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    ...BIG name. The consultancy will help companies become more profitable, efficient and will help them find investors to exit/sell the company to. We want something along the lines of "Thinking Exit Sale then think BIG" "Thinking Profits then think BIG" "Thinking Efficiency then think BIG" The logo needs to be clean and attention grabbing but professional

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    Edit a provided sample C code (30 lines) with shellcode, which is used to exploit buffer overflow vulnerability of another short C code (10 lines). What you need to use is GDB debugger. Meanwhile, explain a series of questions relevant to working theory and countermeasure in a separate report. OS: Ubuntu 16.04 32 bit only I will provide you more

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    We need three sentences translated to japanese for adult marketing purposes: YOU WON'T LAST / 5 MINUTES / WITH HER CLICK HERE / TO JERK OFF / WITH RANDOM HOTTIES JERK OFF WITH / RANDOM TEENS / GO

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    I need a transportation website to build in multiple languages, French, and [login to view URL] website must be including with booking reservation system. it must also allowing clients to book by using all types of debits and credit cards. Here's an example how the header should be like template with beautiful logos such as coach buses logos destination to place logos. Home About Dest...

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    I need to mass modify some lines inside my database

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    ...Multiple pictures in answers, 1 in each option 6) Multiple lines/sentences in question Solution Required: I am looking for an easy option to do bulk upload in 100 to 500 questions at once from Microsoft Word to MYSQL database tables. Need someone to develop an application or code which can be linked with my website (built in PHP) to connect

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    ...picture and the related street. We will need an interface to define the streets in the admin panel where we can describe the street with a series of GPS coordinates for form lines which represent a street. (We are open to better suggestions) Users will not be able to tag other people or places (like malls etc.). Other users will not be able to comment

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    I need you to use OpenCV 3.0 and not any other vers...exact. The files I attached here include the requirements and some sample code for you to start with in addition to some images. Read the [login to view URL] file carefully! You have 24 hours to finish this and submit the code. I will only release the milestone after receiving the code and running it

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    I have pdf of 11 pages. Each page has only 8 lines. I want it in excel. ignore pictures - I just want the text and numbers. The typing must be very accurate.

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    I need someone to paraphrase a few lines

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    I want a simple script built in R software to scrape 4 information from several links. The source is a static data fr...want a simple script built in R software to scrape 4 information from several links. The source is a static data from crowdfunding website. The result from this job are only lines of coding. There is an example in the image attached.

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    Design a Sticker lines for my car ( 2013 ford f150 xlt super crew) I attach a picture of my car with a simple white line drawn by paint brush I need a similar simple line, prefer white color line Design required on the side and rear/back side

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    corny,cheesy pick lines,corny jokes,yo mama jokes,funny jokes for adults,dirty adult riddles no intro or conclusion just make top 150+ list for each one.

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    corny,cheesy pick lines,corny jokes,yo mama jokes,funny jokes for adults,dirty adult riddles no intro or conclusion just make top 150+ list for each one.

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    I have three lines of .htaccess code that cause an internal server error with additional 500 error. I'm not sure if they conflict with other lines, or what. This is a problem, because I need them to clean up my profile urls. RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /profile/[login to view URL]$1 [QSA] RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 RewriteRule ^

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    Keep the logo and the design. Add new address: Suite 1, 2 New McLean Street Edgecliff 2027 NSW Fax - don't change Change phone to 0452 424 430 Remove the Facebook line ADD Provider Number: 5144363A ADD Healthlink EDI: drmasson

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    Its a basic design that I just need the lines to be cleaned up so it does not look drawn. It should not take long to complete.

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    15 tarjoukset also accept a file (via an upload). It is indended for this to be run via commandline/script - so there is no real html to be created - however there will need to be PHP code to receive the form submission. Other important information: - We are using light httpd, php7. - We have two existing security features: 1) An option to limit reads

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    ...These symbols need to support size and color definition. 4. Overlay image point symbols: any format is fine, e.g. SVG, png. 5. Overlay lines: support color and line width. Better if you support style, e.g. dash lines, but not required. 6. Overlay polygons: support fill opacity, fill color, boundary color, boundary size. Better if you support fill

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    round two lines in the project. after acceptance goes the [login to view URL]

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    A project is to add extra information to an invoice. This extra line should be an amount in other currency. So for every article price, it should be added amount in second currency and also for sum, tax, and total. And some other minor customization, change of font size.

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    I have a customer that needs help in sizing of their Nitrogen gas lines for current and future needs. We have a good detail of information for flow rate and pressure required and a drawing for location of each piece of equipment but we need an engineer to give us the calculations showing the current gas piping and adding a loop system will help in

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    ...g links on this platform. Do not send links to other people’s websites. Please understand your work will immediately be used with REAL Money in REAL Trading so it MUST work 100% on delivery or Money will be lost. You should understand the whole programmatic trading & bot process already specifically Arbitrage. e.g: sending orders to different exchanges

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    I want to position 3 lines with different color at the bottom of image and save it. using php Have you done this before?

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    Want to update 2 wire touchscreen (5V, ground, Rx and Tx) with different design. I want someone to come up with a program for arduino IDE, wiring diagram to readout commands that buttons in current touchscreen generate when touched. This is necessary for programming the new touchscreen, since firmware is not open source.

