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Contest calls for character & background (talk/think bubbles to be done by me)

Dear artist,

Thanks in advance for your entry. Here are the details. Please read carefully. I advise preparing character first in black and white and I am happy to review, then create the 15 arts with character in different moods.

-Make me (description below) into a Pop Art character then make 15 pieces of art of me telling the company story.
-The text and talk/think bubbles will be done by me in canva using some “animated” talk/think bubbles
-The art needs to leave plenty of room for the talk bubbles.
-The character can only take up about ¼ of each art. She can be in lower left or lower right but you have some creativity in that one slide could have her popping in from above?
-To tell the story she will have different facial expressions on each, details below.
-The company brand kit has 7 distinct colors plus black and white.
-You can show me one piece before continuing on.
-Ideally each finalized art has the 7 specified colors.
-I’d like to be able to swap color fields in finished piece.

Your submission entry needs to be original and not copied.
This contest is seen as work-for-hire; you creating art for hire. Winning Pop Art character as well as design art is purchased art and intellectual property will transfer over to us. With payment the artist assigns IP rights to us for all future use of Pop Art character in current and any future new designs.
You will be required to sign an IP Agreement.

-15 DESIGNS as specified
-Minimum 1080 x 1080 pixels, 300 dpi
-PSD and PNG files
-Please provide graphic Black & White plus a 7-color version.

-The Pop Art character needs to be original, not copied.
-Long hair and bang (the hair reaches hips)
-My hair is blond most practical is to assign the Brand yellow YELLOW 251 | 219 | 105 #FBDB69 (47,95,70)
-Eyes are blue-green
-If on any of slides you show all or more of body give her a barbie like figure, very long legs, trim waist. Tall.
-The main thing is to sketch her first in black and white then add colors.

There are options to set the mood, see details on art #1-15 further below.
-Happy and sad/angry and thinking can show in eyes and lips
-To give each slide uniqueness she can have hair; out, in pigtails, ponytail (low or high) hair in a bun. And to get one more color in she can have a wide head ban in her hair.
-The angle can help:
-Thinking can zoom in on hair/head

BLACK #000000
RED 255 | 88 | 88 #FF5858 (0,100,67)
ORANGE 255 | 143 | 96 #FF8F60 (18,100,69)
YELLOW 251 | 219 | 105 #FBDB69 (47,95,70)
GREEN 101 | 255 | 152 #65FF98 (140,100,70)
BLUE 108 | 168 | 255 #6CA8FF (216,100,71)
PURPLE 160 | 98 | 255 #A062FF (264,100,69)
PINK 255 | 111 | 222 #FF6FDE (314,100,72)

See attached PDF

ART 1-15
The look of Pop art character needs to be different in each art.
1 Happy to announce the story Leave enough room for a title (bubble)
2 [ARGH / CHAOS /OMG] The issue/problem. Frustration!
3 Overwhelmed and frustrated
4 Confused and frustrated
5 Exhausted and frustrated
6 Thinking dreaming (of a solution) [THINKING]
7 Thinking, wish/idea #1 [THINKING GETTING HAPPIER]
8 Thinking, wish/idea #2 [THINKING GETTING EVEN HAPPIER]
9 This one needs a more text so can be the option of maybe just lips or a close up that allows for more text. Thinking, wish/idea #3
10 Thinking, wish/idea #4 [THINKING HAPPIER AND HAPPIER]
11 Thinking, wish/idea #5 [THINKING HAPPIER AND HAPPIER]
12 Thinking, wish/idea #6 [THINKING HAPPIER AND HAPPIER]
13 This one needs a more text so can be the option of maybe just lips. Thinking, wish/idea #7
14 Declaring the solution done [VERY HAPPY]
15 Stating the solution (Company name) [HAPPY AND PROUD]

See attached PDF


Thank you!

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“Very talented artist. Great communicator. Very accommodating. Highly recommend.”

Profiilikuva otr4sue, United States.

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    1. otr4sue
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      • 1 kuukausi sitten

      Thank you. I commented on the art itself.

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    Hi, is the prize for all 15 designs?

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    1. otr4sue
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      Yes the Pop art character then 14 more slides but please note it is close up of face, possibly just lips as she tells the story., The PDF details each expression. Very Pop Art I have posted lost of inspiration examples....

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    1. xetus
      • 1 kuukausi sitten

      This is an interesting competition for me, but lately here have been too many abandoned projects (even guaranteed ones).

      • 1 kuukausi sitten
    2. otr4sue
      Kilpailun järjestäjä
      • 1 kuukausi sitten

      Understood. I have a pretty good idea in my head (being an artist but lacking Photoshop skills) so if you wanted to to one quick sketch of the Pop Art character I can give feedback.

      • 1 kuukausi sitten

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