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    ...using secure https communications. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] registration multiple available and not available domains with different TLDs should be suggested. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] LIVE registrations. 100% immediate registrations, renewals and payments. Transfers are sent to eNom queue live. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] passwords for added security. ...

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    19 tarjoukset download my company’s POP3 accounts and the delivered them to our own Exchange server. The function I needed is: * Supports Exchange versions 5.x and 2000. * Runs on Windows NT and 2000. * Handles any number of POP3 accounts. * Optionally leaves copy of messages on POP3 server. * Supports any size of attachments. * 100% Message Fidelity (Preserving

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    ...account maker must use proxies i need a program that will go here [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and make accounts it has to make the account and go all the way into the inbox of that account so the account will be good make it so textbox i can put 10 and it makes 10 names using different

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    The purpose of this software would be the management of students financial accounts/tuition fees debts for a private College. At the moment we do have a very basic database of students (around 350) on Access which contains the following : a) student full details (address, name, degree programme of studies, date of matriculation, email etc.) b) financial

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    81122 Web Server Loppunut left

    I just established a server with [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] because of problems I had ...someone to setup the server for web hosting (including prudent security measures), and change the DNS from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] to my domain. I currently have just over 100 hosted accounts. Please also provide a bid to manage the server—reboot, and resolve se...

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    aim account maker Loppunut left

    ...signup multiple aim accounts at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] . I would give it a list of names like michael, john, sara. and it would create aim accounts like michael3245, john34649, sara83794 and save them in a text file. will pay between $50-$100 depending on the

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    ...complete or incomplete applications to purchase, especially in the following areas:- Resource Management/Planning. Programs that integrate to Sage Accounts using Sage objects (Line 50/Line 100). Customer Relationship Management. Home Management Programs (CD/LP/Book Register, Asset Management etc) plus anything for specific vertical

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    ...should i hire another programmer to edit/change anything. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. conditions of sale: - Excellent programming skills a must - 100% PLACED IN ESCROW - NOTHING PAID UNTIL COMPLETLEY FINISHED - I must see a functional model of all pieces no later than 20 days after commencement of work for testing purposes

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    BE WARNED: I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to go ahead with this. I might purchase a commercial package if I find one to suit my full needs. Hi, I’ve started my own hosting company on redhat 7.2 Servers. We are currently running ensim applicance 3.1 ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) Ensim has many restrictions Such as: Subdomains Email forwarding And I also don’...

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    Datingsite OVERHAUL Loppunut left the day their card was billed and deactivate preferred status 30 days afterwards or something. Just make this more easy to do please. 5. I should be able to create admin accounts that will allow selected individuals to accept or deny pictures that are uploaded. 6. The script should be bug free unless you intend to offer support until it is bug free

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    Banner Exchange Loppunut left

    ...on 5 levels Banner must be accepted by admin before it will be moved to exchange "admin should have the option to disable this feature" Automatic determination of inactive accounts Multistatus feature: you can set account to following modes - Regular/trusted (trusted users can use several powerful commands like transfer credits etc), Expirable/Non-expirable

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    ...go to no less than 250 different free email providers and create as many free email accounts on each service as he asks the script to. The script should create a simple text file named after the free service provider it created the accounts on and list all accounts made at the resource as one per line in such as format: accountname:password A flatfile

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    Web Database System Loppunut left restrictred to anyone, however it would be useful to allow users to create seperate accounts to post from. I would prefer an SQL database. We will still need to create the website this will be based upon. Volume of articles expected = about 100-200/week. > ================================= What I need is a system not so different

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    Hello, we need these Scripts to be added to existing auction site that is based on mysql database Do not bother to bid unless you can complete the job within 2 weeks. Need 2 accounts for each user one for Cash and one for tradebucks cash User purchases will use tradebucks account balance first and then use cash account balance second if there is not enought

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    ...controls site subscribers access to sites by adding them on signup, removing them on cancellation. Email confirmation system with activation code to control bogus webmaster accounts. System should have provisions in place for revoking payouts on transactions that are charged back or credited fraudulent by the processor. Minimum payout system: System should

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    ...will make accounts to free email services(we can discuss which ones), then send mails with those free accounts to all the emails in the lists I choose off my HardDrive. Also I want to be able to select a list of "Remove Emails" that the program will filter the Emails or strings out of the List files, before mailing. I want this to be 100% reliable and

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    To whom it may concern: We are a recently established Service provider. We are looking for someone or a team, with adv...established Service provider. We are looking for someone or a team, with advanced knowledge of PHP, to write a system that will allow us to provide a 100% automated service to create user accounts with necesary permissions etc.

