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option 2

Hi Sending you another option of ours, this time the size is 9.8x6M in each unit, the 50 % landscape and parking was able to obtain, in which the building foot print area is total of 597.06, the landscape inside the units are included in the total area. this also includes 24 parking/carport and additional parking of 7. This time we were able to utilized the road in the back ( see attach site plan). We hope that you like our proposal hoping to discuss with you further on the unit it self. Thank you!

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  • devr281093
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    hi how much ground surface area does each unit take 9.8x6m is 58.8 x12 is 705 sqm please advise how you achived 597.06

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    1. NMarchitects
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      hi sorry for the late reply, we have come up with the solution on how to obtain the 50% vegetation/landscape. for the each unit, we provided a outdoor service area, in which the unit owner can do their laundry, grill and even do their gardening. although this is not included in the 50% requirements but, in order for this to achieve to provide private gardens/ courtyard. This is also our solution for the rooms in the 2nd floor to have natural daylight and ventilation. we just added a balcony on front in order to still obtain the 56 sqm. sorry for the sizes its 9.3x6. We hope that we could cater your requirements and needs. Thank you!

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