to capture text when added to a textbox control such as the message control in MSN Messenger. Most of the textbox controls are actually richtextbox controls. I need a way of passing the handle to this routine and when new text is added, an event fires so I can do what I need with new text as it comes it. For the VB demo, enter the handle in a text control and click ...

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    Monitors a machine and sends emails We have a lot of the source that can be used in this and my estimates are 8 hours for a good VB.NET programmer. Shorter for an expert. Logs system start time Logs shut down time Logs irregular shut downs (i.e. a startup without a shutdown) This program should log to the event log AND a custom log that can be online and/or local (XML Format) Tra...

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    **Routing audio files to different soundcards** We offer US$ 500,- for the code to play an audio file (WAV, MP2 and MP3) through a selectable soundcard. For example, when the user has multiple soundcards in his system, the user must be able to select a soundcard that the audio file will be routed to. If possible, we'd like this to be done with DirectShow, but MCI or a different method is...

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    Load DLL within vb-source code. Is there an API method of loading a dll, even though it hasn't been declared, and call the known functions of the dll? Hopefully, I asked this question correctly. Regards ## Deliverables 1) Example or Answer(s) of how this is done! ## Platform Windows All Versions

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    In the theory of telecommunication networks, the probability that a call offered to a group of r circuits finds that all r circuits are busy is given by Erlang's Loss Formula: r / r i a / --- a E(r,a) = --- / --- r! / / i! / --- i=0 where a is the traffic offered. However the recursive formula: 1 r 1 ----- = 1 + --- --------- r = 1, 2, 3, ... E(r,a) a E(r-1,a) with E(0...

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    I would like to convert Word Documents (contain a letter and a envelope) and Excel Documents (contain header, footer, and one worksheet) into a format that that would allow them to be printed on a PC that doesn't have Word or Excel. The solution should include: 1.) A method to convert these documents into a generic format. 2.) A component that will open the generic format and p...

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    Overview: I am looking for a way to distribute media to my clients for use on their PDA's. This will typically be images or small video clips. I need a secure way to complete the entire transaction. I would like be able to securely, with a username and password, go to the website, select the media, and transfer it to the PDA. I then want to be able to secure the media to the PDA it ...

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    Major Minor Version Loppunut left

    In Visual Basic, you can use the following: V1= [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] or V2 = [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Looking for the WinApi way/method of doing this in VB, and getting the information on a specific file. Thanks ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete...

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    We are looking for a possibility to recover dial-up passwords on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Anybody knows how to do this? If it is possible, please let us know. Even better, if you already have an example program that works, please attach it. We are NOT looking for a method on Win 9x or NT, we need a solution for 2000 and XP. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working ...

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    SMS sender Loppunut left

    I need someone to develope for me a simple desktop application to send short messages to list of mobile phone numbers , it should allow sending of preassigned from name instead of gateway number , it must be based on smtp to sms or any free sending method , i dont care what programming language will be used , but must be very simple and small program , adding a pay per sms module on it in case of ...

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    I need a powerful c# class library written for error reporting throughout an entire ASP.NET and C# web application. I need the class library to: A: Be able to send emails with all Session, Application, Request, Cookie, and other data when there is an application error. (500 error). This information should be sent in a manner similiar to it is seen in a Trace log. B: Log to a text fi...

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    I will get this posting procedure figured out one of these days ! Need an automated method to bring a Quickreport query into an Excel workbook . The application I use has paradox tables which quickreport pulls several databases together for a printable or viewable report. These databases are overwritten with new information every time I execute a post procedure from the main appl...

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    Develop an ADT with the following operations for unlimited-digit numbers. In the following descriptions, number refers to a linked list of digits, and M, N and O are all numbers. Increment: A method that increases the value of the number by 1. Sample usage: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n](); You should allow for three possibilities in the function regarding the initial value of N. ...

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    This is small project I need to submit.. It is a method to restrict copying of CD's. The CD is tied up with serial number of the hard disk so that it cannot be run in any other system. 1) The buyer buys the CD and runs a register file, which reads the serial number of the hard drive (not volume number) and pops it up on the screen, which the buyer emails to the seller (or this can be integrat...

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    For more details see the file "project" Matlab included. ENGECM002: SIMULATION METHODS COURSEWORK 1 (30%) (Submission deadline: Monday, 4/11/2002) A machine drive system is actuated by an armature controlled DC motor and loaded by a shaft. The schematic diagram is shown in Fig.1. Fig.1 The variables and physical paramet...

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    HW Loppunut left

    I have a class "BinarySTringTree" that requires a method and a constructor as follows: CONSTRUCTOR: It takes a String parameter and it convertes it to a BinaryStringTree. A binaryStringTree is one string "0" OR two such strings concatenated together preceded by a 1. Also, it must have one more 0 bit than 1 bit, with the additional constraint that, at any position k, the number ...

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    Hi Programmers! I am needing a download affiliate program script along with a member login area and admin area. The affiliate program will pay webmasters a set amount per unique installation of my customized web browsers. This amount should be able to be changed for both sign up bonus and per installation via admin area. The affiliate webmaster will have a simple affiliate URL to EACH web b...

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    real estate Loppunut left

    I plan to totally revise my current Web site which is [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I'd like a site that will promote my business which is to form partnerships of several investors to purchase various types of real estate together. Don't worry about the verbage. What I need is a programmer that can make an interesting site that is interactive with pages that open when you pla...

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