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    €174 - €261
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    free web mailer Loppunut left

    ...mailer that i can add diff free web based mail accounts to i want it to come with 50 to start off with this must be a nice program that sends mail thru the 50 free mail services thru the program with muti subjects,messages,from,to's this mailer must be fast and have unlimted settings for example "i load 100 emails into it it goes thur a proxy list i load

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    ...through plesk. From web site ordering to actually billing and customer trouble tickets. Now plesk has provided me with creation utilities that would enable us to create new accounts and such through a command line but I want someone to work with and develop a product where we would market to other ISP’s and Hosting resellers, basically the product would

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    €83 - €87
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    Saving Account Loppunut left

    ...savers. ## Deliverables Create a class named SavingsAccount : (1) The SavingsAccount class must contain a static data member, annualInterestRate, that is the same for all accounts. (2) The annualIterestRate member should be initialized appropriately, based on a named constant set to 2.7%. (3) Each object created should have a private data member named

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    ...they click on, and points go into their account at my site. You will probably need to use JavaScript for this. A separate area for advertisers to be able to log into their accounts where they are able to add, edit, and delete banners they are running on THEIR site. They will be able to see how many points they have left in their acct too. allow me to

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    ...and weekly special offers: +100 points. 4. Pay $10 by check or credit card: 1000 points How do they redeem or lose points? 1. Showing someone "they are interested in them": -250 points 2. Obtaining a members email address for unlimited contact: -1000 points 3. If they unsubscribe from the newsletter and special offers: -100 4. Change profile or picture:

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    ...Visitors 10,000 Impressions $25 Top of main page on website. classicweb Link Placement 77,000 Visitors Life of website $100 No link back needed. websitedr Radio Advertising 10,000+ Listeners Daily 10-30 sec Ad Spots $100 Between 9am - 1pm for 1 week. If a buyer, searching for a potential advertiser, clicked on: "type of ad for sale", it would

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    ...database of ad "sellers". This is a one time access fee for buyers. Advertisers will be charged by a "rate price" based on the "final sale price" (i.e. $5 if price is between $10-$100, $10 if price is between $101-$200, etc. (basically 5%)) every time they make a sale of ad space. The buyer would be automatically notified of contact person ONLY after adverti...

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    ATM program Loppunut left

    ...account starts with 00, the user is an A client. A clients can deposit/withdraw any amount that he or she has in accounts. If the account numbers start with 01 the user is a B client. B clients can deposit any amount but can only withdraw 100 dollars a day. If the account starts with 10 the suer is a C client. C clients can deposit any amount but can only

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    Chat Room Loppunut left

    ...those features plus a warn button which will warn a selected user, the person using the controller room has a choice of warning someone 5%, 10%, or 20%. If someone is warned 100% then their username is suspended for 2 hours. The controller room also needs a suspend button with a choice of 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, and until

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    I am a serious buyer looking for a serious coder to develop a serious application. If you are not 100% capable of delivering the product, please do not bid on this project. This app will help me manage my accounts receivable collection efforts. The new app should do the following as a minimum... I currently have two applications that are used in my

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    Intranet Community Loppunut left

    ...members’ accounts. They will assign the members usernames and passwords and have the ability to access only their subordinate members’ accounts. They will always have the ability to browse their members’ accounts (e.g. is someone forgets their password). Configuration Option 1 There will be one web server for each facility cluster (e.g. 100 facilities) The

    €174 - €261
    €174 - €261
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