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Fart guy (amended version3)

Hi, Let me know if these changes are what you needed. Regards

Kilpailutyö #4 kilpailussa ornery, fun, farting character

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  • aclark1234
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    • 5 vuotta sitten

    Wow! That is perfect! For Coloring we have specific request to match the rest of the packaging. Black Jeans with orange stitch line and slightly lighter black or gray on the jeans cuffs since they are folded under. Orange shirt, Purple Belt, Purple Arm band, Orange Box in hand, Blonde hair, and whatever color you think works best for the shoes. Good job, we are very excited! Thanks so much!

    • 5 vuotta sitten
    1. ackers23
      • 5 vuotta sitten

      Cool man, happy you like it. Sorry to ask this, but if you are happy with the artwork, do you think you could close the contest? Also, how do you want to do payment? I usually ask for a small percentage up front (25%) before I complete the work. Once that is sorted out I will finish it up for you. Once you have the final version we can easily make changes to the colouring, etc if you need it later. Let me know, I am eager to start working on the final version ASAP:)

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