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Gather Evidence: Collect and document all relevant communication, agreements, and project records to establish the breach of contract. Communicate with Notify of the IT company's non-performance and seek their assistance in resolving the issue, invoking their terms of service and dispute resolution process. Negotiate with the IT Company: Engage in direct negotiations with the IT company, outlining the breach of contract and demanding rectification. Clearly define the outstanding deliverables, timelines, and compensation expectations. Seek Legal Consultation: Consult with an international lawyer specializing in IT contracts and dispute resolution to assess legal options and pursue appropriate remedies, such as mediation, arbitration, or litigation. Engage a New Developer: Recruit a competent developer from Eastern European countries, based on your positive experience, to complete the project and address existing issues as a job prerequisite.

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    Dear Jeevan, thanks for your input and suggestions, most of your outlined steps have already been suggested earlier by other freelancers.
    Thanks again,

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