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Based on the case provided, the strategic plan can be divided into several phases. Here's an outline of the steps: Identify the key stakeholders involved in the project. These include: The IT company that developed the web-based application., as the platform used for project management and hiring. The client, you. Determine the nature of the problem. The issue appears to be the IT company's failure to deliver the project within the agreed time frame and its poor quality control measures. Review the terms and conditions of the contract or agreement between the client and the IT company. Identify any specific clauses that address issues such as quality control, bug fixes, and penalties for non-performance. Consider potential legal remedies. In some jurisdictions, non-performance by the IT company may give rise to legal remedies, such as the right to terminate the contract, claim for liquidated damages, or seek a declaratory judgment against the IT company. Additionally,

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    Hi Harini, thanks for your suggestions! Many of your suggested steps were already undertaken previously and some were suggested earlier by other freelancers, however, I like your step #6 with a progress report. It is something I can consider for my future relationships.

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