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Hi. I realize this is similar to your current name, but I do feel that your current name does a great job of describing what you do. This tweaking of the wording, however ("shop the sketch"), is a bit catchier and is a bit more accurate in its description, I think. "Sketch and Shop" does't connect the two actions (sketching and shopping) but "Shop the Sketch" makes it clearer that you're shopping for what you have in your sketch.

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  • shodhanmanda25
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    users just click on pre made shapes,so sketch may not be accurate...its more like designing

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  • askalice
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    I also have a question. In your app, are you able to actually sketch a drawing (like the image with the black dress and pencil crayons on your site), or do you just click on pre-made clothing shapes to assemble a piece (like in the phone app image on your website)?

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