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    I have voip and server ubuntu. I want same service the ecsow software. [login to view URL] Automatic...service the ecsow software. [login to view URL] Automatically leave voice messages on answering machine lines Automatically play voice messages on live person answered lines Automatically skips busy lines, no answer lines and disconnected lines

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    This is regarding a few lines of code in PKIJS V2 and WebCrypto. I have a working/running example in Version 1. I have converted it to Version 2. But the example is not running with V2. I want your help to identify the errors in my code and fix it in order to make it running with V2. Please find the 3 attachments for details.

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    PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING!!!!! I have a WooCommerce store with lots of products. I also have an XML file with the current s...need an str_replace function written that will tell wp all import to read "yes" as instock and "no" as outofstock. Please be aware that I can not release payment until the code is confirmed as working from my end. Thanks

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    ...logo introduction. HD (16:9) The idea is to use tron lines with arrows, flowing back and forth to represent internet traffic. The video should center around the INVITE logo concept. You can learn more about it at the following link: [login to view URL] The message arrow lines represent a message sequence chart (MSC). You can learn

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    Need to add two lines of code on my .net project

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    ...using is simply a range of numbers from Cell A2:A13. The numbers are to two decimal places. Because i have 5 flow chart variations of testing this number range i decided to Code one and then because it works logically in sequence i can re-arrange the various sections and complete the rest easier. Its just using general Logic Functions. If the result

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    ...require someone who is skilled and well versed in both Matlab and C++ as will need to be able to understand the original MATLAB script well enough to then convert to solid C++ code. The purpose of the project is to speed up the run time as at present is not acceptable. Part of the work has already been done by a freelancer who I work with regularly on

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    A highly experienced designer is needed to create different border styles which will be used to separate multiple images within an image.

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    I would like 2 "B"'s (two letter B...connected, where the "B"s also look like Heart shapes. Please see attached image for idea. This is to represent by two kids with names starting with "B". I like THIN/FINE lines. VERY Simple design. BLACK I would like to see something like the attached image, although in slightly different fonts, styles etc..

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    I am looking for someone who could fix and enhance a code which is already written and working, in Python which is an application which does the following - create algorithms based on a base algorithms interpolation. - Connect to several virtual machines -these virtual machines would make independent connections to a website -each virtual machine

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    ...files with a two lines tracing the shape of leggings, and I simply need them traced. They will be used for cutting, so it's important that the lines match up perfectly to the original PSD. The 2 large files are separate sizes and must be separate. The 2 small files are also different. The lines to be traced are the outside lines (bordering the

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    Create script to upload and superimpose interactive property lines from AutoCAD files onto Bing Maps (2D). Issues and Limitations ------------------------------------------------ - UNSYNCHRONIZED: Plans, property lines, structures are unsynchronized with Bing Maps. - STANDARDS: Multiple files, different standards. Requirements: ----------

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    I have code that is correct and runs, but according to my lecture notes it shouldn't contain any specific C code and should follow strict specifications.

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    Urgent!!! Must finish in 6 hours after accepting Banners, side panels, desk graphics. Regulations: You are permitted to hang a banner from the backwall. Banners should not exceed 92”w x 94”h and may only be hung with S hooks, which means the banner should be produced with grommet holes across the top. (I thought I can use two retractable banners. same size regulations apply so...

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    This project is established for a sole-source to a specific person -- I am NOT accepting Bids at this time. The requirement is: - ONE die-line layout for the Shrink Wrap used in bottle manufacturing - ONE die-line layout for Box Design that will hold the bottle - ONE die-line layout for Box Design for UV Spot Finishing (template dimensions of the above will be provided in a pdf and AI fi...

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    Hi, i want a freelancer who can create add links just according this picture

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    I have a short piece of code that runs in Node.js in a AWS Lambda call. It makes a https call and stores the results to a data file. Last week the header returned from the https call changed a little and I realized my error handling is less than perfect. When there are no errors the program works! When there are errors they don't seem to be handled

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    ...+------------+---------+--------+---------+ | date | credit | debit | value | +------------+---------+--------+---------+ | 11-10-2017 | cash | stocks | $ 100 | | 10-09-2017 | savings | cash | $ 500 | | 10-09-2017 | revenue | cash | $ 2.000 | +------------+---------+--------+---------+ I came up with the following

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    Need 3 things done for a Business and Apartment complex. 1. Use 1 Dimensional Drawings (.DWG format) from an Business and Apartment complex and clear them from unnecessary lines and dimensions. Each Business Unit and Apartment should be shown in a separate picture to use it on a Website and in brochures. Goal is to show only the rooms with interior

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    ...[login to view URL] will have 100 Sheets, each sheet corresponding to a particular title related to macro/excel.I will give you the titles and already 40 topics completed. All I want is the following: [login to view URL] each sheet, first give a brief description about the topic, at least 150 words and not more than 200 [login to view URL] will be just a 5 or 6 lines in excel. [...

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    ...3D and other one 2D).At the first I will give you basic source codes and you have to build on this code structure.(because variables etc. etc.) With this code firstly you should calculate the distances between each [login to view URL] that find epipolar lines in 2D image with 3D image and calculate inliers and outliers with conditions d=2 and finally it should

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    We are trying to tile this pattern so it repeats but I keep getting white lines when I export. The design is finished and repeats fine. I need someone to take this pattern and repeat so it's 10 x the size and doesn't have white lines. The finished file still needs to be a VECTOR file in EPS format or .AI.

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    The project requires you to create an android app with the following specifications : 1. The user can draw any shape on a canvas - Characters, Loops, Lines etc 2. The App should have granularity control slider which should break the object shape into simpler shapes. meaning a) Zero Value - No Breaks in shape (Default value) b) 1 Value -

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