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Wild West Whiskey Dinner (by kisaraF)

I used an art of Sierra Nevada Mountains I found from Google as the background. Since the font used for textual logo is a paid one, I used a vintage looking font named "Carnivalee Freakshow". Added a nice greyish white gradient to the name and used a grey color fill layer to get the glitch text style to make it more visible (We can change the colors as you prefer later). I made a vector art of the 4 states mentioned and used colors from USA flag to make it more beautiful. Then after I added the featured whiskey's in a bulleting format as it is easy for readers' eyes. Then to highlight the most important detail (the price), I made a scroll vector and gave it a gold gradient background color and placed the text in white color to make it extra visible. Finally, included date and time in a way that anyone can remember easily. I didn't bother adding a whiskey bottle as it would make the design look a little messier. I hope you like it. I would like to get feedback from you. Thank you !

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