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The Complete Kitchen Experience

The Kitchen ad submitted is themed on "your experience with food" 1. Utensils used by us for eating food as shown in image help us in picking and eating and licking. 2.The glasses we dip, make our drink and then sip it. 3. Taste of a great coffee comes with beating it. 4. Dine and Wine 5. Dinner ware for perfect bite of our final delight (food) of the day before sleep 6. The serve ware is for sharing with out family and friends and sharing with them.

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  • moonfell
    • 9 vuotta sitten

    Hi Connel ! Thanks for your feedback. Just for your reference, for a good coffee; coffee is beaten first and then mixed with milk. This was the thought behind "Beat & Treat"

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  • connellt
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    • 9 vuotta sitten

    not sure what beat & treat means.. Some are great, but honestly it's too "flighty" for us. It needs to be more directly tied to the store it's directing to.

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