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Photoshop Editing and Photo Editing Service Hi, I'm a Photoshop expert and Graphic designer Have 12 years experiance, Services: Professional image Photoshop and Enhancing: • Color correction. • Resizing • Lightening/exposure correction. • Background Removal/Change/White • Amazon/ Shopify /E-bay Product Retouching • Info graphics • Removing or Adding objects • Face swap, • B/W to Colour Advanced Retouching/ Beautifying: Face, skin & body: • Creating perfect looking skin, • Removing skin/lip wrinkles, • Improve skin complexion/ makeup, • Bags under eyes, crow's feet, marks, blemishes, eye bags, • Whiten teeth, body slimming, reshaping, • Reduce fat in body parts etc. Kind Regards! A.Vimal

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