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Pop-up and Individual page templates

Pop-up window template (when moving mouse over each city) and Individual city template The idea is to have a silhouette and name of each city on top of the skyline image. Then the video goes, and lastly the "cards" with relevant info. Cheers, Nenad

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  • Neshabi
    • 4 vuotta sitten

    The design is simple, yet strong. Carefully selected warm color theme with accented cold colors brings healthy contrast to viewers eye. Information is presented in a way that a user can see it when he wants. Small themed details that are cute and smart at the same time.

    I have abandoned the concept of graphics being animated for a few reasons, mainly because the process to create that kind of animations can be time and money consuming(yet not cost effective).
    and secondly, the animation that is to be used with this solution i came up with for this project is sufficient. (the particular animation we discussed earlier is more suitable for a different kind of website).

    First frame: Here you will find the popup window that will showup(fade in) on mouse over(over each city)
    Second frame: This is th individual city layout.
    Let me know what you think and if you want something changed.


    • 4 vuotta sitten
    1. Neshabi
      • 4 vuotta sitten

      Please check both images! Thanks!

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